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Oct 17, 2013|

The guys opened the show by discussing a rough loss in game 4 of the ALCS. They agreed that it is time for Xander Bogaerts to get a start.

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It's Dennis and Callahan but actually taking here all the way in the 30. Well I don't victims which I'm Dan. Going to ground. Gerry Callahan there when you thought it was found herself in the why the -- you know. We're pretty -- heard about it and Couric. You know it's far where it was through countless odor whatever people are doing we're just -- -- we -- -- -- and he can compete. On Sports Radio WB. Your last night was for me last night was they put -- showed up wood up evening for me I put up. Turned off the TV after the second innings. I should definitely during the off after the fourth inning and I want to. Headed for old ironsides the Freedom Trail because it was all but last I read -- -- -- better use of my three hours and 27 minutes could he be earlier net game. That's your mistake is I knew that the government was back in business I watch the hands. Oh you to get it can't -- and the knowledge as a back on the -- can have gone about it's awesome you know what. It was like when you smoke a cigarette when they're done it's like when you were. You know a road trip the net like two weeks -- moment. While in the house you mean your -- know that it's that. -- time they've been working really. I guess it's -- no doubt bananas and wait and like weeks. And finally they're back on him the reforms you think it panned his work having sex or government -- government might -- -- -- -- a bill won't stop right in -- win so they keep them separately the cameras off. Together they just don't really love each -- towards him work his -- -- right its work. -- The home it was a hideous three hour 27 minute ball game which delegates -- best of three series -- two of those at Fenway Park. Why would that make me feel all warm and mentally two of the three at Fenway Park. Well not beaten -- 211 to three in Detroit right -- -- yours are ones Justin Verlander who want the guy who has given up I hit yet. So they got some pretty good arms going but. I think. I think the Red Sox so I like my prediction right now like my prediction right now I don't think I like my prediction anymore are going to lose one game in each series that's are hired JD's it's past the ninth day of -- yeah a lot of weight you've got a long way to go I will say this to the more on yesterday that said I had a really good feeling about Jake -- -- -- -- -- Yeah brilliant and really abusing the Yahoo! finance -- -- -- got a really good mood about -- feet and it is solve my you know -- often times baseball -- Shlomo Heatley are very well play well located only it's very complicated today or last yeah I think. Red Sox starting your. Site and spit the bit. And they get some guys who -- Disposed to him against the other team's number force dollar guy doesn't throw that hard you're supposed to get a gracious hostess -- some runs -- -- did. It didn't matter it didn't matter to -- what. But it didn't matter what middle Brooks are true or whoever he did -- TV was that they were handing them runs TV sounds like a little down in the dumps after the game. -- when you thought you looked voice down there's not enough now works for long enough. The one I have now you know that takes them -- -- -- just couldn't make that -- -- No excuses it's. It's on me. But he criticized for next. Two good -- a doctor -- I mean I've bought the laser -- lots of questions. After last night's game that was one of two very good question knows how to -- the Washington this malaria that is our little popular what -- -- Our troops to mean to this woman would maintain needles. How long -- decision last twenty seconds not even. And -- laid back you know get to amnesty should be done yesterday he because 20/20 vision -- that some guys -- -- Just can't be done to them that the case I don't think so I don't know usually while we do. Meanwhile some people are afraid that he kept their eyes which I understand but. It's kind of -- It would help. The whole school policy makes him go -- -- -- well did you say over and over this a subtle attendance it's minutia. But you know when are all heavily in shook off salty four times in the second inning it Martinez -- -- of -- Four times he shook his head no finally threw it I guess he wanted to pitch and it next pitch -- a leadoff single and that's when the floodgates -- second I don't shake off salt before times you know what he's up there infancy. Insulting word he's going to -- -- -- we've NFC maybe we don't yet sure whatever it was a picture well against him. -- -- Pretty cagey vet who may be I think it's an act sometimes it's the least say that -- earned from the it that it is. And he would squid and -- he could see in the battle to. This -- -- in the words thrown the ball and keep you. I think a lot of times there's some that some of the did you do that if they. Squint in that part of it's an -- I don't know why wouldn't you desires for our that he could afford to yeah I think so even if he couldn't get a dealer to -- may god given deal. Don't know yet another question -- call. What is the purpose of salty pouring cold water on his head on a 54 degree night in Detroit its -- quick warm the warm person. What. He's working out it was on the first before the first -- through his pregame where these -- you know he might have my go in this theme of -- -- you -- lose support of its the water on his head yeah ever understand now that Nicole wanted July -- and I while we're just a question you -- -- -- one my question is an actress. Command to -- -- -- him congress -- an issue hard. Not so my question I have got to pay. Which is nice. Or -- Qaeda ordered by -- retired