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The Road to October: The potential playoff rotation for the Red Sox and a visit from John Farrell

Sep 16, 2013|

Rob Bradford and Alex Speier host another exciting edition of The Road to October. This week they break down the Red Sox potential playoff rotation and are joined by Red Sox manager John Farrell.

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There you have it. The road to October and rob Bradford WI dot com along with. VA's Alex -- the same organization greetings Alex -- rob. There's no better way to kick off a very very special road to October show was I eleven regular season games ago to beat docket for the next two hours. About the road to October. That no better way to -- off the legal right to the man who has let us down this path. Let us to this road to October -- leading the Red Sox straight into the final eleven regular season games and beyond. John Farrell Jon thanks -- -- Thank you for joining us an off day I know a couple days could be right back with though assault and all the year regular weekly appearance so misses this is very much appreciative. You taking some time and personal how you feel how you feel heading into. The last eleven regular season games -- -- infield and if Jones -- you're feeling like. It's coming down to the end here do you feel worn down how do you feel. I don't know yeah ever feel worn down completely put on you you know tall trees and our guys are -- to -- but. I didn't look at the outlawed at the outset -- at eleven games remain and and that kind of put that into perspective -- that. Sometimes it's sort -- -- -- you don't think about or yard to look up and then match the number of games remaining in because by the flash. And fortunately which at the position we are. There there have been some opportunities to rest some of the players at this stage of the season do you ever think. Maybe already charged maybe I'll take him you know maybe maybe I'll get thrown out in the first inning in just you know I have a night. You are not topic like capital fortunately here though the red -- -- out will work. Given that we came into the month of September leaving the division. And then we had. Some natural breaks we're starting order is off in the months I think they're cute touched despite that you -- -- to regroup a little bit -- -- well. The players are also look for other opportunities a couple of -- much like dust too much like the last couple innings. He's got all today and you'll look at other opportunities should pick him a little little bit closer we get into your local interest at this month. It -- curious because look like you said you've got a bunch off days here has that was today any different from any of these other off days because you're approaching. What could be the post season and maybe you have to prepare more or is it still let's sit back with three charge in this summer meetings another day. You have it or it will take place you know what when it's appropriate. But -- -- is still a battery charge more than me no no more than that -- -- we haven't accomplished anything yet even though we're inching culture. Are there and we all recognize that but I think the one thing that's been -- -- -- -- we've talked about the a lot to -- the wanting it's so great about this group. Is they don't get ahead of themselves and they that he focused on what they. He needs. I was focused on what -- situation present -- them. And I think that's that's what allowed us to stay -- through the course. Even more performance or injury or changes take place it's still a focal of our. So you're saying is I should ask you know -- a hundred games. Are a lot but I have a -- that is -- -- to clarify that -- -- like -- can you can -- all you want like a little. Do we know we're going to know what order were shutting out to win every night but also give guys a chance to your locker street. -- -- -- Well of what level touch on a couple of news of kind of news related inquiries before you jump into kind of a broader subject related to. One of the fascinating elements of this year's team primarily chiefly preparation which I think is an ill understood term but. Just curious you know you've alluded to the fact they're going to be a couple of calls coming. Coming out coming up tomorrow. Are you able to clarify who those are going to be. Well no we -- announced those yet and they'll they'll come out sometimes -- earlier tomorrow but you know it it it wouldn't be a -- the guys that have been here already this year. You know the wanting to spare and Mike Hazen and and the coaching chapters. Of while -- Feel it's important to expose -- war expose guys that are. You've been part of the organizational batting orders for some time and what September might mean to them. Reward that other reward certain -- actual contribution earlier -- things they're doing currently. But we also wanna be careful not to expand the groups so much. Because of what the core group and -- and the team -- the guys have been here the entire season are still focused on and -- that -- to make. Make it sound like there's a book by -- separate groups within the clubhouse it's just being respectful for the game and those sorts. Been here they want and trying to see. The job all the -- to a -- Although I will say one of the striking things about the group that you have is the way in which they've been able to integrate pretty seamlessly to guys who have called up you know not just from the standpoint of identifying roles for them and respecting those. But also seemingly. -- being very open about about bring them along you know the Zander Bogart's is -- the Brendan Snyder's of the world for that matter. I would who may lack familiarity how how important has that been to. You know with a guy like a Bogart's who is who's who's playing opportunities have been have been selective. -- to get him the opportunity to interact. In that almost collegial fashion with with so many of his new teammates. York I think the order to look at the root of that it is such -- grown core area and that quarters Pedroia Ellsbury salty. Ortiz. The addition. Of Victorino grown Napoli hit it a large score a large group and believe it a police and -- a B we we established -- spring training at the end and continue to grow throughout the course of the season but as you guys came -- It was very clear on not to where they still hurt but what was expected and that's you know that. Principally on Claire what a great player goes great week and obviously -- -- -- -- -- the coaches are outlined what are well worked at like. -- war should plug into the clubhouse. It's very clear on what your expectations are how we go our work so just aren't sure example of those guys dressing next. It's pretty good post -- applaud you because it's it's up and running. Every single night and they quickly find out may see what's important to -- that being today. I would prepare. And ultimately what we do over the course of the game on on a given night so that's what's been a lap that looked a lot those players can plug in its act. Large core group that upholds. What we expect each and every day. Does -- pointed -- you still some work to do so eleven regular season games ago. But I -- the though process of preparing for a post season all as always fascinated me. And just go back not looking at this year not looking ahead the go back to 200720082009. About what it was like preparing for those post season and maybe take us inside the differences in jest comparing it to just a regular season series. Both are former it should certainly have a copper -- one boards on the other hand that. Kind of reached the coaching staff look what he's seen the previous five days of that next opponent. We we can combine that was from extra personal history that we have individual guys we formulate our approach. From how we're gonna attract certain start patrolling right so -- organ or are there. Why not and that also include trouble -- that point out of position different where. That's a much help them to meet with the players have a disseminate that Richard you look so good at fifteen to twenty minute meeting. Couple -- towards and each guy. In contrast. You know what when you meet where it's. -- pro scouting staff all of our office in preparation for postseason opponent. There we natural for real Aberdeen and much more in depth breakdown of the Cuban team and that QB just putting more time at certain tendencies that an individual player shows. Certain coaches that he might show. So and then you begin to apply it. Maybe it would pitcher an -- -- Play the game out in those meetings were okay in a certain situations this is that you wouldn't want in this spot because we can posters I want having been rushed at. And you've got -- reliever at your disposal sleeping in the -- For -- them play it out in and not that old workshop away buildings to give you a heads up. And you kind of think it had to prepare for that. If this -- situation unfold so there's a lot or it's hard to voted on on small part of the game that might lead you to option a fiercely different parts. Obviously. The optimum situation for any team is setting up rotation heading into the postseason I'll preface it there and saying that I understand. -- still a lot of work to do -- in those times in those other playoff runs you remember ever thinking as you're lining up the pitchers. Not only is a guy fresh is a guy pitching well. But also contingent on how they match up against that particular team or not particular park. And that's probably should play more as we got past the first round. And then -- you looked at. Because -- this year so there from -- you know four days off between the end of the season and the possible for game. If it's we and if there's in order and they would have four days in between not playing game. There's people who they're kind of arrangement in the past we never had that option. You went from the last -- of the season. One day off in your next series' start so you you're