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NFL Sunday: The Patriots Offense vs the Bengals Defense

Oct 6, 2013|

No Gronk again, but it looks like Brady will finally get Danny Amendola back. They have some other issues at RB with Ridley out so look for Blount and Leon to get things going today. Bolden was a little banged up but he'll be out there. The guys talk about the rainy conditions and how that usually doesn't bother Brady. The Bengals have a tough D with some big, tough LB's and Chatham says they have to find a way to get them in tough matchups coverage wise.

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Number two NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI my name's Dale Arnold. Former patriots linebacker Matt Chatham is across the table Chris price from WEEI dot com is here as well he covers the patriots on a daily basis. Tom eat current from CS and and he will join us from soggy Cincinnati. When I say soggy I mean really -- it's been pouring all day it's expected to pour all afternoon in fact they have flash flood warnings in effect for. The Cincinnati area for. Today's game in the game time and all of that so. And it it leads directly into the beginning of our discussion for this hour. We talked earlier about the fact it would appear that Danny Amendola is going to be in uniform and is gonna play. Noted injury expert will Carroll tweeted about this said it it would take something really bad to happen in warmup for him to not play. So -- and -- is going to be back in the lineup for the first time since being injured earlier. We Marty talked about how much do you play a guy with a groin issue on a soggy field to begin with. But let's talk about the Patriots offense and what their options are. They lost to accept help to the New York Jets when they put him on waivers trying to sneak into the practice squad we Harding know that Rob Gronkowski didn't make the trip. Matt and Chris talked earlier about. The -- tight end sets with all mono and alien Mulligan but now you've got -- issues at the running back position as well so let's talk what they. What what's the slate of weapons available to Tom Brady going into today's game. You figure the one guided jumps off the page right now the you know is going to be good -- is -- liquor -- In a guy who is done a really good job I think over the course the first four games as a complementary back we have yet to see him over the course of four quarters I think they're running back by committee is kind of broken down pretty deliberately used the starter. Bold and as the filling guy in blunt as the closer -- actually you'll -- through the first -- -- the season so it's going to be interest in BC blog. Take more of a leadership role. -- on that you know you look and gentlemen a guy who has. You know thirty something -- at this point in the by the -- -- the past accounted for 36%. Of the patriots -- so far this that's an -- highest number in the NFL I think in terms of offensive options around -- those -- your two walks at this point obviously -- -- even -- we're hearing -- about it now is still a question -- I have to believe because the weather. It's going to be one of those Ernie out of state decisions on the field and after -- with him before you go out there. But yeah I mean that those the two guys were going to be the centerpieces of this often -- great -- because. You look at the rest the running game and there's questions run Brandon Bolden his mean what he can give you so. Right now you look at what settlement and Canaveral. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How important I thought -- laws. For the non wide receivers distinctive -- and the reason that is reporting going near Cincinnati last week against the of the browns. Eighteen catches -- -- wide receiver group a huge number and had seven and eight respectively the weeks prior. So I think there's some vulnerability there and you look back at how the patriots were attacked by Atlanta I think they've made a decision that's -- the soft spot was they thought. I think since he's got that same issue so I think making those linebackers Maualuga -- his -- well for -- or some close enough. Forcing Harrison and cover situations forced some of those guys to be different kind of part of and I think they are generally the really aggressive downfield dudes but. Keeping Boldin involved in the pass game and it is not just as a traditional honor. She's gotta have screened to get a check downs got to have released -- stuff you really got to involve all threes of these caskets are union in and just coming downhill blown -- placed in the backfield it's super important. And I think we've seen it. It when it -- man is involve. When he gets to run a route its -- news -- just always dependable guy not single throw seventy balls. But make sure you get two or threes of the nineteen often and it opens up of the things. The other people I think we're gonna have the world -- more about is the Dobson and Tonkin situation there both super early minutes of rest the -- trying to forget to -- it's tough for us to sit here and MLB just they're both. Banged up I think Tompkins is more inclined to -- even -- at this point I think the shock that he took he was that he was also Dobson -- Singh was limited in practice this week. In so I don't know we're gonna see in my due to say I do this thing every every week are kind of you know you kind of -- -- -- I don't think dobbs is gonna play you know he's a -- I think I think Tom obviously -- -- -- apparent partisan forgot about it before but -- Tompkins is going to play I think he's going to be involved. But I don't think dobbs is gonna play I think holly is going to play in bill hinted this the other week I think he's gonna play five -- out of because going to be huge party -- but I think he's going