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Tom Brady: "I don't make any personnel decisions"

Sep 23, 2013|

Tom Brady joined the show to discuss the big week 3 win over Tampa. Tom denied the NFL Network report that he had contacted Deion Branch and Brandon Lloyd to rejoin the team.

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Welcome back for the final -- doesn't Callahan on a patriot Monday our conversation with Tom Brady -- brought you by north -- electrical distributors. The cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and press that -- -- that credit union. He has always joins us on the AT&T. Hotline good morning mr. Brady how are you are report. I'm its overly simplistic to say what we saw yesterday it was largely. A result of ten days of quality practice and study. I think that. That would help. You know that their foreign help and the preparation. Wouldn't say that's the only factor and I think this is kind of the way we've been. Practice and over and over all spring and summer. Well obviously trying to improve our consistency and our ability history bunch that plays in order to support me and so. Obvious is better than our first weekly. I'm going to buffalo when we battled -- play good situational football you know one game you know last week we. You know with us from opportunities but by the very good defensive football team and then. With inclement weather in the second half -- a -- moved the ball and yes since about -- treatment stay with us some force on the field but I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In -- where we're just -- battle on them and you know this week is. It another big challenge for us so. The first time we're really on a regular week where we have you know there are setting another -- confident. So are organized hit a look at the -- without too. Tom you rent a rent a 158. And fifty didn't want it to success six yards very effectively particularly the second half. Is it usually the results of the defense a response to the defense and they is there is -- in the colored diamond you're looking at a -- and on the run the ball or do you go into the game saying we can run the ball against this team. I don't think we really weren't that different we could run the -- they were the first trains run defense in the league last year. So. I think once we. We felt like we found someone that we likely -- spoke with a in the basket a great job fighting holes -- Great job blocking. Both Brandon but -- -- Ryan Garrett had a good 100 -- Really felt really hard decisively so so it was great contribution from the back. In a game where we really you weren't sure what was -- out of Iraq. I would the would we know the rookie every the word of the -- progress. The profits seem to -- make real progress particularly the rookie receivers. Was there ever -- point -- of the rookies went the wrong way and -- thought about yellen out of that hole I have to be careful here. Because that wanna make a big deal about my body language. I think you know here and -- ball ball. You know I truthfully I don't ever really think about that -- It's an emotional person and player. Or get out there and you -- moment one emotion that I learned -- and -- You know I -- art art young -- does such a great job and I fully yet certain expectation that part they expect it becomes. In you know straight from college did go to the -- proxy draft didn't play like turn direction but not always. You know that rookie pitchers learning -- and we're all trying to learn each other officers. Who have a long train their circular and your rights and as much as anybody out it is now well. You know that is important part. But if it was a guy contributions for the Watergate. That we spread the ball on the mountain. You know we we are competitive as some good options as we could put -- good drives better so. It fits our -- except possibly the burden on the offense here fall one position and the pitfalls -- only the receivers are only the tighter and so then you become. Pretty easy soft so I think what we -- that great Charlie yes it was utilizing everybody's. Basically that's plate ever see every skill position guys that played. -- make some critical places the -- So after the first touchdown to pumpkins that made it 73. That men hug I assume was spontaneous and just emotional and it was you considering that you need to send a message of approval and an appreciation for what he just bit. No assists and that's kind of what -- you know almost like ball and I was excited it was its first touchdown yellow. That's pretty cool ordinary got one last weekend. And at another point -- booted out ordered and I. Karen browse you know done a great job I think -- as an undrafted free agent recovered and play the way that he play it is you know really crazy -- -- physical toughness and confidence in the fall. Irritability there on the field the work hard and you know he's he's been a lot of fun but it. Tom I was at the game -- with my daughter -- her six year old daughter -- where Tom Brady Jersey. She's offense is because -- -- to meet me just show up the -- ministers for Tom -- she did it got a good deal so I couldn't tell I was there. On that pick in the end zone was a re looking for Saab fell to Dobson on that. -- They're they were publicized so that there was 101 on the back in Arizona and I just threw it. Obviously. Not where I want it it was a year. They're just took a bad play and