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NFL.com's Fantasy Expert Michael Fabiano on the Trent Richardson trade

Sep 20, 2013|

Fabiano joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Trent Richardson trade and also answers questions about Week 3 fantasy matchups.

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Should amend that lets you know that the lines are loaded up as the always are the second we talk about this of you wanna get your questions in about one attacks the men. At 379 B 3737937. On Twitter at -- Maloney a month WEEI at Michael. Underscore -- beyond -- Michael's abbey on who joins us the -- doesn't say your Yankee fan but GRE well and a his seat today Michael that it is up over three yankees. It was over it last week it was over after we got swept by -- The Red Sox. It's hard for me to sit back as but it's over now it's one -- time repairs done. And it's done that and my beloved yankees -- August -- last week Michael between its he has an affinity reality type weakened reality was the yet the regrets not pretty much ended the -- season I believe and an outfit is she part was do you actually smoked me this last week it fantasy. Yeah we'll let -- I didn't if I didn't win I was calling in sick this for the show. Us. Yeah I'm in Europe. Let let's start off with obviously you know the big trade and a guy in Trent Richardson who edit looking at some touchdowns in Cleveland but the yards were always there. How big of an impact of that have him on him moving forward as well as others on that Indianapolis Colts to. It's a great move return Richardson in the long term because he goes to a team with Andrew Luck he was in Cleveland where. Defense is -- release stack the line of scrimmage to stop him because bring in -- wasn't that big of a -- Now if you try and stack the box against Richardson Andrew Luck -- -- sell it to great move for Richardson. Actually did -- show with the colts this morning and it's it's funny how they have discreetly did you running to actually go back and Eric Dickerson Marshall -- entering James and I got her Richardson. If restrictions on your fantasy team you're a little bit concerned this week because you don't know how many -- he's gonna get but long term this is a great move. I also like -- for Andrew Luck hey you know what when you've got a good running back in the backfield even that evens out the -- that balances things out. And there with the likes to run this this real rough. You know ground game sort of offensive attack -- I think it's good for luck there I don't see any bad. You know bad moves that this is going to do to effect in terms of the colts' offensive skill position players and their fantasy value now if you go to Cleveland. Boy I don't know what they're doing with that team Michael Barr is a friend of mine and I hope that they they do real well with with the draft next season. But for now. The best thing about the browns is that you start every defense that plays them in Tennessee football including the Minnesota Vikings this week. Willis McGahee. I listen I when I heard he was trying to for the browns I picked him up and every week because he was ultimately the best running back available on the waiver -- all my leagues because the running back position is bearing. This week to start McGahee. Probably not -- mean desperation -- but down that offense could be in some trouble this week and with Brian Hoyer at quarterback Woolsey. Go off last night's game for a second it was a tough night for the eagle -- turn over their Michael Vick -- feel differently. About their office now with a three weeks sample size in terms of was some of these stars for the Eagles might end up being in fancy this year. No it is the first couple weeks you know they they played the Redskins and they don't have a great defense in the the chargers need to have a great defense now they're in an OT -- got it a -- difference there. In Kansas City. And if you read the guy there was a lot of motivation there is a lot of emotion. And -- I chalk this one up to -- the Eagles had a bad night -- turnovers. Michael Vick. -- not turn the ball over three times would have scored right on point as you point to still had a big game 95 yards rushing and fortunately -- -- points for those turnovers. -- was fantastic I think it was everywhere not holding their breath when he went down. In that game every fantasy owner in the world who had LeSean McCoy it was like all know. And luckily he came back looks like he's going to be OK the char Jackson. Didn't have a great game had six Spanish she points. But you can't expect these guys to put up gangbusters numbers. Week in and week out IE and selling high end Michael Vick right now because every single game it seems like he comes out he's a little hobbled these little banged up. So if you do you have a solid number one like and what might -- to have Andrew Luck and Michael Vick. I'm looking to trade. 