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Rob Bradford's Patriots Round-table with Chris Price and Mike Petraglia

Aug 31, 2013|

Rob Bradford is joined by WEEI.com's Chris Price and Mike Petraglia on Patriots cut down day. The guys take a look at the list of roster moves as the Patriots trimmed their roster heading into the season. Rob, Chris and Mike also reflect on the brief Tim Tebow experiment in New England.

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Oh yeah. Yeah out. We've except that surrounds. -- -- Lawless. The past post BC. Labor Day weekend. Saturday leading -- Red Sox -- in the history of the great -- guy people lining up outside here at Fenway Park. Getting ready to see Jake Peavy take -- all teams Chicago White Sox. I'm rob Bradford WEEI dot com. This is the Bradford show. Description occupants of the award winning Bradford so trying to find out award but that's okay. We're gonna go run with -- until some tells otherwise. Vote number 617779798378. TT tech signed 37937. Out of the date. I introduce to you. That Tim Tebow Bangkok. The open -- had been cut the patriots have formed someone of their roster is as good as well we didn't know right now roster. We introduced the Red Sox trade deadline eight hours away. I then quickly introduce the fact that coach you are the best closer -- -- may delete tell me I'm wrong. All that we're gonna get all that. But the first thing on the table have to be the patriots cast today -- I can think of note to. Better people to really dive into it and tell me when I'm full of I don't know full of -- shenanigans. Then the great Chris price the great Mike the tri tip ball and covering. They -- for WEEI dot com done Foxborough last -- it reminds you guys are there for probably two months early. Try to figure stuff out guys he would -- what's going on. I can hear a -- bothered all the little odd man well this is like music to my years here in both these guys. These guys have opted out and it is a little bit because reading your neck just before going on there. Saying explaining exactly how this is gonna work and -- saying this is going to be awesome yet it's going to be awesome. I'm into the live up. But are all right thanks for thanks for setting the bar low drag -- -- that. I've ever I'll call you one at a time and is the question would be simple and that's what we're gonna do. We got the calls lined up I cannot ignore the calls too long guys. So after we give our initial thoughts after you guys give your initial thoughts on the cuts we're gonna go to the call and let the general public. Who are so fired up about this. They want answers and you guys give the best answers really can sell first press -- go to you. Surprises. The biggest surprise at least for me it was. Result that's going out there that it was really surprised when he considered that the finances and all that I know it's relative pocket you couldn't talk about the hatred for the real estate -- -- Under the cap we -- essentially the single guy Ryan now agree -- physically it's. Ray guy award winner in college should've put a phenomenal number twelve and attacked. A little local I got to go out it is that simple and that. You know I know there actually evil it resonating with people could think locally they're switching doctors here is that it really caught people by surprise but you know outlook. That the open collared one where where interest senior people now in the week that we're hearing that don't. It went to management in in -- the contract renegotiation. In America pretend that economic political -- that because again it's -- situation orders and we get into sharper. A little less money. Live belt but. Nothing dramatic again I know the people in the Olympic gripped everyone tensions -- You know it'd be decided it will I was a little bit surprise there because you know you look at a guy who brought here for -- -- my -- -- you look at a guy who can be. Law Arctic is opposed to a short term you know -- piece that we're gonna do it that people projection that that's. What everybody else. Yeah I would vote with input from now on and got all the way. Every single patient that. Old when -- -- two people didn't think he acted to be exact. OK okay before we go the always appreciated tracks might try to Chris have been a follow up on your your punter now -- Why did they keep salaries side I understand that. Why did they keep Ryan Allen over the open -- awful what you saw in the pre season. The number or relatively the same and I think I look at them they're really good job breaking it down yesterday. -- with salt and Ali when you NFL you're faced with essentially the same guy for less money. You know very minute and -- that's the movie's gonna make it that some -- decide to go with the way I think. You know from a financial perspective I think it makes sense I think -- and put a bird would numbers while he was here in the legal course of three years. But people decide -- -- and -- guarantee when you're not commuting the grand scheme but. Oh come -- did all of in the community and -- one of the truly great. Yeah that's one of the reasons sad to see him go right yeah career -- that this -- that -- needed the league -- dignity you know he did a lot of charity work. In so I think a lot of