to his birthday in the middle of a playoff game give -- eight and all of the who my daughter a ball was the cardboard. -- Decades. Happy for you a big win after eighteen years of working together I would know what was your birthday you have wouldn't have to learn on the all don't worry about it thank you thank you heard -- is a very warm up before the other. Marshals that's it that's a cargo hoard -- Yeah this cardboard box. You play a good job Chris over the -- thanks Chris very very well done reference. Thank god I don't hear I did see that it was your -- -- -- word of it but it still wasn't it was on the ball and you're sent. -- your age I don't I'm not really knows a thing that I was only kidding just kidding I'm 72. Big deal. I'm glad I continue having -- has a Little League. -- I guess the reference was the candles were yeah I don't and hard work -- good. -- yet we got it right the first -- -- -- important element of for a last night that it was candles just to -- -- two of the tell the viewers it's our board -- the life he set the stage and nice job Chris. Olympic hostage. He's got I don't wanna be your source -- was -- -- the union confident that if I was in the cut he had to do an -- you -- you have to give the Acadia. He gets as big dvd viewing or any of us have jobs listed as a graduate of -- We just there man but it's. Cardboard box. We can get to them on demand that really we would get it I guess -- Look at some would do a boring game like I suppose it is definitely. And if it gets really boring. Him laughter how amazed at discipline -- were still over great. And a blowout game they can still -- a big bureau often some tension that was actually enter any more entertainment cards were bought for Hunter -- from cover I guess you can pretty can do you know Joseph Morgan we've lost enough Jewish and I do feel like baucus. -- -- harbor around -- we should have a Jose something -- -- -- -- -- -- and then they -- that it's almost over you know they know I have -- almost on some who finished wrong and then. She -- Joba. His new partner. Ago use yet days yeah. Powerful man I assure you of that template. -- mean as an election with -- like. No -- and who doesn't like either. Would you mean a lot of I think -- -- -- That would be that's why they get in Libya where I don't think it to a man who. I think maybe networks and to determine that a player in there coach player manager you know you're missing nothing in here right wrist that some guy in the name of its. Jim Simpson a player of so again. A total but that was back when I was younger I think that it's a good question somebody in there and even if they saw that we. A player or manager former manager in there. Just around about Purdue Q probably know in some -- some insight when he hasn't. -- in the Rosa Maria. Of that where I didn't play in the deeply personal fundamentally I did not a command of the strike -- also speaking of suck. Clearly TV sucked last night to hear his manager John Ferrell while he doesn't say. He pitched well he does sort of I don't know take them off the -- Think he pitched on the -- about I thought he was crisp in the first inning and then in the second inning. -- started it looked like pistol a bit too -- and obviously. It's about an account. Issued three walks. It he gets -- a hard hit ball second base that. Look like it handcuffed -- little bit and instead of being out of that would just two runs. You know than in the basin behind it and and they they put five and borders in the second inning. The most crucial thing. The it on the -- and all the water. You walk Austin Jack yet the point of -- it on news it is bases load that is like for you vote yes now that's like. No phone reception in the red zone. Fumble and -- teams on the clock with all this to certain things you do what you do. You should be taken immediately QB like that assumes the fourth ball Austin Jackson. They should have them. In the plane ticket Alabama I guarantee you other guys roll their eyes in the field that's you know a guy doesn't have ministers. You can't do you consider in the house objections. -- really do you know on -- but -- I'm Nate. Everybody who -- me you know he's got no confidence at all -- do. Let him off. Just he just as importantly swing at a ball too I don't foresee if you're near the swing at a ball. It's so easy -- most objects that you know we didn't have a now he's useless. As well yeah yeah yeah we're gonna stories we were in treatment the -- doesn't work but it's more keep. She can all of she won just. This -- -- went to lead off Cabrera to second. Guys three guys that -- -- -- movement just one guy Natalee off and let everyone else in the eyes moved the spots in the order to its line commitment that the line -- -- -- -- -- a point is a big deal with the big story today nationally -- When these guys it even even Erin Andrews knew she says it was a state -- Austin Powers. If if it -- it. How about mobile card board. Oh. -- here's -- about making a huge mistake walking to a run for god just was not swing. Didn't Jackson. You know those -- They're gonna make Jerusalem. It is just couldn't. He called Jackson made whole he did ya go -- appointed. A strawberry -- He thinks it's too bad it's kind of sad he serve -- for -- -- you anymore yep and I guess. Consider not starting to you know probably whatever it was it was during game four. You grow -- or or dead on the third ball if either look good and ado about probably more likely maybe. -- -- look. The numbers but the -- needed a lefty in the situated in. He. We can't have a lot of -- -- -- right -- -- mean you just can't think that he was puzzled -- Missed his spot yeah it was dreadful. The TV is already -- go for another opportunity. Not he's like yeah we pitch again audible well whenever wherever. Series no list is -- gave me into it he