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NFL Sunday: Around the NFL Week #2

Sep 15, 2013|

Dale, Chatham and Price look at each and every game set to kick off for Week 2 in the NFL.

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Three NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. Dale Arnold -- price Matt Chatham here in studio Tom. At the bottom of the hour and will discuss some league wide things with him as well as we've been doing from time to time here as well. -- patriots are all done -- -- week two action I did make a mistake earlier on and I apologize in the interest trying to get things correct. On San Francisco and Seattle did not play division teams last weeks -- they can't be 210 in the division after this week eager while. The patriots deuce had to know in their division obviously undefeated at this point. I know for a lot of folks out there. It's not quite good enough. As as one text -- from seven anyone says you guys sound like politicians. They messed up with their game plan and we all know. And what kind game like you do on three days but there was a Muster once so well. Maybe they're the -- are they on and they're not an athletic game again the second before they rests our community. Yeah I -- and gentler face a game like that on short rest with so many offensive option delete offensive option is gone yes like you know I've faced Wakefield again and I know I never faced anyone like him ever glamorous you're so why -- -- At all. You know agitated and spent too much -- but the move on the go on an exit is -- scenario will never happen -- people gone and those. Restrictions. -- -- minimum of torrential rains in the second half just move on to better practicing nude part time clearly with this young group in the given. Later on in the hour I wanna go through that list of players who have been missing because we only. We think of a certain number of guys obviously gronkowski is the top of everybody's list. I hope but -- you might be surprised at the number of guys offensively and defensively. We haven't even seen yet because of injury issues and things like that we'll get to all of that at the bottom of the hour when Tommy Curran joins us let's take you around the National Football League can take a look at. The week -- action of course Thursday night you already know the patriots. Beat the New York Jets thirteen to ten so that's where that when stance let's turn our attention now to the 1 o'clock games today. We'll start in the Georgia -- Where the 011 Atlanta Falcons by the way play host -- the wanna know Saint Louis rams' Steven Jackson discusses his emotions. Going into his first game against his old team. Bad team and I've been a part of for the last nine years in if -- required different mobile -- notebook myself as well. I think you know the guys that place. And leadership there it is done so you won't want I want. Before. And it. Who first -- give them here to -- -- what time zone rather play good for that reason to get a win Islam. Ironically Stephen Jackson actually looked OK for the Atlanta Falcons didn't help you that's that's a good looking -- you know -- -- talk about teams that. We -- but the patriots -- hopefully cresting at the right time if we from our perspective it's hard mentally. -- in Atlanta but we're reference. Now we doing here if I hear them saying generally it's like when I don't know what corrective. Ralph Wilson Stadium in orchard park New York the own one Buffalo Bills play host to -- -- 11 Carolina Panthers Stevie Johnson. -- -- -- -- we haven't done this yet if we talk more about the jets game in the buffalo game -- would just we golf. I took certain delight. In that wide open drop on third down that Stevie Johnson had after running his mouth about you know none of the patriots defensive backs could cover him that -- After that it a lot of people from buffalo force through there their and they are not happy with a little -- just flat out dropped the past rightness into any. Stevie Johnson says he -- teammates are very confident. That CJ Spiller will figure things out. No personal season all we know he's. Talented running -- -- athlete period so I don't personally -- to seven we know he's he's it was thing. I was -- last week you know every week is going to be perfect we expect him play being just like we expect. Ourselves and -- teammates. Usually about who -- back. If Cam Newton in that Caroline office and forget particularly the difficulty is that like what they're doing. Who between the rest of the panthers' defense -- -- Don't know -- couple of extra -- against the hornets lost to you both like EJ Manuel. Yeah at WLS yet I think there's stuff from their for I really do I really doesn't make it was pretty impressive there except for rookie where the beat the bar the expectation level was -- oh. I think -- -- that he -- very well I -- I have him as my offensive rookie year a victim of my efforts of repeat molecule of. At what had happened at wet and wild Soldier Field in Chicago the wanna know bears play host to the hole -- one Minnesota Vikings. Charles Tillman says the entire bears defensive unit. Needs to perform better than -- one. Think you. We TV place we missed a lot of times must have a -- us that was something we need to. Work on NBC. Some improvement from wouldn't. -- weird week for Adrian Peterson last week 78 yard touchdown run on his first aryan. And the most damage and nine. It's tough to -- all the other little I don't do that with ninety that -- on the -- Chris Johnson penalized interest rates and you know -- fifty meters 440 yards in the 220 -- here in the summer I got started but the concessions that assessment -- Lambeau Field in Chicago beat -- -- one Green Bay Packers. Play host to the -- a lot of Washington Redskins. Aaron Rodgers says mixed emotions on the packers' offense after their loss last week. Some we talked about you know he's got to be more consistent over defense over we lost the time of possession battle -- pretty significantly better. Puts stress on our defense. And we also for scoring drives over sixty yards so it was a good with the bad. I doubt I'll say this and you know these things never mean anything in the bigger picture but there was a stat that I read earlier this morning over the last. For five years thirty teams that started the seasonal into. None and I made. Him do you do it immunity if one of these -- gonna be all into little under the name pretty popular teams -- -- years I today -- you just wonder about our victories though. You really but the stated it even when you're about what he did you -- last year -- that it doesn't go beyond just that the just the Superman thing like he. It's not unlike other players that you perhaps like you saw how rusty he looked in the first half when he looked much better in the sort of so maybe he's good in -- -- even advocates or everyone. People -- appointment. At the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis the one and oh colts base the wanna know Miami Dolphins chuck -- on local head coach. As they understand that protecting Andrew Luck is crucial to their success won't lose twelve -- -- -- great. You know went on to him on the street we got a much better chance. Winning and losing so we're slowly Wear them moved everything lost everything to make sure that we we take care acutely. There's much doubt about her how I just have to keep Andrew Luck upright is there. Well on a week where there are a lot of good team to beat this sneaky thing to do with the sneaky Pete Davidson you can get deceived them out of -- of -- of the 49ers and the Seahawks are good about it because I like the the national media caught on with that if you like -- -- Israel talk about the last out there for you look like you're sneaky good guy yeah now is do you like a pretty good so. Latvia joke about Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City the one I know Kansas City Chiefs post the -- -- know Dallas Cowboys how about that. Alex Smith chiefs quarterback says he's looking forward to experts. Home game of the chiefs uniform. Yeah I'm excited. -- they were wanna know. And dad -- up and they're coming home. Since I've got news this fan bases. It's impressive how hungry they are a dedicated men and I would up I will start coming home it's obviously was good. Kansas city's fan bases -- -- new look and with all that garbage you're. I don't get a cup from a baseball perspective they should be star by now and that is maybe people it's funny duck -- the kids they love football. The real athletes so. Optical voice that tells you. Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia the one and only built after that win over the Redskins last week post the Poland won San Diego Chargers. Chip Kelly says it's not about getting each play often a certain amount of time it's about calling the correct. Life for -- situation. When you ask me how quick I don't I can take two point seven seconds I just. That's not how our -- or it's not hey we gotta get this playing quick about playing fast for the sake of playing fast for trying to make the appropriate call for. The down and distance ask mark there on the field for what do. The West Coast team companies -- 1 o'clock in -- different ball by the way think of this. Not only did they play Monday night they played a late game Monday night as yet that you -- the doubleheader on Monday -- -- they've played the late in Monday night night you're asking him to play. 8:10 AM body clock time game this week here. You're really. Sticking it to the chart out -- is that what Seattle had -- -- the playoff game in Atlanta last year as we have the media building it early in the early on the west East -- I don't know if they're well I wonder if it has every week that the expiration via Philip Rivers. I mean you have that window from where he had some truly great teams name is Hal decides. Gates with a jacked up I mean you're Matthews is Demi and I mean he had yet though it's -- -- -- we know that doing or they didn't like -- 2006. Through 2000. -- nine window and I feel like. We're never gonna see that every GMA if -- go to Carson Palmer -- our best maybe in the review but I still think there's probably fifteen teams only beloved. You know. And and T bank stadium in Baltimore the older one Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens finally get to play him at home. As they host the only one Cleveland Browns Ray Rice says the running game it's always been a huge part of the ravens attack. So he knows it'll get better. -- both from the we've always been you. I don't see it stopping. You know right now and we've gotten better in the when the ball from the -- you know group will do better. -- -- I thought that the ravens we're gonna take a big step back this year anyway because of the people they lost. We certainly saw that in their opener of the season opener in Denver against the Broncos. And Cleveland as if I'd just there's no reason to think people want to that would. You did you -- any given Sunday you know that they did it happen and -- you look at the talent differential on both sides of the ball you know. There's this there's certainly have to be real McCoy enjoyed. Reporter that's sort of -- -- have one player. The double victory of the -- moment. Reliant Stadium in Houston the one and -- Houston Texans team that beat San Diego we Golan in the late Monday night game follows the one and -- Tennessee titans' Kenny Britt says. He tries not to let the Texans fans get to him but he realizes. This is still heated rivalry. So that you felt relieved that cameras into the -- -- was -- -- -- Francesco. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The little good because is still below the norm norm and that's not going nowhere and as long as distant trains in this who's grown. -- Good enough to rescue work. There's a robbery that. Or more. Before I -- and Houston is -- some success of last -- -- -- there was some sort of heated. Passionate. Franchise look laid back when -- that I play of the Red Sox had to play the Atlanta Braves there are the exact same thing their rivals like well in the Boston Braves or hear how many years ago Cleveland ravens -- -- -- that if he's -- -- -- -- FC -- being that that's when -- but it's definitely you know that when they think of I can -- five. Robbery of the doubling him in the film it and before that we thought maybe we're just -- -- scrutinized as you know -- -- a miracle that we actually probably more accurate with oral five games today University of Phoenix Stadium the old one Arizona Cardinals host the one -- -- Detroit Lions Reggie Bush. -- as the cardinals' defense is always looking because fumbles so protecting the ball will be even more important this week. You just have to prepare yourself. That much more you know first to -- more from the political boss you know hindsight -- we have to do his job that you run through my engine Susan catching the ball picture that simple. As in the safe place where you know you can't beat. Children from I really liked was the truth you would. I do REIT stated their. They're finally. Found the practical use for him and I do I think any -- for them but for them they look scary and receive haven't seen an answer for three game but I think people are on to something provided you're not. Writing him into the ground exactly just you -- don't look from the curable through times you're just have to be Smart -- I think their big -- at least at this point. Raymond James Stadium in Tampa the all in one Tampa Bay Buccaneers next week's opponent but the patriots week from today. Up plays host of the one and on Orleans saints Greg Schiavo Bucs coach. Says he's got no issues with the players only meeting that took place this week. -- had actually thinks that the think for the team leaders to speak up. I was aware there's going to be players only meeting last night before the game. Which I'm always fine with -- trust the players tonight and you know when the leadership of the team wants to talk amongst themselves and that's healthy. I was not aware of any question. The captain's vote. Because there isn't any. Except except let's go back now the of the story out of Tampa was the chief Donald -- the captains that happens everywhere. That happened there and I know you talked to a couple of guys who've been in this room with -- before we'll tell you that. That the voting in New England when it comes the captaincy without that was on the open up except they never had an issue with the guys who were elected -- world yet here or names here in Tampa. Supposedly the prior month and who voted for that good boy this guy and I was not -- an -- But that's I mean you go back to the problems -- and having in Tampa and there have been several documented things one of them is the players reportedly upset about. The so called captain's vote and then when they got the list at him. We didn't -- back I -- benefit. And I can see where the players might -- little touchy about that -- Sunday at 4:25 PM. All dot -- stadium hopefully this will be very quick. The old one Oakland Raiders play host the old one Jacksonville Jaguars and I back to -- Jacksonville blackout I don't care your back -- -- back with Bob MetLife stadium. And New Jersey the 011 New York football giants play host of the wanna know. Denver Broncos Peyton Manning says the Broncos have been focused on playing a difficult team on the road looking to bounce back but he understands it's kind of cool to play against your brother to. -- -- we