folks we commuter really -- -- voted to WEEI dot com most interesting -- Boston couple years ago to meet a guy who. Does the federal aren't real art language is that the guy who you know what the issue in this regard. For her little if any. At the bottom line is you structure -- sick I treated the other day that. That the -- later that there are incredibly decent human being. This -- -- for personal and if you you certified and the political unrest -- -- -- -- a better person or. Well speaking of incredibly decent human beings that that the great that's great segue into. Two things might try it and Tim Tebow. OK so. Your both incredibly great human beings but -- it from one incredibly great human being to another are you surprised -- contracts. I give you one more similarity we vote for the ball like actor well that's that's a good one yeah. But now I am surprised that in that regard guys. The reason I'm surprised the patriots elect code in and Tebow is it's not very often that you see the patriots in that are kind of crime. And energy with a quarterback. Who clearly need to learn the system. The way they did with Tim Tebow and then let him go area right back accurately I found it surprising that. You have a ready made read option quarterback. Do help the scout team during. The regular season at a very low cost. And what is about the anthrax is eating up a roster spot I mean is it worth it. Well apparently obviously for the patriots know. Like rebel attack I've always thought that a player who is a great great work ethic -- a great attitude that. C and most importantly. Some on field value in preparation. I thought it was -- the roster spot -- politic obviously clearly I'm I was. Will it really it strikes right you were alone now you're alone. I mean I do you not. And it's actually about one grossly iPod. You know people on the practice -- on the Al team. During the weekend and you learn. For a year or two under Josh McDaniels clearly he has the comfort level with patriot. I thought he would grow I did think that there was something he did in the in the -- priest he's and that were very admirable. I certainly showed rebellions the other night when he was. Started out perfectly more more to the point is often warrants are about correctly but it bounced back he threw a couple of touchdown passes. But in the end you're right that that gap. At linebacker. And -- up. Certainly you know I think. On the way I'd want. You don't wanna get elected he would -- but OK you guys correct before we go to the calls and -- Lou is drew bill Steve Tony I appreciate you hanging on. Loose -- -- has been tagged on the longest he's fired up about this and we're gonna. Callers are gonna get a chance to ask your questions or draster statements to the great Chris price might try your ball of W -- dot com. Really quickly starting with Chris give me another name that's not named Tim Tebow resulted Masco that you are surprised. Got the -- Where is quite. That that that the -- question that -- -- -- a lot of these elite dot com I think the blood it is a panel we had a lot of it by saying in the one little bit that are what surprised that it doesn't have much to do with that. But the fact. They're gonna open year we have a crock on the equivalent yeah I I think that would have been a surprise to me. Although I still offer so. Value -- that if by the principal that are in orchard Parker flowery branch. Or park -- I don't have to sit there and think OK it's court going to be ready for one week. -- -- How about your day -- deeply about our ability in -- think that kind of you know -- -- -- a red flag erroneously. I hate to think to keep going to be. -- -- Rob Gronkowski. -- warrior until. -- think you can you know that -- of the growth and we welcome all love and so you know report. So essentially for the first -- six weeks. You're -- really with 52. Sure until you get back in shape and the other -- to a court. He doesn't -- -- -- twenty we put that back on. -- opened -- the body -- not to the house already but he has to get back into playing shape yet the -- -- which. That's just -- capital what did he come back. I'll I think he comes back. -- two week. Let's put that that was the game that we four. Yeah it received sweetheart. I and we expect that the but I don't think you again I think you you know rock out -- -- -- -- Like I like I like viking warrior been in super tight and tracked him to turn the question around a little bit because Imus say ask you. Who is the guy who made the team you don't I'm talking about who was the guy that came out of nowhere -- made the team. I'll give you one and game I think make the pain and wanted Euro Lotto because. The rocker guy right. A jump and perhaps I was a little surprised. That is that he was cut. And the other guy I think might wind up on the on the scene because of this speed rushing unit on the and we -- tonight Michael Buchanan got you to game. Yeah -- game he's young and Buchanan maybe that. -- -- so they try to through waivers on the practice squad Chris would probably. Could speak about a little bit more to go to the two guys. I think made the squat or made the squad and if you ask me one of those two player I think -- a lot made the squad because of today. I asked -- try to WEEI dot com Chris