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Dueling reports! Media Battle! Conflicting reports on whether Gronk and Amendola will play this Sunday

Sep 27, 2013|

We discuss the two differing reports about Gronk and Amendola's availability and health for Sunday's game, and how their return could make a major impact on the Patriots offensive gameplan.

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I wanna address tweet here from your guy -- new -- a beat writer for the New England Patriots he says this source on ground and Amendola Michael. Quote as of today I hope. Yeah they are playing well. A lot of time between now and Sunday night that is the quote from bendable and at the globe at Mendel won. Source on drunken -- -- as of today they are way it. Lot of time between now and Sunday night and the old LA dole who loves -- thing and it man. -- -- -- -- right now can people get down they call you and -- where you are a lot that's re bruised but not on a regular -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- lever that was where I came from the solely for the rebirth of the predictable from the computer production not mean that I was just singing nobody in the computer. Computer had nothing to do with that thing in any play that play that right now. Air mr. -- and conduct policy team would like my muscles to attack -- you had -- -- I'm not -- and and it. He's he's better than. Well -- well there's no chance because he hurts his groin muscles pulling down his pants and then go home. AMP and Dell. All right Mikey Mike are and where guys can sing the song you can say whatever you want but Danny Amendola Rob Gronkowski. According to a source this according to bendable and a our as of now expected to play for the patriots on Sunday night that changed things -- For those people who were predicting eight the falcons blowout the patriots don't have anything. How much does it change everything it's interesting. What are those two guys bring to -- -- are talking about them almost in the abstract as we were really surer. If and when they were ever going to playing against -- Peter 26177797937. Specifically though if they do play. It doesn't turn this offense into like a high power short lows a development that went well. Because that that's necessarily to either of their best attribute especially coming back and we want for both of them. High powered it doesn't mean that. You have those guys who were. Who who are getting behind the secondary and picking up 4050 yard run at a time right. But -- you bring back what you've done if you have ever doling Gradkowski play in this game and get two guys know what the hell they're doing. So they understand the offense it's not well -- thought I hit signal was thought to even go here but you -- data that you are reading this and you're reading that. Clearly I can I can make fun of Danny Amendola all day long but one thing I cannot knock issues. Ability to pick up the office to pick up the offense very quickly. And was money for for Tom Brady and patriots and third on a buffalo game so he knows what he's doing rock knows what he's doing it got to another guy over the middle. And a guy who complain outside to the time to him until. And you got a guy grant who can help you. In the running game. And will command a double to. Ask you. I think he -- I think you get two things that he's have a boss every time we commend the odds are two things two things you know two things and I got two things that this that they bring -- One third downs to red -- -- specifically you're looking for what this does for the patriots on Sunday night those be the two areas that I would say it should be enormously aided by the return of -- -- -- gronkowski 13 downs. Two raids also -- if you if you got help on third downs if you're going to be. Very prolific on third downs -- -- -- the meter high powered off OK fine I guess what I don't hit it I don't think it's gonna change -- -- Iowa hasn't really quick strike like I don't wanna see them now start throwing the ball 4050 times a game I wanna see them continue to try to establish the run -- to those third and 53 and threes it's better. Knowing that you've got two guys who should be incredibly helpful in that spot I also think the current house and I guess -- to be three if I were doing three things the turtle beach and help your running game. It should take a bit more -- eight. Add more of a threat on the outside he can't commit as many players inside the box. And be reviewing another very good run blocker and brought. So it should help your running game which it's out of more third and shorts if you help your third downs because -- they're shorter and -- you've got image Dolan gronkowski should be big targets for you on third down and then finally it should help enormously in the red zone. Partially because it's your running game has helped and partially because growth is a force inside the ten yard line into the goal lines so. I would hope that those three things would be the the real effect of having