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Kevin Millar, MLB Network, joins Tom Caron and Alex Speier from Sweet Caroline’s

Aug 30, 2013|

Millar calls in for his weekly chat with Mut and Merloni with Tom Caron and Alex Speier heading into Labor Day weekend. TC and Alex ask Millar about the process of this current Red Sox team winning back the fans after a dismal 2012 season.

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Fullback Tom Karen from NASA and Alex you're from WEEI dot com filling in. For much non Maloney here on a mid day show we are. At sweet Carol -- draws and Fenway park at mortgage is a couple moments grab a few calls before we get there Chris calling for me what's going on. Hi -- don't connect and I don't. Good. Never -- -- I want you lot are a bit nerve with me and I felt they needed while he was complaining. About the ownership we didn't trust anymore. And on the unity -- on the ship. Has brought -- World Series and a lot you know and the last years they've executed. -- -- I have a World Series. You know I'm not like. I I just don't stand up but he -- weighing about the ownership. Well it's it's a -- is it's a fair point to you kind of have to read the different data points because of course they had gotten to a place where the Red Sox just hadn't got me in. In four scored six years. In that they've won not just one World Series but two of them so you're absolutely right that they built they constructed organization. They've done that was a very successful one. Clearly and then there was a long road down or at least I actually I shouldn't take long a pretty steep road down. In that was fair to question everything about the organization. As a result of that its values. It's management's. The decisions that were made why they were being made it center these are -- that you have to ask. -- that they had to be asking of themselves and I think that you know now it's kind of but now it's kind of like okay so. We have these two extremes. Did this incredible success. It's unlike anything -- the Red Sox achieved over the course of you know over the course of basically nine years almost a century. And you had this like this drastic Europe failure to 2012 season which is -- that is just about anyone remembers. In so you know now we get to see. What did they do with that how where -- they moved toward the initial returns have been significant and impressive. And now we kind of get had a sense of seeing how they deal with adversity respond to it but the initial signs have been. From the Red Sox and -- have been promised. It is the ultimate what have you done for -- built a business and now. And ownership group that brought two World Series championships here. Was criticized last year for a last place team in September of 2011 for the collapse nobody ever criticize is our next line after. The real one but given -- large joining us right now on line as he does every Friday Kevin we're talking about. That that the percentage of Red Sox fans by the way Tom Caron guy Alex -- here hello Kevin. Hey Kevin good to hear you man I just was rolling right and the question given what I'm asking is. You're talking about how fans still some small segment of fans actually a little slow to come back it really a fully embrace what this team is doing in. Alex and I were talking earlier and thinking about your team in 2003. Yeah you know there's a lot of change a lot of turmoil from 2002 -- three a lot of new faces on the go through eighteen at what point. Did did you guys feel. That that this was coming together was there a point late in the season the last couple months of the season. Where things started to click that he will get a chance to do something here. Yeah we were you know we were special group the other great job -- the revamped higher now -- you mean you don't hopman. Carl Everett -- not seen. That they didn't do well and he revamp it went out and got a bunch of non tendered guys on a walker or Ortiz barely Miller. Myself and I basically are a lot this club on home. You know it would rock. This is I've been Reno and Ryan Dempster. So they they went out and she changed the -- I'll -- you and Mike Napoli these are baseball guys when you people like that many. It means for our. They're ours they're gonna do I'm gonna grow appeared out of Auburn appeared out the shape. We're gonna cry about it I think it's just. You know and they're gonna have I -- percent they're gonna hurt you with the team camaraderie. Aside and go and and I think that's the differences are happy about that thing that -- Earl has brought. It brought happiness it's a calming presence back at Atlanta that -- put that out out and they're not and I'm -- that Brett. Especially early don't you comment that. Started all wrong with Pedroia. And it just -- on and I think this year it seemed that way. The game -- accomplices. Swagger and also you know you look at their record. They're pretty darn good ballclub and now it -- for all all UAE and in. You know at some point of buckled back a lack of -- back it's good that they. And also occurred to me thinking about what the points for that 2003 season we're just about the anniversary of the tenth anniversary as it turns out. Well to me out one of my favorite games of that 03 season. -- when you guys flew the day of the game on Labor Day to Philadelphia to make up that game in the middle of bugs me Ramirez and it's fair and -- it is in everybody's grabbing about him going. I'll go -- to meet up with Enrique Wilson after the game. Maybe doesn't get into that game and everybody you -- everybody jumps in an incredible comeback and to me that was a point. The kind of jump started that kick start that final sprint to the end of the season. -- little -- Manning goes are you pretty unique series it gave -- or three all this guy was all -- out Enrique Wilson. Great little -- -- like respect that he was and you know French is married we don't have Philadelphia and when a tremendous in all on in game. And we don't -- oh why occupation or what. Lot out and you know it was just the thing that you have to your look at -- -- situation like -- -- -- you know I'm Alex. If you'd think -- that was and what you believe we would rather. -- get hurt and missed it created the Yankees but it's up everything goes through its a handle situations. And -- I don't. You get a good football what is -- ball well and we had a all are -- it's all beat Utah and I think it's well I have a lot of the scene but a person out as Ellsbury in. Kevin you talked about how that 03 team was I was one in which the the additions were mostly we're mostly really good baseball