you're rotational. Prepared -- -- to the water two options it was pretty clear. This this time -- we have the possibility of more. Options. But just looking at where rotation play out the remaining eleven games. When we go to Baltimore it's going to be Lackey Lester and pot holes that's what it's all that's what it's all out right now or 23 -- and start -- -- So match -- -- where we are in and I think probably one of those were gonna end up. Pitching game one for what are we get there. John one last question that event both for your way and again -- lol bring it back to news -- obviously today off for most guys but with the questions about how Jacoby Ellsbury has progressed in his recovery. Problem was I was there are any any change alteration or any any kind of new developments in his rehab today. Another hasn't you know since we were turned off last road trip -- Tampa and you know he -- -- obviously. I can come out of that -- daily or. Well strengthening your mobility exercises that are -- physical they are now so it's not so little intricate little listening to especially in a bag yet he's not running. I used to want to work. It in the training room and in the weight room. But more importantly it's it's really hard and that right now is the the main elements to it he'll let slight fracture is not possible. So they'll. You know -- as the clock a little bit. What we're still hopeful that he's -- -- return to a regular -- Well I will mention that -- you were around for the histories of both Manny Ramirez having been out out with injury and oblique I think in almost all September. 2007 and J. D. Drew having been sidelined for almost all September 2008. And both of them -- if memory serves were pretty good in the post season. Never wrote it what it I still picture ready if not all of it sure what you want to those Coke or a like -- at least a double play -- their era Rodriguez slid their vehicles closer and then. Other security would interpret the Grand Slam against Carmona. That would have been all seven still. You get the support your work character of this and sometime late this season but the hardships Almonte everyday play. It's I think it's easier for all pitchers than position players to kicker hardly at this point in the year. As -- it is coming out of spring training so they know a lot of preached to draw right now for our. Trying to get your daughter really appreciate you joining us and you're beyond a couple days assault and Ali so. Woolsey I guess tomorrow. You'll look toward to a -- interment. Well we continue what we've done is that this month has been has been. Pretty strong obviously there's some of the lost a little more empathetic toward park because. Arc -- he was so deep we've been able to rotate guys so huge attraction. And we're still -- -- we do that oval actual games. That's why predicting a hundred wins but that's a good job thanks for joining us pre and it brings out thanks. But John Farrell manager Boston Red Sox as I've pointed out a couple days and Wednesday will do his weekly apparent with salt and -- Always must listen to this is the road to October. I'm rob Bradford of WEEI dot com along with Alex beer WEEI dot com to join the conversation 617. 7797937. Or -- to tax the AT&T. Tax signed 37. 937 we're going to be taking you all the way up until Monday night foot by 8 at 8 o'clock would be talking all things Red Sox as he mentioned eleven regular season games ago. Alex what was your biggest take away from -- John -- I think certainly the certainly the way in which the rotation is going to lineup in in Baltimore tells us you know tells us a lot of don't think that certainly it's a surprise to hear that it's going to be. It's going to be Lester Lackey Buchholz going in not going in Baltimore but. You know that that should tell us a lot about you know where they're going to be kind of coming out they've used their -- three going forward for. The fact that he was so quick the volunteers that's what we're gonna -- Baltimore picked up for what it's worth also Ellsbury. I don't wanna say that it was more pessimistic than we've been hearing. Yeah I don't think. But it was still the we understand we're up against the time elementary and and I still I think you join me when I read guests today will he be back. Before the postseason that people Thomas still think that's the case. I do I I think you know and as he said and you know it's it's easier for guys to perhaps get the rhythm and timing back at the end and we've seen we saw that with and I believe Manning and drew basically returned. Worthy last weekend of the regular season in those respective seasons and they were. Really as formidable. Presences as the Red Sox had their lineups in 2007 in 2000 expect. Ogden -- number to join us on the road to October 617779. 7937. HTT -- -- 37937. If you kick it jacked up now you just kick it. All year long we've been talking baseball we've got the trade deadline show we've -- the road to October show starting in early August we've gone through all kinds of twists and turns but now here we are. Elaborate regular season games ago. And there's so much to talk about not only with the Red Sox but when we get back we're gonna break out exactly what. The Red -- could be facing when they hit the playoffs. In regards to potential wild card team. In regards to potential -- CS opponent who is the team to beat in the American League will talk about it next. Home. Well yes road to October. We're back with not a pothole on the road for hours ago I was like I got it and an Alex -- that's what we're talking about eleven regular season games ago. I'm rob Bradford WEEI dot com that Alex beer the same organization -- the road to October show me you all the way up until Monday Night Football 8 o'clock. Join the conversation 61777979837. Or -- TT -- -- 37937. And also to note that Mike yeah Adams is getting much deserved night off. So as I said before we're gonna lead you all the way up to the Monday Night Football go -- the ATP -- side again at 37937. The good ones here Alex. Webster be the next -- he was hitting 9798. Last night. If he could locate as a reliever was just on them. I think if he can locate if you can locate the mirror like him to really located starter and he's different embargo because he's progressed through the minors as a starter whereas Bard. I got moved from over from the rotation to the bullpen on that full time basis after that disastrous first professional season. I'm so Webster he's still one explored in Webster is pitch mixes Fuller frankly he employees. He employs a full repertoire fastball slider changeup and even as a curve ball and took. Are a little bit to get that slider to Wear was really now are ahead transcended his fastball. But you're right though the Webster the changeup the the fastball and you watch him last night. I can understand why the -- from the 86 I was saying this watch him last night you say look at this stuff. There it is you still hit you back to 9798. That's the guy you saw in spring training could this guy help but the reality is because the location. He gives up a run last night in just still too much inconsistency. Really say how while he's going to be able. This stuff is off the charts but they really need to do is give him -- solid foundation and grounding heading into next year because what what he did in the big leagues earlier this year was it was a considerable struggle. One that did not represent how good the stop as it was really interest in talking with. Clay Buchholz about him earlier this year because -- said I look at that guy and I see myself. That is me back in 2008. When I was terrified to throw my fastball. And where I didn't realize -- -- it moves so much that I can throw it down the middle and if it's at two seamer. With the -- that I'm glad that I admit I'm capable of putting on it. I can really do is dominate you know I can dominate and 20 and 31 counts that's Alex -- W I don't come on rob Bradford -- every organization. AT&T tax -- and another 137937. From the Q 07 of the tenth man award this year. I don't even know figure about debate about the tenth minute or so. I don't know I remember they used to give out a car or something but I don't think it's to that level but of course your tenth man who is. The unsung hero this team she's that such a complex let him -- this on because it's been. And I kind of porous boundary when you go to the supermarket pretty good shots and fill out attempt. I don't know if you do it's it's time to stop and chopped up and when it was you go to show lives okay. Out of our shots to and it and you fill out your ballot a -- Which I -- that's when I was a kid that's what you did look at -- you filled up the ballot. You can't write the explanation that you just give this is a very complex question now now I guess not what I tried to respond to those who is at -- -- Johnny -- that's a good one. As did one on -- been really good dad and his critics Jordan both you Mike Carp have been extraordinary in those roles haven't -- if if the voting still happens that Shaw's. Then go there and buy lots of groceries in vote firm you know vote for one of those guys because what they've done in part time roles. To be as productive as they have I mean just the pinch hitting home runs. In a vacuum have been ex -- wild as it's a really didn't go to that next level on song where a lot of stuff. There is no way you can see in a block at a box score no way -- stat line now about is another candidate but he's a little more transparent. You can see his numbers in all of that everyday guy well also but he's on song because of things like you can hit him anywhere in the lineup. He's under rated fielder yes actually pretty good arm in the outfield as well right very accurate arm all of this. It's a great conversation I think as you point out. We have more complex answer that at the other time because of the construction of the team thank you for your concession OK art go to -- to get the phone -- join -- 617. 