those two -- Talk some of our friends on the ATP text line one of them from 857 says it changes absolutely nothing. They're going to lose to Atlanta and that they guarantee. He says for once it changes nothing. Both will be rusty and Hammond Dolan will get hurt colleague stopped the patriots ass -- as a Bill Belichick should be -- Monday. -- -- stuff gets nice after I know you love me but please back to back off a little bit six or 77797937. Turn takes over your calls here in a sex excellent 777979837. A few minutes before we ask jaws about some of these. Some of these same issues and what exactly getting those guys back means but. We don't know for sure this is just one source in the still as he says the couple a couple of days to go before Sunday but how does that not help. Does it not change your outlook on with the Patriots offense is and what I like about it is it doesn't change I think. The way they try to play I guess what would -- me out is -- Josh McDaniels sees this is his opportunity to get pass happy again if this is now his opportunity to start with the ball all over the field you know 25 yards down the field and throwing on first and second down a matter wide setting up too many third and -- I hope that's not the case I hope Josh McDaniels looks at this and has great. I've got more third down target I've got better red zone target and I can run the ball even more now based on the personnel. Well I guess the question. And we can put this out their two what do you expect from them that's one and in general how much yet how much do you think they're gonna play. I mean we -- if these guys are cleared to play. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In that slot position you don't need him in the air free play. Right I mean you've got other positions in other players who complain that position if you need to you see him back in there don't you think they're a little bit more able to do that. I just based on the personnel that they have. I would think that would be that would be easy for them six or 77797937. Negatives in match I'm. Hey I am let's go to America. Now I know I would help I'm glad I heard on the radio. That the drug and -- both -- are totally act. -- I had doubled or. Not. Not cheaper than about -- if they don't at a -- more -- or whatever like the morale alone has got a boot them quite a bit. Accident -- -- -- looking at a more Allie -- they are three you know I don't know that they're fighting against -- morale in their locker room I mean I know there's some people wondering if they're fraudulent at three you know but I'm guessing those people aren't inside their locker. I don't think it's morale maybe it's just reinforcements we have more help. -- 22 guys who know what they're doing and and one guy who. When he's healthy. He's and only tight -- in football so you get an elite player. Returning. To your office there to stop morale thing it's like. Yeah good. Because that -- and I -- imagine this you don't even pay attention to the position right now to talk about it all year. In three games is there a memorable play. From a tighter -- one Brady threw such they'll be -- -- tipped the ball on the intercepted and the rest of the way. That's the only memorable play from a member also a positive it's a man had a nice play on the sideline -- broke a tackle ran faster yards I don't know out of that you're absolutely right text message your talked about the offense all day says the to a seven the defense wins the game for us. That's the matchup to watch I don't disagree we talked about it quite a bit today the defense is still won the cross -- the defense is still is gonna have to pull this out but obviously getting those two guys back. That changes things and it it changes what you're able to do our -- one more call before Josh you're 61777979837. Phil is in Holyoke I felt. Now with bill and I -- I'm thrilled. Not much every couple they're. A lot of -- to our back what they're saying what Brady and the yellow not series here. Oh Denmark they got that. What they're not super involved that they are saying hi all -- here and and everything's going to be okay what firing into their. Me. I've -- -- note yeah or maybe. -- -- Or maybe. Australia he -- -- my my -- Mike -- has got a dirty -- I don't know and I does that -- are. Yeah clearly what I don't know what to what it Phil I don't know it was that you called. I don't know if he was taking. -- -- taken charge then like he does now he's got a lot more confidence a lot more authority indeed it would -- on this game 2324 point five results on this game. I'm an Olympic yeah. Yet the applicable in real quick -- I'd let Brady Richard spam that looked actually almost he'd been out since weapons that weren't there to -- -- -- -- I -- stay element or not gonna make it through five games gronkowski. He's sentenced. Like yeah I look at linebacker and -- and that's the man that does your arms -- I'm not China is being -- yeah. I can't I'm not mean Joseph green day's. You know -- Jacquelyn but it like you hit