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John Farrell with Salk and Holley: Lester maintaining stuff for 7 innings got us that win.

Sep 4, 2013|

We check in with John Farrell for our weekly chat after a huge win over the Detroit Tigers and Mac Scherzer. We talk to John about the Sox bats, Buchholz return, Koji in the 9th and more.

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Iglesias crowding the plate here comes the -- to the home. And cannot. No Red Sox went into the wind and it become just the second team all season just beat Max Scherzer. He's the losing pitcher. Jon Lester gets the win and he is now thirteen and eight Koji -- you -- picks up the save and Max Scherzer. Is now nineteen in two. He's been good he's been a really good pitcher this year but you know I mean you don't think that he's capable of being beat temperature ever -- to beat them tonight but she's ninety into tomorrow -- two dozen. Pay up -- lottery pay up -- Lottery. They just blind luck let us yeah. Pretty rusty after a prediction what else did you do it for -- came hearing got a free parking space some Brookline okay. What do you ever get our free parking at Fenway Park Castro that's unheard of so is that the is that the ceiling is that it he had. -- Max Scherzer dropping -- -- can tune in a free parking spot pretty much on Brookline at a pretty much if you ask for anything else I don't know I don't know how much better I could possibly do with my wish list it will get into a little bit in the next hour things aren't going well at home. There's some issues so that I think they're kind of they're there and their -- out -- those -- some of the good things there's been some negativity -- things aren't going well for -- in your -- well my wife apparently trying to be more -- view I'll explain. Around 345 and wanna get into -- now need to work my way into this I don't feel comfortable -- waiting for John -- is on his way over I don't wanna I wanna -- -- your wife -- to hang -- -- I don't think she's trying to follow -- that she may -- -- -- -- I don't know maybe there's some advice you can give -- -- -- she's now going -- -- There is up there there's a similarity there -- got to see who could get to that about 345 John Farrell is just now walking through the Dorgan a conversation. With him after again. What regardless of who was here last night. Far as I was concerned the game of the year last night incredibly fun just to be here and the Leicester vs Versa scherzer thing. Pretty fun night jumper brought you Byron bell insurance town fair tire and by -- hockey. But said mr. Charles how are you sir. Do all right guys are you is have a seat there talk crimes that microphone sir. This is like walk him right in it right into the slip right in the -- fire the other fire. Always always we got we got a lot of stuff we have common that you were gonna brilliant bit read I've got a hypothetical. -- it -- we've got things the archives you have an even considered yet how September baseball for a. So far so good for three games into it. Another great. Match appeared in tonight's. And I think more than anything our schedules that one of the more difficult ones as we go through this month -- -- -- game. And I think our guys are looking for challenges ahead I don't wanting it to won't allow us to take our foot off the gas we've got to continue to. To work as hard as we've done all year and maintain that -- all the way through this month when you know you're going into a game like last night two of the better pitchers in the game going after each other churches and have been beaten once this year you've got your horse Jon Lester out there you're kind of expecting a one run game but 21 game Mikey got. He chemical win today game of the different mentality knowing you're going to be tested in a different way. Not just because it's Detroit or not just because it's September but I think anytime you have a good matchup you have the potential for that type of games so. There might be one decision inside the game whether it's offensively or or pitching matchup that might hinge. A -- things might hinge on that one move a little more than others and I think just the way that John pitched particularly after you know that they they hit them pretty good the first couple innings and he made a very good adjustment uses off speed pitches a little bit more. But as that game unfolded I -- through the first four innings I don't know if we're gonna get a hit publishers -- as well as he was pitching but. -- the breaking Boston little plate to middle Brooks and we get a timely two run base hit and our pitching that stand up we kind of look at that as early as like not just that you're down Iran was like Lester thrown sixty something pitches and then you have that four pitchers in the fourth inning. Where it just it really everything -- tilted it. Detroit's way until all the sudden it reversed itself well early on yeah I I would agree the in and whether or not you point to a defense to play elective it. The relay that Stephen Drew and makes the cut down the potential second round and that's second inning for the third out. Maybe it's shifted some things are away momentum wise but you're right they they follow a lot of balls off John