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It's Finally Here! Mustard and Johnson are Salivating at the thought of Football Starting Tomorrow and Preview the Upcoming Patriots Season

Sep 7, 2013|

The guys are psyched and ready to go for a full day of football tomorrow. They break down the upcoming Patriots season and get into the X's and O's.

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Art ever two mustard and Johnson you know the phone numbers 6177797937. On the text line is 37. 19837. And that is all brought you by AT&T. We started this program talking about the Red Sox. Red Sox not getting a whole lot of attention in the 2013. Season but lo and behold. When you come back improbably. Not that they haven't done it before beat Rivera on Thursday night. And then come from five down scored nine runs in the seventh and eighth innings capped by that game tying grand salami off the bat of Mike Napoli in the seventh. Oh start and get me. A little bit more interest dated may be a little bit more persuaded. That this team is legit not only daily jet my thesis is is the best team. ESP empower rankings I haven't looked and that's what I want to look up on the break where I was telling Mary off the -- and don't want to look -- something. ESP empower rankings I don't know where the Red Sox are but I think based on two out of three against Detroit. Winning the first two at the stadium taking two out of three against the Dodgers last week out there. I think you pretty much have to say we knew Larry that this is the best team in baseball on September 7 2013. Most balanced. I think -- have to say so you can have one big -- or in the -- -- like a -- for error you know with somebody like that but it. To me when you have a lineup that's pretty even. Which went in and and again the holes -- in the in the in the style is that they have to while balance what you put it off longer enough. -- done done and don't want to run the Red Sox anymore well we can do you know I was -- New -- hear about it about the multitasking in -- the only one of the few individuals I've -- who can only do one -- on concrete sequential and proud of -- know what you do you do very well but -- the only can do one thing at a time thing at a time research is proven I can ought to disasters are very ineffective alternately. In how they go about their gas brought from watching TV in the house is burning down -- I can get up in and make sure everybody gets out on top you know this is that does not have got you on the other you and I gotta finish grating them pay up. Now I would but now we've got to get to work because it is the the best of times always when September rolls around. I don't like winter coming but item the fact that NFL football is again back. And we had a taste of it Thursday night Denver 49 Baltimore 27 but now. To move on to the actual. Plethora of games. To be played we're not really starting off for the bond burn them that's no secret to anybody into law next Thursday -- with the jets at New England. It doesn't matter I just want a football game when a real one I want one way you know with the people I won't play -- -- agent like. -- I loved it it was just finally because of the weather is stated earlier. But he got the bills and of course we all molded. You know they they got a new coach and they've in they've got some but some things that Doug Maroney is gonna forget op tempo. Type offence there where we heard that before. In EJ Manuel was a very athletic type by quarterback we're hearing a lot more of that lately also but he has a knee injury so I don't know how effective he's going to be they say he's a 100% effect Marron said he's 100. And -- Percent LP he's ready to roll after pre season injury minor knee injury that's coped. If there was some concern that EJ Manuel would not be able to start against the patriots but so Marty what are some of the questions and throw this out to our westerners as well some of the -- the senate questions that you have early on regardless of who you're playing is certain. Things that you -- looking for. This New England Patriots team and I'll start off by by by watching in and I want to see the the relationship that Brady has with his wide outs. I Amendola I think we all agree if the guy is healthy he's got to be great ease ease ease or another version of Welker and he'll be great. But I also -- see -- -- -- -- Al Tompkins and -- voices in Indy even down opposite the other wide receiver. I wanna see how some of these other guys aside from a tight end. I I wanna see with the relationship that Brady in McAllister who you're playing you've got to watch the timing. In to see if there at the right place where they need to be for the breaks well. We certainly if you look at the depth charts and -- -- doing our usual research looking at depth charts. And did you notice Larry that the two wide receivers -- depth charts in a couple of sources. As Julian -- on one side and Danny Amendola on the other. That's not going to be happen that -- on paper that doesn't look good Gradkowski right now number one of depth chart but probably not going to be. Are ready to play on Sunday maybe by the third or fourth game. That receiving corps at least on paper. Does not look impressive but you know what you got Tom Brady is the quarterback. I think they're gonna find a way I was I saw them looked very good practice. Early on in training camp saw them in the giant game. Obviously Brady was not playing in that game -- the other receivers