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Gabe Kapler: Red Sox in five

Oct 4, 2013|

Gabe Kapler joins Mut and Merloni in predicts that the Red Sox will beat the Rays in five games.

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Here at Fenway it's not -- 937 WEEI a couple hours away from game one Red Sox and rays partners on the field rain in the forecast not heavy rain but. On and off showers a lot different than the beautiful weather we had here yesterday bit early playoff baseball the first time. Since 2009 for your Red Sox got played to -- the Red Sox and the rays. During -- screen LC on fox sports one. I he's -- cap or any joins us here on the eighteenth the outlined gave much aloof from Fenway how are you. A move like this with you guys talking about about the weather over their brings back memories. Automatically just downloaded to a loved it -- year Boston October they exploit impeded. Gray overcast. Rain that that gets you excited gave -- the winner I felt that. Actually do what I remembered waking up early in the cabinet crispness in the air but all the way there in in Boston the spectacular. Well we were talking a lot about the series -- start with a guy he played for a couple years and Joseph man because thought he gets a lot of credit gave okay dynasties are really good manager he's Smart he's quirky he likes one. The the the problem I have and it happened this year at the Red Sox is that. He he gets concerned about other teams are the residents it would lacking in and and Matt Joyce and and Lackey rejoice and in joking -- said. I thought lacked was a good teammate he wasn't a good teammate there and I was on the field the Red Sox players seem to agree with me you know I feel like. There's something about him where he cast the smartest guy in the room that you played form you tell me what he's like to be around a day in day out basis. Well I think he's he's great actually -- a lot of similar used to -- But particularly in this instance with -- If there's gonna keep that something publicly -- for a reason and so you what he was saying about Lackey was was absolutely calculated and when you come gonna make comments about his players. It's either to motivate her to send the message. Even if he's not well you've always well thought out in his delivery of the message is what you know that you know you didn't say anything off the -- that's not Joey. Very calculated very meticulous in the thought process. And while he had a little bit quirky. He also is a bright guy and it's not a show. He deserves every bit of credit that you get in helping lead this team. To the port deal and look at the -- document done with a budget that they've done and obviously Andrew Friedman deserves an extraordinary amount of credit -- do their study and player development department. But Joseph you know recently introduced you to -- out finally got a really good job motivating those players on a regular basis. There -- -- -- separates himself because I'm a big fans battled everybody erratic that that he's too Smart but. I probably -- Joey Hamilton in -- the bench coach. He gets more out of his players I mean you look at the guys that show up there whether it's Kyle Farnsworth the personable fear Rodney or Casey Kotchman Jeff Keppinger. And James Loney -- I bought these guys show up. And it's the way communicates and I think that's the most important key for big league manager what makes him so special in those regards as far as getting the most of those guys. Good call Lou I drove the big -- in my mind it. How I would used the player in camp. And I always thought that is what you would on the mound and out of going to be in the game work if there's an opportunity your -- from depicted against a lefty out of you can be entered in the but I really want to indicate. The left he had to be particular to my skill set for me to take doubted that. I'm and I might jump in -- against the couple right -- based on what element among low ball hitter back on the ball down. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know what normally Wear when you hear you know you're right handed platoon guy this is a right handed pitcher but he plays to your -- so. In an interview that complement that yet you know I really can't get in there against this guy. And do some damage when you know in the past maybe I thought that this is the kind of guy that would be so he instilled confidence in in you he puts you in position to have success. And didn't he did very very close attention studies he does his homework and deliver that information. Two players who the player to take -- into the game and utilize it for good. Obviously when you play formatting Bob do you but. Does it bother other players gave when he does go after other teams and he tries to not only manage it seemed like some guys manage his own clubhouse but managed the opposing -- -- -- talked to players all the -- is that. Ever rub -- the wrong way about his approach. My I don't think he -- bad guys are you I appreciate -- sentiment and -- -- -- come from particularly with. With a wacky comments that. I really don't think that he's doing that it what you're doing is -- amending the other club he's. Making huge making sure that his team is listening to what he has mistake and -- the gift I've got my back. So they -- and that's really what a player want to know they wanna know that they're supported we have that we -- in Boston I with the John Carroll talked. I get the same sense from him. The players want to know that no matter what the manager -- they're backing up what Joseph does he just wants you to know. That you think you're behind you 100% even if you look bad in the eyes of players around the league. Media members around our nation wherever -- -- when it's important to Joseph is that his team knows that their support. You know capitalists we're joking about the weather here in the overcast wasn't joking when I -- good. Because he had a 3 o'clock start here Fenway Park in tomorrow's 530 but you -- it probably -- two lefties in in more and then price I'm all for. No sun no shadows no center field no nothing I want these hitters. To be at their strengths what we -- we didn't shadows that affects you. You know you might move -- and legislator and tried to -- -- want all the shadow they could possibly get a deal that would make it more difficult conditions for the hitters and they -- about it. How much did -- the ball today and really. It is open spotlight for a broad I hitter because. It's derided him hitter on the big about it -- so right in return to Madrid in the glare off something on the first base line and if you're lucky I didn't look at the writing and -- But in this particular case. I think bad weather plays into the hands of the Boston red bucket probably better they're building they're more used to it a conducive. -- good -- environment is conducive to them having success based on the fact at Fenway Park. It is you know that's a tough place to come into play into the Reagan used to playing in the really cushy indoor environments so do agree I agree with you move it it's a it to probably an advantage for the Red Sox have. You know some inclement weather. And the reason -- I guess as as all hitters right I mean it's it's more difficult to hit and shadows -- are left become out of center field so. If if they're pitching it's the advantage of it that's advantage race because I think the Red Sox have the better lineup and I don't want to neutralize them anyway. A -- point wide. Did it it's questionable whether the rate of the better pitching now and I would say that Mal Moore has had a red dot number. Thus far this season and he got an extraordinary he went -- -- -- -- much better. The way it is interesting because. Traditionally had a big block and his statistics in the -- -- -- The -- second and had an opportunity to line up however they wanted to put Jon Lester on the mound. In game one and that it's been the matchup is is really compelling you have to. How were left handed arms obviously lets you do you like the cut more Matty Mo will utilize the curve ball a little bit more. Other but it's a really strong matchup but I wouldn't you -- interest -- can be to see the -- that had a superior -- although in a smaller sample size in -- not get that game one start. The impact on goal until game three because the home split for John lack he'll go in game two -- cap Wheeler. I joins us preview game one of the Yale BS this afternoon here at Fenway you've got your choice gave you could be the team that is played three different elimination games. And three different cities since Sunday have been home and forever a team that's been sitting around since Sunday preparing for this game. Or would you rather be on what team is there any advantage to either one here in this game one. I cannot believe no brainer -- you wanted to commit rested you and other. The -- accelerator are going to be maybe a little bit sharper about a little bit left Russia to knock off but there's nothing like. Fresh -- there's nothing like well rested I did -- you're -- that -- that we are you wanna lined them up. A different guys in the training room getting treated up. And ready for the for the period but it it all that's always the advantage that he had been been waiting although I do believe there's some value. Not not getting rough you are not getting rusty but I'd say by inning to. But the adrenaline has pumped into the Red Sox players and they're ready to go. Well my concern with Libya and again and taken as a hitter. You know it's you face a guy like Matt -- left him four days off in -- in the game all you want but. No maybe you missed that you'll hear that 10 here and you -- -- street -- off just a tick because you had four days. Then it's no balls a little bit after game one he faced priced game two think. That's one of my concerns is often just appeal a bit off your Connecticut's got it that -- success but maybe this year it. That that's that's totally fair Lou I would just say I would just -- throughout -- -- Help is that is an important