61777979837. Your phone number I expect we'll get some. Richardson questions knowing what my -- just settle factor that embodies in Dorchester Bobby. Hey we're -- I think human AM. If you hourly. And that that's -- -- and I was thinking about profit and it was curled up into a running back and playing either notion on Marino or Brandon Myers. I wouldn't play tight end over Richardson in a PP our league I would place Sproles this week and -- -- -- notional Marino. He's been really under rated what a good game he had last week he -- the giants would a couple of touchdowns. Now plays on Monday night against the raiders. Who have been good against the run this year but they haven't really faced anybody. Who's had a great running game so in this case. I would err on the side of caution -- bench for that your return riches and unless I hear on Sunday that he is going to be developed out that he is gonna get. Alt key areas and they don't care about the fact that he does know the offense just yet. But domestic push because of you run a big deficit is a big question a couple of backups -- that you might still play anyway skylights here so Baltimore I guess. Who knows Ray Rice you can still play and Brady right and and Ben Tate in Houston which -- to play both of them even though it up and get all the carries. Well at this point Ray Rice is a question mark he's gonna be game -- -- -- practice today and guys you know that when you practice on Friday. Your big question mark for her first Sunday games so we'll see what happens pierce could end up he's got that you're gonna start as a -- this weekend. Especially if ray -- out of action I'll give you another guy public George -- In Detroit Reggie Bush did return -- practice today but how healthy is -- in the play in the redskins' defense is probably. One of the tour three worst in the league in terms of getting a fantasy points. Ben Tate as a -- starter. You could do worse I'm not -- -- that I don't love to start number two running backs below -- another one. Great matchup against the bills he's the starter -- entry of the secret diaries is seen as being more respected running back but he them below pol. You start him as a potential flex guy. We're talking about changing -- here guys we're talking about twelve and fourteen team we were going a little bit deeper. But yet you're right there certainly are some backup running back out there who do have some value this week we're going to be played a couple of right jock was Rodgers is gonna be playing. Because Stephen Jackson is out. I don't love Rodgers as much as standard league but in a PP our league. I'm starting him in -- -- to Miley says -- Unfortunately a plane Joseph this weekend and I lost Jackson I've got to play Jason selling which are not thrilled about but at least he's going to -- goal line work -- I'm opening get a touchdown. I'm -- root for you over Joseph this weekend jolly about it on man. Just as in shelves for just what the F Michael Fabiano. They are going to have them have a two part question let's first what is our FitzGerald -- -- Sunday who recommend our bench Antonio Brown you opened. Forum -- scored well by teaching him for the weekend. Must not quite so sorry. -- Reggie Bush promotes its real from the weakens. But we need to worry me also have to keep bill which you start him or Reggie Bush. Reggie Bush is starting for the lions he's got to start over Drake bell. And in Edmonton we we don't have we don't have the inside of these coaches in there were on their heads in terms of what they're planning on doing. From a play by play basis though. I would if if bush is active and starting for the lions that I stardom over Drake bell there some risk involved there's a little bit banged up. But I can only go by what the lines are doing out there and if they're starting bush and unless they're rushed. At wide receiver I don't like the matchup for Antonio Brown very much but I would start him over to you -- -- this week. -- FitzGerald is going to be fine that they're talking about him. Dealing with this in string that he is expected to play. So I'd sort of be surprised if he didn't play especially if he's practicing today Sean and Portland with a wide receiver question a -- Our guys at -- I don't recover from an -- and through art we know whether -- start Eddie Royal might William we. While I would go with Eddie Royal. I hate the -- not -- while he's -- and the Buccaneers. I don't