certainly looked good for. Their first time around in a patriot uniform. You've just got to believe. That because Brady is the quarterback. Somehow or another. The patriots will still score why do you points through the -- my question is. How is the running game. Going to contribute to the patriot offense I don't believe the patriots are gonna have any problems on offense this year. Eventually. Brady's gonna find a way to collect -- those receivers I'm interested to see. Just how the. Running backs are -- marine and grizzly is right is -- doesn't do what he was doing last year fumbling a lot I think he's -- a good solid physical back for them Ridley will come out of the backfield -- you'll you'll make some nice catches trio. Why the areas that we we -- we were not on after the cuts were made. But that they cut Masco. You know -- yeah and and therefore they're going but they rookie. Punter Ryan Allen and ray guy winner ever from last couple years but still. Is he going to be holding who's going to be holding that that's a small very small area but still. If you're going to be worried about. The well are looking nobody wants her. Holding the ball and making life difficult -- -- -- -- I think that you're in very good shape if that's the only thing you're gonna be worried about well I ask you this Peter King was on. -- yesterday on my Maloney. And he proclaimed in this the preview addition. Sports Illustrated his own website it SI dot com that the patriots. Are your Super Bowl champions for 2013 slash fourteen do you I agree with mr. king's assessment of the patriots. Better than the 49ers. Better than the Seahawks the team that king. Predicts will go to the Super Bowl represented in the NFC better than Denver in what they did to dismantle Baltimore. Better than any other team in professional football that features the best team of professional football in your mind. Not Peter King thinks he has I don't think so but I mean. This is -- love like at the beginning of the year people call up anything -- -- -- -- -- eleven and in five of the third rated impersonate I don't think anybody oh lord we're used to say it on time and I -- them. You really don't have to wait Michael par four games in before you re re all the wrinkles -- in doubt that you have to wait even longer there is the patriots. You shall we struggle at the beginning of the year well fortunately they have a -- easy. If there is such a thing they're playing against two quarterbacks who was certainly not. What you -- veteran type got caught I. I -- is fantastic to watch two quarterbacks. Drafted in this year's draft geno Smith on Thursday night commitment for the jets. And EJ Manuel I think that makes it a little bit more interest -- is how -- -- that we talked about. How ball or rain the AFC east is I think ultimately hurts the patriots because it's almost too easy. Listen to Tom Brady's talk on the morning show earlier in the week and he's saying how there's nothing more difficult. Then starting the season off on the road against a division follow the problem is it's not difficult enough. Nobody in the division gives the patriots any challenge whatsoever I think it hurts him in the post season is that not. No matter who they face they -- -- -- -- -- a tough game this week and we have to watch out for this met. And I understand nap because you -- to respect your opponent the only thing that -- the bills really have going for them is a special teams. They have this kid monkeys could win in Leodis McKelvin with two very exceptional return is kicked off from punt returners. In outside of that I mean I eat eat you really can't look at a whole lot in terms of us bill all right capital like a lot of speed merchant running back. Stevie Johnson is at best ride receiver and he might not even play. I I I've just fascinated CF. EJ Manuel can replicated all what he did in the in the pre season I think it was a pleasant surprise for the bills I say this every year. I -- thwart the AFC east teams with least the competitive exactly I I due to no front wants to set up their marching gaming and you get into pretty McNulty game's over and Emma. The first quarter I think that what I'm looking for from from people as well as UN myself as. Give me a guy. Who you think. In this season is got to make. A big difference like UN Arab made a big difference for the Red Sox this year nobody thought discovered that's the problem with doing map because it's almost impossible. Product try to -- I say I I think Chandler Jones. Think that is another reason I say that is it's not I know eat four keys out off great hit the wall. I say Chandler Jones because of Tommy Kelly. Because Tommy Kelly in the middle 646 about 310 pounds in the middle -- Vince. He's a force he's he's similar to I think you said it Richard Seymour. You can't. Cover you can't double team everybody. In I think if you unleash Chandler Jones. In Ninkovich. Did I get some opportunities. That they didn't have last year. So that's my surprise pick. I don't think anybody be surprised I think I would look knock -- making a difference I mean making a big. Difference in the team -- you'd be surprised -- Julie Jones made a big difference I wouldn't. I to argue about I super stardom. Coming up at 1213 fourteen -- I think that I hit a ball I. You know what -- do I think he's capable I think you'd be disappointment if he didn't. I I would it would be disappointing to me if he didn't have somewhere between twelve and fourteen he talked about it earlier it's been much