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Red Sox GM Ben Cherington chats with D&C about the ALDS and the Rays

Oct 3, 2013|

Cherington checks in with Dino, Gerry and Kirk to analyze the playoff roster and the match-up against the Rays. He believes that the team is “well prepared” to face Tampa in this series.

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The front office reportage but do you -- vita Coco. Newton Wellesley hospital celebrity cruises 1111 in January and by Toshiba business solutions ensuring that joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning and how -- Where's that -- spent the rest of the man. Ago I got you now morning -- -- do it very well you know everybody knows the players must deal with up playoff pressure and pregame nerves. General managers have free series anxiety jitters or because your work is essentially done you just sit back let it wash over you. Well I think the second thing that eternity unity. -- is so much in place by now. Charms. Orders exactly what they get credit comes out. But no -- -- yeah. Authorities are that yeah we spoke they'll have an idea. Nerves. You know I don't think we'd be human and we didn't rodents. Series where outdoor planter it sucked in Edward Djerejian injunction he should be and all -- but. Who -- -- solution there are certain. -- -- -- Operating in a vacuum and starting from scratch would you construct eight team for the regular season. Differently than you would construct a team for the post season. Well. He can't get there without the other you know or without -- -- right. I don't know I think I'd assume the post -- get it posted aside from all the year. The competition. It is the schedule sooners. Beat more off days or so. It's and -- Also -- the -- it's at least certain numbers and her policy do. Regular season but other than that and -- quality competition. I don't know I think generally. The finger helplessly in so in April may and June and July and August September most that are -- in. I'd tell us the truth and you were as disappointed as all of us the rest of us to see. The Indians lose last night you were hoping to get to the Indians in and in the next round. You -- -- include approximately twenty inning game. There are other than that diagnostic. -- and you know watching the game in the office is -- where there are reports and so on certain. So there isn't an Indian rule. We'll get in the over the -- today and talk about hip enough that they are in other very well. Right but wouldn't you agree that -- it's a tougher team a tougher matchup the certainly a better starting pitching. Well I don't know you know they're both duking it out since they've -- that are similar records. Opinions are so -- at the end of the way to. -- come together. I don't know that it's hard to say we we know -- is very well. We've played well against races here Liu will be well prepared we know circuit and pitching stops at all -- they're gonna. Play Smart baseball or make good decisions and we think we will -- It should be great series. Better as the -- way home field advantage a bit mitigated because Tampa has played there are so many times -- -- -- somebody who is -- within your division. Well I think this -- the past. In in post season games where the crowd. You know can use that and -- -- -- -- -- yesterday. Packers and their there are sort. Our crowd gets so loud that. It it can create an edge in actually ending most. Most things. And -- you are worried play. Electors aren't surprised at home in the post you're not suppose that's why don't you do best directors from best. So hopefully we'll take -- Him -- kill him. Who we played very welcome here in. You don't play as well against him as well against lefties as righty how much left the writings. Maneuvering do you expect from your manager and you're involved in these discussions. But will we see for instance Zander Bogart's played in the in these first two games or will he stick with the left -- Stephen Drew. Well and you know that's. You know obviously you know alert him to make them sit and talk about -- In I think there's there's all the ballots there's. There's some treatment -- -- -- -- reasons. -- is with those reasons. -- speed circuit during the regular season and Arabic and they're guys that apparently. Mostly here are outposts where in the postseason and there may be situations that come up that there where there's certain matchup that we can. Help -- out in our -- a little bit which already considered and insult them. But I think our strength. -- here who has largely about. You know the ability to you results. Roster and different roles and result in Indian policy. A -- well to tell you the rays won three elimination games in three different cities I believe in four nights they've been home since September 23 while that is impressive it's certainly I would think takes some sort of pull those are high leveraged. Highly pressurized situations is that a good thing -- bad thing for the race. Well you know they're they're did you get in periods so. You know everything grocers are. -- lol I have yeah. And -- Me. -- they had a little bit -- there in September. Welcome sold out of it and not private group is that it's because -- -- Been there done that and try to do that -- Or negating the need to learn from Toronto and then. 12 is crucial game so. Collapsed. She mentions in Texas and Cleveland so you know we. Since this is not a this is not a sister's opponent you know we've we've played them a lot. -- well. They'll be prepared -- repaired. And don't just come down you know who works as as it -- it seemed especially in this series because you know each other so well. I'm sure that -- I'm sure that you -- John would say between Lester and Lackey and buckled you'd comparable with any one of those guys in either spot. But does the pitching order that apparently has been established was the coin flip to differentiate them a whole little -- let's. You know that was so that the current play I think it. Turns pitched. Lackey is the solo home. The -- I doubt even -- back later -- -- worked out easier that way. Clay is better excellent -- such as here and so. That a little bit to do that but. You know it. Just as much it was the way get away yet so reliant. During the -- or and a. A you know on a -- and we hear people talk about the rays we think that magic and Maddon has some magic can on the -- at some kind of some some -- intangible thing going on but you know an intangible kind of guy you're based blog and black and like and how how do the rays do it in your mind then. As a baseball guy how do you explain