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Red Sox Review: The Red Sox are heading home with a 3-2 series lead in the ALCS

Oct 18, 2013|

Mikey Adams and John Ryder react to the Game 5 victory in Detroit. The Red Sox had to grind throughout much of the game but it was enough to escape the Motor City with a 3-2 series lead. Mikey and Ryder look ahead to Game 6 on Saturday in Boston.

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This -- Red Sox -- -- WEEI Sports Radio network. Used a 31 fit. Plain and -- drive -- senator racing back Jackson turning around. I'm Manning at that time I spend the Berman a Red Sox lead and won enough putting. Mike Napoli just destroyed one hop bullet towards one team that's probably fourth fifth date at least. This second tier of the boys out there yanks. It's a review of video CS game number of fine between the Red Sox and Tigers -- in there. Lot of different I guess I don't. -- They have a lot different lineup at third base line for another Red Sox none of the wild pitches cost them the first time but he just Boston tonight. Red -- review with the leg he ends in June were later we. Our staring in looking down the tunnel here's the 32 pitch to hang up my club short right field put -- as their -- under these. Red Sox -- -- it and I think at 32 lead they had captured game five and a Red Sox are one win away from going to the World Series. Now Mikey Evans and John Ryder with Red Sox review on the WEEI Sports Radio network. As a quote the immortal Dave O'Brien. -- John writers I allies say you get images of the -- into the -- -- Napoli also the firm here 4607460. Exactly yeah likes to quote our good friend Dave O'Brien -- open lines Davey. Of 2 o'clock in the morning 6177797937. John -- -- my ass off you you have been quite a bit I noticed tendencies it's like I'm I'm addicted all of a sudden -- wise cracked him on the Twitter line. I get on the 29 and I had to have a pretty good luck -- here's what I what I'm gonna say about superstition right now is Jonny Gomes in the line up thank. 50 now in the post season with Gomes lined -- Keep it. And I know he didn't have the big part of it. It was a guys delivered coincidence but I -- provides that energy always do anything to change anything in. By the way for those who wanted to coach you Horace on. I think he had -- aborted two -- -- -- if we can get five. Verbal requests on our request line here in the area I asked him maybe. How we will play the coach view ours on and I know that -- the -- man hasn't been there he's in his in his audio vault summit at 155. Is that OK enough -- removed by the Cougars into I'm joking this is good this is real good because why well because here's why they almost get no hit game one right. Since then three out of 42. Out of three in Detroit. Against this. -- much heralded pitching staff remarkable. Deservedly so to win the game tonight by a score forestry and to have this little situation hang in there. We need one win to go to the World Series and we have to win scheduled at Fenway where we usually went. Well it's a beautiful thing they don't need to know. I don't put their two games and all I know yes yeah well look look they have two opportunities yes yeah solid game as you want it -- on a play -- -- -- I don't as well -- -- next game is so I know you do yeah this elegant and all of that I just this week yes I'd. They -- the right yeah yeah Abbott good deceit Napoli get -- and as well I at least starting -- that. -- -- -- -- -- original almost guy ever is here and he's like a really eats either have been or how he's a little girl with a little -- a little in Lawrence did you kind of feel after the first home run -- Verlander -- right now that that that might jumpstart a little bit yeah I think it has. And you know he is just contact is contact he does pretty well -- -- the lack of contact is -- -- through the course and human. There's no killing going on here for Red Sox fans and by the way. I've decided writer. That when Jerry Remy retires is present Red Sox Nation whenever that is I wanna be a run for that office why. Because I was the only one you know this that predicted 92 wins. So maybe they should just by default make me the president of Red Sox Nation in my asking too much here. -- now well go for it you know I I don't know. It's much -- deposition the other thing is how but the the defense let the Tigers to at least in in left field that that Russ that was a shot I don't know was different left fielder. Would have caught that would tip Peralta an adventure and of course the base running Cabrera to hold reckons thing. In the first inning was -- well an again you were not even look at -- we -- look at. On the positive side of things what the Red Sox guys did to get stitches there. As opposed to where the but the Tigers messed up. Lester you know five and we have five and a third. Is pretty good it was the best he's -- but had a pretty good. Both they weren't till they weren't hammered them you have both pitchers or an extremely sharp we kind of expect that did we might QE Cammie. That it expects Sanchez to continue to yeah you know no hit the Red Sox -- hold them at bay through six innings and Lester who's just been. Incredible so -- -- -- post season yeah. For for him you know we we you even sent last night at 54 type of game day and 43 he made a mistake you know to Cabrera won out over the plate to temporary hit relatively hard -- to the outfield way again. I'm not gonna see him play he got the files that look and then and then you know here comes it is outline and -- Breslow and my favorite player. Are the