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The Patriots remain undefeated

Sep 30, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the Patriots 30-23 win over the Falcons. They called into question the clutch reputation of Matt Ryan.

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It's Dennis and Callahan -- Five for the touchdown his attitude and willingness to work he would ever takes. He's been great. Really rare disease day -- on Dennis. Is history. Oh there's something. -- -- This works you can. We shouldn't happen. Some good work. Came -- with a big. On Sports Radio WV. Just as the design. Events this program Tom Brady is doing something this morning that we should be doing we would like to be do. To -- jacket they want -- yeah Jerry. I -- -- that. Resting on his -- sleeping he's sleeping you know -- gonna join us tomorrow just thought that you know that Yeltsin I don't know. Let's have a note you know. He's a big fan he could call in any minute now I think usually Colin and him and I think -- is your -- and view tuning it for Brady in the -- -- it's just leave go back to bed -- well I don't I mean a lot of talk last week they join us some -- I -- a model T yeah rest -- a moment teach him how to keep how to lost a lot of the audio on alcohol and entities people people around you want to get I spoke to my contacts and chance. Rob Ninkovich -- calling in a moment ago who. -- -- Possibly stick around the. You'll only because no -- the view are are well rested. And refreshed after a wonderfully. Relaxing weekend. I feel compelled and I feel that it's okay that want to challenge you. This morning right off the bat. If -- -- tired dragon I've got a tough weekend I'd sit out 12 but I know you guys are well rested and refreshed Longo and a challenge. I challenge you to -- debt -- -- In your mind the most under mistake double take away. From last night's game in the Georgia Dome for the New England Patriots because I have one and have no doubt in my mind it's. To grow -- -- maybe you can convince me it's something else what is the number one most. Interest and irrefutable -- the -- you take away from last night's game I think you know again we're trying to colonize Mars. No other people living in space right now -- The credible. Did he jumps to -- in technology. And the replay machine to be broken. Last night that it is yeah is unable we Arab TV and every single luxury box it like it in the Georgia Dome race probably like 9000. TB. So the guy who's in front of the TV and it was wired down the field. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The league look at school while altering super good point you know excellent point oh my. My take away is. -- Ryan's got a hundred million dollars in gross for the Pro Bowl every year. He's got TV commercials he's. Handsome marquee star in this league he's not now nor never will be Tom Brady not primetime he's not Tom Brady there's if you took that to receiving cores and flip them. Gave Brady Tony Gonzales and Roddy White Julio Jones. And gave. The rookies an element to Matty Ryan. 47 a theory. This game would be 47 victory is just it's coached league and a quarterback's league and the patriots were far superior in the two most important areas. Belichick out coached Mike Smith and Brady. Played. That many right in every way shape and form. Also that also Patricia -- the father thing with Gonzales earlier and just -- them beat the yeah yeah. Also found at the end -- is and this is with all due respect to be injured Vince Wilfork and -- just waking up and haven't heard by a number of accounts of Boston Globe and others -- -- -- -- right Achilles tendon. And is almost certainly out -- the season which dovetails nicely into might take away and we shot. And so long period of time that Vince Wilfork was without question -- second most in valuable patriot. On this squad Tom Brady courts on the offense being number one. Or thinks -- not because he left. Because -- toll is now that guy a team to tell you what if -- -- contract rate this yet. If they what they did with Wes Welker and cheap and out with a -- delete -- I have nothing left for them. This guy is is invaluable this guy is not. Brock Williams -- but you defensive backs that. To Iraq William Brock Williams third round and remember that gusts dot. Dexter re number no doubt these are all defensive backs the Bill Belichick thought was going to be able to have you know. Shut down. -- Brandon Meriweather. Terrence Wheatley. Jonathan Wilhite ran outside Delhi Darius Butler Patrick Jong free agent bush on its brings is not of those people. This is the second most important guy on the New England Patriots easily sign he'll be a lot. Harder to sign that Wes Welker Wes Welker was gonna give you the hometown just -- what -- I wanna go anywhere Wes Welker was two years and 1112 million bucks and he would have stayed here and this guy will command. Much more and I assume. If he stays healthy will get much more and will be more than willing to leave if that's a classic divot tool. Do more whenever it wants about a