we're bad well bad decision everything so -- as those who wanted to. You know can be totally eliminated -- happens so I was pretty. Bummed about that one on my. To keep open nine last night. You understand and yes in other ways are that good I don't know what I think is an older player you. You know our expectations are so I would so what you what you do something like as you -- winner Dellucci it's just it's gonna -- pitchers but I. You know I get over you know pretty quickly and then you know we -- the next week and I'm glad it caught designator and they -- like that I'm glad it was just. Spirited out. Not really -- -- -- -- much of an impact on the game and although I would much rather extraordinary it's a touchdown two plays earlier. Or on the clip before but it it's just so happened. I was in the -- yesterday. Yes bloggers were pointing out your warts QB is one opportunity second quarter you seem to lock in on -- filled up the interception. But you ignored or didn't see the wide open element and Tompkins AB already see that on film or did you realize after you've made the throw the -- and complete -- the other two guys wide open. That's -- terrific record in. You know -- we -- we're trying to -- our way and we were expected note appear to be covered. Under -- gotten. Oh sure it would obviously it's doing sit back and -- tree. And Tompkins to adopt and take place they do what did it well. Yeah you know we were were pretty good play action scenes -- -- -- -- -- line does a great job on the backs are great job on. You know kind of you know where we were trying to explain use it's equally as well though. And evidence that. Or vote covered -- if they. Those -- one wish I would. See you know the whole concept in. You know we -- opportunity here. I -- I think it was during the game that was the reported by NFL network that you had to -- contacted two former receivers. To gauge their interest and I I didn't see the press covers after the game you shut that down correct. Yeah I don't know where those you know some of those. Report comes around it and operate our relations with every guy I've ever played within certain regard they are sure they are so much that's burned in the people that. I said the post -- on the closest. I don't make any personal decision that'll. It. Popular coach Belichick well bring -- players backer. Now that I've never been able to control. You know personnel decisions that I. Now a player like everybody else. You know -- scouting department. And people that make those decisions then I'm. I -- last people who are ever absolute polled about what we're doing our players felt. I kind of just mind my own business and you know try to play quarterback it's best -- yeah I would try to -- -- incident that happened one. So as best as you can tell Tom has built cast his lot with this group of skill set players that you have and not actively looking to the upgraded improved at that you're gonna sink or swim with the guys pretty much that are on his team. Well I think that's you know the expectation differ. Get better and improvements and the guys we have the guys that we practiced with. And then played with the first three weeks so. I mean luckily we've. You know no one thought -- would be out at this point don't thought you know what -- it was. Hernandez was -- -- wouldn't have been no thought if he would be I would not want such and you would be out and we got. You know there's kind of argued to a full circumstances but that's for you know what let's bring it out so we're we're trying to build -- every -- and you know our search for a slim margin as varied that the practice -- -- and air we're really lucky if you look at it. -- as an offense that was defense -- it as good as they've been used for extremely well. You know we've got to do a better job quote what I got to play better quarterback. Most importantly -- what I'm trying to focus on the they're out but what if I can control so. On the -- have a great week of practice goes in Atlanta. Plays really well all I'm gonna be a big if -- underwater suit itself. You know they better serve our backs are against the war so we got a thought these are our best offensive performance in Europe summit on. Tom if you -- the falcons defensive coordinator and you look at the stats and more importantly you look at the film and you see that yesterday Brady targeted eight different receivers. 36 times for 25 completions and three different running backs made significant contributions and -- by the way you rectify the arts. What does it offensive coordinator -- when he sees that there no fewer than twelve or thirteen skill set guys involved in this office yesterday. Yet almost guys found -- all the all all -- guys that we Obama feel we have confidence in so. I've always said the guy that's my favorite for their receivers to want to get so that it. We had a lot of guys yes they delegate -- catch in the ball and you're a great job protecting the traffic. You know we have more opportunities out there there but I really took -- manager of so. You know there's this court this quarter Mike Nolan says. A bit recorder to start on a bunch of occasions so. You know he has an idea of what our offense is all about. What the -- although the flavor offered -- a little bit different than what it's been in the past where. Bit different skills -- players that we have so. I think most important for us RXQ has been the most important and artistry in