priced also whether it's. Also the same organization. And I'm rob Bradford also on W I dot com we've been all both guys have have done an outstanding job all pre season of this diving and and telling you in writing about everything that comes with the patriots. And now it culminates in what the rosters gonna look like. I know these callers have been hanging on for a while also has cracked through some -- -- and Rhode Island you're on when Mike which -- Chris price myself from Bradford. Elite guys so I think I have a unique side keep looking and also one of the army or not. I appreciate it so -- opinion this lipstick actually is playing -- -- it with Denver would be happy I don't -- in. -- -- you know like receiver. -- under water -- air -- obviously he had yet weapons. That team and he had a head coach who's willing to tailoring offense that he -- that. We haven't seen that happen since then you have an outlet in Serbia with the jets know the jets still have nobody that's what they're quarterback situation is what it is. And then you have the patriots who at the moment don't have weapons but they also have our number twelve and -- so it's not like it really -- Tebow. It's -- -- it seemed that. Giving at least she weapons that can occur at the altar and give him a coach it's going to Hitler and offered them and you'll see -- succeed the win football games he's shown. Sure in order and he has shown it in Denver -- -- haven't had a chance shorts and. Well there you go the first first caller first caller we were breaking the checklist of people broke out anti cut. Chris what's your thoughts on that first world. -- investment in in people it and I think you're -- From investments in -- I don't pick in the article willing to do that like I think that that's a great question though that -- hypothetical UP and people. You know offensive -- around in the -- -- -- -- coach. It was willing to a debt default even though multiple C and -- in -- team into the disputed meets. I I think that with deep -- you'll look hypocritical wouldn't do in which people you've never been in situation look at markets -- -- -- -- director. The plug on -- here you know he he when he did have to run in Denver you know you work get into acting you respond accordingly. But I don't think there's enough -- in people across the board in NFL. To throw the key to a franchise didn't say all right you're working -- remake the franchise. It's -- skill that I just don't think it's possible I I just don't think it -- you think that I think he could go somewhere else I think it. The remote possibility he could go to. To Canada -- trying to make it work but that's even more of a passing league in the NFL you know you can -- by people that. You'll find a job in the arena league I think got a hundred jobs don't work yes well -- and honesty. Yeah -- break it -- think it if you're ever ever gonna find it seemed willing to completely remake its offense. The suit Jeremy its probably for here and work. -- -- -- -- Denver Denver was a desperation that was -- desperation we're -- go to -- and had a contract I want you to respond to build in Connecticut who I believe. He is the next to weigh in on Tim Tebow bill are you doing. I think that that the first time longer. Thanks thanks. That they warned -- eight are not going to kid probably unfair but my idea came out. What the reason that he lasted as long as he did. It's such a good guy and everything it took a lot of heat up there and in this case. You know because everybody watching motivate it -- have to hear about -- -- -- they actually have a person. By -- -- English the -- on the Red Sox. I believe in equality said. I don't think they need to find a reliever I think what they got right now I think it's fine OK you didn't win the division. And -- -- -- I just think which it will be this person that ability is well liked it and brought to country. They kept around long enough that made the story -- -- and and this. And everybody focused and as somebody that was still a very good person religiously and everything or take out -- last. Help them along and deal with the bad situation that they got stuck if. All right bill thanks for the call in and I all -- the coach you -- Mara. Red Sox bullpen later after after you we talk to you guys but tracks. I want you to weigh in on this because tries you you read the Rolling Stone magazine article create a catcher so one of the things if you really want to be conspiracy -- And you see that those -- paragraphs where Urban Meyer was pushing team Tebow and Aaron Hernandez. You can go down the road of saying oh look what the patriots they're tight with the Urban Meyer did and try to do the same thing as one of the benefits of having Tim Tebow around. That's just part of what I want -- gas that's just part of what bill was asking what I wanna ask you tracked it's how much did they weigh in the Tim Tebow is a nice guy good good locker room guy. Into the entire equation and did that prolong his day. With the patriots this this pre season. From a business perspective yeah I mean I think. Considering the fact that they that began with all. There -- Hernandez security aipac trade and if you would call and then and it is so so planted by Tim Tebow jerseys right. And then the planet by the