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Tom Curran, CSNNE: on Danny Amendola's status

Sep 26, 2013|

One of the biggest Danny Amendola supporters, Tom E Curran, joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Patriots WR's status.

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In the league. -- have to learning context. Boy I wondered often more good offenses. In the national football he got to disagree emanates from. Lesson there for really good defense I'd be much more comfortable -- -- that right to forgo an offensive. Guy -- this is more than four good. And you know I was doing -- your hands you know there's always Jones you know actions of the Google doodle bugs. And I started I like this song Joey is this is official I would ask can we go back this all and let's ask the man himself he's on the Gurney joins us on the Indian the -- we back to this song Tom wheelock -- name is replicated or -- I -- business. A little while I was a little while I look at odds with Obama last night at the report states that George put out there. And I say about it being except -- point I don't understand why you would do that it was our entrepreneurs who are not. Let's get your hair looks so good that's what I said. I don't let me ask you this do we just talking about I mean I think the defense being good but. Like -- as their lead defense right now do you believe. I have a really hard time with the adjectives in applications up because Robert Powell a mile in any sort of mentally or to back. It and people have visual. And by the end of the years yes of course you know you can't go without you know -- -- what -- now. With the all temporary. So you bring it actually here as if it. Has pretty solid -- of -- who is certainly typical that's why don't like the term. Well week in however all that senate. I would prefer to say they're playing as well the optics senses in the week that -- almost will it is not something that we it's supposed to spend. Right now the preacher to -- one of the -- personally. I'm as evidenced by the fact for allowing a vote went for I think that's one is that. And I think that it -- seen much treatment scored 20/20 ought to be back and you'll -- -- after the girl's. As well score in the twenties so there ought to stop there in the -- or. They've been very good and I would view the outcome that and I want coming out called the -- -- I've been down this for what -- before with his defense. I'm not want to go that far I able to say. Even against these teams Tom it's better than I expected defensively and the guy can come back to his Chandler Jones Bill Belichick. You know he he talks about that growth from year one the year two NIC guy Chandler Jones now they wanna put money end. Against -- -- they've lined him up inside. Against a guard he seems like in certain matchups he's almost unblock able and I thought they did that they'd be a lot better. And between he and to leave that appears to be the difference to me in this defense from last year this year. Are you one other one you're going to be surprised Lou especially it's gonna be surprised that. At this Steve Gregory who is -- stabilization. -- -- back into the defense. Not that I'd like him. Look guys government actually -- aren't. I know oh I don't know what you and I quote I -- Phillip Arnold because it was apparently right now. Last year I mean exactly and so there. It was only really late or not even in the screen take it out quickly. On criminals but I think he has been Palestinians in run support it tackling after receptions and made. And in terms of at least being presence over -- We quarterbacks going up field. And that was the position more so than Chandler defense and land war. What to leave on the other corner that was a position in the Tutsis and then you know. I think that looks good but I still photos and went to court and I think the Gregory has put that stopped sweep I think that. At least to -- that to me is as we take place it really got. It make it better. That commute would you really extracts. You know what I wanted to DR he had on and on and Amendola Welker and everybody else with before that's. Danny -- apparently today -- anticipate being a 100% shortly and and it seems like this to receipt of a six week timeframe. Because it's torn off the ball detection would shorten. His time -- I find it hard to believe it almost seems like well. If we gotta have surgery he's gonna I Armand we don't through the years let's see if he can play through this thing I don't know what to -- to expected from Danny Amendola. Well I don't want trip to fire at the medical because obviously we've seen a number of different. Reports in terms of severity in terms of timetable in terms diagnoses and what should be -- on this. But what I thought was interesting and I stuck around in the locker room just in less than ten minutes ago. That's. You regret. Coming back in the second half of the game against a -- clearly from the reports we've seen. You're a fairly. For that abductor muscle really catastrophic injury. From what you will -- so rare that your very -- no regrets and I think that it -- -- you know he can say that September. 2013. Will say that September 20 point three. I think this is an injury there. We'll probably change the weight and body type is for the rest of the -- -- that it may. Because of because of the injury what happened. I think that you can't go back and we saw it will be unilaterally last week with a bat we can't accelerate the -- Food fight for the image or elimination of a stick or muscle. Other -- -- gonna have to -- Some. Stress and it -- -- -- other parts of the audio strong enough to. Except the stress the -- that are here are going to be here click the plot. But you know what those are the Israel restarting the -- -- to know what would have happened -- -- didn't come back the second -- the would -- be weary years now. What what is bodies. -- going forward. And guess you'll know until he takes the field again and as -- said your your column yesterday Tom. That and I I feel like. You'd think I misrepresented what year old we talked about on the -- I got that feeling by virtue of social media and Twitter and in reading it again today. Might take away is that the patriots about what you wrote is the patriots value the slot