77979837. Leading things off on the road to October gym and Wilbert how you doing today Jim. -- yeah it okay thank you please do. Mirabelli trade -- good good Jim let's not. I have a quiet on the magic number sent in or out this year it -- I want somewhat I believe it does. -- adequate reps are I would -- that occasionally. A ball and make it on a bit later that are out -- Why are right. Oh geez that's that's actually a fair question I forget if in the if in the new playoff rules Arafat if they. If they did away with that and that's our. We've -- over the magic number actually. Really not thought at all to do it I would get a pay and they -- they wanted to every. Right but what I'm saying is I'm not sure if they if they do not have they have to play for the division. That's a fair question -- research that. Well. -- -- We'll get to the bottom of that I assure you let LC got Great Britain are -- -- thanks to them. I appreciate your your stopping it stopping now Hawks. Our legacy stuff because I -- answer to retire I don't know you just you just her down and actually -- -- pathetic and I have -- -- Q if everybody leaves that to that what we're talking about before the break him that we promised that we were talked to after the break. Which was. What it lays ahead for the Red Sox potentially in opponents and how that landscape is right now and just some really fascinating series coming up the obviously the Red Sox play the Orioles starting tomorrow. But other than that you have distant fifth is the reset the standings for right now -- -- and we're going to do the the wild card if that's all we care about. Because we knows that. That the Red Sox are gonna win the -- here in a matter days hit -- Texas are tied right now for the for the two wild card spot. Both are a half game up on Cleveland. Baltimore two and a half up on Baltimore all but three up on -- the Yankees and both are three and a half up 12 in the city now. Kansas City place Cleveland correcting my correcting that. Yes yes yes they're playing tonight. 810 start and Tampa plays Texas the two wild card teams right now as we sit here play each other. Wild well this one is the met a wild card game in the thing is we we set a couple weeks ago we looked at the schedule. In recent Cleveland has the road right they have that the easiest schedule you White Sox you've Houston you know Minnesota. And my only concern with Cleveland was -- I don't care who they were playing I don't know they were good enough. But the difference is I think it's a lot along the lines what Oakland's going through they got a red hot starting pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez is on fire. It and so with Bartolo clone broke and that's what it's gonna lead that both the teams you've got to worry about right. The teams that are on fire -- no no good bit but he went on a team with what a start when people ask you Alex out which team. Should the Red Sox not won -- face of this group. That we mention. I always pick the one that you say you get that starter you get those two starts you don't wanna face I don't care about the rest of the team. Anything can happen David Price yesterday ultimate David Price goes -- it's like the did the other day you win the first game they went up when the first game. Biggest nonconference that you get nervous well. I disagree with the idea with the philosophy of of zooming in too much on just one single red hot starting pitcher and that's because we've seen. Well first of all that didn't do a lot for the Red Sox for a number of years when that Peter Martinez. That failed to that that failed to be the difference maker. Went for instance the Astros traded for Randy Johnson and he was basically. The most unhittable guy ever hear that -- -- -- way too much into probably I'm just saying that's what I do it's okay he might have me on us a bucket -- how dare you analyze my statement. My boy it is is that I think all these teams are flawed apparent but the teams that would make me the most terrorists are the teams who have the red hot start comedians. I got that but to me I I always thought I will always fall back on the idea of the depth of talent being the most formidable. Being being the most formidable predictor of whether or not too old should not so your initial series so all of these wild card teams Oakland's it'll probably win the west yeah. Detroit's gonna win the central so we're talking about first round -- are most likely or right now they would play the wild card teams wild card winner. Which of those teams going by what you just said makes you the most or it's big -- Red -- should be most nervous about. I would dot I would go with either the the rays if they're healthy or the Rangers. And I realized that that that flies in the face obviously of how the rays have been playing because they -- there and they didn't falling off the table but. I really think that these star caliber talent that that stared gives you there are a lot of different guys who can carry them a short series. And I think of the same is true of the Rangers especially with that pitching. Look I think that the Red Sox offense has been exceptional I think that especially in this stretch in which. Day in which they haven't had Jacoby Ellsbury and they've been putting the pedal down has been wild to -- but. They still haven't done that -- offensive performances have not remained consistent against the the proverbial cream of the crop among starting pitchers. You -- you -- -- line the -- -- line yes you buy me a guy in the top ten top twenty the American League in ERA -- they've they've really just beaten up and you know in all I'll back off that a little bit but. Really you know they've -- they had just they had coach you how to. Gretzky -- -- coach you excuse me they had they had Hiroki Kuroda on the ropes twice. In the last week for the Yankees and neither time could they deliver the knockout blow. Yet at the hit his the flip side this here's the Alex beer contrary -- I love it. You look at that -- game out yet you weren't able to you knock him out what you knocked him out eventually scored eight runs. In a game that Kuroda pitched right the point is is that you got him out of the game you get to the soft underbelly of the yankees' bullpen you scored the run -- is that it is that a euphemism for Joba yes capital of the lines that did you enjoy the conversation 617. 7797937. This is the road to October I'm rob Bradford of Debbie I'd dot com that's Alex -- also WI dot com. Would keep things -- fairway is broad and main raw and are you today. Hey rob -- audience and -- And -- -- on the Iowa got a pull out -- it all just come what did. -- do it. Grape like -- it's getting personal drama on this great Red Sox time what's going on. Well that hole although it on an inordinate Robin not the real guy he's not up -- -- -- good galleries not like my book for me -- Yeah it brought Ron actually got a copy of to drive with him yanks it and yeah. Ron thank you still run high you don't you are all right Ron. Yeah well like I you know I broke my wrist thereof like batted it's it's went right now when I'm gonna get a cast on it tomorrow but. -- -- -- -- You know what makes you feel better -- Asked they asked Ian good question -- making a good statement right now. Well -- -- good speed and perhaps equipment there yet statement at the front player award can include a good shot it's a no brainer and have to be you we are. We going nowhere would argue we are the guy did didn't it. Didn't I I've followed blocked since the sixties I go back big crowd -- I've never seen a quote that have a stretch like this. Why -- me. Know what has it he's I mean it. Dennis Becker's Lee who has the current standard setter in terms of best -- Al all time. Has ever had a season like has never had a season. Like it was hot as having too hot as the first guy in Major League history as it stands right now. With a whip below zero point six. I mean he's he's lying fewer than three runners her five innings that's ridiculous. -- it and I've never seen anything like it next week and -- a -- I don't -- happen broken at some point somebody -- that we reached base. Well we'll Rottino before before it was before it was popular to do so I called him the most important player in the American League. Probably. A little Roger -- with the I'll talk together out okay. You run a dishonest -- I just wanna jump back the question about the tiebreaker if there is indeed a tie for the division and both the division winner in the wildcard team. Would both make the playoffs there's still. -- there's still one game playoff between those two teams. The four days so. So the the magic number questions still it's a good question it right yeah it was a it required repetition but because the difference between winning a division. And being the wild card is so significant. They still have that one game play out even of both teams still make the playoffs. 