number 1100 yeah well. Yes yes Phil thank you bill appreciate -- on I'm getting I'm becoming more more confused by the calls we go on who would serve -- people. Doesn't then that was that was going as a mean Joseph green thing yeah I think I used to have her arms so it's going to be great to see him out there you I don't know. I don't know that safeties and linebackers are psyched to seek -- out there and is guessing a viewer in Atlanta Falcons position meeting today they're not rejoicing over the fact that -- payment dole might play in the game others going to be a battle Michael. There's going to be a battle. What's the battle arena battle Sunday night Atlanta are not about battle battle before even get to the Friday evening and talks are to turn into a Dr. Seuss books. What happened is going to be a battle your boy -- evil right. Boston Globe hop act and all ones right. Tweets out that his source says. They haven't dole are expected to play as of now as exciting before -- that's exciting -- right that's great news ESPN -- however and Andy explain this is this is this field Yates is report horses steel gates quoting this field John -- field -- just report right. I as it is here is Clayton -- four -- Yates is writing this is important you know Yates writes okay. Patriots why receiver Danny Amendola in -- and Rob Gronkowski are questionable for Sunday night's matchup against the paparazzi Atlanta. Neither is expected to play according to. ESPN and darkly -- -- -- let me be clear because I've I've spent a lot of time dealing with John Clayton and here's the thing with Clayton you have to really Parse through all the words okay quick when you talked to him he's got a habit of saying both things in the conversation out of this has burst out. He is his real master never seen anything like we talked to quite. We see here I think expect out -- where I expect guy expert Robert -- play into any mental but also to they're not expected to play because they both -- question. At the enemy your like wait. So there expect their regular player roster they're not expect what's -- like those candidates like I told -- like nobody else would make it sounds like he's saying. John Clayton saying there are not expect the but you never -- early adjournment obstacle I just I just -- tell you having dealt with them for quite some time in -- You can never be higher we -- -- so this is the battle but either way it'll be about John Clayton on one side the professor hall of fame reporter. And -- bowl and on the other the man on the ground -- and -- -- about the man on the patriots beat for the Boston Globe -- the all time great papers where they Altman and every American's actions and. Channel four news. Wish your mom. Back -- the evening news team. It's good to have both -- is better way John Clinton got a anxiety removes his pony tail where it's -- -- ready to go. -- -- White House so I mean you know I haven't in his in his blow to our he's got a major place you could try to mimic naturally sort -- far away for quite a -- to wildly toward the Georgia which somewhere in and on neutral territory. Median Chicago. Atlanta games Atlanta and go have far out there are quite will be there for them but either way that is the battle want guys saying that both are expected to play the other saying that either. Are expected to play we spoke to -- Let's flip a coin that's -- respect for the court right now and here's the other they -- -- a book -- Think anybody reports that the patriots with the Rangers because I don't think any of them know Jack I don't think Clayton knows anything -- -- -- Bullock knows anything I think the patriots don't tell you anything when it comes to their injuries has to their old guessing -- -- -- -- government -- -- So -- they do play heads they don't picture you're about one or the other. It was a terrible claws are. That was better. Did you -- the outlook. Tales tails never fails with a reply to their regular here for hours. According to -- -- -- it is sort of sort of if -- -- the evidence triple threat yes absolutely but they're impossible to physically attack but also to their bolt wrong. So you can never be entirely as he goes and also two bottles that it is not totally your specialty. Is a couple little things he always says if you listened to enough Clayton you'll hear a part of but also to go. There's one other topic is in a moment out we talked to Ron Jaworski earlier. Wrong adjustment upon a time studying the film. He says that Brady's had some issues has says the Brady has not been up to his usual levels left -- plays on the field. But also says he's missing one guy credit incredibly important -- I am now a true believer. That the most valuable player out of football team outside of the quarterback. Is that slot receiver you know in and -- spreading the field 34 and five wide receiver looks. The matchup you like -- get -- the let's welcome you make -- back to the original slot machine and Brandon -- we. Matched -- bottom line backers. I'm actually be worse that covered too