voters he. You know hundreds of them literally. In the first couple of days of training camp. I'm from the marketing perspective there's definitely -- that aspect going on the football perspective. I'd say little I'm not sure secondary benefit that Tim Tebow as a great work ethic ethic great attitude obviously everybody in the world those participate -- that. Keep him grounded to ensure that the hullabaloo that he's dealt with -- dealt with all this pretty well right -- delegate. -- it that is -- and bill that is the secondary benefit of green and Tebow in in the in the mind Bill Belichick by. Primarily he had been. Questioned whether or not it she broke it handled the that the package. That the patriots app installed should. Bob Brady go down and should. Let's say right now now it not be available whatever what have you. The decision Bill Belichick got to make in my biggest issue watching. I think she -- 33 preceding game he didn't play in the Pretoria obviously. He did not look comfortable in the pocket. Yeah yeah horrible -- whining about in the early parts of the second -- on Thursday night but he dances around in -- so app. And you want to gain slowdown -- -- -- he -- actor looked like that up way too much. And he was just overwhelmed I think in the end that's why they. Decided to part ways ice -- surprise. -- a football perspective that it came down to. Belichick did not feel comfortable having Tebow back. Yet here is is the bottom line you gonna -- it'll throw a spiral. No matter how nice a guy you are -- that you know what he can throw -- I know we can throw a spiral. Rob some people would typically what what he did he did he did he did and on that Yahoo! is that what they interception through. He -- as eloquent and. Now the -- by the interception it was violence by about let's note Tim Tebow can I know that Tim Tebow can throw -- I understood that. 61777979837. Excellent HTT -- -- 37937. We got Chris -- who might try to bolt of WEEI dot com. Both amongst the best at what they do recovering the patriots the ball on the line taking your calls. In and try to bloody set the Barlow because officially this segment is the best segment in the history of radio. And in which complements the best show the best post Boston College. Re Red Sox Labor Day weekend show in history of W -- so it's all coming together for us. So Tony it wherever you're next up what -- -- Yet. I think certain things. I just wanted. The put. I get back at area Eric -- Tebow might not necessarily be done in Illinois what he's done that it was even. Like like what do they think they'll try to move out next season and an. They'd they'd bring people in the next -- I don't think there's there's a lot of but it seemed out there clamoring to get these people are there are thirteen though. But it can't so I don't do it like a lot with. Not definite ending but on the similar -- would not -- where. Bring him back something like that but not the -- in the middle of the season but next season. Obama over this and then to have development for the future but they needed the practice but that it's late in Almonte told that might dampen out there Ali got out of I think having. Told me I I love the outside the box thinking about Chris. Yeah act I think that we have seen the last of Tim Tebow and patriots uniform you know -- -- big guy do it I think that there are a couple of interesting conspiracy theories out there what they're being you essentially -- -- control you can kind of pick them up and cut him and pick them up because. You know there's not going to be huge market for -- they're called back to what they are indeed going to be signed by a you know it is the release is some sort of attraction trying felt -- it's you know the natural definition of her pocket jacks -- A look at that -- whereby people human did absolutely Jack -- in the grand opening guitar player valuation yeah it was very late in the locker room. Blocker but on the island when he -- that you talk about -- I would react to what the -- In. People like him because they're into an inherent like ability to because there's inherent charisma that the guy and I think a lot of people in the locker room. On the other place you the other thing -- I I thought about this. Or about how the second the other night when we saw -- urban after the meeting yet -- -- I think and at risk. In my fault was. They're gonna try induce him like he's the fox who flew. And I are for the year yet at the way you keep him around but you know that didn't work so there's a couple of different guys but I -- think ultimately. You know I I I think right now that should that they'll. Well guys guys let me throw this out -- HTT -- -- 37937. You're trusting thought. Tim Tebow to the Buffalo Bills tracks your thoughts. And you don't you don't want to bring this up this is a lawyer Malloy thing. Yeah it probably the lawyer melodic thing but -- I don't think that app I think that your quarterback. I think he is they're gonna. CEJ Manuel going to be ready and -- Ellington meters up a lot of doubt as to whether or not he'll be ready. Com but I think the kid out of Washington State your name escapes me right now. It I think that would be a tool tool by Google yet tool. He would be I think there option quarterback because. They