players but not star players. However there was a core of star caliber players yet -- yet Manny you know David Ortiz became a star over back over the course that your. It's interesting to think about this year's Red Sox team because. The 2013 Red Sox may well finish without a single guy being top five -- MVP voting top five in Cy Young voting maybe not top ten in either of those. -- -- team win the without guys were basically performing -- without guys who performed at at a superstar level in October. Can you have a championship caliber team without without those kinds of elite performers in the context about here. -- I mean record on was that are here apple on -- and -- so those are many are statistically. So there are. And there's there's there's guys that you can't figure in that. It's almost a proper club the people around art it's better and we have a group. It is on most days or I think they're thinking it's just one wrote. And and that's a good thing. Seasons as -- as the -- at the -- you know as to what the first I've been here -- -- what thirty and a hundred it's extremely hot. Well Korea's. It's yes and compete that well especially all your hundred feet into the postseason when you get in the post anything that at. And they'll you know they want to add that peavy who's just Delgado or a -- and -- lack back. John back when he Angels. The ball awesome job last -- -- in the quarter -- awesome so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Ryan Dempster back on the mound tonight after all the hoopla of him -- here -- in the suspension and who said -- about it afterward he talked about all that last week at night with Dempster bitching again. -- and that long layoff how do you think he responds what it in this layoff did good or bad to Ryan Dempster now with these last five weeks ago. They'll respond by an ambulance and right and it happened 95 mile an hour like he did when he was young blood with the Florida Marlins. He's a pitcher now he mixes up his pitches. You know what let's and he went there a lot he indecision out so lottery situations are shocked everybody. It was one of those things that happened you know that you heard all my goodness you know or keep an agreement are trying to -- and -- turmoil. It's not gonna happen it's not gonna happen out in the bottom line is that Ryan Dempster. It's gonna respond as a veteran had years in the pattern that he. You know what signed to beat the Red Sox and contribute for this club yet or be a distraction. He's a great person -- you know Ryan Dempster and teammates love them salt -- -- a lot there and get out next few pitchers. Kevin you referred a couple of times to -- to where you see the Red Sox pitching staff -- and it's really interesting because it seems like the conversation about them. Has flipped a little bit of this as we've gotten some way to part of the season starting pitching almost right now seems like their strength. And they've gone through appeared with the exception of a couple of days ago when he game with thirteen runs. A lot of we actually relatively low scoring victories of late. About where you see their offense being especially at a time when you know when Ortiz has been struggling for a handful of games which. You know it's an unfair standard but because David Ortiz it's surprising to see ago. Six games about it how do you see this offense being especially against elite elite pitching. Why I think it -- you -- good Richie. You've got to Pedroia. It's great pitching big Turkey it's good -- to -- -- -- hit good pitching so they have ample aren't in that lap I hit good pitching. It's just a matter -- -- Go through ups and Al hitters and your swing you know -- yet anchor for a couple weeks. You -- the hot the right time the problem is is that. You know commitment this group just keep playing good baseball you try to -- series now you know or Iraq. -- atop the division a lot. But the bottom what is it they wanna go out here can't find a way to be playing well the right time which is going to be torture in September and you know that the -- it all those calls. A cult leaders. You know they were like -- 18 best team but yet. You know they got -- right time and got World Series -- so the Red Sox eat their portable water offensively and they collect. -- before alleged always ask you want on Red Sox question here you dug by the benching of Manny Ramirez Don Mattingly had -- -- yes he'll way get. You know a lot of people -- arms because he's so good. And yet from what we're hearing inside the clubhouse to a man that visited the teammates of weak supporting them why it was that important for Mattingly to do it to do it now. -- -- -- -- -- that situation and and track play and not sliding into second base. And lackadaisical outfield play desperate you're focused mentally a little bit at times and that's where you need to be -- and a lot. And now we -- a great job of addressing the situation now. We see Bobby Cox 200 don't back today we see Joseph Maddon it would be -- -- up and that they. You're not bigger than that team nobody and that's the main thing I think you saw Dominique that they have a great league right now in the last. It's a great time to do this you just tap on the shoulder -- they let skull and it's OK just recharge your batteries mentally. Unbelievable quick on the label he's gonna help the club like -- just got to make sure you understand that play the game right. I definitely appreciated as always great stuff like enjoy Labor Day weekend I know it's a baseball weekend for you every weekend to baseball weekend but. But enjoy the weekend and now we'll catch down. -- I'd be great the real 15 gamble are brought you back about attracted corporation -- -- insurance commonwealth mortgage and Goldsmith so you are. Part of a platoon. As it turns out -- -- W yeah I don't comment that TB yeah I the Eagles the lead with tuning in in so. It's time -- tagged out because after all when we've gotten people liked about the nature Red Sox attendance. Having already gone through -- -- a conversation it's time to bring in Chris the great Chris price of the great -- prizes here which means probably Tebow time again. So we've got to play him or talk about counsel C up the press box later on thanks for joining us -- look forward to it and thanks very much has been the last few legendary Alex -- WEEI dot com witness here we get it don't go away we got a sports flies back with Chris price. From WEEI dot com talk about the Patriots season and what to expect on the deep out decision that's all coming up with a -- days ago and WB EI.

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