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Red Sox owner John Henry joins Mut and Merloni before the ALDS

Oct 3, 2013|

John Henry calls in to talk about the success of this year’s Red Sox team and what the team hopes to accomplish in the playoffs. He also talks about the match-up with the Rays and the challenges that will be presented in this series.

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Let's have our Butler got a 37 WE yeah we are live here Fenway Park the players have. Taken the field although it's every player as of yet. But their players in the field doing. So what the warm up exercises guys around the pocket and -- -- the reporters are here. This is playoff baseball Lou that's what it's all about ready stretching to answer it right now the stretching. Yeah it is it's playoff intensity stretching -- at me as if you you feel it in the air. -- -- Chris Gasper interviewing Peter Abraham for what I guess some sort of Boston Globe dot com. Type of thing wrote she says -- up yet it's it's the -- okay -- Red Sox uniform. That's weird. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they play games here 2000 and last playoff game was here on Sunday afternoon 2009. -- feels like longer than four years just the way these years have gone you know in terms of the ending in 2011. The -- 2012. -- if it can feel longer than a four year drought. That's how it feels to me and I loved the idea that immediately out of the gate. You avoid a while Carl together you win the division it's the best of five project to bricks -- my best to seven's best I've thought I've. With the Tampa Bay Rays and it's a team you're familiar with it's a team they have a history with any team that. I get an overall there were next couple days that -- -- Neitzel pesky team. You are eight games under 500 against them. Dating back to 2008 and the -- legitimate rival they do it in a way that lot of teams hope that you spent little money. It would a lot of games that -- may racy company now. Yet as much people talk about that now you want the Cleveland Indians in here as much as I did. I think it's set up nice for some drama for some excitement this has been your team this has been your arrival really since. -- -- when they knocked you out of the ALCS. They had a down year that following year but this has been the team because of year in year out when the season starts temple will be there Tampa's got the pitching. They're going to be did you lose James Shields you lose Matt Garza no big deal to Matt Moore it's Alex Cobb. They just keep bring in the arms. They never go away and they'll be here for awhile a couple of years David Price to -- It'll be somebody else that's just the way they do it down there and it's amazing. Get -- credit world because of the payroll what they have but this has been the team you've been trying to get by an -- -- always talk about the Yankees I was felt like this is. This is the rays of that team. The last 45 years and you got right here. Let's historical rubble vs reality rival historically the Yankees are your rivalry got a it's a team that is always going to be. The first team people say when historically who is the Boston Red Sox biggest rival and that's just -- but the last couple years. It's been in this race team like football historically -- patriots and jets. They don't like each other but those games sucked the last couple years it really is in reality patriots ravens and what's -- -- about this race theories that. For awhile they would but they're gonna run away with this thing right we sat there at the all star break they came out and they got complete game is back to back from Matt Moore David Price against. Matt or -- to get priced at a hundred pages it's oh. We're assisting -- ago -- got to a point result tied up there in the middle of August all tied up in the American League top of the division. The Red Sox opposite hitting nine and a half game we want this great run and go back and look at the rays during that time. One run zero ones want to run two runs one run out of five deep stretch they went on as part of that West Coast trip. They just could not score runs and that is their Achilles -- the pitching is there. And the pitching is get a league compare these two teams you're a tough time compared to pitching really differentiate was get the better starting pitching -- that tough task. Bullpen again. -- to be pretty tough will do that at some point here today. It comes to the offence that the red sox' advantage and that's -- the rays when you look back on it went from. They're gonna win the division going away Lou. Two -- -- have you playoffs they had to win that game they had what back in the final day of the year to get themselves and yet. -- gave it to tweet from rays baseball all of forgot about them away in Red Sox that the school board is wrong -- and -- worse than. In the Red -- -- look and -- to our home games down at the -- later on the month the you've had that going on as much as I'd like. And Joseph Maddon. -- I'm sure her a little bit. For Terry Francona last night you know because I think he wants to beat him I think that there's obviously a smug the joke that some managers maybe don't appreciate -- you know I enjoy. But it is refreshing at times. But yet you have him and you have him in this series and yet this team in this series. You tablet apple now Fernando Rodney in early in the past you -- extremely shaky innings had a shaky year but. A lot of that came in the first half when he was all over the place and he's trying to recover from a World Baseball Classic in which he pitched. Like eight. I don't look at him as a guy when he comes in -- all we -- mean there's an opportunity because -- fastball command. That you can get to this guy obviously he's done it but when you're throwing 98 and now with that changeup. That is not a couple of bad in even though you might get him once in awhile. You sort of feel lucky geek in you know it's there but he's commanding that fastball with a change of you have your and a lot of trouble. It's gonna (%expletive) me off because their hats on sideways off. Not a huge fan of that he's he's achieved the -- nothing everywhere left -- right now the whole team is sort of when they get hit people the arrow while they cut issues that guy's gonna get the double. You know that's like campus thing. But Rodney is tough Rodney stop the questions can get the ball to. It's not that hat sideways the buzz it's the stupid. Aero shoot. That drives me