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Pats with a comeback win in Buffalo

Sep 9, 2013|

John, Gerry and Kirk opened the show discussing the Pats comeback win Sunday against the Bills. They agreed the rookies need to play better.

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Bombed out this morning. Not exactly is bombed out of Steven Ridley institute for a couple Belichick is and has asked not on the sideline old acted angle. 46 degrees. This is the first time. I've -- a sweater. The work in a long time looks nice thank you and it's the first time the three -- must have been together for how many days as the entry that I do you do 26 days not a big time. Configured out of the game at minute as the last time to get -- figured out. It was last day the second day of the radio telethon. It was only for the three degrees. -- -- -- -- in the north country yet what I had the double check look at -- and it's it's a shake in the broken 46. Degrees on the make us at the Columbus yet where was in ritual. It was 47. Degree congress. They actually get an action that let's say experts are you get an act that's it you know the answer is a dozen days. -- a dozen days and we've been together that is upsetting. Just seems so much shorter because it's like it's only -- water to. Meanwhile a report today well we talked a number we're gonna get our -- conversation to be sure. Mr. Agassi. Our first opportunity to do -- exactly how many hand takes his game notes. For football that you bring it here on Monday to refer to. Found that your first thought today exactly right -- -- I don't think those look like that's the color -- like mine don't and they're not as is involved visual arts and they re don't do it similar to Jerry's. Just like mine is it. Know exactly Jerry's a good teachers are on Jerry Jerry look like losing your fifteen year where jurors look like just -- -- a random panacea here that. I -- Excuse of having notes that. 8 o'clock last night take notes from Scotland. Which took seventeen hours door to door again and game didn't take notes it is -- majority viewed -- -- -- unfortunately. And this is used to not be but. All on and as the final approach it whenever email Twitter text it's impossible not to get the -- I think it was sitting in. And I sat in London Heathrow Airport read all the newspapers. -- On the wireless. That's the audit that amazing. I remember the old days ago from weak in whatever. Anywhere on the cape open main engines to read and study it mentioned it to drive -- final late edition of a stack of papers covered an -- And hours reading -- -- -- -- little iPad and you get or or even phone and get to read every. -- New York papers. There was stuff. -- there's a story it's funny things that talk about the iPad and where you win in the twelve days Jerry went international almost at a terrible abuse at Scotland I went thirteen miles off the coast. And while -- Kirk and went to the bathroom with his iPad and analog on the spank my notes are iPad -- taken -- you don't write romance in the campaign. Well geez cutting -- should. So so futuristic as it developed enough -- to highlight the and -- highlight that you don't like and I got to know the moderate senator -- -- notes Thursday night. I'm war I'm real concerned about that Thursday night why because it's that's leaked. Well you turn yourself about the patriot Powell gets the pages some in immortal is -- Diego tonight that's late that's true I'm not sure I'm making -- that's true for that that at 1015 tick off I think it is -- and yet. Want to take notes on that -- have -- just have to like it causes an early. Let's play cricket directional game normally at 9 o'clock. True. And the midnight and you can't -- in every -- we watch him good and the whole game Thursday night. And I wonder well how will Danny -- field today when he gets out of bed and Holyfield Thursday night when he takes the field to -- sort of already tired of and I'm templates that you put a -- and -- in the open because. -- just just a misunderstanding. Is amiss perception. That the criticism of them and -- And the move. Swap and Wes Wes Welker for -- that he sauce was all about criminals not as good a player or -- -- will not perform as well. And it wasn't it at all it's about. Wes Welker being the single toughest -- ever seen in my life. Most durable football most durable receiver you ever see company and an M and dole is not mean it was all. Does not make him that guy and it certainly does make a bad receiver it would surprise that he had a good game. I guess the surprise would be speaking to him metro section after the question is not is was gonna perform on week one. It's well he performed on week. 141516. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The question is is and don't and the middle as durable as tough -- tough yes and it fell -- off. Now all tough. He's a tough guy he's. All of us combined. But he has to suit up again 33 days he's going to be -- it's going to be running as it's gonna hurt. Wes Welker did he ignored a that played. We came in and week out and amazed. To repeal would you. Rather he be better physically as a receiver -- -- -- -- -- hooker or tougher. As a receiver in Wes Welker I guess the the the ability is of no value if you're on the -- I don't -- -- them -- image it's not possible Welker is the toughest guy I've ever seen in this city I think any sport I mean I really believe that. As productive say that this -- he's going to be unions that. He's gonna be as productive he's healthy we know that -- -- Wes Welker -- -- -- the couple weeks ago there are people in and among football circles that -- if this guy stays healthy and such a huge if in the National Football -- certainly for Danny Amendola. Maybe better. There Wes Welker and you can't say that this got -- -- Wes Welker did we not seen flashes of brilliance yesterday that says he's just as good maybe better -- absolutely yes what the durability is part of the action. -- could be the greatest player ever and he. The topic is going to be spectacular play Jews could never. On the field he'll say. Yeah this one right there gales. And it doesn't make him. Wimps -- -- soft but softer in the NFL he's not softy he never was. But he gets -- And you could say it's just like oh we broke his whatever -- the and often as well as what Wes Welker. Is not only toughest guy proceedings -- -- the latter day the most recent the most obvious example not Gale Sayers in this conversation us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The hell no no of course -- hell he's gonna get hurt I think he's gonna continue to get her. He took shots and didn't get up from them every time and didn't get back in the huddle what work. Well or did I -- the question is Amendola do what it yesterday Thursday night we gave no repent of it right well that we have just. Because they have a problem. He has to pass to be there Thursday and he has to be there week gate we and we twelve. He's that important I mean he's in new guy one does know that much about them. He's Wes Welker in that he's in that role. And that role is white or use it and has no -- yes you're suggesting that Hopkins bumping an -- slow dancing in the end zone didn't have confidant Atkins sock he gets beyond sucked and I don't pick up ever seen this before. -- start target fourteen times made four catches. Ten times Brady threw his way and he didn't make the play and it was I know we haven't seen the film and we're not all that Smart I know. Belichick would even demean the -- inquiries said how many of those were his fault Brady certainly not. I'm guess and they were all open I'm getting it all certainly in the end zone when he didn't mean Q Brian stopped -- that was his fault that's touchdown. And was his fault I mean drop on the screen there was inability gets beat down at least 25 year old rookie. Here's the problem and I know it's an upset. You know. -- the nation but Belichick. Right now his left Brady with his best outside receivers a 25 year old rookie. To statistic I mean and you watch the highlights the most. Good quarterbacks. Good receive it seems that yet it just seemed like he doesn't it's just that final drive seemed so much work them feel yeah fuel yes -- -- a -- and that was pulled -- just by the -- -- -- -- -- four guys touch the ball on the final drive center that you received a -- by the back Brady and and now is and I -- sport that wouldn't help us three guys putts in on a backup quarterback it's obvious to. Okay nominees that -- to read them and -- -- great oh great yesterday -- bail them out that he's too. The problem. My mind and we'll get -- animals to import that's true too they have placed too much importance on Danny Mandel -- short schedule in settlement -- -- -- the game Michigan medal after -- sign Amendola said we still made an offer to welcome the creditable. What's the game -- thinking. Both these -- -- -- -- feel welcome Welker in the middle of the field you gonna invest in the receive its investment outside receiver. About it crumbled and it's singularly the deficit travel for -- and what it would take about a sixth -- let's -- -- but it's. There had to be receives. No no offense that can grow Tompkins. Had to be guys available and we can check it. They passed while the so now we're all set to get about two rookies -- Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman who was a bubble. I don't have. Receivers who are. Comments are with their quarterback does that make you don't have difference makers know. We don't want -- if you have -- dull until the differences he gets hurt and and and you just hold your breath and then when you say OK just to get back -- -- -- doesn't. Don't wind -- was stunningly bad and I think not just because he was stunningly bad because we saw so many positive things from him in the pre season so what does that tell you. When the bright lights come on its opening day when it's opening day in on on the road. Guys you are. More guys than not yesterday. We're walking around saying what why do weird why go -- all obviously you obviously don't check -- still you know coach about. Tom's call the plays objects at security you -- -- you got mail but beyond that you got a bunch of the guys say and just little -- Two guys we heard the most about offensively in the pre season where Tompkins and sub field. Yes no question -- so well in both sports and Dobson to like -- let up front -- and -- Miami right. On his first game. And and and -- news. Zero catches to targets. And so it felt tipped the ball to the DB yeah the only panic or to the rookies Brady was four of seventeen