billion a -- Billy you're -- here. Find the unit of the highest paid quarterback in league. And he he wants. Power again I'll say yes interceptions he's on on pace it's true yeah -- was great last night nobody difference and Welker is there was a lot of desire for a walk around the league either one -- two teams this guy he plays like this arrest in the year yes Terry bidding -- correct they'll get a lot of bidding -- to. Now that'll give me any bidding wars. With less than the in the bidding war and and and Whipple. Don't -- beat jumped in and -- and and and and -- -- -- it doesn't happen yeah that's not in the DNA and it won't happen. This time either they'll be they'll. Rationalize and say we get the most -- the best government he will -- somewhere else at the peak of his life -- might. Below -- Achilles this week who knows NFL. We can always -- but right now it's amazing you know Greg -- and obviously is an awful NFL coach. Not much of a GM either and see if that meant that and gave this guy out and I know it was so it was coming off the drug suspension right and I know their issues they have there at a different place the -- are rebuilding pulled agents make these things go away and yeah and its -- -- -- mostly did well mostly I just think the X ample well known to be -- at a koalas were. Old Lloyd was an issue that -- for a for a Aaron Hernandez and they make issues goal way but Talib has happened and he's happy I don't understand why you would throw to him. Which is another reason. Many Ryan is not Tom Brady that your choice game on the line I go to Roddy White whose liberal field. Was covered by Aqib Talib and by the way -- maker and another overthrow he overthrew. Three or four of his last. For his final three or four passes over with them all. That's pressure. That's nerves plus the terrible fourth uproar earlier in the game that that was unbelievable -- mean -- and I hear it's it's and where I agree with -- were the fourth two. He didn't Mike Schmidt didn't take the field goal and he said we're gonna go for yes can you blame Mike Smith when the receivers wide open in the lap belt and his quarterback who makes a hundred million dollars. Isn't within like eight feet of him with a pass. It's I guess you can blame the coach because he had too much faith in his quarterback but that's another example that that's the situation. If that's first down I have no doubt that many mixed pro when completes the pass its -- that to the pressure's on and -- melts -- much. Out there can't make it simple pass into the flats for two yards get the first down in that situation. Brady makes that throw Greek police that pass and -- much does not that's the difference. Now looking at the schedule and based -- we saw with Cincinnati yesterday is that beyond the realm of possibility in fact it's probably not likely we're talking. Five and oh you don't ever go into Cincinnati sure they're five and -- it doesn't -- starts the week after that -- Norman's the the first good quarterback -- play in the first really good quarterback it will play. This was that your now don't get me wrong. You go into a land where men -- much has won 34 of forty now. There and Andy's got the weapons in Alaska. The old crowd noise and you've got a bunch of rookies this was huge win this is a huge statement game. In -- therefore no it amazes me is. How easy can get away from when you watch highlights and listen silence dissent. While giants -- -- floor and and and there are mass yes I mean he lies thrown nine picks the -- two time Super Bowl champion he's like. He's got a hundred million dollars and he -- approvals right. He's thrown nine -- already it's over. Look which is not that this has thrown yes. Just 99 Steelers this season's over the Steelers wrapped up they have another hundred million dollar quarterback. I don't know what you'd call the different levels you know like world. If -- credit card could be the platinum yes. The onyx or something shortly cast at some point -- -- super league and then the next level below them. Is these guys like Eli Manning Matty ice Joseph Flacco. And -- what Eli Manning over. Matt Ryan you're gonna look at it means I wouldn't we can cry for academic calculus righteous or he's went to -- bulls and right now -- Sox right right about what he's had -- went. You couldn't imagine. Brady or Peyton Manning doing what he's -- troop or what Drew Brees I would caprice in there a Roger as well Rogers look at Rochus is one and two. -- I mean it can get away from you so easily in today's and that those shipments of Pittsburgh. Oh and four Atlanta one and three and an end in a deep hole already in the works both ways. A month ago. We sat here review we read it again and again ESP in the magazine. Rate that predicts the whole thing -- enough on the preview issue. Patriots nine -- seven. Well for the patriots to go nine at seven they would have to go five and says probably connect. So they're winning double digits it's done it's it's it's already done they will win double digit games that will win the division. -- lose the typically trades