favorite new Red Sox player of all time for me this guy just came out of nowhere and is surprised that crap out of most. Koji week and again -- go for some requests from group is -- -- they played now when he on the radio via. A comes into a ball game. Here's a guy what's he got no walks and eleven strikeouts in our policies that's correct me hello. Blemish that -- the total run but that I'd love to hear from any Yankee fan who it is my earlier statement made about coach you know -- -- prominent American. Power on this John Ryder limited him to come out with a again. As great as Mario Mario Rivera is -- Wallace. He was the greatest the greatest closer of all time this year. This individual 2013 season Koji was better. That Mariano Rivera ever ones while. He well look at the numbers up look at numbers there is some lights out seasons there but don't I don't know it has been or mark but I very -- the post season and want to I like many like that Koji signing remember. Say that earlier in the season even the offseason but I'd never expect of who could've expected this type but the identity and I love that signing seven -- -- tanning bed. -- who would have -- -- the quality beautiful beautiful thing reds -- one game way below average your phone calls right now because well because you're there because we care Bob. On the North Shore you were first fellow. -- and you've got a bit too late night guy going around right now we're gonna lose that late -- practice writer and I and our career not so much on the air hurt. I -- I -- -- guys that -- that you would have happened totally -- view that he's in right now. Currently. Better than I remember but that's about it -- good looking girl that can go and do not have a big one on the council positions that Israel under and so he also -- I know that they wanted to get to the golf. We know that you're going to go to the -- went. It. Didn't really I -- it all in all stronger as well. They didn't -- The and out of the blue and the reason -- -- -- in that market and I want it. He's good at what happened tonight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't know what I remember on the road doesn't look at -- -- at home Zander and chant you. They get -- they'd probably should form a dangerous -- formulated and say this in the press conference Ferrell but my guess is. She said that's about the -- -- earlier on he should've scored on that roster well that mid Atlantic series at the experience probably hit there are -- sent in a play like they do -- a football sideline wall that TO I think that to think he said don't watch slow. While Miguel flat -- are you bunt down with thirty star running and if you see he's not covered thirty rug right over the how well the guy and I and also as well although they could have done and after. It has that it was -- would -- you know for just for his defense that they might have brought him in an excuse anyway there is a language barrier you know we've heard all night -- -- speaks four languages maybe one of them was an English during the instructions -- yeah that's speaks English very well it's okay though I mean the look in the -- man people people of -- that and it. You know we can because they're only want to dragons on Stephen Drew. And he deserves it and by the way. All the 95 batting average. For Shane Victorino 105. For property. So early age that they're getting it done somehow yeah to Roy's lost. Victorino is just heard throughout his whole body -- boxer promised you before the series says pop is gonna bet 105 you're gonna win the series you'd say what re crazy. I'd say only apply they get the tremendous pitching that they have six or 77797937. Christian Chelsea you are next. Chris. And all boy howdy what should be our anchors. Went. Important imposter from the moment that you won't. You. I don't look at it. As being ultimately -- -- and it. Everybody that didn't and that was about it and the -- like yeah and all of the day. -- -- -- Yeah. On that green pop it out there. I don't and -- what are -- looking. I'm glad you're in good shape Chris. Nice work. That is a stream of consciousness or analyze is always like for Zobrist and Chelsea would either adrenaline or methamphetamine and I don't know which. -- -- so American about. A Tyree but thanks we'd love to hear from him. David -- think David's in Salem David go ahead. They do -- thinking the -- from Chelsea of being on drug. Well not really -- -- sort of all I started -- but that they would have a problem that it's not only the first that it would do that. Look at gonna win and I've got a little little uglier than it needed to be artfully. And and I'm never I've never that guy look where jury to come and -- home. We didn't shut down. By epic pitching. Two week we could be you know we could have been out of this by now. I think guitar for the taking I think we will get a but. In that makes everything. You ever ever go to your shut up guys. I mean I don't. You know and Cheryl Cheryl I'd like you -- there are well. 00 David you know because -- -- -- to David his that they did to adjust for it because Koji. Isn't Mario Mario hardly ever came in for 45 bounces. Coach you can do that he's a former starter. There are more about him throw strikes has committed to a 47 pitches and they didn't like apple barn used to it goes there and he does 89 pitchers Bowman. Out of there so I don't have a problem that yeah what I if you can't live in the what was that one or two -- from the -- You go to that our Hoosier closure and we are important to your club. Naive -- -- put it it's up to David David this is the American League