that does a lot of things Atlanta was terrified their players. Especially in the secondary with a hot day here. You know if -- say he's got a really good player so. And they and they always play well home so there -- certain number of its own trivia release. These are the atmosphere. Are so we're we're gonna have to bring our best. You pretty attack charger do you pay any attention to the stuffed on the national stuffed -- in the weeks I mean you were this story here. Random tests -- gonna ask that to your attitude toward toward the -- -- Kellan yeah for you element of talk talk Jackson yesterday. -- of the pregame show call directions. Deplorable and said -- you know he was uncomfortable watching you. Yell at these receivers you deep shock that's a club in your head as motivation do you think about it all is that Rico's daughter -- ignored. Well it's strictly I don't hear about any of that. You know I. Like I. I think those guys are -- You know let's say say I have an understanding of how much I care about -- them achieve their. And you know everything that goes on the field is about winning so. You know there -- a lot of trust and confidence to one another and I know that analysts what you do and their allies. You know and out. What guys I was to do our our offense their first you know raising -- and so -- there's one side or another side so. -- -- There's a motion for the game and it's an emotional game and and you know I I know that I'd I'd play it. Though how much I care about them how much I care about -- achievement and that's ultimately the goal for us. Ever you know we've got a pretty ticked up to this point 33 attempts and freeware. So. No it's gonna try to keep getting better coach always talks about ignore the -- Not believe in what they -- says good or bad about -- is that. Anybody in the media or your parents feel different here larger girlfriend and just try to focus on. The process of improving and getting better it seems so. -- we need to immediately get better we're far from fifteen were going to be and product we're gonna need our Pacificare. Speaking of caring about things and I'm not sure why I care about either one of these -- they certainly qualify as minutia but on the first sneak up the one etc. the field goal but the one that set up the a second touch on -- make it 143. Was that they called play or did you get the line audible that based on you saw some open space to your right. I doubt if that was a you know -- -- -- you know coached. I did a great job and understand what they do it the defense then and you know that I got a chance. You know -- and there are so it's -- -- -- -- expert good plays Cotchery Arctic glacier and then not not. One that started very often. So -- -- our coaches offensive line coach in Josh. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nobody. You know big place. And the second minutia who is Rita and what does that mean. We a lot of calls. So that's stature as one of our different calls that we make. Good -- Iraq. Basically you know who are we ordered a player blockers and we do a lot back. A lot of teams are doing that now these days they're a lot balls on the quarterback and you know that. Really been part of our effort that they've gotten a lot but he's now are. There are trying to picture best matchup so. You know I think we have achieved -- you know we do for our offense a -- are so Smart they get those Satan and are you football at all -- about angles and position. And world trying to get the right blocking angles and so -- so which is the way to basically coordinator or are trading. Our offensive but I strategy. Jose -- is somebody's girlfriend wife. You know I don't know where they come from. I'm not a part goes to the news you know they can make up words and we're supposed to -- and so that's where our -- -- challenging her so much memorization. And there's really -- carry over from. Are achieved any other so when you get a lot of that your players. So basically -- -- more -- become -- -- -- saw memorization yeah and it's really based on something that they probably never heard it. It's it's a look different when you get rookie player is the first thing they learned. Because you can typically that we have -- really built on a street particularly Smart. Football player. You are offensive system because were able. You know do so many things formation in the personnel groupings. Calls and checks the line of scrimmage so. You know if we if we report to -- and help in some and so you know are you guys. Really listen to what Allen and dissect what we're trying to do and then you know we ought to be on the same page -- -- -- Even -- boldly ran the ball three times it was an important 51 yards however in the second quarter he stopped running I guess he was probably second or third -- fourth under progression. And didn't think he was part of that play in spite of his positive contribution to that team yesterday and that game yesterday will be here about that having stop on that on that. That pattern on the right sideline. Well I think you know everybody there sometimes where you are part of why didn't you run up in practice a bunch of times that you never get the ball and others. But an opportunity where you know you've got a -- more you know he really wasn't. The first freedom -- particular fight I. You know our our order a fair and there are no reports so yeah illegal contact -- good group backed up for a long yard situations