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Sean Casey, Former Sox 1B: Talks about playoff baseball in Boston

Sep 24, 2013|

Sean Casey joins Mut and Merloni to discuss what the atmosphere is like in Boston during the playoffs and talks about the Sox chances of making a deep run.

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This is Sean Casey playoff drought tolerant -- decide we want a -- -- -- the idea example for how many a TV's answer there ever a little -- all those -- that all Palestinians local wholesale energetic you. But it terms of the America leaves a lot -- nationally -- quick Saint Louis a two game lead on since -- in Pittsburgh the reds and the pirates are in. Boy it's good to see the pirates back in the post season 1967. Identical records to -- behind Saint Louis. Their elimination number four there so it looks like ball policies behind the eight ball two game lead five to play. Feels like the reds win that thing in -- commuted the cardinals win that division. And then reds in Pittsburgh. In a one game playoff the B que Sean Casey teams trying to get in and play that next round. In the American League is a lot of programs which have been a lot about the -- time talk on the wild -- of the number one seed overall I'm who's getting locked in and avoid. The second seed which is a pretty damn good team when it comes to the American League and speaking of playoff team Sean Casey. Joins us here on the eighteenth the hotline so are you taking credit for all five of the teams you played for all heading to the post season this year the Cleveland Indians hang on case. -- -- -- -- -- And that's their that's all I could do that by Portland but it will be the policy. I put you on the spot be harmful event and what's public city really meant the most Juliet case in our room. You that you don't know what else like that this email Pittsburgh radio later today room for the pirates gone at Cincinnati -- for the reds Cleveland Cleveland lists across the board and -- -- case Casey had a hell of a career -- Cincinnati if you went there we and we would totally understand for National -- -- we get that. Right exactly guy you know you gotta write the president on the -- the is critical. It's it's serious fun playoff run -- to begin nine next week with a couple of wild card games we're gonna spend a lot of time here this last week. A season Sean talking about the Red Sox opportunity in a one game lead. On Oakland -- -- to get the best record in the American League Lou and I view that is such a huge difference -- a wild card winner. Burst is playing likely Detroit. In that first round how big of a difference do you view it in the top seed verses may be having to settle for Detroit or Oakland that first round. Yeah I mean -- I think I think get net policy debate play that played a lot -- and I'd I'd much rather play you know pandora Cleveland. Then maybe have to face you know Detroit's first round first round and have you know have to go against Verlander shares -- -- Sanchez. And and that lineup so I'm I think I think guy Johnny Earl think that they -- let's plated the reality of we can get that number one seed and and get to walk artwork. Yet he says same thing in the nationally and realize that. Saint Louis Atlanta -- fight to not play the Dodgers amounted to open. Not another sixty dot that's a big since he admitted good teams but you don't wanna play the Dodgers already to go with her -- cranky and everyone else lined up there but. In other threats such team cases if we talk about their rotation that's really all that matters -- -- good enough. I think that they have four guys in it and on any given night capable being the best and it's that randomness of the post season I would think it's just. There rotation is good enough in the American League. Yet it is a god I think obviously when you're talking Lester he could die could shut down anybody lack usually come back and had a great year. Buckle -- in Albany office you've got that shut down type stuff. I believe like -- compares this game seemingly -- in the last ten years so. I mean you know you're talking about four courses right there that you know that really could you know having -- better -- to Boston but those -- -- -- -- Don't we try to put into words and the differences of you know a good team the chemistry conversation always comes up later I'm sure you discussed it before talk about this Red Sox team -- How do you describe it as far as what was going on New York is it's got to have talent. But you also wanna have those guys caring one -- -- good character and a clubhouse right together. Great care to -- us and -- I got brought it doesn't get enough credit that I know is. You know big Mac about Ryan -- that play would have a couple years -- -- is what the -- of being alive and he's just such a great dad he. Bring that -- get about I -- talk about it help. Pop always you know you know pop always is on the get -- -- -- -- Danielle but you know and on the Mike and that's always want Peter great job at Brigham and Jonny Gomes and and bring an end you don't Napoli and -- beards and they got gold province. And victory over the some great guys at team and when you watch or read about you'll think superstar player when you look at that -- you think. And that blue -- you know taken on Jon -- personality. He's got a dark comedy get united in night out I -- that's why I think. You know that the team he really report -- mean there's not a you know superstars on the on the club -- you have to be you have Ortiz and PD but I I I love the club I think that camera she's been there all year. The team the year wonder what the furthest in the playoffs that he Europe significant part of was that 06 Detroit team and I look back at that team. I don't remember a lot of bottom Sean I'm. Against Saint Louis but as a clubhouse that type a clubhouse