because -- recovered now see every week in the NFL they cover two and the cover two man. He thinks it's the most important position on the field the way offenses are now construct in the way defenses are playing that the most important guy on the offense on the quarterback. Is the slot -- town about there I don't know whether that's true or not I've always believed that they're fairly replaceable but even if they are important irreplaceable because that the reason I become important. Because are always open given the coverage. I think they're important. And I don't I don't necessarily think there is a place where you do. But the second most important position on offense. -- left tackle. They give their right tackle -- -- if you go back and -- it would jaws is saying is those guys are allowed to hold so much that one guy isn't that much more important than another as are all just holding whoever's coming after them. But the bigger ones know how to -- that's right I -- with an inexperienced ones like what are you doing yes come on hold like that written in front of the official totally what do you think it's a. You hear these things when you hear -- say David Brady is now open up to as usual level beat he's left when he plays on the field. And see if they let go the guy that he believes is the single most important position on the field the guy who thinks is playing better than anybody in Wes Welker. What do you make that six or 7779793. Several go to JD in the car gadget. -- -- He was going on. And it won't Rockwell what's going to be open to roll one game and don't come back alleys and they're all kind of that slot receiver tight he wrote all the other one. Her choice -- very good question. Amendola is the better returner. So maybe they feel like you reduce him he has been an injury prone guy himself maybe if you reduce these snaps in the field and you happened. Oldest settlements -- -- out just -- elemental as -- -- veteran settlement of the better were better returners are cattlemen can return so. Maybe you reduce his snaps in the field or. You go back to this the hype we've heard in the pre season hype we heard offseason. Offseason was that -- -- can play inside and outside. So maybe you have anecdotal outside and you have element in the slot on the field at the same time. Great outlet. RJ -- JD does not -- argue with your take on our mind that's -- -- and executes every that there are -- And let's -- let's remind people -- to Rico will be joining us at 530 -- we really enjoy better chance of Mike over the last couple weeks talking about the patriots in the NFL general. We'll talk to him coming up at 537. Really good for you must have a violence 790 -- at the -- to implement it gently used the zone voters that was in my mind thing is that true. Flow that's a social percent -- the army carry. Caught him in the press box. For a while culpable politically was that mr. Nebraska knocking and I think -- parents -- -- I don't -- -- that I don't believe -- -- probably. Stop and I get confirmation. That's disgusting. -- -- generally -- what did you don't get comfort you know -- notice that you'll notice that lots of diggers throughout the city of Boston human just like drive by somebody -- light. -- -- You look at -- big picture at an in my car by myself -- I don't -- it's disgusting but but legally it's disgusting to put your finger up your -- really and a way to put it. The worry about it I feel that that's why don't you worry about where to put it. You know. This little checking -- -- designated by what do you what -- -- their value -- and who cared about so long as he's got. Shake your hand. I shouldn't have been no power since you've been limiting -- -- not quite as not a big deal about making such a big deal out of driving behavior cartilage -- -- -- at a private not in public and not do it -- -- -- go to our first people to wouldn't -- the car but I have a look at myself but there if it would just as a matter of nobody concealed in the car -- -- Disgusting. Let's -- let's go to our man. While I just I disagree were salt on one I don't know -- digger his it was digger that's about it that nick -- I think Vietnam. I think that slot receiver a lot more important and you guys were credit and I don't think the pads -- As great an -- in the past year as well European. I don't think Yemen dole would have done. Rocket did this and I just thought. Why explain. Why don't picture. Third he wasn't cute guys on third down. So there -- -- that you are a -- bill we can talk about his durability all day but did you watch him and goal on the first game he played he was money on third. He was money -- third out. -- -- No doubt about it but. One out I'll come on let's play of the game he was money -- I -- he's got opponents he's got better handles that he's got better -- that Welker -- faster than well there aren't good how are you supposed to even criticize them for that he's got a better hands and welcome does not how to you know I'm not saying I don't under rainy out and I. Not I know