like the matchup and really Mike Williams as one of those guys where he's almost like. The Kyle Rudolph wide receivers because -- touchdown he doesn't do anything for he's typically not gonna put up major yardage totals whereas Eddie Royal. -- touchdowns and two weeks you really can't. -- -- my problem Eddie Royal why do you Ellis who's gonna five touchdowns to -- your fantasy and might hurt my crystal well everyone's radar you wouldn't give us Eddie -- my my crystal ball. It was out of commission. And Eddie Royal -- come -- -- I know under real editorial. Has five touchdowns he's got more touchdowns than -- FitzGerald Andre Johnson Julio Jones combined I mean it's unreal. We have a couple Twitter questions as well half point PPR Lamar Miller -- Bernard that's -- I'm gonna go with Lamar Miller although it's your Bernard is an -- coming player I just. I don't like the fact that he still losing a lot of carries. Too dangerous criminals and it's not close if you look at percentages in terms of carries between the two guys I'm expecting it to shrink. As the season goes on right now I have a little bit more -- In Lamar Miller. I'll talk to David -- and make your phone calls -- Michael abbey on -- I gave. By doing good. Thanks guys I was wondering about down overtures and horse Steven Ridley. Well really. Guys -- what is happened to read the over the first couple weeks I'm surprised. That they don't run the football more considering their lack of faith in the wide receivers. That the patriots have this this season with -- still out and gronkowski obviously still very unlikely. To play. I would still play Ridley this week over there Richardson. The cowboys' run defense has not been bad so far this season and I don't like the matchup for a leader. Against the Buccaneers who have been really tough. Destiny is a coin toss I just have a little more faith in Ridley because he has more skins on the wall they -- Richardson. We're we're do you have Tom Brady anyways so before you weekly rankings because united. Is still LB gotta start him I would think but is it a wait and see here still moving forward. I have -- right outside of the top ten guys. He has scored 26 fantasy points this season which. Peyton Manning almost doubled up in his first game. I was a big fan of -- coming into this season regardless of what was going on. Around into the -- attack have a lot of aid in this -- in this guy because he is Tom Brady is a future hall of Famer. But if I have Matt Ryan start -- for Brady I have Romo and start him over Tom Brady if I have. Now -- -- Stanford I'm starting them over Tom Brady. But I'm not getting crazy to the point where I am starting Bradford or Eli Manning or any dollar armory and I'm not at that point just yet. I seed Jo in the studio -- a question Michael -- -- yeah I'm an attorney crush on you become a -- this week. ORS but west Pacific team against Cuba wanna know about Andrew Luck the street going up against the 49ers that you benched him for maybe like a match -- quarterback number to. No. And I don't know for -- job. I. I still like -- I know this is a bad match up. Also remember though that Aaron Rodgers to street this defensive backfield in week one. Okay Andrew Luck is not Aaron Rodgers back place and right now he's going to be around that level sooner than later. I wouldn't I wouldn't actual look and listen. For example I had Michael Vick on the team and we know Michael Vick -- have a great game last night. But I would have been a move that that it would have made if I have locked in again 88 Romo I like -- matchup in Saint Louis but. There comes a point where there's that -- at every position. And right now I have look at number twelve at quarterback behind Tom Brady. And so look at the numbers mean there's plenty quarterbacks that I would not start over Andrew looks like stick with a mayor's job in Baltimore. I I'd rather starting to look. I texture of the question in the normally I would just pass -- by. If it's this week which Julian Edelman or Marcus Colston but I think about it. Well he's got to get all the work your nine -- joke about it's not a crazy courtroom it's it's not equation is a crazy question and I'll answer it this way. If you are -- -- PP our league. Start Julien settlement. If you're a standard league start Colston and elements a guy who can touch 81012 passes. Every every week according did last week yet so many targets he didn't have any yardage and I -- -- in the end zone but in reporting had a couple of touchdowns so. APR league right now as shocking as this may sound Julian Edelman is a top fifteen wide receiver and as you football. Heads exploding everywhere at a real atoms in a car Adam what's