Championship Series this -- and you know game number fifty that's right this season that's a little different. I don't I don't like I don't like flip flop on guys like Tampa -- because Ayala. -- -- but you know -- look at the matchups there and there is all of matchups and I didn't think there tomorrow I think if you you let Detroit win this game for whatever mistake reason you make along the way you got a whole different thing going on you could say you're raising his game. -- Leland go into his ball and -- would then lead last night and away he he was saying and that's respect for the Red Sox say they come back anytime. Yeah I get injured in gift. I don't know -- I don't think -- I think deep it will hurt there weren't so he's a genius. But it didn't. Oh you don't have done left Lester and his that we were thinking there. And while it is even even -- -- -- need to pull laughter. And he's he's look at -- he's a lot -- or whatever the rationale as. You bring him out out of breath blow as well as a ground ball. Pitcher. I mean he's these peek into the -- that strikeout guy or or shut -- guy you don't need him until the hate it -- scared about. Listen listen I think we should -- this and that they come back and -- it. Hadn't gotten dreadful oh and you're as you're born on I don't know what what happens if it was a good that is how I -- my. There's no definitions here it's mix and match has -- been the case all season with the exception of coach you -- it -- and you know -- of one meaning. You know no matter what you say OK well maybe the same thing you were you were you're talking the caller was talked about incessantly happening was something would happen. An inning or two thirds innings later. So what is -- this is just the playoffs this is a time when -- they said they -- Koji was ready to go five doubts. Okay and that that changes everything that which is everything forward right right. I mean Mike I got -- now here's the thing and again and -- I knew we -- -- like -- to. I said the thing about Mariano -- text from Connecticut were in Yankee fans live. And this -- is -- seriously. You're trying to equate where Harwood Mariano. Let's see if he can last as long as Mariano did that's greatness my friend one year's not make a great closer not to take away from this year for coat you'll Witasick. If you listen carefully what I said. I -- -- is the greatest closer of all time enough probably Connecticut and this okay. -- I said but this year Koji was better. In it is single year than my Mariano Rivera ever was in the single year statistically. Functionally. Okay serie a spectacular years you flash in Japan this is always to be next year. I know I'm not saying he's a better all time clothes and Mario are saying this year's season for the go nuts for for coach thank you. Mike's a national and I'm gonna take a break couldn't load a peaceful went again because everybody's chomping at the bit chipping at the bit which it relates to my each shop. Mike -- was. He sounds very mellow Mike. One and you know totally don't look quote -- -- -- -- -- as we broke the record really. What which your Sabres on my. -- -- -- -- -- -- But that was that was the world was warmly and possibly created. Yeah Adams yes -- stupid it is to that shortly. Yet Mike you know before hitting his did you start your mama half an hour ago when she loves this summer go which she says OK because she's boss. I'm glad you're out of prison -- from a national wedge -- finally. I don't know those charges were brought up on. And you know we wish the best I here's the song for your luck because you know hide your mom is had he digs it. -- -- -- -- The Sox. -- -- man will you have IE Yang Yang Yang -- yeah I. Feel tonight and hope for a pretty good -- an -- on the verge of go to the World Series they are the third time in ten years writer and actually win one more game I expect. I wanna hear action this office of the taxes callers will be yelling MB but you don't -- passes along. You got that you noticed him what's -- member of what happened the last time. The Red Sox were up 32. Was it against Tampa Bay well I don't know in any series. And in a championship series and -- yes no don't know. It championship series where we never know the last time they were up by 32 heading into game six where they can close it out last time don't tell me because now you -- and I think the crap out of it was -- It was 86 the Mets great -- yeah where they have the potential they could potentially wrap up his series lead that we have to go back that far for them but you're right we do. And I was there. And I know you're judge's -- you know thanks for bringing that up quite exactly the -- about that regularly aggravate. Has nothing to do with what. It's game six says Shea Stadium you know. And -- bucked his brother the autographed baseball hole weird story. That Billy Joseph sing the National Anthem and Billy Joseph with a penalty in the seventy pass and I would what was asked or is that they're version of sweet -- one who knows. -- that's crappy song for Detroit -- It's only like 18100 great groups from oak town right -- -- minority -- a Long Island Billy Joel's. You know piano man instead of sweet Caroline for others for their song Detroit -- just dump the -- at all about Dustin dumbest thing earn. Six point 77797937. And a lot of text messages will get your calls right now but first we just you visa. This text six and seven area code of Mariano Rivera has ten seasons that have coached like better than Koji this year. Okay you find me OK these guys are such near rods enough announces. Find me season. Where Mariano