position. But recognize that Wes Welker was not a unique guy -- there were other guys that they could sign whether it was. And then dole a younger guy to a longer term deal or -- as -- an element on a really short term deal seven or 65000 dollars. And get the production. From that position without paying the player Wes Welker is that. Do you feel like that's what -- wrote my still misrepresenting and. What I wrote is really and I had avoided this would -- about a -- it's an interest in opposition. You're sense. That the patriots don't -- Yugoslav receive the current position. According to our current article. And that's not what I wrote what I wrote was in the upshot of the article was that the production at slot receiver. In the wake of Wes -- or somewhere else has not suffered. Script for except reception of the week we couldn't police at receptions -- you know it's -- 37 receptions. Problem. What would we -- here to -- slot receivers between. -- -- -- -- Senator from illegal. So the auction has been replicated. So that conversation about whether the mistake -- what pot. He's really just. Real housewives of -- conversation that. Is that what regard. It was a decent apple. You look at the position -- at this point what has the production that -- What else would be different -- what was your right now. What I -- Well I guess the default would be that adamant and Welker would be on a field where -- and dole hasn't the last two weeks in moving forward who knows. Those two guys -- survive in this office at amen and welcome always in either war. Well sometimes of -- -- -- record and it's. -- we're gonna feel he would be on there in terms of would be kicking can grow up and offered. We've got a lot of hypotheticals to deal with. That poll -- that I'm simply pointing out that application. The article points so that slot receiver position in the -- suffered through that there is generated thirty park here. One expert here from -- government. And for Lehman go what will be different what will be better from that position it was what -- -- -- you're doing everything in the fact I would have thought. -- I prepared I don't know what I don't know how it was definitely. It will it was here at home was over there and the oldest in the lineup and I settlement would and would talk and speak out with. Dot can be done. We don't all saying is keep a very narrow focus slot receivers -- -- the patriots were. Yeah and he went back you look at other times -- Welker missed the game and -- stepped in at ten catches an -- in his. In -- in his stead and in this fight began the real housewives conversation but. Do you feel like Tom Brady even more comfortable. With this receiving corps and less more or less fewer new pieces -- it well -- here the production obviously there. What about him with those receivers -- if it was west. Hypothetical and I can't disagree with that you know we know what they're sort of -- in his second year in the -- in the second game in the itself. Actually bought -- 96 yards never see them. As you mentioned because you're of them ought to welcome Bo built this CL -- -- for -- three actually got Baltimore's nor does so well you know. The point isn't the Wes -- Sox. The point is in the entry process slot receiver position. He likes what it's like well an entry pass and basketball you're always going to be able to get churches in Chicago quarterback here values it. He works inside help with the opposite the position while some other receivers might work record that might work outside it. I think they were outside here. Liked to work outside the numbers. And then and then Brady were incurred out so -- the result. Because the numbers are fairly -- for people to countries that that slot receiver there's. You can -- a 101 ball 120 bought for -- on opposite of what it was -- at wide receiver because of the agents. That is perhaps your question about what more comfortable life. And there. -- quote we feel more confident. And you would probably all it it would seem pretty record right now is in Butler wants to go often is just not sure. Because he's throwing. Know that it -- to be sold out crowd into -- or is it fair. Or not real. -- anymore for the back for that our work in progress that if what -- here before a settlement because it all the more perhaps. I don't know. When it comes to measure vote -- cost you real quick because when asked you how close was he he sells an active as total last by playoffs. Bill Belichick's press conference -- the data needed reports last week and it's not really that backed its concern it's still the form is. Is he -- to come back given what happened last year and now if you filly came back too soon and re injured dead -- is that we were rat right now programme -- You know what I don't have is good field for his injuries. And we get to right now. -- that felt like it when I perceive it to be is that fact that I was -- -- -- When he had surgery in June when Obama supposedly he'll. And now it's September in the ten weeks has recently expired certificate and that's the -- period. There -- other. Again there's so much conversation around that it because it's a very cloak and dagger in the normal injury and it is very high profile. In terms of media trying to extracted from the -- I don't distrust like -- But I also like you're so myself. And I don't know a thing on the back but it -- -- -- that's sucks you know occurring. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right we're up against it Tommy every talking falcons and pats on quick slant this week. Yes and will have -- Oreo and he gave you this week. Original casket. -- -- a lot of feelings about things Belichick has gone wrong who was hurt. Can't wait quick slant it's Comcast Tom thank you was always. So Tommy current joining us here on the eighteenth now Helen Thomas brought to us. He's brought to us by his hair doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800 get hair that's 1800. Get here. I'll get a break we come back sometimes you need a little motivation. Sometimes you need somebody to disables the right words. To get you motivated and we are gonna play for you one guy who -- got it down pat. This'll be the most motivational thing the UK but all week you'll hear right here next.

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