6177797937. -- all the calls lined up Brian Dave Joseph all the rest you are dead you can join the composition. Alex beard WEEI dot com as with me rob Bradford also WI dot com this is the road to October. Lot of tax also in the AT&T Tex signed 3793711. Regular season games ago. I wanna continue this conversation we got a little bit into it about who the Red Sox might wanna face and who they don't wanna face we'll talk more about that after this. I don't know do you ever feel worn down completely put on you you know what a -- -- our guys are you going to greatly but. Illegal things you know like at the outset here at eleven games remain and and that kind of put it into perspective that. Sometimes you get sort French and -- you don't think about or yard to look -- -- -- match the number of games remaining in because by the flash. And fortunately we sort -- position we are. That -- is Red Sox manager John Farrell. Who kicked things off literally kicked things off. Road to October so. Right away earlier this hour I'm rob Bradford WEEI. Dot com that is Alex beer WEEI. Dot com. We're way view until 8 o'clock all the way at the Monday Night Football might -- and get a well deserved night off. We beat target all things Red Sox all things at a race wild card. Rosters. Possible opponents everything. To be talking at all a diverse array of topics and you said before the break we had asked the question which team and you mentioned teams. -- should the Red Sox may be be able most wary up and you identified Tampa and Texas both good choices. Well here's another let me jump in right now like there is because you identify the hot pitcher as being a relevant consideration well in the case of the wildcard. The hot pitcher gets used in the wildcard in the one game wild card play in into the -- that he only pitches once may buddy came in in a potential five game series may be made. May not there is no guarantee -- know Gary's game I have to go with another match over the two guys three -- in case you missed John -- earlier in the show he had made mention. We asked about setting up your rotation about you back the rim. Who you're playing where you're playing for instance would -- factory John Lackey pitching at home. Has performed very well there this year. So. He is he factored those things -- and -- out of the blows said well all I know is at right now. Put that last Baltimore series. It is Lackey. Lester Buchholz and your forties -- go from there right but the fact that he brought up that Baltimore series and unsolicited. That made me think hey maybe that's actually how they're gonna set up four days after that. Yeah I suppose that they have this interest in question about whether or not to go on normal rest or they're going to give guys extra days and how they would respond to that. You know because in the case of for instance Lester we saw actually how well he responded to that opportunity to have what nine -- restaurant the yellow star breaks -- You know so who knows I I -- I actually would. Be cautious are reading too much out of alignment but you know what I'm saying I do I think I think that was I thought it was noteworthy and if nothing else -- take the -- Colts element out of it. -- or into. Buchholz pitches last game -- last regular season game of the year right before days the likelihood is that's the one guy you are gonna pitch even though you could. But that's the one guy of all the guys you probably. If you based off that series you are gonna pitch in in the first game plan. Personally you're not gonna go with uncle -- for days abreast at that point but you know you could hypothetically -- abide by it certainly that's if you feel that he's clearly your best pitcher and let me say this -- right -- right now I realized that he's only thrown ninety innings and that's necessary what 95 but it's a necessary to have you right right. It's apples and oranges looking at him vs Pedro is. What -- whatever one point 74 ERA in 2000. It's not an apples to apples comparison that said. No one who has thrown more than. More than but who had more than ten starts in a season while pitching in a league with the DH has ever had an ERA this slow. Ever all day and also has never gone there is no pitchers since they start the ER race stat that has gone. Bat like that time. -- an undefeated record in URE under right so he's been pretty damn good so if you decide the Clay Buchholz is really that exceptional pitcher. In that he separates himself. That much from anyone else and wouldn't want it then maybe you do consider the possibility of of of having him be the guy for two days -- Alex the more I think about what John Farrell told us earlier on in the road to October showed tonight. The more I think that if -- -- identify and buckles as that last regular season game he's not can be the first aren't. That's that's. We have to go from the road to October to the road to presumption right and I that's the road I'm jumping on as well well and I think that's fair I think that it's important for buckles to get that. Extra starts before the post -- -- -- yes. He just needs to have he needs to build -- pitch counts. And then from Barry you know presumably they're going to let them they they may let them. Open up you know -- kind of you know kind of open the throttle a little bit and maybe work a little bit long in that -- yet I don't remember bigs are trending well for clay buckles so far phone numbers 6177797937. To join the conversation. The see everybody here lined up AT&T text line. 37937. You could also join us on Twitter. Alex Alex -- Indeed SPE our yard. And at Brad -- is my Twitter handle as well. I wanted to just jump and really quick our -- -- royal is size hosting Arden in a great event this evening at the heart down by -- down by north station. -- batter up and it's it's in honor of it's not it's in a great cause to support. -- meant to support someone who who's dealing with cancer and a family separated. By cancer it's going to be a terrific event live comedy there it's going to have a lot of a lot of baseball players. Interesting media personalities I think that. Among those who participated Mike Napoli and -- and Chris Chris till I don't -- Brooks Chris Tillman write about Brian madness so David Ortiz automatically -- for three there. So areas should be a great event the baseball themed event obviously for good cause and and went to start it kicks off it all it takes off it. 63630. All sorted it goes until ten so delicate decision you could buy tickets right -- at the door what he bucks at the door right across north station -- I don't know it. 61777979837. Let's go back to the phone calls. And we have David New Hampshire are you doing -- It's still in the eighth inning guy. It. I really shocked -- our foul often performed this year after the nightmare they have -- here. But Yoakam and get it all while we count on a -- on. I'm happy about that and neat thing. There haven't been many calls for people's they know I shouldn't that is true. Well there -- I cannot believe that nightmare last year all about this year days. All of -- tried as far as the signings they made Victorino Napoli bowl he. Dempster. And I was looking at like the best they can do this or play. And I'm looking and then further on down a year in the yard I got my little anything little gentle at hand -- like. That is not sustain pot -- block it out well. And Mike I'm correct arc and in 78 at kid in the and the bad. And I have to give credit where management has gone with a team can. I'm happy I'm I'm looking at another -- come back. Are there you go day if you're happy in and I think you're not alone I think people are getting happier and happier now -- -- nothing is Alex. We Dave brings up a good point about the expectations at the beginning of the year in and what people thought I was saying this over the weekend. You sit here and you have this team where they are right now. And OK let's take a step back what exactly do you have. Forget about the over achieving fun bunch that are just just be happy to be in the playoffs we afterwards just are expecting. At no point. Here's where I met with this team this is the best stretch of baseball that we've seen since 2004 I mean since they decided to steam roll everyone that starting on one around August 6 of that year. We haven't seen anything like this because the Red Sox have quite candidly been kicking ass and they've been doing it against. All contenders. OK there hasn't been a softy except for like except for the White Sox. In this schedule since we got to mid August. They've been doing it against the Dodgers they've been doing it multiple times against the Yankees they took it to the rays. Basically I mean it's it's really you know they can't beat the Tigers and they they took a series from the Tigers they've taken every one and day you know this is not. Hiding this is not the Indians schedule this is a team that showing that it is playing better baseball than every other team editorial Villa was on with a science. And -- wasn't ticketed day in the Tigers all the you'd note deep doubt he really want to go listen. We're just the talent in the eyes are what you bring to the Tigers though I think that there is that feeling -- certainly as you said. They've proved it lately certainly since that West Coast trip. God next up 6177797937. Regular right before the break -- Jo at New Hampshire Joseph are you doing. Yeah I do a -- outside of -- -- you know as it's over chuck Morgan I'm not finishing up and not. And not winning the division not to be talking about the track right -- the Red Sox just three games in front Oakland in five games and try to Cleveland for the best record and doesn't that. -- -- a little bit so I mean I only wanna take place for example the Tigers. Force Fenway and three out there in Detroit rather than having it be the other way around. Unquestionably I think to the Red Sox RB yeah I think there actually in better position than they would've been in any other season. To be able to pursue that best record mark in past years they couldn't have cared less whether or not they entered as the division winner of the wildcard. Indy you know they viewed that home field advantage is secondary in importance to lining up the rotation but. Because you have the four days off. You can do -- you can go after the best record and and you still have rest to line -- does a good point though Joseph are pretty Cowen is a good point because. We're so focused on this enormously in division and -- there's still things to accomplish here going down the stretch and if you do go through for the first time. The first time I will say it. 383. When you get -- Alex. 100. Ago and I still think that that would be pretty pretty important milestone not to sacrifice anything else by it. To do it for only fourth time organization history I think is something also Alex he brought up something which you win this team take off. And after the break. I wanna talk to you about that when did you feel like this was the team that that we see. Right now what did they take off what was the turning point for this team where they set off on this road where it really looks like. As we sit here they're the best team in baseball