Rivera pitched 74 innings. And gave up a grand total of nine earned runs for Peoria of one point 09 we'll start with that. And then finally a time when. Of the whip from Mariano Rivera was point five separate. Yet that's slower than any I. Of course he's not gonna finish top but he's article or so or even the cy young and I'd Rivera logged more innings typically his season but. No not really. Yeah pretty much know usually more than seventy I don't have a step a look at our -- got Mariano Rivera he and I am sure he was rarely at seventy for an easy year. More like 68 it's -- seventy. Okay that's my -- at -- yeah and I mean it like it's been a long career so obviously news. But the fact is that that. A point 570 you've got his numbers up there what was the best whip. Was the best whip that Mario Rivera ever. All right I just got his numbers year. Ghali's. A point well he's a one point eight. Three point eight -- that's that's what coach he's career whip it is okay so that's his best year. Well that that's his is best witnessed -- and okay so coach was oh point 57 and Mario's best walks and eight hits to innings pitched. Was point eight. OK so he's only a year where his ERA was one point 09 or under for Mariano Rivera. As you just entrance and make appointment basic stats here he had the scoreless innings at the end of the -- and by the way we -- don't want fewer pitches. You know so I would think so he kind of be -- pitching I'm saying that in this particular year through the 73 games he appeared in. You know the guy it was -- a 101. Strikeouts. He averaged ten strikeouts per per nine innings I mean. Tell me that Mario had a better year is anybody out there and tell me that Mario has ever had. One single individual years statistically better than yeah well I think is what people are confusing you where it is you know attack promote careers Taiwan and individuals -- horse and that's what I'm talking about of course and yes. And I never lost your mind IN and I -- said it five times I'm not saying hey look at Augusta it's a grade I already know sand on the record that Mariano is the greatest closer of all time. I'm just saying this year. -- has never been as good as coach -- issues that's mean you know -- breaks out there c'mon. Put your listening years on his Judge Judy was it this lifetime Vieira is one point 38 that's when he finished -- close runner up -- the cy young and ninth in the MVP I rest my case. Right in Lowell is hang in lose so there's somewhere frank. And thank you aren't -- stick recruiting where it's our pleasure frank what's -- thank you one thing is -- I'm piety charity in. That you played in years ago but that's yeah -- charity and they posted a baseball game because that way. It is great you know let me go on and I yeah I'd like to hear about it. But what I'm caught a virus like victory you know yes lets us be great front don't know like 86. In birds inclement. It up and bunt and lay down arms. And then -- it fact and yet. And then make perfect bunt and just as well the ball up. He's in Victorino has had a ballplayer he's had a very uncharacteristically. Awful series for gonna get all the 95 that speaks for itself. Now I'm not gonna crap they -- throw the guy and the crafty because he's had a tremendous year. He's been a very important part of this team especially defensively. But he he has not yet totally watt in his own end and nothing really hard even even though limited its he has -- -- I think I'd think you'd substitute and while many situations. Most guys would you be playing well to do that in my Griese yes he's right you heard steadily IP is -- -- -- -- -- be birdie affecting his swing has such a way of it is it's like Pedroia with a hurt. -- -- -- Might I point this and he professional ballplayer. -- kept it should be -- laid on upon. Now do you think so or me with the exception of our hitters are -- have Cecil -- be -- great -- but. And so I don't sheets you know and even this there's exceptions when I'm saying. Now I -- part of us not forget about -- -- -- you've played to the -- so actions don't you remember -- six years ago I did play. A little. -- like to -- -- -- yankees assignment Murton and the cops. Out here remember this. I always does it do you say to experience that wasn't in Peabody guess as the journal -- very. That's written and I think it does sound like you were part of the plate he wanted to get up I actually. I don't know I get the playwright. Well you know -- you yank it. These things I know that these things pass really quickly Franken I sure hope you don't Terry that we feel -- -- there own -- And thank -- and personal all -- I think part of -- to beat them and you got to remember to his face now -- -- youth throw as hard -- that tough -- to hit them from the right guard which is that is on a -- very serious -- of thoughts -- coming -- I agree -- and that and I also will take it one step further -- -- I would say that any pitcher. Who makes it to the big leagues -- the American League or not should learn how to hit a little bit and not embarrass themselves because they're still athletes and in the National League you have to hit. And it's only way to be a complete baseball players are hitting and pitch right. -- -- victory and Gaza a bunch today has done -- -- thank you frank appreciate the call 617779793. Set. To Florida -- calls a ball over the damn world here on the show -- we do David. Might -- -- -- you know it is the question you over that thing you were trying to get over last time. Yeah I must mean I'm happy for him. Would you I would go in Iraq or consultant in the. -- behind the plate