that. You know can take that talent not to a different level but sort accentuate it with the way our guys act together in this room. Yeah I got to what I think is you know you play a 162 games together you better get a law and you better have some fun doing it and -- When you hit it looks like those guys on the twelve go to our all star team we -- -- that someone over -- gravity Jared Beers and have a good time. But come postseason time you know I think that stuff matters a lot mentally you know you've got the other guy's back you know you're going to play. Parts of those guys play harper that's really enter enter into apparel over the dugout. You know I think that stuff matters and that chemistry matters not your background what that would diagnosed it. We have some of those guys like your brand and Indonesia can Iraq do a lot of good guys not clubhouse. And you know -- -- you know if anybody has the best about league it's got to be Boston. During the -- baseball case in put priorities. In order here's as far as you what you think is most important to win is that I've always felt bull pens win in lose compost season because. Stars Mike model but earlier there's more stress in the -- -- quicker hook and the game is decided seven to nine. I agree eluded -- right now I mean -- you've got a matchup. All these -- -- Erica but got great start emergency got to match that up to starve to -- match up. And obviously the -- we're gonna do what they do with the most these teams get it it's gonna come out when those dark dramatic game you know do you have a shut down type and bank of those guys you know slam the door and get the Ewing -- when when you need to in the ninth. How much tighter quality at bats in these post season games John I mean a looking your successor especially in that World Series one hit 529 sub -- player that. Succeeded I had that whatever you want caught clutch whatever but can explain the difference between a regular season bat when she in the post season. While video you you know you you know -- they have they have -- candy noted we have environment. You know when you come to the park that day you can just feel it. And you know with the excitement in the air as -- able by the got a player. Yep and not get caught up in that you know you have to be able to take deep breath yet to be able to back it down for competitors to regular game. And Columbia business you know do do your job responsibilities. It is stuff about I thought guys in the World Series in those -- you know you know struggle a little bit you felt like. Man -- want the same guys they -- and -- courtesy because they just got caught up in the and then in the emotion of the of the post season. And got a little anxious so you know I just got -- -- Von. We're talking to Sean Casey form of the Red Sox now seem all common -- network the reason I bring that up golds came on last night he's out of control and heat he mentioned with Bradford spear. That he moved to -- looks at this team and said if I was a GM I would take our team because we have so much playoff experience to go to our roster. And a lot of guys to play in the post and that's a big deal you viewed as a as a big deal that we that it you've had a chance to go through a first time it's easier than -- and thrown directly into it you know try to make -- with a younger team. I think it's a big deal I have a big deal just because. You know what or when it comes time that pressure situation in the eighth and ninth in the got the base close to out there you know big situation fans -- -- he would say you know and and dependent if you've been there done that been you know the demeanor you're supposed to have you know that you know you have that confidence. That they OK I have been here before it's not -- -- but it's your first you know sometimes you get caught up in the moment caught -- about a motion. And you know maybe it'll play that it has been an and you don't have a -- while. -- -- just wondered are we underestimated the Oakland ace because I'm looking at this team is a look at the month of September and really the way they've swung the bat this is not. The Oakland a's teams have the other -- pitched inaudible over the a struggle score runs they scored a hell of a runs a total runs in a lot of home runs two and -- ballpark. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't get lauer I know these little Flores Buckeyes do -- loud remark and then -- -- you get -- You know do what he's been doing it by -- -- that to play every day and pick -- these healthy by got to help you see that we -- Giamatti and almost -- but -- we can beat. And Josh Stiles the man that -- You know possibly the MVP of the American League -- -- in the competition obviously. You know he's been in over 300 all year long and then drive -- that much about it and don't forget about that citizens who -- these guys. -- the one thing about opening that they can -- it would wants in the back united that they could go through the whole game and not letting them -- Put -- -- on the border hurry so it's a dangerous lineup. Well happy said they got that the sewage issue Cammie this is unbelievable -- player in Europe a playoff team and -- you make it a legit running short of the ballpark and it rains and Oakland that day. You might have ten to twelve inches of sewage. In your club house back in a manager they got clean that up in Openshaw. They got they got to clean it up to them literally -- Got. It's doubly when you have. You've got -- -- that you get in the -- by the smoke and -- garbage you know I mean it's obviously probably. Unacceptable and I think eventually they need to giving obviously -- new stadium more or you know or. You know get out of the coliseum. Are you guys -- pushing to have unbelievable coverage throughout the post season they gonna. Stick you with my alarm with a gonna tricky because away from one another row what's the. You know -- I'm glad to be -- -- in late march. I did not -- Beirut Baghdad. Did you just say. He just said it did little arsenals like hot garbage is -- Anderson. Brought up you know he's got like the pretty boy like cal boy Elijah like David cowboy -- -- a year -- you're both bond you out of these liked. You know he's up to wrap the kinda you know got the highlight scholarship awards the. He wants to be elected dirt dog but he -- from Texas -- says that hot tips and fake teeth. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Outlook on our. We do it's going to be a great which MLB network appreciate the time and all tucked in on the road equity talking Basel you do. -- variation I brought the -- part of that because it's. Sean Casey in that World Series Ryan and I forgot about deciding goal looked a big loss to Saint Louis on 2006. Wasn't the case these bats 525292. More runs five runs batted in. Nine hits in 7018. Plate appearances. I didn't walk but I don't know PS -- that World Series of one point 556. Casey have there deductibles and that's going to be interest and and Gomes talked about last night images to show on this was Gomes. Last night on the road to October talking about playoff experience on his Red Sox team. Mean it was so many veterans gene marker says keynote are so many. You know past experiences. There's still many you know playoffs. Pressured playoff tested players. You know there -- so many. You know in between -- -- and outside the lines stories you know that they have -- their little baseball all so that being said. You know there are so many baseball junkies got warning here you know about everyone's individual -- And wanna -- everyone's scouting report that they have like this one time you know five or time in no way we played distract you to do this. He can't hit this and now it did you know I used to play with this guy -- so they know all the stuff. But. You know I mean last year that you got co -- -- -- went down the stretch into the playoffs with you know five rookie starters. With that being said the occurred occurred -- that you can the peaceful all based on the order speaker. Yet and he went on to talk about you know if you -- general manager. If he's going after a team like this Red Sox team. One thing that really stands out to meet and it's the one thing that's standard stood out -- mean the second or -- in the clubhouse and Fort Myers. Is -- to build a change your -- GM. And you're able to put some pieces together. What would you pay what would you do what would you collect. Personally piper had an opportunity. I would go laughter playoff experience. Now put up experience kind of like. Like he's gonna have this year is no wonder then that where experience but it appears from he. -- -- I mean we got Stephen Drew and her owner in Oakland we you know Napoli each axis and kind. So all he -- got Victor Reno was fairly. Myself. But the couple -- The public and -- you know are starting nine. Immediately put -- period. That being -- what she see that first pitch. But clay are you realize how different other game that is so alone. I mean it can already structured it you know -- have to worry about -- Howard they get a handle the pressure. How -- that you know you know hostile environment -- -- -- -- all the guys were -- -- Does this stuff for Gomes last night with Mikey and Alex and our rob but I -- is a side note when Jonny Gomes -- if I was a GM. That's a scary proposition. Like twenty years from now. We're doing interviews with general manager of the Boston Red Sox Jonny Gomes and he's doing team building after -- -- lights and the crowd. That's a scary thought yeah you are affected. As far as experience where we're coaches kind of knowing what to expect and knowing what your emotions will be it. You give it to up to play playoff baseball game it's natural so what you have to do is you have to control that and yet the downplay it and try to as much as possible. It's your emotions in check the reports like regular season game. And play like that how do you do that well you meet its. Its shift the balance and as much as -- don't never get to that point like it's a regular season game because your emotions. It's just it's it's natural organic it's just they're right your fired up. But the ones who've never been there before maybe didn't realize it's like that and don't Knoll. -- it's going to be elect picked by the time they get an inch Jack. Already over series over series all Moriarty in your own head -- usual for twelfth and used in your fight to get out of it. Because when you speed things up you know now all of a sudden as a hitter. -- have that same approach that major -- all year you know you know longer patient looking for one pitcher overly aggressive. In all or pitcher on the mound you know your your already your -- hyped up the overthrow the baseball. In your spiking curve ball to throw curve balls over the guy's head because you're so whipped up. It's the ones that can slow it down even more than the others the -- that have had a experts Noelle what to expect. That just played their level what made him great the first place. And I think that's that's a key and we -- you know what demotion. It that are coming you can control that the data helps. Well angle thinks it helps and he was great last night with the boy she could find out on demanded WEEI dot com 61777979237. A phone number AT&T text line. Is 3793 said you set that the Shawmut is talking a few minutes ago. We under rated the openings. And not only the Oakland a's but where we are right now on the American League with their game play last night we are all even all these five games to go. And what lies ahead. And how this Oakland a's team get to this point we'll talk about that with your calls next.

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