get the answer right after the -- and the very latest Alex. Eleven regular season games ago. These Boston Red Sox breaking breaking. Absolutely. This is the road to October I'm rob Bradford of WEEI dot com. That is Alex -- also WEEI dot com and you know awesome the -- is the road to October which leads us all the way. October -- it leads us to October where it just becomes October. But they're gonna. -- -- Is this show is so -- this this show is leaving like you right up into Ole. Monday Night Football might -- and that well deserved day off the show was so awesome that we are giving you a chance to win the 1000 dollars and years now. Hot now for your chance to win 1000 dollars cash. Noted WEEI. Dot com slash cash. Enter the code word -- You have ten minutes to enter. -- -- -- WEEI dot com slash cats now the pages mobile friendly so he can enter with your Smartphone. Your next shot will be tomorrow. At nine A alum I know it's going to be a long wait for those people were entering. But it's well worth it. Listen I don't buy our 1000000 box there's no better way to have in the last couple weeks of the regular season the baseball having in the post season. Then with a thousand bucks you could buy 1000 tickets if you had 1000 people with beards on Wednesday night that is an awesome awesome point. Excellent job that is that is Alex -- That -- I don't come on rob Bradford team organization throat October 6177797937. AT&T tax line. 379837. What texture from the five a weight that I can listen Alex say coach's name all day long loved the way he pronounces -- Alex the people the -- Koji or a hot he's he is the best in the business account that even better than the Japanese media I think. I. I'm just yet to take the crowd it's -- you can -- you can -- attacks conversation AT&T tacks on 37937. Or join the phone conversation. 86177797937. And someone who has joined the phone conversation -- this is Stephen a car Steve how're you -- today. I'm great idea yet. I'm very excited about the either reminds me I think both forwards more of a a fun team to watch in the surprised that I was 07 to be a really strong team and I think this is a really strong until. That's what that's like Steve Wright I mean that's the thing is that. Up until recently I think the conversation was exactly what you said which is a fun team to have a good time you know there over achieving. By now the conversations changed they have the best record in baseball they have the possibility of winning a hundred games -- very real possibility in my opinion. And they get so much that's on the in this interchangeable parts so might what question in everybody's been talking about coach -- in -- streak of armed. Shutout innings in perfect -- -- is not that that which -- arc and my question is I know that they have been really dominant arm you know players that went thirteen Denny McClain at center. -- he was terminal before he got hurt one when he came back he won again last night -- so -- -- what -- -- now eleven and now he was nine and I'm going into -- but sure it points they can. It's their current record firm. You know most wins without a lot and see -- and I'm wondering how close he would. That is a fair question and well well let's say to find you the gap we know we had a question before Steve that we couldn't answer but we have the answer and it just moments after it was asked so we do the same thing for. And the other question now have to mix it with the way he's pitching. I would still go of Lester I think he -- Lester has been really strong for about a month and. Steve what we ask you this because we are talking about this earlier in the showed John -- -- -- -- -- or -- right out of the gate when we got on the year route to October. But we have asked him about setting up the rotation and he would mention that. In the last regular season series they have Lackey Lester buckled so what I took away from that was. Buckle is pitching the last regular season game of the year then four days later I doubt that he would pitch the first game in the playoffs. What do you think about that does that concern you is there is there any thought to that at all because I think a lot of people feel these guys are interchangeable. Mean I just I I think lacking and keep the strong pitchers but I think western buckles are better a really you know. -- -- Steve thanks for the call. And I think that if you took a poll right now I think most people would say okay Bill Lester Buchholz lack. I think that's probably that's probably true and Lester has been has been just outstanding in the second half you know when he got his walk rate under control once it -- it dropped from. Being around five per nine innings to doubt it too which also is an indicator that oh yeah he's about to start locating again meaning not like leaving pitches over the middle of the plate could have. Kick me signs on bomb as they did during that home run stretched. He became just force I mean he's been great in the second half he had no idea -- to five yeah now yellow would you have when you have the last eight starts under our IP 11 point eight. Around there then. That's not only the best pitcher staff one of the best pitchers in the American League and that's exactly the type of pitcher that I reference before. That you need go in the post season Josh Beckett did in 2007. Jon Lester got on that same temporal. It doesn't always translate. Where you have some red hot at the right of the regular season into the playoffs. But sometimes it's the opposite as a solid Beckett in 2008 when he had the when he had the -- costs -- -- And they were desperate to try to find. Did to try to just hold things together behind Lester did you have an answer. I -- Tom Zachary is the record setter he was twelve and now in 1929 for the Yankees. However that was in a hybrid role as a guy as a starter he started eleven games. It appeared in 260. A number of those wins are probably in relief but Colts is that it has the most pure is is has the most wins without a loss. Of any your starter at eleven and now a text from the ATP tax line you can join that conversation 37937. The five away. Brings up Dennis -- going eleven no I I figured it was over that yet Dennis slam cup but looks like 85 save situation he was he started one game that your record in 53. And -- and ended up going eleven no I'll give you the complete list Tom -- twelve and -- -- Colts eleven and -- Dennis -- eleven and oh. -- small primarily a starter but not entirely for the Yankees when he had a miraculous in a run. In 2005 and Howie Crist in 1941 was ten and oh. For for the Cardinals and he had eight starts in thirty -- -- -- he passed Howard Chris. Revelations quite buckles and four number -- -- 61777979837. Joshua in the car are you doing today. Didn't quite that -- -- The way they. Added up for the playoffs. -- under a little PP. I Lackey. On -- there at the local. And -- the notebook. Rule well you are you're you're treading into new ground here so let's break it so why he has so he -- your game one starter or was that just fit the group -- -- tight -- it. Don't let it Lackey. Okay why do you have you know I think that the conventional wisdom is that -- is there were probably going to see. The three pitchers who Farrell talked about actually Carroll already said that the guys who were in game one consideration. Our puck Colts Lackey Lester gets and I think that we the most of us assume peavy is not peavy is that is the fourth starter as the season. Why do you have two bronze. I do Bryant in the rotation and buckled in the bullpen. I would pop vocal in the ball and I did they can get him out of their injury I don't think he's ready earlier caught dead -- Although. Now I mean he's pitched good -- it being cold and help out back. Yeah -- In fairness I don't like Josh who is thinking outside -- dive I didn't I'm I'm I like that a lot as well and interestingly let's let's think back to -- six years ago. 2007 -- in September there is this really fascinating conversation. About whether or not Clay Buchholz could be the Red Sox secret bullpen weapon. And I remember sitting there with like talking to Dusty Baker 'cause. He would he had been the victim of -- DC -- about 1120072011. Also. -- not the Seattle our opposition very different you go back to you go to last regular season. Game went up chaos was everywhere. And I'm kind of buckle to sitting in the bullpen wondering were you at all on that was that was really the conversation that day. The the biggest storyline heading into that game other than the -- like that potentially miss on the playoff. Have a historic collapse is is Clay Buchholz available and as we -- now he's like no one day. He really did not want to do that Nadal and they really wanted him to Duke because their bullpen was such a -- it was such. It was it was such a weird team that was -- blowing apart at the seams -- and allies I wanna give back to what we asked you before the break about where and for this season for this team the team that we see right now. Is that was the jumping off point where they go down this road where they became the team that we -- I do have a you have a game two on a date I'll give you August 19. And that was the day that they flew to San Francisco same day. And they beat up the Giants seven to nothing with Jon Lester. Looking every bit like the pitcher that they wanna -- they lose the next day and then they lost the next day but they won the next state twelve to one. That was a game where they perform they had a reason to lose that travel schedule was a reason to lose on according to the sleep Doctor -- -- according to sleep doctor but according to David Ortiz right did he tell you that. And they were coming off of a real -- their worst starts of the year they've done well one of their two worst starts of the year. They've got one and four before taking that same day played out to play. In San Francisco they were four and eight over twelve game stretch they've gotten they've got their butts kicked in Kansas City they have done they have