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Jim Bowden on Sox Tigers ALCS

Oct 11, 2013|

Former MLB GM and current ESPN analyst Jim Bowden joined the show to preview the ALCS. He likes the Sox and Dodgers to meet in the World Series.

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But what we talk to somebody who actually knows what they're talking -- as to the realist -- -- that we do. Jim Bolden baseball analyst insider for ESPN blog Sirius XM's inside western zone Weston's on the try to Westin and both base our remain can join us on the AT&T hotline good morning Jim how aria. Good morning guys are very happy we got the series we won -- we were looking for the Red Sox and the tigers because of the star power in the -- players all that sort of stuff do you think it's gonna be a yum it's gonna live up to its billing. I think absolutely it will mean we're talking about the elite starting pitching in the league you're talking about the two really lineups he talked about two teams a lot of guys that have been there -- -- You can't build a better scenario than what's gonna take place at Fenway Park tomorrow night. What matters most to you Jim we all admit agree starting pitching probably the most important thing but. We just broke that ten or twelve different areas where do you fall what do you focus on when you look ahead to a series. What are we starting pitching I think in the postseason and now -- be talking Adam wing writer Justin Verlander. You know -- the starting pitching the one guy in baseball they can win a game by himself. You know Verlander goes out the shots that open ballgame over I mean that's what happens so. You look at that certainly with a Red Sox Lester and vocal those two guys can do that. We know that Verlander insurers -- who's gonna win the Cy Young for the Detroit Tigers this year -- those guys are capable of doing it. So you look at that person the next thing you do if you look at especially in these games okay what hitters can hit the back caliber of pieces. You know in the tiger walking in here with. Mickey imprint stability can hit the best pitching in baseball. You look at the Red Sox in Pretoria and big poppy can hit that kind of pitching that -- -- -- OK you can manufacture -- OK well. Old -- can manufacture and when he gets on and can be a difference -- -- open. Both teams that have impact closers. Well a lot of times the series are resolved with who's pitching innings seven and a who's got a better bullpen game that I got so close something that'll. Well we we had trouble this week coming up with a weakness believer -- not for the Boston Red Sox -- trouble -- trouble finding holes in the -- a -- in this -- that Jim. What if you're a Red Sox fan and which -- which should worry you. I picked up a point -- -- worries me with both teams is. What production you're gonna get it to start to get knocked out what direction are you gonna get in -- 678 and how you match up and I look at. You know Benoit and -- look at your -- -- both those guys to be able to do it still solve it. Do we know for sure what to -- was gonna do do we know for sure on the other side with the tigers are gonna get from the smiling in the Albuquerque. That to me is the big question a lot of times that's -- settled series. -- get the feeling we're gonna see after last night's home run. Kind of the old Miguel Cabrera he's only two home runs and so since the end of August he is -- going to be canisters restore banged up. Well we don't know I mean it's all about his core in the Melamine obviously -- the groin and leg whatever you wanna call his injury he has made him. Completely be swinging -- arms and has not been able to use that midsection. And lower half and that's why a lot of balls and making it isn't going anywhere now. There's that home run mean that we're finally getting a little bit better that time has finally healing. We don't know the answer that will have to wait and see. But certainly that has at least be encouraging for the tigers have a good -- before this series and. Starts Jim obviously berliners have sort of an uneven season last 3035 innings absolutely lights out -- it was going badly for him what was wrong. Because whatever was he apparently is fixed. You know they had talked Alec and -- is catcher few days ago and and he told me. The velocity was always there the stop was always there the curve ball was there all year. He said he just couldn't command that he couldn't put it. In the exact spot that he won it all year and is a little mechanical issue maybe and I'll pick anyone's been able with -- put their finger on it. But as you mentioned blocked it now it doesn't matter because right now your game to Cy Young guy from a year ago yeah. He's blocked that we saw last night let me ask this how managers and general managers think in this regard. Ferrell has the ability to do what every once this pitching staff he can put anybody pretty much where he once we assume Lester is gonna go one game one if you know that Verlander going in game three. Are you would you prefer to put. If you can't -- ace against Verlander detritus does stem that tide or do you perhaps and somebody up there would be a little lesser light in May be sort of and I want to sacrifice the game. But