for 42 yards -- interception. Point five for 36 everybody else -- that is amazing and you could open to -- and -- forty -- it's pretty good in The Hague to vertical leap. Nadal yesterday -- -- conducted an underdog all the medical tests that -- -- -- -- you. Pickup basketball. Ron arrow on it simple casket tools has an ability. Has nothing to do so obvious that we saw yesterday is a guy who is not in sync with the quarterback who demands that -- -- the. In sync with and for that reason maybe expected to much but if you think about it is this game is is unfolding I'm watching -- reading Twitter people shocked that this is happening. When you think about this should not have been shocking. That Brady you have been you have Belichick. Those about only -- Got a bunch of other guys as I said who were unsure where they're doing and what they're going this should not shocked it's gonna go out were five I wish five I was not I was just especially not -- -- can make all the perfect passes in the world but until -- Thompson and by the way it was the one piece of educated. Analysis by -- or who said he asked to stop. Drifting downfield on that actual well. Artist does Bob Brett and what it make -- probably it's probably makes that you know pumpkins is not up for at this. -- it's a great question what's wrong with shows that it shows that they think of him and watched him yesterday and he signs anywhere better receiving 74 catches it do you think -- targets is gonna mix in the four catches the voice Dobson and I don't light. But it certainly doesn't appear that I guess maybe the patriots are treating. This game and Thursday's game the way I'd looked like extended pre season -- work out the kinks and they know. Really need to get all on the same page only one anyway this fight yet they won despite. The fact that these rookie receivers were horrible just seems -- you have Tom Brady and this which again. The -- to this is what you give them I mean. I know he won't complain and never complains. But does it strike you as you watch the game had to be someone out there and that and get. It also try to beat that might get worse before it gets better and -- Thompson and ends and -- sudden field. At some point get on the same page with Brady with the insult at that point is that mental going to be right I was gonna say element to element yeah Amendola. The ball -- -- pastor yes and able take its main -- the there's there you're seeing guys. There you over the middle guys what a -- Hernandez so that going to get high. Hounded yeah that's the thing I kept thinking yesterday's last year you have the luxury of the best street -- duo in history to lead the most productive and it's gone. You did back the one is adamant that you are either yes or third quarter starts in dispute. That's the first house to a fourth quarter to Ted hadn't thrown to a tight end and he regrets the fact that he did and the progress up to and what it's gonna be harder for Amendola that was welcome. These -- the presence of those two items created space for Wes Welker and so you know plots to forget. It's gonna be out that it was Wes -- how about that it is Wes Welker and I love these studies you know these coyotes who spoke compared Walker's performance candles and Wendell had more catches. Guess what Wes -- team has good wide receivers. On the outside. To help him yes opened up for him and Peyton Manning wrote those guys and they catch it and look at haven't -- -- quick. And the more or -- the 49 points against the Baltimore Ravens. Tom Brady can't get the end zone the second half against the Buffalo Bills because his receivers unlike of the -- Thomas Dekker and Wes Welker. Our goal in the wrong direction of the stop and when they should -- go when I just find it from if I'm invested in this particular team I find it discouraging. -- -- -- Quarterback and I -- gonna get picks Mickelson are you asking users you know Brady threw the pick and all that he's the idiots that do this every week you and I've been dealing with for years. Blame Tom in -- they don't score don't in the incidental -- he wasn't -- without Tom Brady they don't win this game without him. On seven for seven with two -- and receivers. In the final drive they don't. This one. As -- peripheral downside to this. If this doesn't get better these rookie wide receivers other wide receivers don't figured out -- Amendola an element you're only guy in again they are both. Injured a lot. This could get Tom Brady -- BP is the signature play out there in my mind in terms of justice keystone cops for team. Was when it was when -- Tompkins an element slow dancing in the end zone right exactly that's. Right exactly right there was no where to throw the ball and and Brady and eat it and got sacked this could get Brady in -- off it's terrible. -- It's set seven QB it's -- -- let's -- other better in the second half than the first step their bad but you're right there were not great they are not sharp. May be terrible overstating it but it seems to me you can be. Close to perfect into the office one umbrage because he gets it. Andy marks I mean it's so you know if peek -- it -- that couple and -- -- -- on the ball. And then the news that you have brought in mallet rowing to -- -- pumpkins. And and accept. Kicked -- that might all of this when -- said then -- -- Denver beat Baltimore this was a bubble team who played like crap yesterday. We play like crap and totally turn over turnovers just bad bad off football. And the -- to skip their lives. In what and maybe maybe we put this in the same category as the Detroit pre season beat down. But if you thought the risk -- through their helmets on the fuel and wind is not going to be that way I'm sure this will be a teaching moment for Bill Belichick like after the Detroit game certainly was. My guess is a -- to be nearly as cocky. Going into play the jets on Thursday night this route that they won't play 35 to settle held now bounced out of personal content. I haven't -- -- -- are counting. I mean I just think it's. The way you bench I mean I'm okay and procedures to. Tell me this when Ridley comes back and we think I think you come back Thursday night. You run as hard as Brees loose. Is he going to be like this will be -- my body's blood in doubled over with both ends up playing scared now right -- -- -- coach it's just a fumble. Me man you know. I never get too hot and -- -- love. He knows this kind of -- and even killed so. You know this is the first game today to explain -- thirteen season. You know I'll talk for this to what happened last year -- just goes to show you that you know things can change stated that took command have two turnovers and I can't blame anybody but myself. And I guess they just man up and come back to work you know and I was before my nose and in the dirt keep grounded man -- -- and do. What exactly Belichick said to and that photograph that diplomacy and the Gibson girl Carol. Pretty ugly and that's that's good money good pictures. And conceit which is fine pick -- -- But do you not cut up your nose to spite your face and you bench your best runner. And neverland to the field again and then when he does see the field again what to think he's taken. I'm pretty tributes like an eight on the -- and that water on the left it is that tree on the right which one of -- gonna hit the you don't. Play loose and Greek and natural that they let them back out anyways that game. UB single fumbling anyways here are done twice what what you think more. Games three days just think in stewing wondering if you see the field again on the right I mean if you for the patriots -- he'd stay in the game and I'd watch it would have lost. Auriemma is great -- true in Ridley would have played probably what what running back so would you let him play Thursday it would -- -- there trumpet that's just check. Back in the National Football League and another two games left to go on Monday night at the most yardage of any running back in the NFL. Yesterday Reggie Bush incorrect Shane Vereen fingering -- -- that Reggie Bush combined for more. Receiving an. But I -- I disagree argue -- I thought was shocked. How bad it looked at times -- -- disorganized disoriented chaotic. How poorly the protester -- to prove to me was you can -- vaults in some great elements on your team a coach quarterback. Nose tackle -- back whatever the case may be. But this is first and foremost eighteen sport. A bunch of things have to happen I mean it's sort of like the field goal a bunch of things have to happen that are really out of -- -- control for this to work well. A bunch of things have to happen for Tom Brady to beat Tom Brady. It has to be line protectionist because snap from center which they screwed up by the way. It has to be blocking downfield and asked to be precise routes and has to be element not running -- the Tompkins so you can have the best coach in the world you can have the best quarterback in the world. If the other guys on the team are doing their thing. Flawlessly and seamlessly and on the same page he's not gonna look at the bills quarterback it. He'd look at look like a pre season game luckily I don't leftists that would see what does Hopkins kids got in I'll see who's gotten them will. Are you fumble you're out of the game your bench -- try this other guy didn't seem like they were ready for the regular season. And it's still hard to believe that couldn't get in the end zone amendments and yet. And a fumble here in the whatever penalty missed assignment like Brady I thought would get in the end zone. Just once in the second -- did you just not shocking that he could get in the end zone and second and and that surprised I was shocked when he fumbled and there was the -- was that was -- does what he does I mean it's what he's the best maybe ever that you thought it was gonna sneak in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that kind of stuff in the game I was young people at that point he's -- Whenever they -- they were up ten nothing in driving -- teams probably over they going and -- you failed to -- or something like seventeen nothing since the buffalo its -- fumble and sure. Oh with their stupid penalties. And shot themselves in the foot many many times -- -- they did I mean. -- -- Buffalo's terrible -- On the patriots played them every aspect. No not not not not really -- When push came to -- up the apple -- -- all of us streets roads education and ask some about the fumble everything that happened yesterday Orchard Park 6177797937. It's a patriot Mundy Tom Brady joins Dennis Kelly. Next.

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