played. Poorly against Toronto which was that was a bad loss of a series. -- and they have lost to a three to the Yankees all of a sudden. Their lead and in the American League east was no longer certain -- in dwindled down to one when they left they actually. Fell into a tie with the rays with that loss in the second game of that Giants series they weren't they were percentage points behind the rays -- away as late as. August 24 right. But I wish I could disagree with you about I'm not. And a big reason you take that game even though they lost the next game which was the Brian Billick -- walking in the game when he run -- him. This wonderful most important part about that game that first game in San Francisco with Jon Lester pitched lights out and Jon Lester was also and now he was on his way. Eight and a third shutout innings granted not a very good lineup but nonetheless this is this was an important reminder and I I -- I think that the idea of calling up Bogart's. Which happened that day. Gave a little bit of a charge to reveal brought to. EO of the team and there was a lot of people who thought that that might happen and and not to say they said OK we're gonna call bonus ambulance run. But I do think everything that you had mentioned a long way. -- you go to the Dodgers never once saying the count talented dodges are gonna go on this West Coast trip at the end of sixteen road games in nineteen games howry ever gonna do it. And you come out of that series much like many of these series that we've seen now. And you want them. You you you talked on the beast and you beat them down. And that's how they've -- yeah this is -- -- and winning on the fringes this has been going straight down the middle of the Major League -- so that San Francisco series represented the jumping off point because it was their first series win. In awhile. But even though it was against a bad team and and use that as a platform beat the Dodgers in their place two out of 37 you know like out I was pretty impressive in men. You know take it to the Orioles two out of three sweep the White Sox. Beat the Tigers two out of 33 out of four at Yankee Stadium two out of three in Tampa Bay. You know I've been sweeping the eight years ago. Room daddy you know and that's where they're going on now the ball more at home for rating of Toronto at home for three -- Colorado for two on the road. And they finish up -- Camden yards for three gonna go back to the calls here and bill and Melrose I -- and bill. Erupt thanks for taking my call. Love the perhaps social on the weekend. Let's not let -- get your take on yesterday. What's your opinion was -- with -- ceremony for a very Arnold and I mean. Yet Larry got there yet work you know Andrea out there and if you the ceremony for that. I got a little too much. You know Red Sox and yet we know it's these 2000 what we noticed we. Shouldn't it should have been more about him and eat it or not World Series in the. Well bill it's -- good point and I three thoughts on this -- you can remember all three spot thanks for the call bill. Number one I was surprised it became navigate highlighting a failure of Mario Rivera. And had -- yeah at length and and we yes the of the fans love that. And by you still celebrating a guy you're honoring the person you -- the person and you're saying look at this failure and we're gonna dissect this failure and in case people don't know what we're talking about. They had a big month -- an explanation from Bill Miller Kevin Millar Dave Roberts about that inning in 2004 which he obviously gave up. So that was curious to me -- that was probably the most serious thing to me all of everything. The and other thing was that Jack. If you give it -- get a big sack. You know checked at the big check or you're basically read all this little check. And Jimmy Fund temporary is holding up the little jacked we're is that every winning the -- and Jack and I knew was gonna forget the third thing but. The guy I thought. All in all is OK with YL the third thing really isn't really credit criticism of the Red Sox or reality you're going the last you're going net near last. On this this -- -- Mariano Rivera. Road trip. And so the ultimate in my mind was the broken bat -- -- yeah that was great -- announced -- I'm like did a did you already prompted the ceremony. I thought that the I I did think that it was strange to focus so much on his failure and -- you know particularly given that he's had some pretty remarkable successes. In Fenway Park I thought that it now is it just. I realized they did that but seriously dot dot dot. But this was you know it should have been if you're gonna focus on that moment it -- it should have been just more clearly you know I I think edited down. And have be more clearly. This was meaningful viewer -- you were the obstacle. Like it for without us you know that was you know you are such that you -- such a force -- here on October phenomena in that. You know visit Dallas -- that was kind of the marker here's what you do you follow it up with a montage of him shutting down the Red Sox absolutely -- games and in you know for instance he closed out the 1999 ALCS in Fenway Park he closed -- -- he had a couple of key performances in 2003 you might remember that there was the bullpen fight. They went on -- he was shutting down. The Red Sox and was that game four in the in the 2003 -- -- RCA yes you know be out I thought that you know this is a guy who I thought that. But let's let's honor his career for it it's its full shape and if you wanna make. 2004 game for a part of that cool but that shouldn't be the you know that shouldn't be the central thrust. I don't think so either 617779. 7937. The all lined up rich -- Dayne Joseph. All of you I know you're fired up eleven regular season games ago. We'd be talking everything everything about the -- likes everything about who the Red Sox could potentially faced. And after the break also I wanna get a little bit into what is the biggest concern now. And we've we've done this we go back to the trade deadline so we go back to the beginnings the origins of the road to like to what we do the montage so this -- -- of -- -- all you have sort of a bit and I remember the first show it was it was the concerns were. First base. No I'm sorry odd number five hitter -- bullpen and buckle up let's revisit. This revisit those along taking -- calls they said I see you all lined up 617779790. Threes out what talk about that right after the break. This this time around we have the possibility of more. But just looking at where rotation play out the remaining eleven games. When we go to Baltimore it's going to be Lackey -- and fox holes that's where it's all that's -- falling out right now those -- -- other partner cheers. So that match that's kind of where we are in and I think probably one of those -- are gonna end up. Pitching game one for what are we get there. That is John Farrell manager of the Boston Red Sox earlier. On the road to October showing also can be heard in two days as a weekly parents and salt and all the always a great lesson right there. John -- for the first time. This season. Mentions the possibility of -- like going to the postseason. Affair that -- you know it's. References to the possibility. I think that that's the strongest statement he's ever had and the fact that you announced he did -- he's he's he referred to are planning stage for game one you -- the post season while wrote we get there. It's difficult it's a great. Exactly this is the road to liked over about it we get there I'm rob and rob Bradford. But WEEI. Dot com does Alex beer -- colleague my friend the guy who I always look up to and call for advice not literally I'm very short WEEI. Dot com is well on where -- go right back of the calls have you wanna join the conversation. 61777979837. As I did said on Twitter reaching five -- Twitter at Brad Bo and Alex act Alex spear Alex is literally on fire literally. Yeah yeah that's going to hurt later lots of anything for the show appreciated. -- New Hampshire how you do and Rex. There are products. -- rich what's going on. Area or talk about they are both -- that I am. Also -- Clay. I would depth we have Adam. Pitched in one. -- -- pretty much it means. Allowed and now I'm not sure what it is when lots records are. In it -- the no decisions. Eleven and on fourteen starts. OK I want my chip or you know what the team record regardless. They are I believe the team is thirteen and one in his starts. -- absolutely right there alone to tiger I would sit in. Bob but that spark in the future I mean at Dartmouth you'll soon to talk about it but. They're treating -- and not eaten as ours. I know -- -- a little bit here but I can't imagine it straight -- I higher. I'd right now and out where an injured -- pretty much here. Pirates brock's career. You get the worked one inning. I mean I would that we are back out there in the markets it would get back proper. I am -- what our contract. And all that that's that's it that's the thing -- -- thanks for call on. He has he's committed. The Red Sox have him under control on two through 2017. Correct they have two more years of guaranteed contract plus two more years under a team option he -- towards unbelievable financial he India imports. -- unbelievable roster flexibility for them. Now in in the future very affordable very reasonable cost of as of an elite starting pitcher to me. He's the guy who you build the rest of the of the pitching staff around. As these guys start to -- too -- to the big leagues he's going to be the anchor. It is it's interesting also it'll be a fascinating offseason. With everybody in that starting rotation almost except Clay Buchholz. It because I think that you can you could light up a possible trade for anybody. Except Clay Buchholz yet and I get -- -- the idea that his value is extremely high for the rest of the industry but that's because it's extremely high for you to end. You know end when you have a -- players. In your contending team it's really difficult to part with