early on the pitch count was 2.4 five I think after the first inning. But as strong as powerful as he was just felt like if he got into the he you see those pitch counts kind of -- first couple innings then to kind of take another look after the fifth and and see if things have cut back in the line which they did. And he may -- maintained its offer for seven very strong innings last night. If you mentioned Jon Lester making an adjustment. Is that between Lester and Ross or you are that conversations -- this I mean is that something happening on the mound or. Come back to the dugout and you talk about well it's not -- Common to go through the first time to line up and establish a fastball which John has done probably you know. The majority of the starts this year and in that second time through your probably look in the user's secondary pitch a little bit more. The fact is that they went through lineup one time to the first two innings so start the third inning here you are using occur Baltimore change upon occasion. And that started to create a little bit more separation in terms of the velocity on given pitch is thrown and that's when he became a little bit more efficient cut quicker outs. The little remorse when you -- because there was. More of an assortment of pitches. And I think that led to the overall efficiency to get him through those seven innings but. -- -- that that conversation between innings this is fairly common -- through between starting pitcher and catcher or just some quick observation by one myself. And guys are very much into the with a game plan is to establish but then you've got to remain flexible to adjust accordingly what you feel like that the that the turning point of that game last night -- well clearly the the ground ball out the third out by Cabrera. You know you're you're holding your breath a little bit not just because of you know him bases loaded situation but clearly you've got a guy at the plate to lose. No hands down for the best hitter in baseball right now. Aliens. Your ultimate as the ball on the ground at somebody and thankfully there was. At 11100 or -- or PS when you look up and it's pretty -- that you say it's crazy what the hell he's getting on base more than 50% of the time almost and you know you look at it and he's missed some games of late because the abdominal under or what he's dealing with but you you look at -- there's a 130 RBIs forty on the board with a month ago it's. It's pretty daunting are today you see him again in the eighth inning in this is and I'm curious about you know coming up the eighth inning it's gonna be crazy got 34 or five from them maybe one of them the best 345 combinations you can find anywhere in the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That seems like a big confidence a lot of confidence and young kid you've got there what does that. What is that moment like or what does -- tell you that he's able to go out there get Cabrera well he he's shown that. In the appearance is leading up to last night that he his his poise on the mound. What he has shown in the ability to it to not only get quality hitters out but in. Critical point in time it points in the game whether that's when he was a starter force for the three or four starts he made or some other. Relief appearances where in his back was against the wall having to make some quality pitches -- -- was a game up in Toronto that but quickly comes to mind. And then even recently here you know in the last series against the White Sox and he's a guy that's got poise he's got good stuff. And because this performance he's earned and and he's earned my trust is earned our trust when he goes on of the mountain and we knew. When John walked off of -- after the seventh inning when you're gonna have to match up through that 34 fives you mentioned. Pres Lois had good success against fielder and Victor Martinez and then we knew what some polyps which backer until it took to -- You know to finish up the inning if neither. Can I ask you a hypothetical question don't don't get -- I know. Is just the -- let me first preface this by -- -- -- the president I would I would get bad manager Aaron ran past the but I got to ask you this question. Why do you have to match up beneath want to just bring you a -- in the eighth for -- for the best 345 in the game and allow -- in Breslow to match up with 678. In the ninth inning. That's a very good question and and I have seen that done before work in hopes that a decision might be made it to bring that -- into. It's the highest leverage inning that the game is gonna provide force but. I firmly believe that relievers when they know that there's someone behind them in that bullpen waiting to come in. Rather than certain guys being the last line of defense there's a different mind set there and our guys have. Formed that core. Knowing the Koji is the anchor that's gonna close things out in. We work are overexposed guards were gonna to try to take the best platoon match up we could in that eighth inning. Knowing that we get through without a run allowed coach is gonna melt down force and and and fortunately it worked out that way. But the unique situation in this case is that coach he has been both of those guys this year. You