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Mariano says goodbye to Yankee Stadium

Sep 27, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the Mariano Rivera love fest last night in the Bronx. Waldman and Sterling continue to embarrass themselves.

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It's Dennis and Callahan. The home from. Rob Mariano. -- There's a lot of -- you really are Gerry Callahan. Sports Radio WB guy. Being obvious answer. The question I am about to propose. It's Friday. But we're not looking for an obvious answer to the question is. Data is yes what. And that death brought the to upgrade the answer is it's deep no appreciation. Day and we'd do that by saying. Her New York turned opened the show. What's thought JD. He saved or. It's 60 what is -- 658 degrees six or refute the degree -- restaurant. And he had Mariano Rivera are still hunting. Engage in these are gay marriage legal -- New Yorkers that god Jeter's. Way and there are still in and I'd love and I think that it is pregnant. Our. Partners you know he can do that. And of course you know magical the fact it is. All man hugs are uncomfortable I mean all uncomfortable to some extent I mean to some level that all -- comfortable -- that could be number one on my list of uncomfortable man hugs. Does not only did Jeter have to wait the felt like four minutes I timed -- you -- 4646. You timed it yet. Does -- 46 section headers and longer -- just sit there and wait with a full steam by the way confided. And the the full stadium TV audience yeah OK guys. People who hang. He's all right guys it's time to pride yourselves apart. It was a cool moment you know we've had so many great moments here but that was. You know Joseph asked you know said he wanted us to do that -- my first thought was back home purple because. Might be a little weird you know. -- and everybody on the bench all gas like you gotta do it you gotta do it so. So glad we did. Questions. Are erections possible if you're wearing a -- yes. -- yes I don't think sale. I don't think that Mort -- in cups they were born maybe Rivera Jeter would not -- would not and he's now he's gotten. And that Rivera with the -- -- for him consult with the help himself -- -- of -- hill. I can we all honestly is this a moment to be honest or should we continue the charade. This is when showed that can be on the side should -- 01 moment -- go back -- you know. Dishonesty is Wilbur go back of -- and -- -- at Bryant spoke about. Yeah -- we'll talk about whether rimes who is gonna make the but it's. So let's -- allowed -- let's be honest for a moment. What diseases as Mario Rivera cured. Children -- receive from burning buildings. As the economy. -- his hand it to us and get by the way it's gonna go to Houston natural and play outfield normalcy that. Obviously will not used to not used to write yield ESP cut in Beckett could have a MLB course MLB news Sunday they could have liked the greatest NFL game the cottage industry. Repairs final frame walking on walking up thickness and the White -- shot of the Vatican -- white smoke it it's something that's the chimney. All of -- talk but I understand. I understand frank from Gloucester and rest the -- you have nothing else to hopeful right now it is. This replacement for an actual. Team in the pennant race yes that the team and -- race you just never ending retirement or itself Reagan over the top. Did did you get choked up watching him -- Andy -- as it did I'm sorry at those and I've hired overly nice moment I did but I thought it was a nice. But the gesture I take him out of the game -- them. -- took the ball and rubbed it in Panama on the back -- that have dried up for a half a -- and our. These two they got they got going -- when they why don't they didn't I don't think you all when they watched its. I was -- watch important for the most recently with O Susan got piracy department of the Colorado city's flooded yeah I'm humbled enough. It. Takes home from Mariano. Who. How many times do we have to -- how many times just just -- more time one more well -- and said you know what we're coming back next on that when you -- an SP you know who restaurant -- all good point it would an Oscar winner and Tony enough. My question. Tony the president nominated for all right and honestly he was a great it's integration cabbage and greens -- the greatest the greatest everything but. Like Pedro Martinez retire. Didn't like Sandy Koufax for the sports -- as it happens guys get to that age and they retire this reflects to what we talked about yesterday this is all New York. -- is all the Yankees how obviously out of the playoffs there's nothing going on. This is their drama purposes this is their -- as a footnote they lost their fourth game in a row yes. Their -- there seven back in the while cadres the you know would like to -- not like not making it elective -- out all the pocket so that exposure are still manager of the year but is now but he let -- -- -- That explains New York. Finally every other city that they had this thing for a fair they didn't have for these other -- now and understand purveyors. The repairs grades