over -- and say you know I think they go back to Saltalamacchia. I'm not acting properly urban after what he did tonight and thank -- very competitive pants and care. Can control they have. Better I agree -- there I think there Ross is one of those players who can impact a game defensively by his very presence now the question would it would have to be asked David. Is how to -- feel about it. That's what you can do for the team I mean but we'll have to adapt. I mean it's gonna help the team and you do it. Pilot buckles and have a problem that you -- how to Saltalamacchia PO I know this this sounds a Little League type stuff but. I as they probably would go back with Saltalamacchia face pitchers -- A couple what do you do now -- the third base I mean I mean all of -- the -- one hit and -- completely backed -- -- have yet to keep -- to -- -- you -- -- kind -- do and that's based strictly again that you need at this point timing you to use numbers to your best ability here and and you say well. Middle Brooks has been awful. So let's go with this guy at least he walks at least he gets on base nosy kid -- he -- make -- -- a base -- and it is yes of course. But -- middle -- while watching and by the way let me just say this. I've I've said I like middle Brooks a lot at these can be good professional and -- as a player are. -- but yet he did and I think that was a set play believe it or not because of Cabrera is lack of mobility but all of them are vital and not what I'm saying is I think they they sent Mel Brooks and there's a -- -- saying no listen. We're gonna bunt here and watch and keep your -- at third base because have been going Cabrera charges for the bunt. He's not going to be able get back there in time and that's exactly what happened so I maybe have given too much credit -- middle Brooks is not that great. Defensively he's he's okay. He doesn't have big range to his left I've noticed that all season long have been complain about it David so. Maybe -- Bogart's over there at third base is the better move right now and just keep Gomes in a lineup too because he's your good luck charm. -- -- have one more thing about this sort of the second and -- a third inning when it would be 12. Second and I. One thing to be questionable. At got to bring it. It was a bunch of is that not a not pleasant but is this your MO -- don't know what. It scored three runs already in the net Ellsbury has -- between victory and went first and second with two out in particular area that both for the kill right there with a double dale. That second third and then he has that single -- five. How many outs rather than a two out okay that's why you don't do. May you got a man in scoring position you don't try to steal third. Because the old adage applies even -- base runners in -- make the first or third out at third base in Beijing and at that point two. Of below is still in the game is pretty good throw on our runners. Oh no I don't think who's gonna throw runners you might be at third base I mean not no actually he had. He's been you know third Big -- is the better defensive catchers and he had he has struggled at times -- had on he got it was 70% but still. At that point right yes ass -- and you know it is blue with Ellsbury I mean anything. It by perjury victory you know even appear -- in school yet I can I'd rather count on Pretoria for single -- on the double steal the work there and it especially at third base. You know in that in that situation I mean I don't know double steal that's not that's not remove -- Orlando's in Boston Orlando go. He also I know and not put into it at all and should shut down -- hate -- -- and no that's aren't. But no abortion should doubt should be J. D. Drew -- -- I must -- personal aren't respecting horrible. The lady has ever. He's been terrible to -- it -- a list of 45 guys who you can't believe how bad it looks like it glazed he has last year at the plate right now -- -- an extra. Our blocks I would put middle Brooks. I yeah I felt like pop out walk derided him back. Right will be better and I electing an -- -- and hit. Well it's it's -- it's not even about the park at that point Orlando because he's not even making solid contact it's not like he's come and. Truly don't even know I know but immediately went. Herbert tuck and shortstop vs third base for these two guys know andrews' brother Steven. Nancy Drew has had to -- -- one of the worst series ever seen the play with all the strikeouts elect -- you right. But if you're gonna -- no you say middle Brooks at third. They're either -- gonna face right east because that's where the Tigers are there already tonight you put middle bush at third of Bogart's at short and take out Stephen Drew oh. You know you -- original against the percentages on two to differ. Levels while he did have one key play that I drew. In the field and me and what went wait a minute Orlando heated up in the field -- an -- -- throw on a double play. Those about it. Okay. -- there don't know he did that was pretty laid out -- -- key pivotal play that irritable errant throw to second base hi Lester as usual if you watch cholesterol season is tough time -- -- -- by the way that -- throat and Napoli -- Napoli made a great play and that -- yes restaurant of first base he just barely yeah that runner that was big. Had a better chance to literally over at third and -- shortstop would count -- him. But he won't do they won't do that I expect. All I know I. I think it's more defense. And -- what you think through it what are you but yes he's he's. He just -- -- Syria not spectacular but he's very steady he's -- glory. He's