likes to read what it's isn't a game a game it is where came in neutral site neutral site and also there's PB lobbying. Yeah absolutely. I'm -- do everything I can do to 200 pitch again in whatever capacity maybe. To a freezers and two great teams -- going to be easy to understand that this -- -- tonight. But we see him again and to -- do you know there's no rule for. No personal that you check Lindsay admirable that at all -- to a question commit to come I could seem kind of and the games -- -- -- -- ultimately that's -- -- I'll take care of -- You see the -- on baseball reference it was a chance to prove me wrong about so yes it's actually answer that question like can I be downloaded that people. Or who he is relieved wants three and six games -- five starts in what year was that in that was in 2006. -- and doesn't -- Real the rehab -- -- -- in my belt. Not exactly an experienced reliever. And -- one of these guys need hours and hours to get ready ball -- and all that. You know Gillick and I mean they already have too long and they are to have eleven pitchers. In the ball I'm eleven pitches total. Seven -- relievers so he serves no purpose it's kind of sad -- like the guy he was very excited. Dissipate he had a tribute to this team he likes it here would like him but. Was so bad. It's easy to say good bye to it's easy to say is no -- you hear anymore maybe it. Harrison sunflower -- of the global panic it'll start game for the Walters potentially Eminem I look at it but they will -- -- look at and say -- Bryant or -- -- -- -- he was against Tampa now I agree with you probably will. Because you know baseball there are declined to give a kind of shots they would what got them here. I think. Today. Big decision is on the airfield there if -- writing if you're you know broadcasting from Detroit. No we don't do that. There's no -- have issues so when it but someday maybe. What's -- question it's a simple question Zander vendors in the lineup. No doubt about it in. Some depressed. He's in the line opened in the federally been. -- -- added to say he should just flat out said the Sanders in the lineup as if there are sure about the hard part -- determining who was sucking worse middle -- -- -- Stephen Drew that's no it is not hard but the hard -- is -- where he is most comfortable and affect how much. Federal Lopes through I mean -- -- we should be -- looks on as he loved him enough to leave the line gets is no matter what you can look at -- -- out -- this guy all year in this is the biggest game of the year at this point -- you -- will -- some -- with my guy I middle Brooks I think. I'm with -- and I think will sits I think will should not so I think you should sit through looks awful in the I think. Middle Brooke you know it's it's close but I think it is rules that drew looks even worse at the plate -- middle -- Us Stephen Drew one for third team in the series 077. Middle Brooks one for ten and even 100 pearl says yeah. Like about Bogart's in some capacity for the next game. Haven't made a decision on tomorrow's lineup put given the way the left side of the infield and we're we're -- but to get some production out of outside so. As some -- being considered for sure -- -- yard he decided. He's plan for middle -- -- mean he's looking for any chance to in this withdrew for a -- love's true. Lefty drew against. Sanchez is getting to 27. That's not a small sample when he two at bats. I've hit so obviously that he children nationally middle Brooke Oprah do. So that's enough that's -- his statement Brooke -- -- Brooks is done enough there you know I can live as it is about enough either from the -- -- Brooks Atari but don't you the Bogut is more comfortable at short that's exactly -- -- -- be part of -- decision -- I don't OpenId devalue shortstop defensively obviously in their basement and keep -- in the drew for some reason defensively shortstop over Bogart to buy it in the thirty buying it through his invaluable and now now now. You venture of the -- it and all parts brings energy you know he brings that. He's going up there swinging it looks comfortable to me at any moment does not look too big he hit a double I look. At him as the guy. The potential was there -- to -- before he could drive and some big ones he could rival ball into the gap could make things -- and seed from group BC and from group they'll know or middle. I'd love to see him play short of the proceed to pick a seat there you know what they're if they're lucky and and cover and then and kind of laughed it off and threw it out check on -- -- -- -- most of them close and that's the kind of I mean they say you give them the neighborhood play we don't you. Oftentimes that is called safe. We've seen it many many times -- mean you have to be closer in the neighborhood to say -- -- that far away. I was of that play but through obviously a bad way but we're throughout the timing. The son of it could've been worse it could have been eight or nine. Runs that's another reason why I think -- -- gets another shot eventually I think Ferrell says you know what. George screwed up player but he does maybe people who survived the around the an important report horrible toll mentally ready or don't age as justification for -- going to be that. Pedroia it was awful us it was terrible. 61777. On 7937. Text like 379 these -- Mike -- will join us at eight O clock. System -- it's -- general manager and numb when we get back. You identified the most shocking moment of last night's game most embarrassing moment of last night's game. I have no compare notes -- -- government announces an irony not elements and I put the ball kind of separate category that separate category quote shocking moment. Most embarrassing moment in the game last night when we come back yet cardboard box.

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