and greatest of all time is it what did he treat people are human and that's deaconess theory. That out. It's easier it's what happens when you treat people treat people respect if this war. Josh Beckett retiring. -- same numbers it. You wouldn't have this over the -- Albert is far from. Where his. The person the man right which is cool is that good it's great. But it's over the top it's just now I think we've passed the point of you know I think. And yeah really it's just it's common to craziness we agree tight -- likeness. Like since this -- this say -- out on the wounded. Of Major League Baseball. Iran Biogen. All this it was something good -- something positive push them back up they said was. Bush used in the dugout but they shouldn't -- and I was uncomfortable watching them outside the question. So I knew it was always there. Who tells you see in a wheelchair. Pushing them up. He's one another -- thing because he try home and on the mound he would hug everybody yes I've gotten huge hundred guy's name of the war these rookie call ups. It's like hug them and they're -- that definitely get the slap them a hug. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I thought it was nice to -- river gift basket after the couple left -- at -- that also had a hug for Jeter goes into his defense I think Rivera sick of it and he's tired of it and he's had enough of it he knows it's over the top. -- in my guys been together. Years so it's it's guys like Brothers and me and I'm proud that we did this altogether and no matter either way you -- -- Patients -- -- still in the pennant race. Good question they wouldn't be it would be the success is does it take you want to play outfield and use in Hollywood right now it would just and we're ready if he ran up the hill in the senate feel and blunt new book that's a real riot. The point now -- Part of he's rooting for Revere to get arrested so I hate to say that now Hillary I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't I don't know not get arrested for what any -- -- He said policy -- -- from I had not that's that is that is -- that's hurtful and it remembers -- right causes yeah I don't want their right Allen guilty like the rest area with. It's just show colossal sum up the fight up arson but nothing real for us you mug shot why. Because now it's our god just get arrested in drag it and you know like it's them I mean we want to last night during this notes I'll minus draw us -- guys to sit there week own hands -- writer states rated right which brings -- I do the right but this sounds pathetic and I do. Acknowledges that at a -- -- men in their fifties and press box described as a guy. Throws a ball is gonna throw a ball -- he reached that age did you have time to time and -- -- -- great it's great great moments you know it's it's they did -- -- -- good job but we're uncle. You win it's one -- more of DNA would have you say I want. Mo Rivera. Get arrested. Why why why don't you -- explicit Dina and he wouldn't enjoy it too well that's okay. The human condition really yes you want peace -- perfect -- evil. Evil I don't want to -- lots of golden boy is evil the rest of America would love that to happen Tom Brady. Core hole on the bubble boy. Yes the rest of the United States would love to see Tom Brady probably true a -- buffalo especially at the policy -- Miami New York would love. To seat Tom Brady slip on a banana peel. It's just the the way it is and it's -- I don't think it's as -- Yankee I don't care about that. It's this is his fault he's the it's the hag geography writing it's eats he's been. Treated like more than human being. Maybe but but don't you think they're deserves to be some sort of actually it's some sort of now no thought -- I'll let me finish me finish. -- -- somebody who was the best. In the business absolutely but a good human. Yes we've had is it rod was the best of the bad human being right to make you know Barry -- best bets on an argument you wanna -- Good I think we applaud this yes it was unclear how many weeks 62 and as for how many weeks. -- due to hug and tell me how -- -- -- 462 totally as hard for all that I had no you try to see what -- -- day comes and you guys you pick what happens to come in like him. And -- we -- and as long as Rivera -- -- he's physically or somebody is going to be like weeks of this in the gonna give ultimatums -- get Josh the gonna give us a horse -- Give us a jackass. Yeah I hear more. This goes on the more I liked the weather it's the kind of with the with the -- if you're right and showing them video news -- Moment one of his low moment -- rubber. And the game up where did yeah the last and I used it last night I -- gossip -- it hurt him because needed. The home for Mariano. Can let you chuckle she -- next -- It was a long point that we would you say you're an announcer Michael KGB just let go yes that's right he did the right thing and he said perfection. Which it does -- have to say it's on the contract when you're making progress that she along describe the hug. And the Detroit Tigers in the -- we can listen to the whole two minutes of that -- a lot of -- -- it. Haven't