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Craig Calcaterra on chemistry in baseball

Sep 17, 2013|

Craig Calcaterra joined the show to defend his stance that chemistry is not a major reason for the Red Sox success this season.

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I guess in the interest of even the playing field since Jerry and I've been beating up on Kirk over this chemistry thing -- about the Boston Red Sox. We'll bring a reinforcement that may be seeing things a little bit -- used either we're gonna win -- looks like you shave -- -- you know I'd attribute to Gerri yeah I didn't. So I think if if Craig didn't as well I think we get a chance yeah the diversity of London thank you -- not your audience -- -- to prepare writes the off hardball talk blog at NBC sports dot com joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T the nation's fastest and now the most reliable forgy LTE network. As far as I can tell -- you were skeptical about the power of the Boston beard that's fairness. Well I don't know -- it depends because I actually did this double going on right now I'm Gilbert pretty darn strong though like -- -- the you're. You're on -- side which are out so so. Right. This compared to Kirk as the rose a rose tattoo in his lower back to listen -- you guys can do that they because these guys all of -- also you know criteria to do that. Allred out of multi tattooed your -- if I'm -- say what we have baseball team win I'm first complete -- And second gonna say. Good chemistry and camaraderie titan based water growing hitting the Clinton picking up the welcome way when it later police and. I am pretty sure that's called sarcastic. I'm I'm pretty sure that's -- and I obviously you need good players and -- performance and execution by the players. But do you think chemistry matters in all seriousness this -- batter in the clubhouse. I think chemistry matters in the same way that it -- for all of us when we go to work every day -- -- ever shopped generally although certainly happier doing our jobs. And it's easier to do our job on or around people with good attitude positive attitude who who want to go to work every day and -- -- to be in the same page so I do believe that matter. I don't believe it's the most important thing I don't leave it on but how I most important thing. And even though we can look at these Red Sox without a shadow of the doubt. And it -- better group of guys generally speaking happier -- there on the same page they're led by a better manager all the same. I really think that there are a bunch of other factors that are way more important to -- a -- -- We don't we're no one's denying that there are other factors including me on the starting pitching and the closer the ability to -- pitches where other opposing pitchers I'll get to the bullpen early all those things we talk about all those things but have you ever seen. A team win win that we -- a lot win a hundred games win a championship. The guys in the club did just just did not get along just hated each other in the last in the last forty years. Every one of the three Oakland eight. That's that's forty years ago a -- in the -- in the last public last thirty. Years 35 years now. -- why why are we cutting that off. Because that's the only example people like you well Clark Gregg -- and it's up it's forty -- here's here's the thing that here's the thing you -- you and I are are are right in their wrong. Isn't it gets written after once -- start winning you say they have great chemistry for all know -- you know the Houston Astros we are they about Houston Astros players. Griping this year we know about a thousand twelve Red Sox at 2011 rent it out anywhere your uncles we talked about it this spring training and we -- data when they said bring it to me I'm quite John I'm just telling -- -- was something that was discussed from day number one they're bringing -- a bunch of good guys that got rid of all the malcontents all the -- our. Grumpy guys and they're bringing in good clubhouse guys laughed at and able to bet that we laughed at it and how is that going to help the win I think it has -- it. An example give me an example of a losing team with great chemistry -- talked about it having -- Anyone wanna I -- In any sport and wondered. Which talk about -- is if you're if you're if you're right this year. Dirty -- the -- of Seattle Mariners. Won't here either way but I think there is all get along. I've heard the bad guys are the only good chemistry how they got -- back in February and march were you say all the Sox -- good players they -- little BP guys they added I'll work the count guys they know clutch guys they -- an unhittable closer and saying that it's not that while we were Dave Martin and the personalities. Different kind of personalities. In the back at that I did a hole I didn't -- Went back and ready yes that along Greg what Beckham ready is that a that a column where I made ten predictions but on nine critics of the Red Sox. And it was tongue in cheek stuff like that will set the record for most appearances at the Jimmy Fund yes Ryan Dempster