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Mike Hazen on the Sox playoff roster

Sep 26, 2013|

Red Sox asst. GM Mike Hazen joined the show to discuss the Sox final playoff roster. He also discussed the absurd three team wildcard tiebreaker.

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It's Dennis and Callahan. On Sports Radio WE. Welcome back it is -- two -- -- Dennis and Callahan the front office reported brought to you -- vita Coco. New Wellesley hospital celebrity cruises and take one by. And by Toshiba business solutions joining us on the AT&T hotline assistant general manager of the Boston Red Sox. My case that Mike congratulations -- a remarkable season for you when your team. I don't very very well as a result of club with three to play having won 96 obviously do the math you can get to 99. Have you and your team you and the front office re calibrated what your idea is of what would now be a satisfactory that's the word I'm looking for satisfactory Red Sox season. Yes look at that position crushing certainly certainly talk about that. An and I know that expectations have probably been reset. -- amount of success in but no we we we can't we tried try her. Put a wrangled up a little bit and we wanna go are -- playoffs and we're the only one goal in the World Series -- You know I I think what we feel like you're pretty good about the fact that. You know the the call that they create -- -- club most of the creative merit at the office -- beneath the wall. They operation going out through was not pretty good this year and then and we feel like formula for. -- at least three written a little bit and arts. We're we're certainly throughout the work to do in the offseason to sort of duplicate this release of the regular season -- or. But I think what we set out where we weren't spring training. Nobody -- no nobody can believe in 964 and come in the regular -- think we thought it between these we you know -- legal year had a chance to compete at chip. The play hard if you public September but I don't think anyone envision not excellent now that we can we can reset the scale now just because. Just because we got here is certainly the -- or are that much lockyer and and we want slightly and but I think it sparked a regular season goes black vehicle takes stock I think in order for the to try to do it from a regular seat perspective we have to recognize. We always have to recognize what was done poorly we also to recognize what would go right. In order thrust two -- such as perhaps duplicate moving forward. -- use the word for mile and I'm wondering does the success of this year's team the way it was constructed contractually as an example set the template for other MLB teams -- say yeah they did it that way and it worked out for them is a game changer for other teams. I don't think so I think I don't think what we -- low. Earth shattering -- think we we've we've. Art collection -- players are collection of players that fit well together and team. Whether or trauma -- their point of the -- lefties that match up. On a given day you know the match -- between I don't know accommodation uphold are there between nothing gold oil field that. But it pretty good left fielder will be put them together and their individual accomplishment the -- very -- -- an insult but when you put together it's and it's a pretty good -- if you look at it that way. Better than Josh Hamilton. Her her and I and I think that and I think that. You know that that's what we did I think from a contractual standpoint maybe got something to be looked -- and it with other clubs. You know it is as far as you know whether you -- having to go away and the big fish every -- -- where you feel like. Maybe two or three of that of that year or a group of maybe young player in combination with a better player. Maybe some of those things but. No I don't think so I don't think anything we did was overly harsh attitude back to -- based ought to get back. A New York back figuring out of the game was sweetened the most important thing on a given day and that. Winning baseball games in Boston it is of the utmost and you know I think that a large part due. Was there in the front office in the off season. Mike was there a voice -- to the center said this is crazy were paying these guys for their personalities. And chemistry doesn't win games we need more talent was any of that and how silly does that gut feel now. -- -- They're centered on every decision that we made -- includes. A number people within not within the decision making process there's guys like. Which are -- runs are pro scouting department to Tom Tippett who -- our alerts apartment the exact copy who oversees big corporations like. Oh god all in the mix they all have different opinions they ought to take and then they'll change the scouts and you know there's so many people -- -- the leash on the go -- and every decision now. And that they spent so good at it Martin for all those things might draw those resources struck my decision. What a challenging. Look we we do what we were doing. Again what goes out when we started options trading nobody felt like it was on the team necessarily. Just on paper or anything. Go right -- and stay -- we had to see the -- -- last year in a compact from this season they had a year ago. We felt like certainly how -- -- what could have been given talent that's there. This never knocked -- you know that wanting -- -- -- -- yet -- a lot of additions brought in. There are a lot of additional product in the outside and -- with the court player. What -- we get the core group of players that are basically led the charge in the -- What she is Georgia's last awful. You know struggled in here in the general good. We can play Carlo last year and yeah that restructure a little bit but it also being stripped away talent and he. Both guys playing way to pleading common racial got a bit added. You know come together a nice -- Is it that same clever processor and trying to figure construct this first round. Roster for the post season this Farrell play a bigger role I guess my crush ruby who has the final voice on this. I'm John -- worked pretty much it and everything I know you know -- -- -- But won't are even that would sound like a -- they really do. You know looked so I shouldn't talk quite a bit you know we. Try to provide as much information historical perspectives on playoff rosters. Number -- number position players