up -- Michael Fabiano on the line. They had been on it I'm at a couple quick ones and I'm Mark Miller nausea and Marino the speaker -- flex and also aren't we thought where. Our -- RG three going forward are both of those guys. Well Marino as the guy that I would start. At running back again it looks like he is the guy in Denver at least the guy that the -- -- and remember now -- the offensive lines. Even more banged up with the injury to Ryan -- They're gonna -- running back out there who can expert and -- best pass protector on -- that triumvirate -- and they have in the mile high city. Really between Lockheed RG three to play in the match -- that week you really are in and to be quite honest with you -- -- I I. Guys one thing I can't stay in more than anything else in Tennessee football is when you have two superstars at a position you know he's gonna play one every single week. I hate having a great player my bench. And I can't play him. So much for -- -- or approval weaker part of my team. This week I like RG three. Between luck and RG draft I would I would go to Robert Griffin the third. But I would also be looking to trade one of these just because you could -- he could back up on the waiver wire quarterback Philip Rivers is up their top players out there. -- out their plumbers out there. There's -- guys be Smart about it make trades to -- we departure. You know I asked you before about matchups go up against certain defense is not that this much decision be made would Jacksonville going to Seattle but no doubt. When you have a guy that's somewhat questionable -- to stud the you to sit him up in Seattle. Place on the right now last week in my started incident column. I told people -- you aware of -- be aware of Davis and be aware of gore and I was wrong because you had to be worked -- predict it and he was. The whole team what was it was just awful for affairs perspective. Did the Seahawks defense could score thirty -- -- economic hitting. Okay that that offered to score 3.2 jaguars and I go to Seattle unless Seattle completely pleased on the level the competition they're gonna destroy that team. With nothing to -- It depends on match -- to be quite honest with you if I have Tom Brady playing in Seattle. And I have for example Michael Vick playing against the Redskins on plane and the -- Brady it all depends on what you have behind your starter but. The Seahawks defense makes even the -- players look better -- Aaron Rodgers last year and that controversial game. Hit a terrible games from a fan's perspective they are just dynamite in their home state. I'll root for this weekends are Bonham and -- -- -- -- -- help let me know and good luck Peter says these guys they gave me address. -- like that now you're like the name right you like the photo their tail of -- it it altered -- enthusiast and teams and good luck to your Boston Red Sox and if that's sound sarcastic ones thank you appreciate it all right guys. I don't care they -- Eric Michael Fabiano NFL. Network nfl.com. Joining -- speaking of fantasy football the week's three Mohegan Sun fantasy football league qualifiers. Have been posting to check out WEEI dot com slash play this -- the qualifiers for each week. It qualifiers in front either I -- other three -- back and forth on the Asian art art. Joseph your sister's TDs. Joseph prior -- -- hooked -- would you always the in this weekend to Mohegan -- team Reagan -- -- -- gets from midfield -- -- Christina Robin now of Providence, Rhode -- you're playing for -- the or play from my team you are looking live this -- -- -- you're gonna win and OT in the kitchen for -- kitchen. Ed cozy era from Drake it masks the bare midriff is Michael for -- Donald's team. Steve Hawkins junior from oak -- Connecticut Peter king's team Greg Hill hollow so Worcester mass and the bloody -- says Kathy shoals from stores Connecticut Huskies the dry humps Neal Anderson from Attleboro mass and playing under protest last week's winner actually. Mark Herbert from Westfield mass. How concerned are you question people -- it's a name Tommy -- team Dave macaroni Johnson allowing your double Tommy currency and fortunately Glen Hendrick and from sterling masses teamed up with the glorious Redford's -- efforts to an -- that team's terrible. Who picked -- team not him mangoes -- as my team last week or you'll bounce back pocket there 61777979837. The phone number and knowledge know Michael that beyond a joins us he's brought few buyer friends. At Sears we'll get your phone calls on pats and box Mike Reese will join us -- -- Is Rob Gronkowski you know play this weekend Mike -- coming up keep -- here.

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