but account for the fact that Verlander probably if he has the stuff is gonna win that game. I want my best starter game one might second best our game to my third best during game three that's simple and that's what I want then I get -- big games six and seven I'm going right back to them -- mean to me. It's lesser game one -- scheme to. And then and then -- I would probably go Lackey against -- -- and pat peavy go. In the following game against sister and hope that I can win three out of four there. Hey Jim we know the Red Sox -- middle of an issue where are now pitchers taken a lot of pitches that they saw more than a thousand pitches more than the next. Team on that list. But the tigers know that too so if they go into the seriously wouldn't take a look take a pitch you know. Where get deep in the count if you're Detroit on -- just porn fastballs on the middle no one that certain guys. Never swing at the first pitch and -- chance the Red Sox Alter their game plan and say let's go up there -- We have to altered game plan because game one you're gonna face Sanchez who won the very title they -- that they scherzer won the Cy Young. And then -- at a pace to best pitcher Justin Verlander. So if you sit there and has worked the count try to get them out of game. EU part of a lot of zeros up because -- -- those three guys. When they Torino one mistake we -- to make during that one pitch that you could handle. You gotta make sure you hit that pitch so whether it's -- one or pitched seven of the bat. Doesn't matter when it comes but when it comes you better be ready for so if you -- up with a game plan on this it -- then you're right what it would was a going to be 0102. And then good -- Because now we have to and have to break a ball. Little bit out of the zone and you're gonna have to chased it -- not strike out so when you're facing elite pitchers you've got to make adjustments. And you've got to be looking out here when I get my good pitch. But about a one good pitch at -- I got to take advantage of it whether it's 15 or seven. And Georgia we saw them do that talk about the Red Sox in the first two games here at Fenway Park against the rays they were aggressive they didn't let the pitchers get ahead -- in -- and they were swinging not necessarily a first pitch that didn't seem like they were. You know trying to wait out the -- and get guys out of their and as a result you know won big in both of those games. Yeah and I think that's going to be the same game -- Detroit no question about it. Just your general manager again give Jacoby Ellsbury a 115120. Million dollars. Well no I don't think you have to do but you know when you look at those -- -- real typical guided talk about in the board room because you've got the history of injury that's a factor. You've got a -- doesn't have power because the one period thirty was an aberration based on what we've seen every other year. So it's difficult and -- he's such a great player and he's only thirty. So five year deal -- still gonna play 34 years old so we that there is some decline it shouldn't be significant I think we look at the market. -- just got five years in nineteen last year BJ Upton got five years is 75 million. If you've got six years in 95 they're all overpaid we know that but that's the market revenue say they should make that. To -- guessing five years 95 million is where he played out I think it's a tough call for GM. Academic there's risk involved with with the injury. But at the end of the day it's still Jacoby Ellsbury is pretty good player and the Red Sox revenues are so good that they can afford it. So you wanna pay market value him and that's the question if not somebody else will I don't think it's gonna go 400. I'd bet the over Jamal pitcher on that right now -- -- find new electric could. You up or roll their green to work I was gonna say is -- place in west in the -- is your favorite place but that that allow like new. Clinch a little on the -- all you win at a I. I was gonna ask that the Red Sox have at least six starters next year. Do -- Dempster on an office in the playoff rotation Nick Young guys coming up. They need to make some room eventually is -- a veteran and they're all signed deserve veteran among the Lackey Lester Buchholz. PV that you would move would you move Jon Lester if you were a bench -- ten. No chance of moving westerns he's pitching game one vocal pitching game if I keep all the -- he never -- -- someone's gonna get hurt. And the -- that's just part of the game you know that I know that from the gonna get hurt someone's not -- perform. And the way Ryan Dempster throws -- mean he may be open guy -- -- -- -- -- so I would keep the -- he never give up pitching. -- back in March and April as you watched this Red Sox team be retooled and reconstructed and essentially much of what they said was we're looking for character guys wrote an open the windows and what a fresh air into the clubhouse obviously -- good baseball players as well. Did you think it was going to work and did you see any of this coming back in April. I certainly didn't predict that this team would be playing. Back then in the Yale so yes. I had a march or predicted the tigers would get to the World Series but I'm changing that