know no fault of its own he he became the closer and he got a great job he became closer because of injuries to. Bailey and -- and so. It it would he be that guy who could adapt to both situations that he's done well this year. He could in I think you know we might find ourselves in the situation later on. That if he's had a couple of days down he might very well pitch to -- rather than just hold him for -- one inning. We've had in pitch multiple innings whether it was the last day before the all star break out there in Oakland. We haven't been hesitant to bring him in for one plus inning safe. And you know we we might find yourselves in the two inning situation later on. How often do you do you watch the race to -- your -- -- last night they're playing on the West Coast. Do you stay and watch their game word to some of it. You know didn't watch it in its entirety are probably. You know had some things to do here after the game last night in and caught a couple innings in that game last night anything in particular comes out not just -- how -- Active rooting against the rays do you do automotive does not that's not hurting again -- lightly and oracle are very against its -- a permanent or -- we are well I don't. -- don't acknowledge you don't use you want to -- interest. And certainly. You know teams are division you're you're paying attention and that's natural. But I I do when asked about this the specific question -- -- opponent last night Jim Leland. Is hysterical I think I -- listened to him and he has lots of rain so -- Bo Derek I have. Her boat they are mentioned in years years he said some people what he wants both Derek yeah. Effect so people can find a flaw -- there -- sort of run support -- -- knows that the pictures there. How to possible and heed and pay attention to that stat that. Our hotline if it and I know it's different. We have baseball fans media we look at a certain. -- -- and we think they're important. -- you aren't you played you played the game pitching coach manager. Often talked about stats. And what it if you do what steps are important to you. And as the pitching coach and as a manager. Well depends on the situation for if we're talking about an individual pitcher having worked with certain guys. You're you're gonna find some some information that you can read off a piece of paper through stats that kind of -- support your view of whether. Or or a particular area that a given pitcher's got to work on and that might give you added information to go to that picture and support your. Approach or if we need to make an adjustment here's here's some reasons why. And then dances and that's part of engaging the player into the hold discussions so it's important. The one you have information back of what you think and then to two. Engaged a player to almost make it their idea in how you're gonna go about making a potential adjustment. But in the case you're referring to here there was a description on on the year that matches having in. You know what a lot and I would -- totally agree with the end comment that that Jim made about that was that. He's having a Goodyear things reform in place from this is his year end and you know what I think everybody in baseball would agree -- that you. You know common in the last night to be nineteen to one. One you've got to be a hell of a talent pitcher to you've got to have a tremendous work ethic to put yourself in position every five days to perform. And then three things have got to fall your way whether it's our -- certain day -- your defense picture up her -- picture up. And I say that -- because I know watching our guys go to the mound they don't go to the mound every start with their best stuff. Or stuff similar to Max had last night so he's obviously learned to win without his best stuff and that's a tribute to him. So. You know and numbers are gonna support certain things you know we have John -- case were -- the run support hasn't been there but yet he's pitched probably better than the record indicates. But still the record is what it is and you can't take that away from giving guy nor can you take away nineteen in two. From lectures. Editor there who believes I don't know if you heard about this saw a group of Moody's cut this petition. You have wind taking all taken away from a pitcher in baseball altogether there's a petition actually hit 57 people's. I I actually well it. I wasn't one of art so you don't you're not signing this petition day but I don't think they're looms I think -- I can't Alex -- between -- I -- welcome what did you. All I would never take away you know the the win and loss record for individual pitcher I think what may stand out a little bit more what -- what does the team's record when that individual pitchers. That that's is important record to me is as anything you know Jon -- thirteen innate but there there's there's you know after a loss. You know he's eleven to and I think something's something shines through what it is I don't know. Whether it's added incentive to. He notes have to put together stronger game whatever might be or or maybe any given day we responded as a team. With more offense on those given days you know and that's what that's the great thing about this game is that it. It's. For