it's not even October. And they are gonna win double digit games -- gonna win the division they gonna go to the play maybe they get -- first -- -- maybe they don't vote once again. It doesn't get away from the patriots even though they -- while ago and that was stupid. Even though they there was a bunch of rookies even though Vince Wilfork love to securely sealed we believe. Brady Belichick is the way to get away from the don't let it get to the point with the Pittsburgh and the giants and and and the falcons. Have reached that point where -- Euro. And the whole. Well to quarterback to never turns the ball where we have to pick this year -- -- right and two fumbles. But it he has to fumble Ian he's not -- worrisome is that navigator nine interceptions or games that never happens -- he won't make that Mike Golan and pass or that a joke that that match job match those two primaries next level. Match up another guy with a hundred million whatever. Millions and millions of new numbers dismal franchise guy effort he has to global aspirations. And when it's. A one score game tie game in its fourth quarter finals don't you go 00. We he's the game is in much match jobs hands just like the games in many much -- answer. Or Eli -- slush ice get ice slush but it doesn't have the same ring as many much turns to much it was bush. OK okay either -- in the peace talks. -- he does suck obviously game's on the line efforts to order yours last quarter war. Passes were all Russia. No I mean you know Josh -- sucks Matt -- pretty good quarter a pretty good him pretty good level and be elected. One level that the full of Flacco not -- animal we've been named for politics it's not -- -- is the -- out for obsolete -- higher. No it would not call you and Coleman rightly eat a lot -- social we had no word Prius platinum platinum. On Rex west Russell Wilson. OK Bob will call -- much will call him. This will be the next level many much Ben Roethlisberger he lineman Michael Black -- black album this is my name for the -- -- -- -- -- That's for Super Bowl tonight and let me -- I don't care. And -- it has to suitable well at least -- Barrett is its. Okay I'm just asking if you suitable as your barometer. That's the -- he would write those than Jim -- into -- -- because you want to and -- -- got. The marinas and -- this -- if the conversation open it's a cup boat and it would people use today mattress no question that -- -- It's part and -- that matters but it's it's like that the easiest argument he was -- also did Trent Dilfer. -- you wanna play that game right -- a little better than Trent Dilfer just my opinion. I'd agree that the men level improvement much in the mid level and the HO -- -- shore up there yet. Sharply below that yeah it's true we get so -- right men. Good -- level job belch is he -- Yeah -- Yeah that's quite a Sox paid well you know you're never gonna -- rats that thing. He's the will never win with him yes that's that's the catchy enough we you know like one word for -- vote no will never win with him level. Which jobs through that let -- -- -- the media is like and blast off. And economics group and you -- your -- but screwed level. Leo Leo yeah yeah figure of the young guys do what -- -- For their return yet to yeah I have no doubt that Andrew -- is going to be in the top. Level with Brady Manning Brees. Rogers I have no doubt that -- is headed there and and probably Wilson is too. -- observation Russell Wilson. It's not as fast as Michael Vick looks like he has nobody's pretty well I'll tell you. I don't need additional died yesterday went stuck in the pocket just spin moves and -- -- -- -- straight -- -- he's -- But in terms of most of -- unbelievable. Remember where your -- Indian woman used to say guy has it yet Russell Wilson whatever it is yes -- Wilson has. Yes you know what it is. A really good defense well I don't know if that's what it is a really good defense because. Let's face it they had thirteen points currently -- when they scored thirteen points and look at look at I don't know what is rating is. Look at. Russell Wilson's numbers. Against the Texans used today -- a good rating in there 1223. Troop. -- 120 -- -- and played and yeah well passes as likes. Seattle had a total of 151 downs. Not not a great performance Russian Russian he was. You coach ten for 77. -- -- pretty good to -- -- -- it but there's also things chemistry Kirk scoring thirteen points that one touch. Against targets Texans so -- is not the big plays that we ought to Russell Wilson made plays in the ad the on. Will hold off on its -- which it will match up. Of course according to government. -- Flip Wilson. Overmatched -- did not take would you -- will go I'd take the Wilson assistance. A -- Yeah I think Flacco is over rated -- overpaid overrated and overpaid yes I do and terrible father. How what terrible all are well yeah yeah yeah I mean you have to just to profile -- and game. Even try writing a ticket previous -- I was three. Yes it's it's -- certain it's like screw it. It can't happen again a party -- -- three right and I know that I know