that are what has been successful historically what changed historically in the playoffs. -- pitching standpoint what what you expected. You know you sort of starter in the playoff to changes a little bit when you get inherently typically run a little shorter than they do during the regular season to can triple or more quickly. You know and from from -- perspective certainly you watching right now. He's watched a lot marks as we've. Had a pretty good idea that we will be playoffs you know he's starting to watched every performance and trying to figure out who are those guys are going to be actually. So -- daily conversations that are taking place. Ultimately I think Ben would prefer to Charlotte what you look like the other playoff roster but. John is always. Open minded to listening to us from argument on the other side saying that. Why this diverse I -- position player or extra pitcher I think ultimately John apple figure out who what the right mixes for the for the playoff. We're -- you -- Mike -- an assistant general manager Boston Red Sox Mike in your estimation is the key to post season success. The same as the -- regular season success -- starting pitching. I think so. I think star I don't know that the exact same formula but I think so I think it's starting IR rated out of -- starting pitching and then your -- -- -- back in the bullpen. With the with the pitching with the weather cold -- And I and and I say that to me you know typically see closer used in a little different situation in the playoffs -- Where there's more days off between your cable stretched. The -- -- a little bit further sometimes. You know playoff game so I think probably go to the starting pitcher in order but look you know. Playoff baseball in a lot of ways but you get caught in the future are you start when you start or some runs which can be sometimes stare policy and you can do a lot of damage in postseason game because the other change not match. And so you know what to say formula based alternative. Score -- in the opposition and then start to go seven shutout in a pitcher to do that. But I but up but you know that the team that their hot. More than anything else that they probably seeing that the ship or. Mike you mentioned the closer and all the things went right for the Red Sox this year would you agree that you heart was the most impact full if not the most unexpected. I would say I would it was the most impartial when they -- -- expected just in terms of what he. Doing. From statistical standpoint certainly from all -- -- we were expecting not by any stretch recognition so formal role SharePoint. But the -- or we aren't these -- and the way he's pitching and if you go back and look what news Baltimore we saw first and Baltimore and then when he went to -- -- -- -- fluctuate like gosh we are but but the the strikeout to walk the number. In my ought to be sort of got put on base. It always be in the same way we treat and we couldn't talk. And and we knew that this guy's always. -- a unique ability to deception that the split. And you know just to get guys now get guys missed hitting baseball and then. You know so I think proper -- -- -- I'm not surprised he's always been the count deducting from. -- expectations in terms of what lol he's played on it's it's been extremely. You're you're first a series is best of five cracked. You really need eleven pitchers for a best of five series. Also let the debate you know that the that -- you have when when you're talking about how you're gonna sell all these things up and that's something we're still talking about you know you you you know. You get into a situation where. Starting pitchers go detonated what we get this starting pitching that we've gotten for the entire sequence probably not right and those -- 77 plot printing. Then you're talking in the back in your bullpen. Is what you need. You ought to be prepared they'll keep getting to a situation if it's the day before is not that it before octave one of the first then again that -- -- to game three. And you don't have a opted the next the last you wanna do is going to pivotal playoff game was shortened bullpen especially our office. No you give up arsenic raw product -- we have he'll hold the trucks are wrong and you run out that you -- pitching. You'll run out doubt we'll take baseball -- got attacked because there's been overworked you also have to factor in giving you know getting the situation. Quote based audience. We reiterate we -- the games ago all the same way every year renamed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you'll probably -- starting pitcher out there at some point to going to extra innings but. You know that next day is going to be extremely trees are on the on -- so. Go to some of the dynamics there were considerable constructing the roster but yeah when we look at when we look at those things we are debating those exact scenarios that. What do we need and how what what is -- there is gonna be around which which we will use those guys. And and orchestra the -- Does that mean Jackie Bradley could be left off. I don't wanna get an integral Cutler who would be on -- -- -- sure there's going to be extra players. If we sure certainly we shorten the pitching staff. Then maybe there will be room for actual position players to own law. Now that -- I mean certainly you're going to be there so. Thought it would change the dynamic searchers started -- you're -- -- -- back. You know we'll go from there on would be actual actual players are still such that -- the table -- -- compliment you know original 25 and block the original roster and then however reconstruct. Mike is John decides his pitching order here you know Lester Lackey buckled to basic of Ramallah happened to it would work out okay probably -- wondering if there are splits home. Verses away very significant weight in terms of him making that decision is who goes when and where. I don't know the word significant. Yes. Those things happen disgust -- are aware of all those things. I don't know how significant warming look when you talk about split you talk about Marty you know you're you're talking you know it's. Obviously. -- the splitting up statistic when you start in small small sample size start getting in trouble but you yeah. You know so you know our -- home -- split one season you know historically in past John Lackey. Had to reverse when he came go to public parks so it's been a little