just didn't play a team on the road team. Play their first home game the team coming off -- division lost this is that you know a lot of pride you respond the same time for the past -- We have set up for whatever reason lined up across from each other. The nationalist conceded take a moment to realize that you are. Who's your brother over quarterback. For the New York Giants. I I love art chief's comments Archie says you know there are OK with playing against each other and they know -- -- -- -- two and a lifetime against the like. He said -- he and his wife eight. Yeah we'll -- if he said it really puts them in a tough position they don't like it at all you know the cameras are always gonna find him and you wanna make sure that you don't shoot too much for one side. And I this sets up. This could be really good test for that -- -- -- I do have the company's. Haven't played a relatively tough environment against you know pretty good -- -- -- one -- the road we're gonna know with Houston when they played in their backyard. They sort of one another so -- you know off the sidelines of the movies what will be intercede in all three relief fund imports -- new viewers. Let want to be right tackle we have equivalent Canada and prayers go back and forth and try to block when that would be demanding it play Venus when -- notified. -- as it should be the game of the week this week in the National Football League is the Sunday night game 830 tonight. Football like America and NBC it takes place sixth century link field in Seattle the one I -- Seattle Seahawks play host to the one I know San Francisco 49ers. Justin Smith says both teams are loaded with great players to match up well with one another. Part of being really good football team a really good football players and I mean there are no different the we'll -- face our guys and and can't get Franken government -- all these guys and they got people with hotel to like those wolves of the match. That's a fund. Yeah really I'm loving this I just love this yeah -- between. You know you go oh we don't want you between coaches and the players talking trash to each other winner over the last week. It's a fun game with a one -- that you get in that environment. -- get in Seattle where it is. Incredibly well believe we've allowed just could be if they're they're actually trying it seriously one of their their. Horrible idea that is -- now is they're trying to set the Guinness book of records for the loud as decibel level. In a stadium and they're gonna try to do that in an outdoor -- we can do it's yeah. Best of -- on Monday that workplace productivity I -- pat what you are -- act. Monday Night Football tomorrow night Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati the -- one Bengals so much for. Hard knocks -- jump off -- I had to be auto won Cincinnati Bengals player goes to the old one Pittsburgh Steelers. Mike Tomlin says the Bengals offense has become a force and Andy Dalton is no longer. Just -- game manager he makes plays. That Cincinnati Bengals. Obviously we're familiar with them -- from -- with -- us. They're coming off of both ovals road loss last week this their first home game -- with these guys -- offensively. Andy Dalton provides great stability at quarterback position I don't think he could be considered a young guy anymore. Very efficient with the football that you 78%. Last week he had he makes great decisions he makes witnesses. The Steelers lost their best -- best offensive player for the year a week ago. When Ponzi got her in their calling guys back that there's they're running back position is so bad they're calling guys back to that country. Beavers -- one million. Maybe not I she's dead dead. You you know you look at the Steelers they've been so good so competitive for so long and you wonder if there. Going through a year to where they're going to that would but it would do but they're gonna have to reinvent -- a little I still don't know the receiver position I mean maybe some -- on the board Mike Walsh about the war. I'd be delighted it took us down again -- sooners in the brown I believe yeah it is not it is something that seems some of the seem familiar faces there but that their problems with the office supplying. It just doesn't seem like a skill level talent. Yeah it is still let's it's a position as a delegate count there anymore which also helped. Have a great running news or -- affiliates and start went through in that division Susie if he -- -- what -- division that's going to be. I'm going back moral point about 02 teams last 45 years. Already started going to none of made the playoffs we just bounced over the giants last went through my damn I don't know -- offices which is why anything where if I always think that that all things being equal the more desperate team wins that's why I think -- giant probably when this week in the Denver match. I'd take you around the National Football League week two of NFL action. Talked to what Tom -- in just few minutes this is NFL Sunday presented by -- -- -- insurance. See what a five star agency can do for you at the Polanski dot com.

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