will be Santa Claus at the Children's Hospital. A Christmas parties -- and victory will stop on start driving helps some old lady -- a flat and my -- prediction was. You'll all get along everyone will love them -- great personnel in the -- 78 games I thought that's what would happen. It was the all the they all came true except the last one they turned out to be wonderful guys and good citizens great clubhouse guys and they won that. Towards EC tries to all of us Alberto. It Turkey on the report implemented a world last year at an opera and the. Well two years ago he was a problem two years ago stick in his head in the manages a press conference. A demanding that he go to the official score and get another RB so he. Was in a bad club policy turned out to be bad clubhouse guy in that clubhouse. Turkeys have been in the game performed he has. Some years -- -- -- immunity to Spain it's a totally and pray to have nothing to do it beat out -- brought -- the -- Tell us what you're surrounded him with good guys could clubhouse guys. And that's just. Operative perky -- thing you're saying that he can only be paid when he around you know some guy at the -- It helps. It helps when all -- when it was all for one and they were all up for themselves heavily in all from the cells in 2011. Ortiz was. In it for himself -- not a good team. If you don't buy in the fact that good chemistry -- to win baseball games do you believe that a toxic clubhouse. Helps you lose games because he'd say no to that that you weren't around and watch what happened under Bobby Valentine's watch. I believe all of that is symptomatic of I believe losing -- are more likely to have problem when their attitude bad behavior I believe winning teams are able to a burka -- If you think that the 2013. -- Not at moments that we don't know I can't very well planned much were able manager network handled very well I -- a -- the biggest income for your great. You don't think Francona -- Terry Francona is an able manager. I think -- great little heat and their troubles got away from moment 2011. And Andy have very dramatic and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Greg Craig they woke up one day not that's not work -- -- woke up one day and -- bad chemistry you know that there's nothing to do with the the -- hurt but we are trying to measure. It on patriots stay put a stamp of negativity on this team and the week. Is it not been determined what how to basically all about value and we don't care about that you think 2011 team had good chemistry. Know how are -- thirty games over 500 August. The best record they have good chemists -- that went away that okay yes and we know the reasons -- Beckett was the number on race and they traded. The ERA in the starting pitching in the final -- the heat and they look you'd read a rate cut out every crappy -- If they traded dug for Doug Fister instead of Erik Bedard would their -- Bob hole she ticket Jonny Gomes as a baseball player just as a baseball player -- -- baseball guy. What he brings as hitter and fielder is worth ten million bucks for two years 'cause that's what again. I don't apart literally about a code is I don't know and notice how does it really it's actually -- These numbers. I don't that the good player I think he's been very useful player I think -- indicative of what really did really well this year. They brought in a lot of doubt be brought in on the -- -- like I don't like every other team that. But the red pocket and that the picked out venture into an apartment called it's not yet all kind of guide you to break cult this year. Not that different last year and people -- injured it was a black hole or place it here you got other people I don't that the prime player is not my money out and out and the work that but Johnny don't have been useful. -- -- -- -- -- Jonny Gomes you know is a career. 240 theater. It tortured must -- fine player now he's not and you get a player in the novel was here last year -- But they had now obviously Ortiz Pedroia and these guys. They surrounded them with good guys -- -- got penalized. I don't in the slightly above league average hitter in the American League -- which shall partner the. Are not release or to order a 38 and the dirt. 238 and right now a twelve homers and 49 RBIs is above average. When you're calpers on base percentage and slugging percentage you know what because -- bought the one point five and 5% above the average for its. Okay he's not very productively VS 49 RBIs. It's a left -- corner outfield and not even a good one he's here I'm not sure. And I don't RBIs their hate on it not been a problem here Johnny golf course has been great you've got a horrible scene. -- a -- he's great he is he's a good leader aren't privy grows a beard he plugs his team lost that's why it's a -- that some matters Gregg gets up very does John flexes muscles and. Seven -- seven or eight every -- player is. Slightly above Albert I turned -- to. Great offense. Absolutely and he must be so good 'cause he wins everywhere he goes oh if you're at Houston this year right during the ninety win all right well I don't