crazy and it's -- act like you've been there before just sort of goofy and he set up watchable exit playoff -- you and your stimulus -- How could get lower they get ERT back like this you wonder of Jose Valverde. Yeah the -- I don't know yet Albers Troy get a big don't know level post season you wanna get a more but you're right it's getting to those guys with McGhee and parole that Alex Torres made I think at the same problems the Red Sox do. And yeah I get the Red Sox by a slight edge overall global demand. Because of the guys they have coach who we are might not be -- tested in terms of closing games in the playoffs but the year that you just put together. It just so remarkable yeah -- even couple teams are shaky getting to that guy. I give the Red Sox the edge -- talk about that issued the -- -- for the other guys that the Red Sox had done that now they get -- second they do that double they point it appeared. So everyone's got their thing. When I get to this one comes to Rodney. And just a little bit too much would -- that when it comes to -- -- -- You gotta be so toward here in this series ice across four hours today help Leo good -- is best. Manager baseball. Varsity jackets for the boys silly string after the game if that's too old and it doesn't have come across says. On the smartest guy in the room. I'm the guy who knows how to manage anybody else on the guys that she can take the 65 billion dollar payroll team yes kaposi's at a big applause -- people I just you know I -- a lot of what I thought I am I one of those and I always look bothers me. I go sky along with them when I was in the Anaheim and use the bench coach we hit it off I like the man. I like the freshness that he brings. You know is in the game of baseball there aren't too many. People mean by the B manager all players. They'll have a glass of wine after game you know that that would that'll show a lot. He'll dry a manager bench coach anything that would show up in a in a bright yellow spandex top. Shirt glasses helmet with carrying his bike you know it's just that's what that guy is it's it's different than some people don't like different. It'll start tomorrow listen tonight at 530 during a Red Sox our roundtable your chance to win game one playoff tickets first -- of seven right here on 937 WEEI. And first game will be tomorrow at 307 here Fenway Park the principal owner. The Boston Red Sox John Henry nice up the -- your job -- -- for your ballpark -- Well. Mr. interact desk lest we talked he talked about projections and other Red Sox were a little bit ahead of schedule and I'm wondering you said -- -- 97 wins. Can you tell us what that number was your projections of the beginning of the year and how far you go beyond it now. I don't remember exactly -- the protection. That it is the I believe that it. For what it. All. Sort of what we were well below projections. An earlier all. And -- what what's amazing about those projections. Here it is it will Louisville one or two. Even pregame and it would be impossible -- treat that only we were three games are less. And the last couple years. When you went -- seven games John and Larry seven when he won the division Larry talked about. How this was a satisfying is -- it's happened with this team given what happened a year ago when he went on and on about the satisfaction and the team this year in the result in the regular season do you feel. As strongly dissatisfied with how things went for your team in 2013. Well sure -- it was incredibly frustrating year. And you lose 93 game -- you -- night. And more -- itself to slide just. I don't outgrow the purest of suffered through. And game -- This year it was just -- Why in part. You have to go through last year and in the September before him -- I'm curious because you make this big trade. -- you have all these good plans good ideas but did you ever think. That you keep it changed this quickly with the with the the perception the fan base that Dave Dave and -- in love with this team did you think it happened. In just one year. I don't think so -- in -- -- basic and all the law. Regardless. If you just look at simple things like is. Difference between. Last year who just had the -- that. And this year. It's amazing in that chair. Well he had this the turnaround for one year to another when you sat with us your graph the all star break Johnny you mentioned 2008. -- you got away from your core philosophies as a franchise I'm curious now -- -- you'll look back on 2013. Kitty officially say it felt like you've gotten back to those philosophies and did those plots these lead you to where this team is today get set for the rays in the AL BS tomorrow. But all I think the players. John -- has great. Has that. Rewarded or back to order. But he -- our -- -- on base percentage last year. To his computer for. Utley led. I think majors this year on -- Definitely -- change. There. Don't look at this team before the year started where I was wrong and never really doubted the talent but I doubt that the depth and that's something you guys have really. Talked about all off season that has been probably the biggest difference in my book the -- the you've had not just the big league level but you've gotten it AAA level. That was important for you guys right given the injuries that happen in previous years. Yeah I think. I'm not sure that's what we talked about the last time and that was says. Generally. Go out there -- they generosity. I guess overestimate health issues there has to be injury. So that you had six starters you think in terms Google in the tree. Or if you have -- -- are excited and -- you think OK we have solely. Trade side who we have altered that. -- so -- Become much more adept or. That's supposed to do it going after the Josh -- so questioner. And that's the one guiding the represented both because that that point five million million of getting in instead you bring in guys. Victor Reno gold car Ross who we are pretty much adds up to that of say that pretty much shows. The two things right there will you guys even close or even adjusted that interest in Josh Hamilton your offseason. -- -- -- pursued -- -- apparently you have a lot of discussion. And we were pursuing. John Henry joining us is we are live here Fenway Park last time here with us -- about long term contracts meet. You could have told told me their job at Dustin Pedroia was gonna get. An extension about a 48 hours after that. Could have broken some news on our show how important was that. To get