heard Mario rumors retiring. Was his final. Two regular game at Yankee -- they'll be back QB back in the doomed to ask alzheimer's old timers games. Beat back all the time away next year. This all happens again Derek Jeter. Do it all again yeah. And in he's more beloved -- that same emotion focus people like people like repair. Like Jeter it's different tricks to it but there's more popular habit but the but the Twitter -- the media world -- but it is nicer guy. Given the more. Guys should be rewarded. Jonny Gomes hit ten million box. Brian Dempsey got twenty sick sense when it -- Christina -- retirement you would write -- budget rock pictures and our doctors to get rocket pitches and he complained about it subsidies that right they gave. OWJ. Bill Russell better change here we always had. That edge to him he wasn't -- is below no I was at the -- for doctor -- last game and bird game. He grabbed the aura pro -- -- say that was. Who would be below -- -- Sport is nobody. Has stepped down past -- maybe even future Mohammed -- made no go say to my right now say right now. Right now it's a good question Jesus Christ -- it easy yankees though and so it's most people lot of people around Philadelphia Boston. Don't like -- -- They do now because the Yankees and the -- if you were on the mound in last night and Pampers yet or fight and in against heparin that fight you know that last wild card spot. -- what they've done it's a good question that would in the business over the top and part of it is. Because there's yankees have nothing else the play for however that the raised two which was. Asked Torrey what you've got to sort to -- Music again Angela -- pumps are Girardi -- commission yeah. Just. Use the memory of greatness and goodness who tops this. Greatness and goodness. That's professionally -- Is magic in our profession and a half a mile a different. Spread some stuff what you would they have welcomed that -- I don't want to be the best you one of the the best of greatness and goodness. Damn big hit an all time receiving. Nicholas. John -- check you out. I don't have a text and you're gonna vote for Jim -- -- actually agree me as a broadcaster -- yet yet correct me if it's. He talked that guy you know the problem is trusting that that goodness that label immediate trust that label that he is indeed as good. Good human being I do Rivera why you don't know yeah I do know you don't respect the second repealed a family member minded. Senators out of 28. Years or whatever you just don't know I think he is I think he is just on you've seen happen before. We think we know but it -- said we don't know and we -- Bobby York. Yes all right now now talk now we are somewhere one he's in the class of the zone. So it nailed it bill good moved him you know ago unfortunately Bobby was hockey player and that's that the global appeal record -- -- reverse nine member. Time the lights phenomenon. Out. Contribute. And -- It's -- the text me I just my oldest. It's accidental as a friend of -- And and what a week and a piece colleagues it is always discuss these -- excessively. Assert that I -- all we knew dale would Yuma was the only opinion we knew dale way but my crew chiefs. -- -- -- Think that -- or the medium a nice guy no we don't try to see Rivera are rested right. Our murder murder is it rather kill someone what ultimately acquitted. Also some smack his wife -- you know wanna -- I do not want the rest area. That's something we're gonna get to that shall coast looks like yeah -- that headlines from it oh good. For this policy -- offers the -- As he Steele as the globe. Culture we're there we're gonna play there very. Good we have with the people madness do OK which is who's. We take -- out Michael and -- really status Michael Klein loves Mario. Play. The entire love fest lasts. 46. It's. Two years. The -- failing -- -- out. -- TV there's silence. Re trying to make up to deal does Texas Texas -- Play on the last analyst. At last no -- you know of them right nice hook in his wagon. To -- The guy thinks the help the most outlets a year from them very nice relationship. From 46 seconds all the new yet I still dale still wanna see you two hug you guys. Press guys who admit I liked him and hug first 46 seconds. You couldn't -- -- -- now you know like before does not look to a real -- right to try to ever see Brett for that. I'd bought some minute forty. 46 going to be summoned for five bucks ultimately that. Seven and now and then -- now it's a -- we pick me neither one who knew -- -- it was week. -- What too -- to his deal to do more active when the couple of people -- he acknowledged the other yankees on the mound in -- said he hugged his two protests and the huge outcry and he's left that's the -- that's the first to hear that Jeter is not that that's true is that he's watching. Imus and you know how -- he did what he usually does that through just laid back. It are right now all eyes are opened we will talk with you numbered -- SI joints it's 8 o'clock hour Charley casserly 9 o'clock now talks of football. Play happened yankees last week.

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