pretty good and he's got beat -- range and he's got to be -- you know he's got his got a B plus hands he works well with Pedroia took a mess with that if I don't have to. I think that our I've just mutual that because I think that the double play. I would hit it well put it. Now all of that I take yeah I think it's pretty -- bottom line early and he can't stand this guy is last name's drew back half as good that I steroids could come across the bag normally on throws from Pedroia. And so a double play ball -- 463 yeah I mean I think that's that's part of -- well. Now do I like him in the lineup W receiver now it's almost like you wanna see the pitcher -- had -- been that bad. And he is streaky too the Red Sox have three or four guys are -- very exciting guy to injury is still there at short commodity blogger it's remains at through this is to guessing so zone I think so too. Six point 77797937. We get the real hardcore baseball fans all over knowing -- and the country. A listening tonight after an exciting Red Sox 43 win where Koji did it again. He's just -- unbelievable zero walks eleven strikeouts in the post season and as I mentioned earlier writer. The greatest season ever better than Mario has -- -- season I mean look at it sounds absurd but when you look at the numbers and you look -- any use your -- now we have watched full seasons of -- -- I think people are getting confused as they typically do that especially when it's something you against the Yankees it's it's. You -- time loaded individual season -- and by the -- in the same breath I'm saying that Mariano Rivera was the greatest closer in the history of baseball what in attendance an unbelievable so I like obvious said to him as a earning higher compliment I can pay -- -- They're the greatest that ever lived -- say okay -- in Jamaica Plain. Ricky and Hyde Park and all of view it 617779797. We come back. On the Red Sox review. Ross -- a pretty good wondered. His double single and struck down he turns to -- dropped to down to third Cabrera is not -- is one played first base. He gets stiff and racing and a third of mental approach football buddy. First baseman and going to be -- -- they're. In them all we want to go with the defense of replacement just because of the familiarity to position him with middle -- Eight innings you know after the sac bunt and again we talk about base running just a heads up play a middle which is Smart to go from first to third on the sac bunt. -- -- -- -- -- We're live in Brighton Massachusetts where sometime tonight not hear of Brighton but done in Boston the plane landed the -- such a -- on the big day off tomorrow and get ready for Saturday baseball and we don't know right what time the game -- yet. Actually it's tomorrow. When we have Samari distaste for priority but what I'll -- yet look -- and I just Texas some of that is it but I'm Willie I I usually don't say it's you know. The next day -- had to about 4 AM -- it is Friday morning right now as we speak and I nicely you know nice technically. Tonight -- technically at 6 o'clock. We will have the planet Mikey show leading up to the Dodgers Cardinals -- title lives. From the Charley horse in West Bridgewater where we would like to invite all you folks stop down Washington dodger cardinal Gary Neal as you wanna watch and their abilities it TV's. Related bolstering -- drink some Beers as a planet Mikey show goes live from that Charley horse where I've been many times I really enjoy myself when I go there. In West Bridgewater 6 o'clock -- for dinner yet you -- -- wings you know what I heard Michael Holley said this to me once that they have a and it's. Near me have been there before I haven't added yet but then they have a great bison burger from what I hear yes and I'm gonna have one tomorrow bison. I do I love love love bison viola Buffalo News story to -- or how divisive. You know. And all those big game animals attack. We have Jamaica Plain are you happy little that's my question you. During your radio down. They got it right on your radio down -- thank you sir howry. Manuel de Melo might expect a -- -- I'm glad I'm hope you have a good night of big Red Sox and one. All -- die hard man I'm a diehard ram and if -- -- a little to gain. Am camp -- on and rattled mine. Are. Has got to be fun area -- any weird stories from the back here cabs on -- play. It really just want you know local making them back seat. -- about it actually it is more weekends cinema in the -- -- the and so what else is out. Let the man home it was great went to my man autumn. Outlook -- RO. I like to see him you know to hate -- -- went -- and -- a lot of little I don't -- it. I don't talk a little bit but I want seemed -- that -- little bit more or being -- I would look to -- ample Bogart a source that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah the question would be for me because you know we gonna have a tight pitched game where you want your shortstop defense to be kind of a well oiled machine. I know what. But who hasn't got a cook play all all they're now yeah -- -- you're looking -- more of the plate yet either have that one Arab but he -- had a couple of solid defensive plays on that Prince Fielder yeah pop up tonight it's the the reason why I watched oh yeah shortstop -- -- put him at the two -- -- Willis and pulled the real down eight spot on the right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mean whatever way I just like just people like and who all. You secure your agreement they would not we're not the car come off all. You know let them down at all over my spot and bright man out so I