is better when he plays is better just a matter get them out on the field get about their bill you're gonna love -- publish -- When he plays he's better he's a superstar in the making is get him out on the field and don't even worry about it I don't. I don't know what else in the big. Now march like earth does Myanmar red says it's I was sandwiched Larry there's a great play I will stand with -- here's a guy there's a guide to sex life whose roots. I look at the clock right now. -- what it's like it took. The people do. Her retirement putter -- A lot of attention. My attitude is one of those that -- -- on my -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't like to -- -- -- Michael Dunkin' Donuts get out of what we're probably won't -- aren't we the got a lot can happen much at the par -- corner look glove compartment and reaching all the way over here every time I got blood Palmer and the many many moons ago we got a host that you would do this don't -- -- -- and it's the liberty council -- but not this buildings you know like. Or you're gonna cause of -- -- over to reverse we currently -- -- -- a studio nothing nothing from it he will not reveal all. And well -- often felt that I've ball. Hey good afternoon guys I'm curious so I got three questions for bill bell at second. Maybe you can pretend your bill on hand for the. Question it's gonna be hallways territories and got to stir this week door didn't listen on Monday -- fives you know what happened to flash to the right. Why is that a good idea in any given year and the NFL to -- on and count on for. Rookie wide receiver. Write that down or your game but I don't think he was doing -- I think pulled on me I don't know -- question you know you can't you can't answer the art is at question here all helmet wants to know this from the -- ever Paul a lot better I'm gonna ask you just like -- DePaul on a -- Paul doesn't the answer need to be. Going into the year -- going into the planning process for this year Rob Gronkowski Aaron Hernandez Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola are going to be four guys you count on none of them are rookies. Well I don't know him well -- with those four guys are our four guys that he was expecting to count on he's still counting on settlement is not a rookie still counting on him and dole is not a rookie he knew gronkowski was gonna come back it sounds like he is either this week or next week. And then Aaron Hernandez was a surprised everybody so. I understand what you're saying and he clearly went young with the receiving corps with Dobson and gambrel Tompkins who didn't even know about it the time and boys. But I think he was sitting there saying I'm gonna rely on all these on these rookies. I don't know that that was the plan if anything. It but it exceeding expectation because they were not supposed to be part of the ambush. Yet the plan was to was to develop the rookies on their own terms as you had him in Dolan has had. Cattlemen. Vereen. And and Hernandez wrong covered about Hernandez and be proud of seen one -- are these guys out in the field and at least two Paul's -- question. So why would you rely on and they -- Dolan -- injury history would you rely on ground in his injury history. And and then why did you sign Hernandez -- -- contract I don't know it just goes down and comes back to -- question that I still don't know the institute for for coach that is said. I prefer. Dependability to ability why did he make a few different choices here to go with the ability over dependability. But you know and I don't want to do you credit you read the stats earlier about ground his games played. The first three seasons of his career thirteen sixteen analysts -- That's not. That's not -- that's not ability over dependability that both Canada and and a very able player and a very dependable player based on those -- -- no different story. Absolutely. Help hold on I think there's some evidence to look at it and say grunt. Hernandez. That there was eight injury problems there there had been -- still was able to give me huge contract and -- We still believe that they -- something he could have known about him some of the risk that he was taking there dependability isn't just injury history there's awarded dependability than that again I'm not saying Belichick needed to know everything Hernandez did it. But there should have been some recognition that there was more risk there and it -- -- believes that Welker was not a risk he took a risk or more risk on the other three guys that you decided to give contracts to over Welker sounds like your question I do all lined up from a pressure get agreements -- 617779. 