them an injury and B is good. 6177797937. This -- the road to October show taking all the way up till 8 o'clock all the way up through Monday Night Football. Let him Mikey on hiatus well deserved rest for Mikey. Also before with the break we talked about the Big Three the Big Three questions which we have have tried to tackle. Ever since the first show which is I believe it was the first week of August. And both were number five hitter. Bullpen. And -- this duel one right now and then we'll get back to the cultural quick which one you wanted to. This is jump at a number five hitter number 400 no -- I I wanna make this clear. These were the biggest concerns of this team when we started the show back in early -- so where are we -- with a number five. Drastically transformed because there are a team that now looks like it has some serious right handed -- against left handed pitching. As your point I think that I was at the time and they've lost nine straight starts against lefties well now they've won how many straight rub against left -- There -- go and a big part of that is because. Mike Napoli looks like he's ready to hit everything inside about 4000 feet at the ironic thing is. He still isn't in that number five spot all the time now you are playing match ups all over the place. There's a lot of shifting going on and part of that is related to the fact -- berries out may have had to have. Play around with -- -- playing time and that sort of thing but -- but yeah I think to be at the idea it's kind of the platonic concept of the number five hitter. Other big middle of the order master behind David Ortiz. That's come and it's you know in in really impressive fashion because Napoli has been soda damn good in because Daniel -- quite frankly. Has been so good in because Mike Carp has been so good there's just the all of a sudden you have a lot of a lot of depth now. That may be transients and we may not that may not stick for that long but for now it's. A very deep and I actually think I said on August 5 that it was going to be ball went to a platonic concepts. And it could potentially be transient as well yeah I said that back then. In that came to fruition coverage and -- look at the other two questions a little bit approach to go back to the Colts Utley and how you doing today. Yeah you guys on good what I call monitor or keep giving their interpretation on the line up in the pitching and Lugo are. I don't know a look at positional depth reward thank sparrow. Didn't so much on how would you approach his job to look into that pitch and against. Yeah I mean you look at the change in batting average that were going against and you also look at. Know what their order it's going to be good I don't necessarily think it should be -- first it's a depend on that and against. Yeah that's an interesting one in the and in their construct a very of of a short series but it. Yeah it's it was I found that really interest in the apparel said that you look at the the second round team in terms of -- in terms of determining matchups more than now more -- first round. That's a -- -- but I -- they -- old -- and day out that they are all. It is it's a good one to bring up but it also brings us to the conversation you had in to a five our best of five series. What do you do in terms of the starting rotation -- three you go for. How many pitchers and in in the on this team. I think my answer to that would be. Eleven pitchers on the team. And you go for. I say ten pitchers on the team if you look at the history with the Red Sox have done of the division series dating back to. Dating back to 2003. It's almost always -- And that's our backs on our roster flexibility America say you hinted at eleven that to say it was someone who might have been obvious over a pet ferret a prayer at. Nonetheless like I'm I'm a little bit surprised by that because I think the -- that the opportunity to get. -- distinct weapons. With a ten man pitching staff has is pretty far reaching. And so it makes clear role for a guy like you Quintin Berry for instance if you may have a ten man or or Jackie Bradley. Or quartet or Joba -- -- -- -- I knew for a time John McDonald we knew that we love. Both Joseph and -- guys and all representatives of the state program 6177797937. This road to October show that is Alex beer of WEEI dot com I'm rob Bradford same organization. And I wanna talk more about the roster the playoff roster potential playoff roster because as you just pointed out it's an interesting conversation conversation -- especially since. That. I think they'll go with -- eleven you think -- attend that changes things dramatically especially in regards to who you might keep for the last pitcher. Bolden of that conversation after taken a couple more calls here did in Maine -- Saturday. I I don't do that. I want the John Lackey start in the first -- game policies and to -- -- a late lead. He had 8263. ERA at home for two or 39 ER LY. It's striking to because Lackey when he was with the Angels was a guy who has -- who is somewhat notorious for his dislike of pitching in Fenway Park for a number of years. Up until we almost tossed a no hitter there in his side this final season with the Angels. Buy dot it's it's an interesting point now remember Princeton's back in that won us a 2003. I guess I keep going back to 2003 I'm living in ten years ago -- There was a Grady Little like he Grady Little made the decision to start Derrick -- at Fenway in Tim Wakefield on the road in Oakland. Based on the fact that Wakefield was a fly ball pitcher you have all that foul territory in Oakland. Derek Lowe sinker ball pitcher ground balls that's gonna translate to any park environment. Im so used to you sometimes see that tailoring -- de. You know -- I guess that the question is do you think that you know do you think did well do you do you think that there are any splits to suggest. Clay Buchholz for instance would be or Jon Lester would be. I significantly better or worse hallmark home or on the road. I don't either brought the numbers up right now but don't like is the one at that they get to. Differential between home and away you are. Is there is there -- good reason for that. Because to me he's a play about you know I guess he's he's a ground ball pitcher right like he's the among members of the staff maybe he feels more comfortable home down. Yeah it did did you bring up a good topic of thanks for the thanks for the call. It it's interesting and I could keep coming back to what he said earlier in the show that he being John -- that series in Baltimore the fact that he just brings that out. And unless things go lineup exactly that way which was Lackey Lester Buchholz correct right. But that if you look at it and you look at that would make the most sense in going by what did you said we have to factor that in. That's why I asked the question to John Farrell about you factory in the hole and the opponent all of that and it. If you think that these guys are close to performance level then why not why not pitch John Lackey at home way to -- markedly. -- Gap it's interesting how much I'm just looking up to us today and -- Clay Buchholz has been really good shocking and every home and on the road. Home one point 88 ERA -- -- point 95 BR a that's like a joke right. Yeah so Lackey has been not like he's had better splits and home. Certainly in double look at Jon Lester -- before. Go back to the calls real quick before you look at John clusters. I wanna touch really quickly line though the last part of that -- last part of that playoff roster. And particularly the the pitching staff that and I think that without going through all of the names we get to the end of and I think if you do the math if you go through the names you'll find it not -- and comes down the Matt Thornton fields to brought Ryan Dempster. Do you count morality yet the number well -- on Morales is on yet yesterday -- and it Lester buckles peavy Lackey. Com. On Koji. Breslow Workman. Now moralis. That your read is our idea is our is nine out. Now we of the through starters the other two starters dumpster and you brought and then you have Thornton right. What through today. It's a tough one. You know to me it's interesting because -- brought you concede the ability to dominate left handers he doesn't ever give up home runs to left handers here as a very good strikeout to walk rate against left handers. -- Ryan Dempster doesn't have a significantly better split like the one thing that they've been missing this whole time is the right on right guy the right hander who can just shut down. Opposing right handed hitters and if Dempster had those kinds of splits -- siddiqui was. Out log on slider yeah I had earlier in a year absolutely I mean I think you also at the factory in control. That bit the last couple stars too -- control his command wasn't what had been. Do they go with a veteran guy who they -- might have better command. It's a great conversation but before we get back into it this. Go back to the phone calls here Mike in Natick. Later today Mike. Hey -- how I have great thanks now I like the thought it thanks Mike and before I begin need to guys the most knowledgeable of anybody on the radio. And rob yeah the biggest cheerleader for the right -- Especially when they're attend and has battled. Yes I I that's my goal is to -- -- -- yeah and that that's. Part of the reason I'm calling you know I I don't -- let get away from what I call that annoys you got to dissect the entire lineup. Like he's doing and I mock I do that feel obligated. Get off my chest but I have we want you we want you cannot teach us in a one of the reasons and I've been following baseball since the late forties. So but I've seen everybody you know I've been to Fenway when everybody was there. And I've been around all the enthusiasm from 67 to 78. Into the 2000. And there's been no enthusiasm this year and I think I can add that some of the reasons why. I think all of baseball right now it's flat and boring. I think there were no teams that are really good