that that. We. You know I brought got to stay alive that you're you're really never know what happened over the course we'll play it but it. I'm the other part of me to recount or Watson and whatnot but aren't there. Another running back anyway so. To reconcile their option. After the game Tom Logan Mankins talked about oh how great it is to watch the defense to appreciate -- a real good stout defense it's unusual let's face knowing and you guys are used to win and you know 3531. And 3520. Do you feel like for a change. You have a team that can win thirteen 101713. And win a ugly defense of battle. Well I think what -- you -- this program you know over the course curt Sampson and training camp is that there that are very true in the competitive. People are so. It you're really good job here after the passer they do a great job of yes now already being -- contributions from everybody a lot of guys forehand. So. Are we here are -- -- if they extract the -- -- this season and irreparably. Why not always so offensively we know that we've got a picture -- on -- the Oprah be different or will we are scored. You know in the thirties and we're where we historically incorrect there about third down our exit -- shouldn't you know better than what it's for the last three weeks and -- -- defenses really. You know it's so huge -- in all of those courses. As an office that -- watch and different. Earlier rafts and other quarterbacks drafted quarterbacks interception by -- And the second quarter with a huge hole you know and -- -- -- also. It was earlier all of routes in the effort and defense certainly work. You know plan you know sort of -- Barbara fire which is -- you know a great thing if they sit on the side I don't watch other teams shut shut it off myself. Picked up during practice. Against your defense which -- those guys is the biggest pain in your but as a channel urgent Ninkovich is to keep somebody else who gives you fits on your defense. What that you know where it it's -- it's so. Europe you don't get a rush Iraq very very good effect and you know you don't cover I think you're not -- very -- rush so effective all about he -- and you know there's -- call the personnel groupings and different guys that are making different place like the chair leg until they expire. Two hi how -- we got a great group linebacker in the secondary they're so competitive. The other thought you'd be broke out there are stressful legal -- besides we got hurt so bad apple awesome -- spoke. It's it's definitely a team effort and its -- coordinated between the whole group. You know got it done such a great job of limited the teams that we played such forward says. Really low scoring elsewhere. You know we did it look back and order situation going record that'll Wear off and get better and deeper and continue to do what they've been ordered will be. You know hopefully. You know in good shape. -- -- -- who's the last guy you'd wanna meet in a dark Alley on your defense wouldn't be. -- the bug in -- named him a key spikes Chandler Chandler Vince Young his brother -- -- -- -- rather rather. Yeah -- picture on February that would be the last war. Didn't know children. You're a local. True a Tom you've been three -- -- twice -- you know what that feels like he knew what it feels like going to work today and I don't ask you to project but if you are quarterback of an 03 team at the stage in the season let's say your Eli Manning heading into the facility today or your Ben Roethlisberger. A burger heading into the facility today what must that feel like in your brain and in your -- Well it's it's hard to win game and that's the concept that our little woman and every year every team that's hopeful that senator gonna go. -- three weeks ago. You know on the one. Expects to don't want everyone expects to be strait islanders know -- can't understand why he would be 03 you're -- you know -- it to me but. That's why they're scoreboard inflated and and if you -- exactly -- you matchup against these other teams have always -- How hard it is to win being exactly what you win games you have to appreciate. That you want around. You know but at the same time you realized that what happens. Yesterday. Has no bearing on what happened that week -- You've got to put the same effort you gotta put the same amount preparation for the following week. And that's the way that you it's been that's our -- can consistently play gets better from week to week so -- improvement happen. In the practices and the and so you can't expect -- You know X could prove that they didn't -- got to improve every week of practice and that's why your coach Belichick those are the best job for. Repair and I think you're not ready each week so that we and you know make those groups put a lot of pressure on us to do better so. That they. You know that was really good week for us last week it would have similar week this week this is. This is a huge game and our schedule again that. You know we come out for an hour that would be you know -- huge -- for working. All right on the docket via. Already with Dennis and Callahan our conversation with -- is brought to you by northeast electrical distributors beat cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess. And crescent credit union. And as always Tom joins us on the AT&T hotline the nation's fastest and now most reliable four GL TE the network.

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