7937. Victor in Rhode Island. Got down the -- And Michael Ali thanks very the video goal last week by the way that does that Belichick well we'll never get old if it's normal. As. My I take me -- the slot receiver and I believe that the value -- -- want to get your guide and you now. When it as a patriot system what about a guy like burying you know a third down back great and cable catching the ball. But brought him out a lot you know did you know inability not LP what about the -- -- either. -- out there when he gets help. Yeah I mean I don't know what do you know enough about -- It to say you will be great. As a slot receiver. Cameron dollar coming back this week and in multiple reports -- reports say he's coming back some reports say not yet but if you have -- -- and cattlemen do you if you need. The arena as well in the slot. I don't think there's an albeit not be right back you know and I'll probably night and Iran back in Europe and the question but. You bring that different dynamic where it better bet than money and not a wide receiver but a lot you know you got a guy like that we can you wiped out and not positions you. I'd say yes that's part of makes him good -- -- happen I think he has you know in the game that he played he played well and they they lost trust in Ridley. You put Serena in there he ran the ball well caught the ball well he blocked well I think he's good. In in the role that he's -- running back with with pass catching ability and he can't underestimate Ernest goes in the car iron. At the dollar has gone on that they thought that it totally over the that. Out. In the but it is. That. I think about it being rookie receivers all the crew it. -- what. That there will be no. And -- an -- and -- it you know here and thinking that -- into an open eager. And it about it. But -- -- -- -- and went up in an element of an entry that would let it out. He's been happening in at least look at that -- that haven't thought that but the matter -- -- -- point but I election. You know. Does that impact break here at that I got it pretty. As just the film guys you know you look at it you've said there are some. He did say there are some things there are some plays that Tom Brady is left on the field do you agree or disagree with that. And I think that the great I think it's anything. Despite that good at it and excuse them a rookie -- -- that I got that neither I think we have it -- -- -- outage. Essentially -- thought. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a series editor to come in OK so once statement Tom that Ron Jaworski makes news. That I'm not I'm not buying the excuses. Of Tom Brady in his rookie receivers then that's not the only problem. Maybe what we added in is a problem it's a problem with. But having rookie receivers and guys you're not familiar with. But it's not the only issue. Here's the other issue the other issue is. He's also missed some place. Or I'll go John Clayton but also to. I figured out the other thing -- -- but also a lot of it -- -- -- he's at least this way and also to impose the too big Clintonism. Let's just like Tom brings religion but also to his in the slump was very that is a -- -- John Clayton original. Let's go to Dave and Pembroke I did. I or at the moment when it they're I get I agree with the ball you are completely acting. Go in this then. You know the patriots. We we didn't have any true why out going into the seat and I mean we were counting on on on the rookie and you have. I realize there were some you know underlying issue -- -- -- on how he we know about it since forearm and out of the impact on the draft and Hernandez complete while trying to understand that. But then you have him and Lola. Which injury prone and an outside Adam and note -- -- you. Have anybody going you know nobody plan. That was going to be -- -- that -- at the true why I. I think he drafted Dobson and boys and that I didn't say that they weren't used those guys at all. All right but the course the difference was was counting on how to ignore -- he's Terri -- is counting on one rookie to play one position and I think that there's no doubt. He was clearly expecting to have at least one of those guys out there on the field a fair amount but one is different from before right. I saw it felt was not part of the initial plans right I mean and having all of those guys pumpkins is not part of the initial plans. I think that's all we're trying to think you're right -- -- there was an added that there's an expectation. That there would be at least one rookie out there to tell you what a crazy text -- of course it protects from -- Knight terminate yet racetracks. Tom Brady sucks hard to bring in balloting that. That's not a real test the real -- now it is and that's from mrs. -- that doesn't count when Ryan -- smallness texting in from markets are every from a but doesn't count but doesn't count as a real tax. We got Mike to Rico coming up here just a moment we really enjoyed our conversations with him -- in NFL talking about the lousy Thursday night game in the pre -- preview patriots falcons. For Sunday night -- -- answer the question that it's sweeping the nation as you know all the shows here into it -- -- love it everybody -- what Andy. Where he wants timeout. What I don't know that you -- Just tell me outlets are gonna do that's coming up next monetary -- -- -- the question of the that's alcoholic WEEI.