bit and a -- this year and that it's been for the -- -- you start to get into a little bit more significant side. That's been that's been debated. I don't know about gonna be ultimate ultimate decider I think one of the things that John. One of the year we talk about hopefully not award restated in the position where right now we don't know who were playing without security and part of the decision probably probably don't fall on on the match. Who were likely to play what what -- article like who approached it where what ballpark. And then go from there. You know a year ago you guys are finishing up a 69 win season. You already made the trade ago that he made the trade -- at least you could see sort of an end of -- when you look at the Yankees right now we're struggling. Look at their the money the old guys -- almost a hundred million dollars already. -- try to -- -- you talk the next GM he's got a whole other giants they'll play the clip and higher rates that's how do it. Do you see how would keep him DC Alcan may be on the Yankees have a bigger proven that not not to the degree you did but it just looks like a really tough situation for them right. Yeah I. I wouldn't put much stock in that. First off -- the end there you are probably run but what about GM and all of baseball. A lot of resources just like we do. And I think that you were staring at all. Last August. You may have to actually. Look what happened and -- -- anyone anticipated trees that we made I don't think anyone had been speculating trade that we had made or going to make. So it would look incredibly for a studio and things change pretty quickly what we found when we found a suitor for her. Those guys we're able to make that trade and change our financial situation pretty quickly and quite mr. young kids. You know I I think I don't know how the Yankees could could make similar type but this probably one out there and then on. Quite sure the trigger -- and do it we will be putting on the excessive approaches. Recently Jonny Gomes offered a yet dissertation on the importance of playoff experience once September turns into October. How important do you think that is and I'm wondering would there be as an example trust issues with a young players who had not like people archery Jackie Bradley junior as opposed to guys been around the block a couple of times. I don't think so I think that's what I think that's what he's speaking to when he talks. I think you speak and not just to the veteran player. Speaking to the young player he's speaking to the guys are about certain urban legend. The knowledge -- the middle Brooks pockets that are. You know -- which are cheap piece distort -- I think that's what he's talking about it I think it's when those situation it. We're -- treated to a playoff game and you looked on the dugout and has got like Gomes and dust dirt and rocks and Pedroia or achieving victory you know. And nobody panicked and they're still joking it's it's okay. I think it's been younger the properties and those that situation we got. In a lot of data can come up. They're in in the situation where they need to they need to gloat and perform. That there are preparing. We have a problem so I think it's it's those young guys that they're being -- more than anything else -- veteran guys. Know that look until the final whistle I don't baseball we are not quite yet but in the until that total closure you're not. You're not you know dark. It's not over used. Used to have a chance -- you have to keep playing -- you have to keep grinding away -- just like it caught up and go home animal for a playoff game you know -- refusal over. -- -- you locker -- that fat and that potentially. The game winner could be on the war in that situation and I think when you have veteran players they know that they've been through that that we wanted to lost in notebook in the world much they want. You know they can they can they can figure that out. He and so that single load limit anxiety when there were crucial situations. Single walker former thing for the young got out -- as low amateur that that's where and so forth. Our Mike we had a lighter note I'm not going to ask you to explain the tiebreaker for a three way tie for the wild card spot but I will ask you to confirm that what I'm about to read is true it seems. Remarkably. Random a remarkable the arbitrary arbitrary -- ago. Curious in the event of a three way tie for the two wild card spot. Cleveland would receive the top designation and would have its choice. But the most likely option would be Cleveland choosing to play Monday at home in winner of the Monday game would be considered the top wild card seed. Then Tampa -- would get the second designation and could help. -- chances to win one game but both of those on the road. Or play one game at home. But the second wild card spot. The advantage and -- to play in the Monday game is that the loser of the Monday game essentially gets a double elimination format the third team does get a home game but gets only one chance to win its -- -- Better yeah. Hey aren't you do not want to end up. While. More than anything else about that see that's what we're -- we could sit back watch all -- guests and it is a three way guys watching teams play each other week. This will. A red -- you want this to happen. If you end up play and what -- ethernet port street and all. The British are starting pitcher it's more open work yup and more game to go slow we we wish we would be really. -- -- I know it's weird that gets to -- it's like the bachelor they just pick who their most exactly like the best for your. While it would would you rather we have two chances to win one game but both on the road or what chance to win one game a halt what what more attractive to you might. Where one. It's -- Mike -- assistant general manager Boston Red Sox congratulations again and go party down the road. Here -- is witnessing on the AT&T hotline AT&T the nation's justice and I'll post libel or GL we have story here. That you're gonna bypassed elect a lot of people are gonna find fascinating but not brother but not unfamiliar it's a story you've heard before it's a body. Patriot very. Prominent. Prominent well yeah I'm very bright promise a patriot you know good player. A champion patriot. Who got into trouble again and more importantly how out of trouble again -- that Ortiz will be back with.

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