factor -- anything else until -- that I didn't the government if you're if you're Evan Longoria. And in your -- important for two weeks and haven't had a chance to rest. And you know you get into the batter's box to be I'd rather have a guy that's a little bit rusty between the two heater and then have a chance to get to you know maybe there. The 21 breaking ball -- whatever it is in the god it's really hampered by something that's been bugging him -- -- -- until I -- hit -- -- hit the -- will -- -- good point. Obviously they -- you know -- slash. That's great but also -- seem to disagree to me that's great to tell but it it's the responsibility. Of the Red Sox players to get there working to somehow simulate that environment will -- be having a coach stand from forty feet away and pump. Pumped up won't stop you tend to keep looking and going a little bit. Four a shortstop did not there early and taken to really -- ground ball whatever the case to be a threat to our responsibility to make sure that when they step in the batter's box and and onto the to the field on defense but they're ready to go. Lewis talked about that night before the first playoff game you know a gritty -- as an opportunity to play any game -- part of playoff games in 03. And go for will Myers one of the guys that Atlanta's first playoff hockey and a bunch of other guys hander Bogart's when he gets into a game 21 years old game. He'll be in his first playoff game in the series can you articulate. What that's like and how different the playoffs are from the regular season for some of these guys. Oh yeah absolutely and I can I remember my first playoff it was 2003 in Yankee Stadium. How much government starting lineup against Andy -- it was that limited walking in the in the clubhouse that day. Seeing my name on the lineup card against Andy -- Yankee Stadium game what else the other bridge. It would if it's that feeling that fire you up a ditch your heart rate going. It's baseball baseball YouTube play in the -- didn't play during the regular season. Born in training -- it's always the same game between the lines but there's no question that there -- the heightened sense of pressure. A heightened sense of -- the weight of the world on your shoulders. And in this case for these young players that I I -- liberal but when I've played my first playoff game. You know if you didn't need veteran leadership got that have been there before coming up to them and talking to them about what they might experience. -- in this in this uncertain and Fenway Park playoff baseball is it to did you get despite a lot spotlight is bright and -- -- possibly get the band. Are going to be and apparently it's going to be extraordinary atmosphere. I'm excited for a young players start and left -- for the first time. You look at one of the keys I think to be the series and is for both teams because there's some question marks getting the ball. To their closer because it is you know on the net in the playoffs the stressful innings and that's daughter may be coming out -- six for the couple and a couple of outs or whatever it is. That's seventh inning that eighth inning can decide so many games here in -- post season. And that's why it's starting pitching its sole important move because. Particularly in the play out that we we've seen around the league thus far using. Adam Wainwright dominate you saw Clayton Kershaw dominate you know wondered what he thought David Price dominate and get what you guys got to the back end of the bullpen. And that's why when you match up early and you make a prediction. You say I like the -- it's because you want them to get you into the eighth in the ninth inning and debt to those quarters as quickly as possible so. You know that's why you -- these power guys that they can go deep and give it to go to that. 11015820. Pitches and get to have -- you're dependent on all year of like you know it can't -- and Rodney and -- in. Indicate to the Boston Red Sox so yeah I'd be beat in week we think about it like it let's. Out of the bullpen you're gonna perform but I think more intelligent way to think about it how -- that's starter -- Are you said predictions -- would you take in this series Red Sox -- race. But I got this could be dominant about it -- -- just in the in this moment outright -- an -- I wanted to mama amber right. I think Matt I think now more gold in the Fenway tonight -- -- from the rays went tonight. I think. The Red Sox win this series in five games but be very dangerous when you get David Price after the what you could you picture -- that one game playoff. If you could could well tomorrow night it's going to be an absolute dog fight a -- the reds auction five -- generate little point tonight. Fox sports ones gave cap or gave appreciate the time here today we'll talk -- on the road. Art or literature and -- stuff gave cap for joining us here on the eighteenth the Al -- get to break we'll come back John Ferrell will speak your Fenway and keep it here.

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