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Dale and Holley's Four at…

Dale and Holley's Four at Four Milestone Editon - 4/23/14

We tackle four topics all revolving around big time milestones in sports.

John Farrell with Dale and Holley: Pierzynski just needs more familiarity with this pitching staff 4-23-14

We check in with John Farrell live from Fenway Park with Dale, Holley and Steve Lyons. We talk Boagearts, Buchholz, Pierzynski, Lester, the losing and much much more.

Holy Diver? Bruins win but focus switches to Brad Marchand's instigating tactics 4-23-14

We discuss the Bruins win to take a 2-1 lead in Detroit, and how Brad Marchand is once again (for better or worse) making his presence felt in a series. Hey, he may be a rat, but he's OUR rat.

Rick Middleton joins Plan…

Rick Middleton joins Planet Mikey

Nifty jumps on the Planet for an hour.

Red Sox lose to the Orioles 2-1 on Opening Day

Lou Merloni did play-by-play with Joe Castiglione today and then joined The Planet Mikey Show to talk about what went wrong, and a few things that went right as the Red Sox started their campaign to defend their World Series title.

Chris Price joins John Ryder to talk the Patriots' newest acquisition

WEEI.com's Chris Price joins John Ryder and Chris Villani on Planet Mikey to discuss the signing of Revis Island

Fantasy Football Off-Seas…

Fantasy Football Off-Season Podcast 4

The 4th addition of WEEI’s Fantasy Football Offseason Podcast is loaded and ready. In this week’s conversation Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson of Rotobahn.com dig into the sinking draft stock of Teddy Bridgewater (much too their chagrin), while refocusing and emphasizing the immense scouting work done by Pete on players like Bridgewater, Zach Mettenberger, Blake Bortles, Bishop Sankey & Lache Seastrunk. Also, Jim & Pete touch on news from around the league regarding new Jet, Chris Johnson, Montee Ball in Denver and help you tune out all of the negative noise some in the media are trying to push. We’re not buying! Lots of Football love in this podcast for the Football lover. Enjoy!

Pod Man Rush: DJ Bean and Greg Wyshynski on Bruins-Red Wings

Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports joins DJ to break down the first-round matchup between the Bruins and Red Wings. Also discussed is Zdeno Chara's Norris candidacy, transparency with voting for the NHL awards and whether the Canadiens will get out of the first round.

Minor Details Ep. 79: The meaning of winning in the minors with Carlos Febles, Evan Lepler

The Red Sox' High-A minor league team in Salem recently had a 16-game winning streak that spanned two seasons. So what? From the standpoint of making prospects better and fostering player development, does that matter? Salem manager Carlos Febles (who managed Salem for the end of their winning streak, but who was also in charge of a 50-87 Single-A Greenville team in 2013) and Salem radio play-by-play man Evan Lepler discuss -- while also touching on a number of prospects in search of the next Earl Weaver and Vinegar Bend Mizell.

Boston Marathon director …

Boston Marathon director Dave McGillivray 4-22-14

Dave called in to discuss the epic Boston Marathon.

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Headlines, Headlines, Hea…

Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: David Gregory is tanking 4-22-14

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed David Gregory's tanking Meet The Press ratings.

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A great Marathon Monday 4…

A great Marathon Monday 4-22-14

The guys opened the show by discussing yesterday's Boston Marathon and Kirk's run.

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Headlines, Headlines, Hea…

Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Colbert introduced on Letterman

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. The guys talked about Colbert joining Dave Letterman last night.

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Patrice Bergeron with Dal…

Patrice Bergeron with Dale & Holley: Expect it to be tight-fought, back and forth all series with the Red Wings

Dale and Michael speak with Patrice Bergeron on the phone from Detroit on Marathon Monday fresh off a Bruins optional skate. Patrice talks about the B's slow start in game one, putting it all together for the team in game two, how the rest of this series might play out, and what this anniversary of the Boston Marathon means to him.

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