chronicled. The guy who had a terrific terrific start last year then hit the proverbial rookie wall might have been hurt a little bit down the stretch. But that patriot defense particularly with a questionable secondary -- you kidding me you -- Chandler Jones to rush the quarterback in he needs to do it for. Sixteen game but I think. We've all been critical of the patriots drafts it in the past and -- and what they've done and how many second round picks have not made his team. Tailor Jones that we were all excited because they moved up in the draft to get hightower Ian Chamblee Jones -- I for -- I -- -- -- likeable lot anyway anyway he's built as a defense event. Erfurt body size can put on some extra weight up top. I -- I'm excited about that Brady's Brady I mean we -- so blessed and -- -- I think you have any idea of manure c'mon only get some of the other quarterbacks. -- who were not as good Brady Brady is just is sensational as long as the office of finals up. I'm looking at the secondary I think the defensive line probably the best unit on this team. I think Jim Jones will have a better second season -- he did I think you'll have a more consistent season maybe you'll see two halves. Of what Chandler Jones this year as far as the season goes that is one half. I worry about -- At the quarterback position and his status at the cornerback on the court yeah if either one. They get that they resolved the Hubbard drive me crazy I I now these polls are just told -- cover arm in the mid September. Yet at overweight and let's find out what -- I remember really upset with him forget -- in the mess in the first place but. I think they can ever really good secondary Gregory back here at Shea Stadium -- -- equity. -- accurate safety I think they could make it really really am very excited about them I'm excited as usual. About the National Football League because I think they do it better than. Anyone is farmers almost all the teams you can look at they have -- as does. Play is out there you are already mentioned Russell Wilson with Seattle and IG three and lock which are -- I mean they just every year they seem to stock the shelves. With new people that you can get excited about on any neutral -- well. Reds don't be up and running in my house so I can tell you that and a lot of red zone and the data does Scott Hanson doesn't terrific job and I'm to the point now where I watch the patriots and CBS will be on CBS tomorrow. Yet I also have red zone going at the saint nicely as you gotta go the FC what's going on all the other games is it great presentation is nothing like. You'll Charles about that I've resisted it for the longest time and now Liam just I am so it -- it is a soul marvelous in the the host here -- just handles its slow. Well it is absolutely. Appointment viewing particularly if you have a -- game for the second game right and I think that I think red. Sox fans and patriot fans were pretty much the same people. I have approached the patriots in game one in particular probably game two on Thursday against the jets to AFC -- certainly at the bottom. Of the conference if not the league altogether I think that a lot of patriot fans right now. Half a couple games you know we love football season were excited at the the season is about to be. Unveiled yet it's against two opponents that really shouldn't give the patriots too much of a problem it's almost like you're expanding. Of the pre season into two more games I've -- -- -- too many I don't see too many big issues I think the patriots will be just fine given the fact they're not playing. Great TV's first but. Why do you agree with most the reason football is a winning on hand down over baseball right now is because it is not a long term commitment. It's -- you in if you're really just doing the Sunday thing it's a one day commitment. One day but but let's not delude ourselves we say it's a three hour game well. We don't watch one game we watched the patriots -- we watch the 4 o'clock game that we watched the 830 game but it's one day -- -- one day of commitment. Really ought to -- his baseball if you're trying to keep separate baseball hockey York. Our other Celtics oh like it's like two or three games at two or three at least more games a week. And I think it's just different I just think it's it's regardless of in the way the national for -- has done it. Regardless of which games you while watching. It is becoming social. Attraction to more than just men now a lot of women are really into before all is well. India really can sit down on a Sunday afternoon with the family and friends and alike in it as selling a lot of I guarantee of this -- a lot of big screen TVs today. It has become that. Popular is that how you look at and we are tied to get all the family all right I -- can you Erica if you hate your family is not my problem relative as an escape from my family 617779. 7937. And yes the text line is they -- 24837937. Red Sox honor roll they come back beat the Yankees again seven and a half game lead in the American League playoffs a mere formality at this point are they good enough to win a World Series. Meanwhile Steven not Stephen but Peter King. As predicted in Sports Illustrated that the patriots. Are going to win the Super Bowl for the first time since way back in February of 2005. But -- that death yet is that realistic or not we shall find out your thoughts and comments 617. 7797937. -- and Johnson rolls on Sports Radio.

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