for many that pay attention this game it is stat oriented and it and it drives a lot of the conversation much playground and right now you're eventually if things go right you -- need to make some decisions about your pitching that he got a five and a half game lead is a good chance in 99% to make the playoffs at least for one game playoff. According to ESPN and you don't you're not gonna go there yet but. You have to make a decision on who's that either gonna start one game playoff or who's gonna have to start game one of the playoff series. How are you gonna make that decision with with three or four pitchers right now much of that buckled back into it they could have a legitimate claim to being that guy. Well we've got twenty games remaining. And that's gonna tell the story. You know -- gonna pitch tomorrow night -- the -- it -- provided he gets through that as we foresee him getting through it. That'll add another element so what we do going into the next week. -- mean he won't be ready to go until after we get through New York. So you know first things first and we're not we're not looking at any playoff rotations were not. Were were playing tonight in and you know we've been on this show weekly and and that's the one thing that we talked about being strong characteristic of this team not get ahead of ourselves in and that's still holds true when. And I mentioned it at the outset here are our schedules gonna demand us to focus on today and nothing else. What's the latest on Jacoby Ellsbury -- lineup changes and we -- in their last night wasn't there last night but everything projects Symbian ready to go today he's in the lineup right now and then mole who won't go through some early work here -- to make sure that that holds true but -- Sports on concern right now everything point Symbian. Leading off first nine points and field at that before I -- you get the question you know there. I go and a nest and a lot. And and they have this signed. Right in the front that at the beginning of the year I thought looked super cheesy at this picture Jonny Gomes and the sign under it says heartened -- are two things you can fake. And when I first thought I thought it was kind of cheesy -- whatever pitcher Jonny Gomes a marketing thing I know I've watched Johnny Gomes for five months. I'm kind of like bought in to this little sign they have over there heart and hustle are things you can fake. How how much does that describe what he's brought to. Your team you know just hearing you describe that of the war the comes out to me is genuine and Jonny Gomes is genuine guy in -- when a player. It doesn't look for any short cuts doesn't make excuses that. You know as much genuine as any player I've ever been around and you know he's made an impact here and in in the time that he's been here just in the first season. But it also probably speaks to everyone in our clubhouse and that this is a group that's very accountable. In and there are very genuine their approach that they they don't take shortcuts they don't think that they can skip over things and still reap the rewards that might come their way for. For games -- played. And I think there's a lot of there's a lot of merit to what you were describing -- that. On the poster. And council is on the poster to respect his -- there as well I'd be very did I begin I'd have to come up with a better slogan or edit and appeared to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Comes from Brian -- prize from Arlington mass with the -- with the rosters expanded. How did you determine the balance between getting players big -- exposure while still competing for a division title. Division titles first and foremost. Eight and I think it's important for for players have come to us. That are that are experiencing this that are involved in -- it. Even though they might not get on the field that their understanding. The atmosphere that's around this team right now and what we're playing for. Puts it -- Put exposure to for a young player ahead of what. Our team has worked for all year I'd be doing a disservice. -- it to everybody else has been here earlier and that's not to say that the players are here. I couldn't contribute to a win I wanna be careful and and clarify that but. Were were competing for division title and that's first formal -- excited to have some a little weapon I mean September baseball's a little bit different you can use 3540 guys if you need to you can bring somebody into pinch -- -- someone else. With what Barry -- give is that kind of a fund way to manage a baseball there's a lot more to consider both in terms of your own bench and and what might be coming across the field that you so that's why you see you know in the last two games you're watching. Two relievers warm up at the same time. From that sixth inning on both both sides have that. -- have those options available to them and there's a little bit more matchups that are gonna -- ones because you have more numbers to do. We appreciate -- John continue on here with September baseball we'll talk to you next Wednesday appreciate you guys are there's John -- break it down -- here in just moments alcoholic from Fenway on W media.

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