to be on the. Let me ask you a question about -- first volume that you brought great point. Is Twitter account got deleted -- -- that he actually is a member of the patriots now. We talk about how complicated this this offense is especially for wide receivers we've seen. Good NFL wide receivers failed miserably at the attempt to pick this up and guys like Chad Ochocinco and others. Get here till mid week. How much -- no I mean even with the limited number of plays you're talking about. How much could he know about Brady and the offense and what Brady wants and how he expects it to run how much can pick up and not on I think he can. Pick up a few things I think you have an extremely limited package for him but again I don't think he's going to be up there from more than what -- it turns out that -- -- be -- -- option did to provide a little bit more depth. At the wide receiver spot but I don't interviewed -- before the ball you know just in time to -- just thought that was much more of an indication of what might go one of the receiver group as opposed to sub program being up -- being signed made me think oh gosh -- rule -- out some issues with maybe Dobson may be Tompkins. Or even a phobia active how many chemicals are alarming Dobson it's an act so. He's gonna gaga apparently so great to know by the way Matthew Slater who's also technically wide receivers violently attacked at a point sober suddenly don't Dobson out in the routed you know -- -- don't work -- -- your head around fifty million neck issue. How difficult now to be able to get around at the top your stomach see the ball it's it's not a small thing. So the college thing to me Rico. There this is sort of an emergency situation we gotta get adapts to you like to mention. Simplify the installation for him he's going to be in a few packages probably as a third or fourth wide receiver. Go after line at least go out run route and it gets absorbed by the -- so while the things opened up about. Yet that that's -- me. Is it seemed out of character but -- indication what might be going on all the places does have some positioning versatility when you look at -- you look at his history but is at least on the surface it looks like you're building kind of depth at that. At that slot position as opposed to being outside in maybe this is just a case of them. Not liking anyone who was on the market to might be an outside option who could fill in ostensibly take some of those notes. At the same spot did did Dobson we did a great solace -- This is a similarly timed additions that came and went -- you know I'm not trying to wish the -- -- -- wanna say music. It seems orbit band aid ish in the tiny short term and it exactly and you know as if it's a reason becomes a flashes in two weeks -- maybe for yourself more time but it seems like this is more bridge that all the things going on on the roster. I like the line backing core for the Cincinnati Bengals with Vontae is perfect and Rey Maualuga and James Harrison Harrison coming over from Pittsburgh. I mean I'll be honest every time you see Jane Harris James Harrison's name you just automatically assume something dumb law happened that he'll make some mistake. He'll he'll take some cheap shot you know really get a guy high and then whine about it for the next two weeks but as a group I liked this group -- back. Perfect is the guy that was this like super talent that was there is honest and realistic is a guy out could've been a really high pick. But was common knuckle head seems have kind of gotten it together boy he's while these hits he's big keys all over the field. A British super aggressive and I think with a young guy that's something you can sort of take advantage of is -- simple make up though in front of them I think what makes them able to to have those kind of personalities on the second level. Is because of the guys -- for DiMaggio I can -- some gaps -- already really ruins plays. But they've got crazy -- on all of Yugoslavia. Or the dudes -- Marcus hunt -- -- -- easily -- -- an international star has not even been activated is like six -- they've got so much depth on the inside that got these two outside guys Michael Johnson. And while they support mr. Michael Johnson situation because this is much different Carlos Dunlap and Michael or at least Paul long -- guys. Weren't last week from a we're talking about OC in the other dude that were smaller on the outside of expected different shape -- -- -- gonna be able to have you know dipped ten running plays a -- especially on the edge because their little bigger -- that spot. So don't expect that hate last week we had you know such and such a success roll over operatives do that again we don't last week you're gonna dunk a lot 'cause it's -- 994 ram this week it's a -- -- and try to jam the ball retirement it's. It's the same principle don't expect the same implant these guys are made a little bit differently ID it was really interesting to hear bill talk this week about Geno Atkins instead of speaker redo 2000 and draft you would probably be the first overall OPEC. In he treats offense is much like their roller skates and the week he dominates -- -- I'm really looking forward in the same way over the course of the summer. You look forward to those Wilfork or Mankins battles in the trenches during a during training camp this is one of those matchups that it is gonna go a long way toward determining. Who's gonna win the football and yet I agree a 1000% and there's also an on again Brandon Thompson. And another dude named Wallace -- -- these guys -- not to be huge names going to the games only keep the game is beating them but watch for pocket push I think it's super important because you look at some of the times work. Order was long comfortable last weekend's game. It's it's push its pocket push at the guard