know he went to -- -- what did you say there's more shallow manipulative Cincinnati what their record if you -- to Houston this year. Tickets are you couldn't go to biggest soccer don't. You can't to a question and to the -- -- came to a -- August 6 forget that I -- it it was a stupid it's a -- to handle it's like -- it's a question it's politics it's not answer Paul Kirk if you what do you. You finally be good or bad year he can't fourteen months -- I can't forget your kid to a team that won 169. Games he can't do it last place team that team is on pace to went on to your discussion of Houston takes away what you want to be in the discussion that if you need players to perform well that's -- grabbed a week we say that let's say. Did they win -- games last year they -- horse -- okay all multi venerable team that team as well that 92 win. The reporter the other day and they got the Iraq -- to rocket he. -- all -- air and hadn't been mauled by air but we like clockwork. And he's right. -- -- -- Where -- goes he wins yes it's again argued that every goes he wins I got it don't work for -- You know what if if that 180 or 8178. We can have a debate here. There is no debate again -- look at the blue skies and grammar and it's it mean you're denied the -- and I only have I did I hit the ice and I don't have any proof is what I -- -- -- -- and you guys say eleven NSA didn't suddenly -- There's records center -- -- -- that I'm out loud speaker and the ballot and Carl Crawford with the biggest problem -- hurt last year. Which is why didn't. What why didn't -- -- in the -- crater where they got the ballot record. -- well mechanism and the. Team and oh yes yes that's not true he has he's there all the time we disarm at the series he's there he's in the clubhouse -- that. That can't -- probably bringing in pure and should I wait a minute you know what. He's he's not it does not the same and obviously he's obviously they know what what what happened here you -- really affected back it's gonna go there would be just as big -- And break out the beer and chicken and LA like he didn't Boston -- he was disgraced. For what he did here in Paris. Started the ball started mark but that it -- it it is that often barrel barrel and it said that Adrian Gonzales with the power meter below it became a stop in during a dollar. And -- played all year for the doctors he hadn't killed backing to keep it all -- and suddenly become a different person and he's been at -- like. But he's happier he's in Southern California he's not Austin. I'm just guessing -- exactly exactly Southern California and always Poehler and he hated it here only -- like it here. He was -- -- -- no idea. Do you. -- -- -- -- You know what let's just let's just plates and an Irish music here because. We can't speculate on respect. Oh you don't know I don't back -- yes the question -- -- and it's very don't know they -- and I think Los Angeles dot I got back into cheap credit. Do you think Los Angeles. I hang up against the back up again. I would. Let the stuff let's ask do you think Los Angeles and Dodger Stadium is a different environment. Adrian Gonzales than Fenway Park in Boston ones -- I didn't. You could you could say the same thing for every player. Of course the answer is of course it's different. It's -- -- like -- sent as much Crawford and has also sent him. You -- these are guys report a team that was thirty games over 500 in Boston right Gonzales was probably the best part in the American League. And a half -- first year Boston and and what you would think be most difficult to just saying he's not a good player he was a damn good still isn't very good player. Just nada the team guy is gonna start because Achilles -- right doesn't believe in god I was shows so OK last org Greg Oden. Last word and I I think chemistry does matter I think if you let every ballplayer and a double. They it'll tell you the Kuwait that are currently here -- -- on team or happy that you Portland. It's not the determining factor there are locked in that don't get along with bat at you leaned in all of the. -- win championships -- Non bad attitudes don't get along they don't jaws EA six Mets loved the show and nobody. -- -- In all the eighteenth that he cut out but about her in assured they never get. My two Brothers. All right. Nonetheless forty years right of course Greg -- I hurt. Greg Alcatel writes the hardball talk blog NBC sports accomplishments Greg. -- -- -- -- fine it was got a bit disagrees and close our eyes but but it's you know at this vicious cycle that you say. All of them they get along because they win but the economics a good point misty was getting along and that this attitude in a camaraderie right in February. Right all this year in February or march April -- world. This that this was more free billed as this time a team just develop because they were winning baseball games it was designed. -- is that we gotta get different site so -- at the club that you was serious about an Irish music. Not that I put it up that. I'll let the break Dave and Jim and NC.

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