talked to aren't they -- me. Let me ask you this and -- have you ever had anybody that you liked in your whole life because like I can't say that I have that was named Austin. You know -- never met anyone with that name -- -- a technical but it's like the -- they've. -- well this is my friend Austin lab. I don't -- and Austin -- and when I hope your books that they've caused -- arm has to be for say that low pay have a good night meant. You. Could all -- in Jamaica Plain. The rents are I really haven't ever met anyone with a name my. Austin can ever there have you well that was an attorney general in Connecticut named Austin would -- and I believe. But I didn't really meet -- read about it in the newspaper no you're right I don't the government were named Austin either. This this -- this quick discussion we've been having about Mariano and coach these years are you know -- and I got to finish with as Texas is -- as confused. May be -- had a better half season in Mo I'll give you that it. Pitching half the season in the seventh and eight -- doesn't count he had 21 saves he had thirteen holds. He had an era one point nine he pitched enough innings to be considered -- -- any closer to Major League semi forwarding now. He struck a 101. Guy it's. And what was the walks. I Italy at nine but he puts up more in the first half of the season opened it -- -- it doesn't matter when they were at nine walks and a 101 strikeouts. In 73 games he had nine walk every six games. Coach you know every seven Harlem which nine times. What is don't ask me what's so no math quiz he had nine walks nine resorted every eight games. Coach you would walk one guy. He c'mon man Dave's and Weston or David. Hey -- -- went up OK here we go by that this statement is so happy right now. I got a book report sort of things as well throw -- be quick and the relative figured out okay. Number -- I Billick called a couple of years ago I don't know -- but you know taken a little bit of the credit here. That I thought the reds that lead this team unity thing with people amazed at the mustaches. As suggested -- I think it just appeared but I don't play with in the direction of team unity. No I you know it's funny I remember your conversation that you were oddly you suggested they'll have nipple rings oh that's right yeah well whatever. Okay it solely just to set the record straight that's. That's what I think the thing is also real -- to me at the other artist's. Does Terrell kinda reminds me of Darrell Johnson a little bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yep well I mean -- ever a member Darrell Johnson pretty well. As manager of the Red Sox you know you tell us better is probably space and went and as a manager said point five Darryl Johnson was. You know he he he just kind. I -- was a big. Tactician when it comes to you know strategist when it comes to the game. He had a bunch of good players he becomes okay get out there and swing away boys but I mean not to knock the guy he did win the American league championship. But I think John Ferrell has a lot -- go and I'm not just talk and information we technologically. Right. And and more certainly better with a pitching staff because of Lowe's Spears is a pitching coach. They've dealt with it and let -- at least. Well too quickly what is look at anybody who knows that you beside you as and other guys over the total loser had become like that assists as the coolest. All the media guys in the Hampshire right -- -- but yet he was that he was and he -- I've never have fun for the rest of his life because he's had nothing but a dukes right. He calls up to -- on a song you know -- you do indignity hangs up right at people that hang up there already. You know real. Real light weights because they can't even finish the conversation they're afraid to they hang out there were a student -- But as that but anyway we'll -- and -- -- that wrote that -- before but the whole idea okay. I just want to thank you for your passion for the Red Sox as I you'll really have something to do with this season. About -- -- inspire anybody but I tell you what it is my favorite sport and I you know I love all sports very much but baseball's always been my favorite night. Really have enjoyed this year a lot and I was telling a writer -- all wait we're going out to check the weather forecast. That this team is a very lovable team. There's nobody I can pick out and nobody nobody else. On the TV just don't like you know and it hasn't complaints here there'll poppy this positive and look this is a very very personality wise a team you couldn't. If you don't hit your card -- and and feel real good about like an element being fans if there's. -- -- Surprised if I want to thank you Mike yesterday or today -- -- -- their inspiration well no I think I'll be -- -- enough and I agree if you think your time I really don't. But it's it's been very enjoyable year and he's that is partially to do a due to the fact that. We were so like. Suffering last year through this is only thing I remember that that you have that we most I think most it would been reasonably happy with a team that. Won a lot more than they lost and you know playoffs and he -- this is like -- all bonus there are no question everything's like bonus money for playing announcement. Let's we enough callers because who -- we could use a couple more to get us through for another ten minutes so we're gonna take a break. Where it'll to a Clark John writer Mike yeah Adams it's the road to redemption Red Sox review great day. Use the 31 pitch. Swing and Heidi drive -- away center racing Bennett Jackson