prediction now because I'm gonna get to come back to Fenway Park and hang out what you guys on the field. Before game one of the World Series and I'm looking forward to that I know I didn't think they would go from last to first to get possibly no -- of the World Series. Ben Carrington did a phenomenal job not just bringing in talent but as you mentioned. I mean it's so hard in baseball to put that much good character and makeup and one club bounced in one offseason I think it's I think it's the best story in baseball this year. And you say the Red Sox obviously won the World Series who they see there the people's choice that networks choice the Dodgers that's the dream match up. Dan and my favorite matchup to an -- bi coastal grew up in Boston Red -- -- and I have been at a place in LA for ten years ago. Dodgers Red Sox and how great would that be Clayton Kershaw against Lester are you kidding me -- against greatly. Oh my goodness what a dream would be in by the way to ratings. Are off topic we all -- -- -- Jim thanks for the baseball talk always a pleasure talking with. Jim -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T AT&T the nation's fastest and almost -- for GLT and it was from -- the hardest for Detroit. One person that -- and the hardest. Not Mike you lecture you think Terry Francona or it's a good note not a case. Second I would know what put him ahead of Franco and Francona really the second hardest. -- summit that the that doesn't -- obvious. You a bloody Valentine in that third that put him for it it it's still number one on the list number one on the list. You you just heard Jim Bolton who doesn't want to LA -- Boston. Give his initials CC. Crawford gotcha yeah it is -- the artists album and a -- scruffy. Don't Crawford is to -- the thought of common here it lets himself game now all the pomp circumstance in the big flag in left and he's just going to be in -- W non don't think well it's gonna say anything to homeless -- The tournament is gonna make it on the on the nausea fairy tales of pricing and him in the outfield. What is amazing stat -- enemy amazing observation. Right fielder Torii hunter's play in right field against someone. And he doesn't get the edge defensively he does not the series better defense in right field is on the other -- true. Then that is true that -- number of them -- like now. I'll talk to Jim all of them or take a break you what's on -- I don't I -- some quick comment and -- -- -- RD -- You know I don't -- and I didn't I didn't gain. -- just put my mother in the body but vehicle and she was basically saying. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I got it and maybe you know the and understand. And that comment on the side. And then five players at the age where Terry Francona liked but yet. And -- I've -- -- initial. Collapse -- gluten that came -- -- that it was only questionable call and I -- it. Could it be a statement that it called bringing people but maybe not that. Note that evident now people and an occupation. Just quickly a guy -- had alcohol on. He'll remain at Enron. -- the ball and -- around in prop eight is in the end. Eight -- now in that rate it can't. And it looked at stout are all lucky and had basically. The annual act in the end and Colin. Maybe you'll think it but it. -- -- -- My even my other mechanical package that watching McCain look like -- -- -- Why did he would like -- In. Look he's seen that one Arnold. All are yet sure. Do you do you have our do you fly kites on the beach for himself and why. -- metal -- all. Thought it comes to the certainly are a little scary all I could pick up -- one thing. Arable. -- -- -- -- -- For joining -- both. No it could go up during wanted to hear more what I -- and presumably in the fall weather roundtable tomorrow. Get a good morning -- morning guys if I was everybody talking about other rhetoric take on these pitches that. You know what I'm seeing an activity on the pitches became aggressive ultimately Napoli Baltimore pitches off the Droid -- not. A lot more than any other teams and I think they're they're extremely aggressive. I don't know what you're. Well not on the first pitch Pedroia in victory in our fearless. Take the first -- they don't care about 02 counts one the two counts they do school period that. They'll be fine they worked the count by its comes naturally always blogs mentality. They matched the -- Yearly average in each of the games against the a race 157 pitches seen enough during his 158 -- -- the most doesn't -- yeah. Amenities he wears you -- and that was that in the last. A game wasn't. Moves we wouldn't be where one of the pictures was it more 11 of the -- just wore him out on on on. They actually -- if you're pitching thinking about it. In -- drugs gets under your skin art during -- five or six guys like that is it to the question what happened to Rick Reilly and the Redskins. And is. -- -- Is upset as we are because they're not setting -- to Detroit. Where we get to hang -- -- that yeah. The little disrespect on this yet but not a little a lot a lot of old will dig and read. Exactly we're doing now -- -- -- -- you like about it's the question Jim -- that's just a good idea will be back.

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