just place Kevin pocketbook leave it is ought not be an ending injured reserve. Option. Felt. Long story short I don't think it happens with Tebow because I think in that situation. If you have any intent of playing Tebow you have to installed at all. And -- package ready to go -- once he steps and I would not assume that would be the case. And secondly I don't think Tim Tebow has shown himself as I said earlier -- traditional drop back pocket quarterback and I think he get eaten alive by -- Seattle that wild that your law -- -- -- this leads to the league in Chris you can time general quick on this. It's just. Whether he plays or not I don't and I think Tim Tebow go to buffalo and play. But there's that element of hey you know what he knows the place. Yet it is being. You know it's payment for that I mean you'll need to go to Egypt and the jets over the years and and it wouldn't be -- popular they are certainly practical -- -- -- the -- of which you said that you know that buffalo was out of work like you know guy and he might be the kind of guy who moved to whether -- clipboard I'll debate you start looking at -- -- rosters are single it would -- work we are you so all of those personal decision into it but but yeah I mean. I could see him completely popping up in buffalo -- my body is particularly in somewhere I'm not -- -- going to be a player. Any sort of in the -- In the NFL you always at least for the foreseeable future because again I don't justice and artwork article would -- great record in Google style flag but yeah I can totally -- -- popping up dead birds and you know as it figured -- -- but at -- warlord situation. Respect what -- -- do dispute the call back. It's up to think about we want to all the retired but Tebow Tebow and patriots uniform but we're gonna talk about Tim Tebow get let's get the one more call before we let you guys -- in drew in Malden. In through -- -- and how you doing today. Good -- -- announced in you'd be with Chris price might try what he got. What I wanted to say you know -- -- the basic Witten then I mean it didn't -- -- about it. You're mad at number you know appeal I think your regard you -- bit of -- Because it would. You know I drew I appreciate the call that that's a good one that's a pretty good one because watching the game the other day. He he he looked impressive and I know it's this we we can look back I always bring up the I don't know if you guys remember this guy this Stephen Hawkins. Hawkins yet the asset to the central Michigan there's -- -- got a couple touchdown passes preceding it as a guy always go to the sale lucky he's. You remember everyone thought he was so great -- it was kind of along those lines the other night everyone fell in love with him after making a couple catches. Starting with Chris and -- quick as we got to go to break. But were you surprised at all about the quick and Saddam's. And result. Not after then people would cut because those guys at a special chemistry over the course could ever do agree with the whole suite of Internet and that the companies and that the two of those guys. Team up weird because they were very very tight unit of digital completed six after the pertinent -- them recording -- every it will happen consequent -- we get this summer. What to Quentin so what people are gone. Suit with soon follow that's. I think you email played well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- being mean that some other achievement of a short -- and pick. Drags real quick thoughts. Which is why I think. Michael Buchanan. That market talk because I think could be and was as impressive as Clinton's than what other people on the spot of the ball I think. He's always looking at pressures and you know young -- And yet it with a motor like that. I think you're not what I don't think we should all be looking at the next 24 hours. Clears waivers. Who was going to be picked up keep an -- because that will tell you a lot about. What what coaches and -- around the -- a lot of the patriots and a cup. Guys you lived up to the -- I really appreciate -- thanks thanks for -- the first half hour of the show I appreciated enough. Give of the go to work keep up the good works it will be stormed into the big buffalo game thanks again. It thanks all right this is our rob Bradford WEEI dot com the Brad -- show here live at Fenway Park people lining up ready for the big. Jake Peavy vs Chicago White Sox. -- former team game. We got some calls lined up all Steve John. Ready to go already talked to MP Tebow people are fired up and I tell you what. What the calls that we've gotten so far and -- Chris -- tracks. It's 5050. People are not. Weighing in. So heavily on one side saying that Tim Tebow had to stay or -- -- is Tim Tebow had to go. It is still 5050 people still believe in Tim Tebow other people. See him and -- like I said before he can't throw a spiral we're gonna talk about Tebow gonna talk about -- gonna talk about the patriots cuts. Red Sox trade deadline about seven and a half hours away -- coach you are up best closer ever to live. Well you can weigh in on that 261777979837. HTT tech 937937. I'm rob Bradford WEEI dot com this is the -- brochure will get to all of that after the break.

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