and the and I know the Red Sox the winning a lot of games. But the instead of not really good when you compare them to the 60s70s and eighties. And there's also. No teams that have superstars like we used to have. Everything like the Yankees the Red Sox but how will -- you know advocates in the media that was called back. It was stupid that they created the hit that make you wanna go to law Poppins freedom there's nobody liked anybody ever hear written before he came to the red. All -- quick let me go back to the last and Red Sox are in the post season and -- bad guys or not in the last of his the last time the won a World Series all of them. Yeah 07 it and man you know Ortiz you had silly you had back a year that you ahead. You had legitimate stars and I team what I like. I'm gonna get my point OK okay. Now a bit this year eagle final Lee is nobody with players like you watched Detroit back to back or in the US Detroit. What Detroit. Well nobody I have. August 2 guys named Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder pretty get out of my bedroom and her and I'm sure sir thought. The -- indirect but all they actually have beaten the Red Sox more than -- likes to beat them I appreciate the call Mike we get a hit I hit a break here but. In I'll agree with the statement a throat baseball there are plenty star throughout baseball but it's a conversation be had about the Red Sox. Where you'll have as many marquee names and there's. -- you brought this up a ton about the reason why the Red Sox are winning are for that exact reason. Bet the Red Sox have this dynamic. Which really we haven't seen in a long long -- and would hear about the dynamic right after this. Yeah. Yeah Alex. By outside they go. I believe. There's two more road to October shows after this one. Two more that's how the road is paved dropped. The last one would be the day after the regular season soon enough yet -- show enough indeed this is the road to October show. I'm rob Bradford of WEEI. Dot com that is Alex spear the same organization. You wanna join the conversation in this last little stretch as we Steve roll through Monday Night Football angles Steelers. Played him Mikey getting a well deserved day off. 6177797937. Or the AT&T Tex signed 37 in 937. Before the break I told you that Alex beer would have the answer. That everyone want to hear about why this team. If so one usual in regards to being able to succeed without the marquee -- that marquee names up and on the roster like we've seen so many times before. They are able to succeed because why Alex. Depth of talent and we've heard that phrase a ton but it is remarkable how rather than kind of consolidating your chips and saying OK if we have three really good starters. But Colts Beckett Lester that we can kind of play around and figure out you know -- this kind of divine solutions to the last two rotations this spots. You know because that's how our resources have to work note they moved away from that model. Once they had the upper team do so to have that reset button they said enough of this enough to root of putting investing all your dollars in guys. Who if they go badly it's going to cripple your team which is basically where they were with Carl Crawford. And to an extent with Adrian Gonzales certainly with Josh Beckett. Instead they said let's diversified assets that have a bunch of players. All of whom are above average sometimes well above average in specific traits. Whether it's you know drawing pitches seeing pitches are playing outfield defense switching victory you know. In so they just got a bunch of guys so that they could withstand injuries this is a team that's built to withstand injuries it's built to withstand. Underperformance by single individuals because they can offset that because they have a lot of really good players and you see that. In a lineup that basically has you know almost everyone being. Being -- open yes plus meaning -- relative to league average. Of over a hundred meaning up almost everyone -- they have hitting is an above average hitter. And ironically the the other hottest team in in the American League Oakland. Went the same group of him to a certain degree Billy -- a great room to grow our charity foundation. Event earlier in the year said this to the group. Which was we had three all stars we traded them for ten guys step the reason we were winning with a three guys so we have to take a different route. Much like the Red Sox have taken a different route is worked out there -- deeper team. And they also have really good starting pitching this go back to the full cost US sneak in some calls here 61777979837. Few more minutes before the Monday Night Football showdown. Jordan war I you do one. Think they've taken the call denied initially I want to follow up but Alex with Q. In the Clay Buchholz and how invaluable he has in the contract and -- you know what play is. -- you might trade for him right now one on one that might be a benefit for the but now once the long term but you know he started talking. About the Red Sox and he got me thinking what we'd be where we are right now with the type of roster at that. Baseball ops is put together with the flexibility. If we had going down that road with those two long term contracts that each. Didn't hit of their own specific reasons props to Justin said that the number of levels and Gonzales shortest talent here but from what happened subsequent events to those will have been. It seemed like for now there are a number of other reason he didn't seem to -- here so to almost without going through that we wouldn't get where we are. -- the creek going down that road in. You know we had made the playoffs. It's an interesting means and ends question George and I guess that -- right -- probably date they changed their operating model they had an opportunity to reconsider and re calibrate. Based on the fact that they did have those contracts -- they didn't and then. That was a clear point of departure now had they never gotten the Gonzales Crawford -- Then it's interesting to ask what direction -- they've gone and -- and I think that the option of then would have been a more homegrown team. When that featured the likes of when the -- the likes of for instance Anthony Rizzo first base although maybe if they hadn't gone after. Adrian Gonzalez or Crawford and they would have been in a greater position to resigning Adrian Beltre. So that would have been an interesting. Interesting out of town a factual hypothetical but yeah clearly it. You know in a strange way. Yes. Crawford that he acquisitions of Crawford and Gonzales. Kind of laid the ground work for the Red Sox are supposed to get here. -- Anita welcomed the road to October you don't. Hey guys I look at Michelle. Wie -- -- kind of but it politically -- that those -- put guys you're eight. You know what watching Williams in the -- bought duck and I've been a little bit to 1986. So I don't kick that what you guys -- You can you can pick I object that's an exact. Cabrera should go to Italy and there but there's so many guys out there right now maybe that same level DiMaggio Williams. Bet it's agility and I when I looked at -- IQ I think it's been on the particular. It -- -- talent you know like whenever I become what we want it you got a hit in. I'll delete what you might like that when interpreter was to the game to keep him sharp because you're an amazing talent. In the -- I -- secretly I think teams are more well rounded. Good talent coming. Up that helped combative. Yeah well Darren thanks for the call what they're doing is a locking up usual locking -- young talent. More and more and more and go back the Red Sox and we by the way we -- rematch in the Angels one of them are you are out right in in -- Credit auto how's that working now have water -- It is an interesting conversation about will teams changed their philosophy you'll see teams change their models because of the success of the Red Sox. And some other teams Oakland -- but before we get into that. Really you look at the Red Sox and yet no stars. -- -- such an -- there they have star right but. I said this yesterday which which players really came out of nowhere and it is over achieved in their eyes. Who was a tenth men are shot down -- let it Wear the reality in in this the ones that came up way of you know you have now about you have car. You have Koji. But everybody yells to a certain degree reached what the Red Sox had hoped they would be this local level that they had hoped they would be. I guess Buchholz is kind of transcended any kind of reasonable expectation for him in -- -- notes at the hasn't been as healthy as they would have anticipated him being. Lackey I think is has kind of gone -- but you're right Jonny Gomes makes this point a lot. These are not guys were performing out of line with what they've done and other points in their career there was a real foundation of proven talent. Across the board there. Now did and have a number of these players -- what my expectations would have been for them in 2013 I would say yes I would say I didn't expect Shane Victorino to be this impact fault. You know and all facets in some the other guys I mentioned but. You know it is a team that is deeper and talented I think about a given it credit for the Soviet. Two questions that we didn't get through bullpen and any concerns. Still instruction -- I still don't really know where it is okay Morales the wild card perhaps Workman. Those two guys -- -- keep an eye on buckled the other question that we had on August 5 -- admiral was answered answered there ego Alex great job today that's -- has so we have two more road to October shows. Cutting down the homestretch. Thank you so much Red Sox manager John Ferrell you can hear once again his weekly appearance salt can Harley couple days on Wednesday. -- faced all the calls a great show -- day -- look for the last eleven games the regular season should be interesting conversation in the coming days thanks a lot.

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