position between either geno or one of those those two guys dimensions are -- plays in the backfield if there's a solid document -- -- -- All bets are off. But told the way those guys when it's like getting portion met in those two spots of beyond just can't Logan hold up -- one on one do somebody's gonna get the double somebody's gonna get the -- away -- the other -- going to be single. Mixing it up who that is and -- clean making sure that that things not. -- located 34 yards in the -- ought to really be -- to how much to the offensive team playing this week is going to be similar to -- offensive game plans for -- dealing with the Pittsburgh Steelers in terms of using hyper aggressive this may be against them and obviously you know -- and comparisons deal. -- kind of bring that forward but. This Bengals team on film appears to be very similar to those Steelers teams and that. They're always coming action there there there hyper aggressive bunch in BB you can use that aggression against them. Whether it's through play action whether it's through draws Weathers through screen right now. -- of the cool thing Alex -- -- they've been using the move tight -- Mulligan. To trap. So oftentimes you'll see you know in college or some some programs through the bills -- team that does that the likes the old guards to sort of allow people to give the field and knock them out create created GAAP. The patriots have been using sort of move tight end about trying to double as well as sort of a fullback -- you are remote -- To allow these aggressive teams have picked up -- two steps of the field. And then trap and is -- kind of slowly lingering behind a line of scrimmage you'll see you never know where they're gonna fit. Is so you never know when Tom's gonna snap the ball. And then he jumps over allow Baghdad around the -- please do you know get that aggressive couple steps in a match -- trap block. In Athens on the nose -- will happen out on the and it'll happen on the outside linebacker from time to time it's -- flash. So gates. You have the flexibility of when he snaps it. And where that extra blockers gonna fit Andy -- -- -- rightist -- as a good example it's it's taking teams the one aggressively in the backfield sells another example. Using that attention. Tell me what. -- and I always wonder about this I almost think that getting over an injury is more psychological than physical and Danny Amendola. He's got a he's got to be convinced psychologically. OK I can make that cut. I can plant that -- I can move the way I need to move what's gonna take for him to get to the point where races OK Omar right. You know what though this is where. Being injured in the past sitting might come into might come -- apply when you talk about payment all of this is a guy who has gone through these types of injuries before and has not shown. Hesitation about jumping right back in I -- go back to the phrase that a scout told me when you -- -- minimum goal and that too reckless. There's always a sense of recklessness and I think that is a good thing in this case where there's not going to be the hesitation about jumping back into the action well I think. I think this is the pork that you don't see this is a sort of the stuff behind the red curtain it's so important players practice where if you know you've got that issue you push it. You push it on Thursday you wanna feel. -- like what are you outraged that if you push it is -- so backing you don't get to -- John manages it but you really wanna know -- and -- said the psychological. One I'm afraid if I don't push it and I can't -- Sunday -- maybe that was a friend of mine last week but in this week you go into the Tuesday talk with a trained staff -- coaches steps -- to make a run at this thing you know I feel like come on an OK spot but it really need to know. And you don't want it to Dale's point for the first time to find out if you're really tosses in the middle of -- of different angles. On alert may do exactly exactly. But that's why as a player and I've had a seven have a soft tissue had tore him -- had to come back from an. You really had a few great on Friday you really had to feel like OK I had some moments were there's uncertainty and usually it's the it's not it's not can I ran fast straight line. It's one and certainly happens when I have to respond to someone else has moved quick tighten up and make a play. -- comfortable. Because it's going to be that much faster when it's actually -- games of that bureau it's easier for an offensive player to. Resolve these issues than -- -- -- reactive exact active soft tissue stuff gets a little scared but I think that the big picture here is. In a practice lot of guys -- deal with different stuff. Some of the future cruise along get their work in trying to mentally -- do the physical stuff. But you might be moving a little bit different -- -- -- -- your testing -- -- as much -- try to probe of the coaching staff to -- all these issues on Thursday and Friday so I'm completely comfortable on Sunday that it's out of my mind we get ten minutes at the start practice every week 1015 minutes -- practice every day and for what it's worth the Amendola was moving. Much cleaner. And what's smoother this week -- he was it. Considerably below you'll you'll have a conversation with a guy across the city a quarter mile high -- problem -- this I'm -- -- time -- -- a deal was something or hey I'm not to be able to adults jacking up enough to -- when you detest that today. Because I needed noble for a dip out -- usual body. Will flip the script will look at Cincinnati Bengals offense against the new England Patriots defense this afternoon here on NFL Sunday. Presented by compliance insurance he -- a five star agency can do for you. It combines -- dot com.

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