a player like -- locked up to a long term deal with this franchise. Did he -- she is during spring training. About Augusta about what it has. Been. -- slightly better player. And I. You're looking at -- to say this but if I had nine. -- we lead whatever eager. Or access -- -- 125 justices here but. But you want somebody -- If your organization every -- field. Like just so this is really can't go out the situation. We were looking at what hackers can access almost like. You know -- work and we made. We made a commitment and he is very much -- Three years. In expressed. To me he wanted. A commitment he wanted to commit. He wanted to be here. And he was afraid that at some point we might not have the money. Decided. I kept. Telling that was going to be probable but I think all of this so. He's able. Actually. -- your approach in the off season you know not didn't anybody with the test competition picks valuing that draft pick value in the minor league system. Maybe more money -- years do you feel like that's. So to chant changed the landscape of how other teams might approach you guys have that kind of effect given the success you've had this year. I don't know it edit it -- appear so we assemble. Allies. Levers and based fortune. -- and so. It didn't appear that is. What Wall Street. We've been talking about the rivalries. The Red Sox team has -- and as historically. The Yankees the Red Sox biggest rival I think recently and reality. This race team you're going to see. Beginning tomorrow here at Fenway Park is the main rival for your team -- games under 500 against them. Go back to 2008 do you feel that way about this raised in the day. Our rival for the Red Sox. At. Salute the you know -- watching the game last night and I probably would have preferred we will -- Tablets so powerful and we did -- nineteen times -- here it's. Every game -- And Lee gets better -- -- this year. But pitching is extraordinary. Our -- is the best baseball absolutely should make sure. And exciting. 345 game. Forty when he takes the biggest thing John Ferrell is brought to this team this year. Well I think. Opening bell micro. Community that -- sitting there they're there or combination of factors. That he brought. That. Either created or helped. Manager for. In the creation. -- it's let's. First since it has -- the senate passes we are here. And has so -- it's first this spring training all that. For me it was clear -- he spoke. He's a natural leader. Media is everything but I think it's -- sentencing for. That today sort of the tour de force took a little public speaking to -- all city. They really yeah. Just a tremendous job this year it started. And then repeated it started first in spring training. From top to bottom Johnny -- is that what the best coaching staff this team has had recently. -- I. We go to war. We're never actually hitting. That was that was a life issue. It was a John tugboat the health of an organization after 07 years when the World Series and is still youth coming through. You know superstar some of -- in the big leagues others maybe on their way and I feel like right now you're in that same boat as far as health organization you get. Young players in the big league young players on their way up do you feel that same way display this organization and a very good spot. I think it's I think we're competitive. We're. All all all it is also for Shrek. This game has gotten a lot more competitive. Secondly. There's that -- National League brought us one. Is that to begin this year I think they lost 111. Game. Actually it came actually. This these these other fourteen teams that are pretty pretty damage. You sleep on the Baltimore Tampa. Expect to -- -- Kansas City. It's just if. You mentioned the group probably would prefer to see Cleveland coming here for best of five that would event. Terry Francona coming back in here managing that Indians ballclub at that cross or might it on your thoughts on -- Terry in the visiting. Dug out of that would happen for a playoff series job. What do whatever extra dimension. There's this sort of what -- did not just here. -- Bud Selig announced you'll retire after next season and -- got the got to run your club Larry Lucchino is people always expressed maybe Larry Lucchino want to be commissioner some day have you sensed any of that as. He is bigger goals moving forward. I. I don't people talk about almost as well. As I. They dribble entry happy. -- here. I think people on outside thought we were. There are currently at one phone call and let the teams. And it is a source of I think. Common Larry you're committed. Liberal theory and that -- you're finished pretty much committed. Who have to getting back on track. Now that we are at C. Don't see any of that changing personal. -- -- we appreciate it we know that we -- at the time your studio by record in the Boston -- when your ball there you set a great blues baseball analysis is that the I could say I could -- -- -- -- baloney he's taken as the sports section you can always be an order baseball guys that that sports section job. It's great -- And that's why a couple of should. We appreciate the other show it's. I don't know -- -- I appreciate. You know -- experience. And it's really popular. I I learn every day tips from this guy I doll. -- -- -- appreciated and it's not thank you enjoy the playoffs that we get tomorrow here at this ballpark we'll see here. -- John Henry principle of the Boston Red Sox joining us. On the eighteenth -- you guys can -- back down -- studio I'd appreciated John Henry joins us. -- his team gets that is they work out here and his -- back in the playoffs first time since 2009. It's playoff games I eighties their projections. Whose team. You wanna give up last time -- -- levity the older team -- 97. -- the number -- -- all the numbers in the computer but all the names in the computer. We wins this team it and high eighties. Built new predicting wins you know if you predict and I don't feel bad. They felt the same thing -- 79. Of the -- A shot at love 6177797937. That picture on every can text this. All the ITT -- live 379837. -- Lester. I'll start game one you here for him beginning you'll beat to a press conference while 45 will carry here on night 37 WEE we come back let's let's go through here. Let's go offense let's go starting pitching let's go -- -- let's go manager. And let's get -- check marks it was got the advantage Red Sox rays will do that we come back.

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