the break is gonna go this way for a sports and in their they can intercept the report right and benefit. And there's a point where especially when you're -- you see that from Eli Manning we just pro and uphold to receive -- can make a play. And Manning doesn't care to his credit Eli Manning isn't worried about his passer rating here. -- its numbers at all which is a gift Tebow. Was afraid to throw -- he would never -- in traffic and lettuce receiver make a boy meets may be looked like this complex and so when accurate as last interception. I'm pretty sure it was a it was like a punt yes there wasn't anyone wearing giant or anywhere that ball. They've done they're gonna go ten years ago attendant to write to start going for basically -- coaching it's not not zero. But you know look at the pennant race and and and in the NFC east. Dallas leads to and to only two games back and they looked terrible against San Diego and -- and an awful that's Denver's next opponent Dallas. Denver's terrorists performance art right now is not. Unless there's an Achilles blow a lot of things. He'll find a way to overcome that you know he will. He's just that Africa which analyst atlas of Lucas and you know you can believe how much better they're gonna get to yes because he's heard that there was Deion Sanders -- Ellis went in the audience and a -- And cigarettes what did you call tackles Tony. Doug -- done such a -- of that if they get they get better at all amazed at sixteen TDs and 06. He's gonna get better he's gonna get more comfortable with these guns and next who's done on this say it's practiced against -- shipments of -- right for seven knows it eat you look at him and you feel like he just wants to go play in now. To explain how can we play -- -- Tuesday it left the Whipple Sunday 494137. And 52. Points Peyton Manning has put up the Broncos have never scored 52 in their history till yesterday yesterday. 49413752. That was against the Eagles thought to be an etc. touchdowns and -- and his performance yesterday was -- -- his brace for the first time this year you could say that I -- Brady's performance. Would that weapon against Manning against. The Eagles with his players -- you kidding I mean Brady was -- -- great spectacular. Look at Manning did when he for a thirty seconds Eagles. He was real that's who was on the schedule is -- he has -- all talk all he double flipping. Our Ryan -- if you flip Brady Manning last night yeah Brady with a but those numbers against 28 to 34 now -- -- -- what one and one easily either but what. Managed some kind of zone right now so could a guy in a Las Vegas buffet he walks -- as. If attached and and he had -- well at all and one that you. It's just and lots and he's trying to keep everyone happy to originals like Decker hadn't got the ball is if you don't want for. Backyard football alive -- your -- when yet okay go out get open form. It's it's amazing. I can't wait for the Sunday before Thanksgiving and hope that bull. Undefeated when that -- get ready for the spread after the beat Dallas their home against Jackson. Denver. I haven't picked Danny Wallace on the I don't rule and it's the second that's going to be a 2324 points -- Which are members with the -- yeah I was seven it was a desperate 4320 New Orleans -- point spreads. Jack are -- yes I was reading text machine -- deal we get the usual every Monday morning Brady young -- -- Egypt is in his goodness he is getting old he's -- he's late in the east. An accurate these -- bad decisions every Monday it is these Brady bash has come out of the woodwork you know that worked for you know Conan this came out what else comes out of the woodwork and mr. pissed me off a pick disguised numbered on the call him back to Texas -- to DOC and. Are they running up the score you know what I don't give a rat's ass if you run up the score 250. Nothing I don't care running up the score. My only point as we have discussed this over the years and John Fox gets it and Bill Belichick doesn't. Is to protect your franchise quarterback. At 52 or whatever does it make any sense for Peyton Manning to be there well John Fox took out. What's the only way it was the only way on God's green era. But the Denver Broncos are not in the Super Bowl this year. Think Manning gets. Lockers it is just locate her whenever I. I thought they were on this with Super Bowl last year and they get sidetracked. Rahim yeah horse gagged at the end and Manning. Struggled at the end of Euro got got what was Janet -- and it was cold to him you know his record and cold games I don't think. I've and I think it's fascinating to see total plays out if he keeps putting up these numbers can he do in January you just you -- you just from the -- Absolutely there's no recall is no reason for the PP sticky and shall not good under thirty degrees OB a tackle or right we get the -- would help him sort of acclimate himself to back up to last year I don't it 6177757937. Text like 37937. -- after joins us at 8 o'clock you will join us next patriot Monday.

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