the -- success with that low payroll. They're good players in our industry millions. Is that did you terrific job without her or. Aren't their players are true value. Him. Noticed it meat trade you know -- there. -- -- -- Arab -- news that he couldn't even. But at the other way and and replace some guys that are there aren't yours is done consistently. So they have good players start certainly it's it's they're personal letters as in the ground. And then them. And then in the that the decision and then though America. There's it's a combination of did give personnel sitting by standard and his staff send them. And Joseph Maddon and the stuff that did you regret spot so it's not. I don't think it's -- magic -- this. These players -- going to decision making it. You know we -- what we've seen so much every year and and you know us and also. In a distinct. Ministers from that he faster yeah. Then the the overview of your baseball team from like 30000 feet everybody would say great offense most runs scored in baseball. Solid starters a great closer but did you see this part coming defense and I believe the Red Sox are third. -- with the defensive runs saved and stealing bases as well. Mean that's an element that when we're sitting spring training we never thought they had this defense and run on the base is very very well did you. Well those 2 areas. -- generally can be produced was. You know didn't work preparation and decision making and products -- some urgent steps are certain players. Lose it's -- level and be there are -- an open enrollment and he he can't make it sort of course you don't have stability and peace are. I have a preparation goes and two Armenians who you -- well prepared and him. So what does it surprise me that we can better military -- because it's been such a focus. Spring training -- Are they. It's it's great to steal bases and everyone knows that but you have to -- and a high enough success rates are actually help the and Bermuda you know are -- industry -- some artists absolutely crucial start. I regret opportunities again you have that outlook aside there are opportunities to go in there on the -- -- -- very aggressive and moving out around a situation never used that you have all the players and as a reason to -- and we side. Victory goes out to circular route them out so they'll -- industry in and out to cover that -- -- concern right. We get our guys this filters them really steady. Iraq force are desperately short Pedroia to all the dispute. Napoli you know worked his tail off from the first -- country and become a really good solid first baseman. So it's been is combinations and but I think. The preparation that goes into it. You know start at 2 o'clock this afternoon where guys that are here. Does play out and then helps us -- source succeed in -- -- on the -- -- Bent back the base running for just the second by may the Sox were third in stolen bases this year and were thrown out the fewest times in the American League in fact the last 39 attempts in a row works safely done. Does the nature and the pressure and the MD Robert -- a post season play. Take a little bit of that aggressiveness away because it is so much more impact full that a regular season game. Well there's no question that -- attention on both sides. Each sale and so. Situation room to -- there'd -- try to do it to us but we're trying to do them. Exploit. Security exploit areas and -- him and control them. -- that you don't like -- -- term potential and we do also. I think it's fair to say that it is the post season -- the bigger challenge issue. Are to succeed -- interviewed earlier by. If we've been hearing into high level all year and certain area that they -- extraordinary sense. The bar's been set Rosalie I. Then you know we have a much better chance. Still succeed -- those errors service that wasn't so. We don't get that we can term and take it and situations there. You used the word minutia and -- from Sean -- piece today -- -- gets to that area where he talks about shifting defensively and he says metrics reveal. The chips had saved nearly ten runs. The first two thirds of the season the Red Sox probably saved and -- are a dozen runs over the course of the season. Without giving away state secrets elect a line down to a piece of minutia you know something that that you actually considered might be a big thing. Something -- that nobody outside of you know your circle of baseball. Experts would even know was going on that you handed John. And the coaching steps some information that might give you you know 110 of 1%. Of an edge in the series. Well. Of course they do that then. Wouldn't do it no longer relent and in that. Area I say -- area and I think it's you know it's it's. It's no real mystery you'll look so mr. with a razor. It's. You know batter pitcher match it's trying to. Exploit. You know there's a whole China -- exploit that. Better pitcher matchup is you have notes that huge. Talk about what. I'm. You know what we do revolves around it's it's a better pitching matchup still more than anything else. So there's a lot of our -- on that this is their time. Is all year. That the raiser and and then there's others certainly look at that commitment base -- look at. There which situations can we go and then. He's currently trying to even further science and position and that's editors bella are all year. Begin at you you know each other so well. It's not so much about you know. Or not. -- we don't. We don't need to. To tell. Oh million children are stats from Adam Longoria is a good player and I mean -- was that bad. So and one of those players sort of marketing and are in the situation might feel the business and and and and and that system really didn't please. From opening day there's -- -- sound kind of varies systematic way of characters series. And and so this system that really changed. And the -- as he tries to. This ball would add additional guys out seeing games and talked about it. I am so cool hopefully will article or millions. Are so -- so by that standard may I assume that John Ferrell and his pitching has made his pitching staff aware that Delmon Young. As the highest career first pitch swing percentage of an active player you don't -- meatball on the first pitch I guess. Or from the guard and enjoy yourself again. Bench with Dennis and talent on the eighteenth like AT&T the nation's fast -- -- -- four GL TTE network the front office report. Is brought to you by vita Coco Newton Wellesley hospital celebrity cruises the great -- and by Toshiba business solutions.

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