turning and this is I'm. An inning at a time and not meant to the Berman a Red Sox lead and won enough leg. Mike Napoli just destroyed one Bob ball the Fords money that's probably 450. At least we'll be this good care of the horse out there yanks. I think it is -- the Burman it's shaved in a forest out there she wanted to reliever -- enough Forrest out there shaved it and that. That Boston strike shaved and Ed Burns gave an outfield grass. We have it just moments ago on the program I -- our borders were excited because it's going to be baseball not today weakness. Today is Friday it'll be tomorrow Saturday. At Fenway Park we don't win because it's really it is right to tell me earlier it depends on what the Dodgers do tomorrow night yes. If the Dodgers win and forcing game seven the Red Sox will play at sports' Clark right if the Dodgers lose and it's the Cardinals then the Red Sox would get bumped into the prime time exactly 8 o'clock PM. But either way baseball fed way to clinch party may be going on. Depending you know scherzer. By the way. I didn't I missed -- about this -- if you don't hear a few kids and you know there's no it's not a kid and I can't stand and you know he has one -- lie and didn't round how did you not know I don't at all. I really loaded and I never noticed that really in all I was -- talking about it so much in -- it even during the season armies of the funny thing is got a second brown I would know what every season. -- raise it Rhode Island hello ray. Hidden. -- -- guys ray Howard you know. The like a good break you're -- plant -- that's one. That they actually yeah. All based on what you see now and not with the emotion of it but we got summoned back then -- -- we. Not right now. I've heard this question before -- because people always for some reason to Boston. New England always concerned about what's gonna happen after. After the I can't get past. October 31 which would be game seven of the World Series if there would be going to seven games well. I ticket past Halloween and think about Ellsbury. His contract who's going to be bat was gonna get what I. Yeah elves -- well to hell naw I'll I'll just give McCourt Ellsbury is the big one and Napoli is a free agent drew is a free agent is close loser. Kind of a three right there. Lester I think they'll pick up his options obviously it's a that's a no brainer so I just can -- put my head in a spot where I care -- yet in Koji was due to be a free agent but he. Get his performance bonus which shocked -- prediction was a good thing. Very good thing here love Koji 38 years old now he's listed at 62190. Miles -- come -- He can't be over six feet now. And but I have to tell you laid out one number five there's no he's my favorite Red Sox closer cystic Raddatz. -- -- -- -- -- I mean this is this is -- called him the little monster and and I absolutely love the guy. I follow on Twitter. He tweet something a Japanese I read -- even though I don't have any idea what he's saying he could be talking about the fooled at some restaurant he went to last night and we care. Because if he's say that I'm listening you know he's still on board -- witness that he's been wearing commode knows to these post game shows it. And no shoes well I mean an end and I doubt I'd be a little bit maybe a little too much when you were talent you know the of the of the boxes that you wanted. Rice paper from the walls necessary because I've heard the coach he will will run through. Paper walls for you to win a ball game minute and I'm so excited now they're gonna leave you tonight writer because organizers -- 2 o'clock in the -- morning. Gonna leave you with some sound out of the Red Sox locker room from tonight's. Offensive hero for the -- Which is Mike Napoli and we did you'll good evening. And I'll be back tomorrow at 6 o'clock along with John Ryder Romo will be two separate locations in albeit the Charley horse in West Bridgewater live tomorrow six -- today at six. But in the meanwhile where your drive safely have a good night and remember Red Sox are one game away. From a World Series. Mean I'm confident. I mean. Come to the series goes on Gooden got a little rough start. Hamas going so good in the most confident when I'm when I'm in the box. Johnny like what -- new round two that's two or three games -- -- Come in and haven't shown good all our series. -- to put my finger on it just. Gone up to China used tough event every time I got some pitches I can handle and horrible job. To make over the offseason -- some of the uncertainty you know physical problems that came up. What was your level of concern about how you would be able to perform this year have you exceeded your own expectations. Once I got to sprinter. And and you know the doctor said -- going to be all right. I took memorize everything was fine and not -- -- go on just went out there please so. And to think about it you know is something I never felt so I mean that's got to put. Else's as Chinese that you you were somebody's that you were big in that 2011 World Series for you guys just missed winning it. How much is that -- motivate you balanced you still think about trying to get back there and and getting over that hump like you almost it was taxes. Yeah I mean of course on your back there. On my game too far ahead of you know ourselves here you know take one game at a time and the child when that day and you know we're in and in good position now but. You sort of business take care of the most. Big game you know come up and don't go through and not just play play -- for the -- we do.

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