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Tim Tebow tries to make the roster

Aug 30, 2013|

Kirk and Rob discuss Tim Tebow's performance last night. Final roster cuts are looming with Tebow's status still in doubt.

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It's tennis and Kelly. You know I'm not. Good to let them play and get them there. You can -- there's been. When John Dennis anything. Next question Jerry -- No word. They're beautiful. A more prominent -- can. My business reporter allegedly. And you don't -- revenue. I'm not writing a book usually get he proved tonight people who got these in 20 Houston hospital this morning. I think three point seven WB -- I'll get to get to that. We'll definitely. Judge Jerry outs here on a Friday to get a nice long extended holiday weekend up here. Berkman and still sticking around and joined by WEEI dot com zone rob good morning to -- nice to see. So why prices. Are so when I look at ears that Tebow is able to do. With Tom Brady was on the table which is take down the New York Giants X yeah it happened. Yeah doesn't matter how you got there he did he did it. Threw touchdown passes and this will be a big subject today the BC the last of Tim Tebow. In the patriots or NFL you last night in that game touchdown pass at the end. What this derivatives overly -- up with Berkley Unix so much that every single finger he did. He throws a pass and someone catches it in. -- should be cause for celebration. -- mean that that is how it works at all mean guys you celebrate if they get to touch. Of left it. You -- to Cuba the group that's almost in the stands and why it is in the year. That's a pretty ball just -- has. Gallo thankfully we are now spared from Roche and -- that's that broadcasts as was I. Mean here they get their paychecks from the crafts and everyone goes on their -- US okay. -- Tebow who I think one of eleven for thirty in the pre season. Last night. Museum number six of eleven terrible interception 91 yards to touchdown passes and now the question again has to be yes. Will he make this football team I say yes I think he's gonna make the team I felt that all along that kept him here for a reason they could say just so we can play last night. On either quarterback now play that was OK but not great. But maybe this is -- -- -- and tomorrow by the by the deadline by the roster deadline to go 53 but I keep thinking they're asked to be reason people stuck around us I think he makes his team. Asked BF 53 player more useful than him -- that's what you have to go and open to. YE a specifically Don Donald lists news you'd if you go by last night's pageant that. One game is gonna make a breaking guy about Michael Buchanan would you look great Hewlett. It looked like Julius Peppers they did yes he's unbelievable. But a guy like that is he on the bubble because Tim Tebow or you go to the robbery Carol -- stuff. With a PUP are that you put a month -- if they don't put him on PUP that you have a roster spot that you're eating out is it worth it. In another thing is I think that have we seen exactly what they're gonna do with Tim Tebow or they hold in some of the stuff back. If he does make the team right or you know -- -- writes today he's -- us I think it is clock. I know -- -- I think -- -- hole and writes today. May be either keeping people. Again this is I think a stretch but we've John Jerry and -- I think taken 42 different as a mentor Aaron Hernandez -- -- -- -- 42 different theories from callers on why Tim Tebow is here port to. None of them yet make any sense. Going -- from the John injured may -- of a different one I doubt annoy users of snacks on quarterback I would -- actually -- -- If Brady goes down Bowen writes -- -- might not inspire much hope. -- -- -- -- pre season but a mallet Tebow combination with the latter being used in the red zone and short yardage situations could keep the patriots compares. The -- that actually but. Everything else. A lot -- -- Riley hit you with a lot -- well you daylight what are you talking about there was a three seconds. I really say that in my wrong you you look way better right. I understand -- wrote. But you'll use I think you're going down a path to your right and comfortable. You asked that there hasn't it hasn't beat reits that rate is nice is that he's a nice guy and -- Batteries let me ask you this -- Brady gets hurt -- supposed to do -- -- I've heard. Of Brady gets hurt. Are you comfortable rob Bradford. As he -- chronicle. With just write him out of your quarterback -- this way if the pitchers -- the eight yard line going -- Is Tim Tebow for a snap may be as good a possibility to do something in his prime out. Awful what we saw last night Janet and I think the last night was probably the best exit Google get these it -- these guys play it right. Last night was probably our best. Example or opportunity. To see what these guys can do. And if you go off what I saw last night. I don't think it matters of Tim -- -- on this on this team. Doesn't know the -- don't know but my point is that -- we better than Tim Tebow. Yes I don't better. I admire that -- Kirk that you're thinking outside the box you invent our. I'm off tiger it's just throwing out -- -- -- not know what has yet you don't treat known as yet given me any theories but theories and you know he's here because he's nice guy. He's here because he's so shirts he's here because Hernandez one -- -- and is he here because he's a winner he's here because -- can be linebacker in HVAC. Tight -- A safety snapper easier because. You know I don't know Belichick started the coaches getting little older now maybe she needs a gentleman and life -- -- Generally collar nice guy for a young girl the Dayton should be happy if Tim Tebow did your daughter while it's -- Yes that would -- if she was nineteen. Ryan -- no matter where you are on the field where no matter where you are on the football field -- comes. The -- out expert bill. You to -- with the patriots chronicle that's sure you can have a ball way you're right Ryan is saying apes bought music now one. The one. When you are lines of one you know I like it got that -- posters they wanted to -- -- here's Tebow after the game last night. Someone had just work hard who loves the game of football. You know we'll always -- hopefully we will have a good attitude great work ethic and you know something that hasn't been encouraging. Let's be fair -- office of -- -- awful yeah laurel earlier on -- ready for a Saturday. Times and -- blame it up it's like these three nose. His numbers were not I applaud them -- can do that another who was it. Warriors. One of -- was pretty critical you gonna get the root ball by not. With enough time. I blame I blame it all on everybody Tim Tebow in this series are being right there -- he's running around for life. He was by Tebow standards and -- -- is the worst quarterback on the plan. Anywhere that's fair I thought he was okay. It's okay for the being the worst quarterback by the by the standards bodies pretty good thing. That showed some improvement in certain areas and you know left to look at the film put. You just -- -- -- he's trying to do everything we. Here's the thing. You watched Tim Tebow and two things jump. Which is it takes him so long to deliver the ball outs unbelievable and he's one of the most inaccurate quarterbacks. I've ever seen. -- he misses it now and if quarterback to miss is badly as he does yeah and he hits it every once in awhile. But to go back to it to say that game last night in -- what was it eight seconds left when they scored some yeah. And because he threw that touchdown pass that we should look at Tim Tebow and a different light. Well who's so these analysts -- bully under its preemptive strike yeah. You know summer is -- -- -- -- lot -- people Tebow moves you like I know they've ever seen I mean honestly nobody ever seen guys I don't know why that's the other question I don't like people there's. Well we're star in the show talked about the -- this -- this happened when he was doing nothing. For a team across the country -- in the back page of -- he's in the front page of the glorious -- to the globe tropical sports action all okay. Randall writes about it I assumed he was assumed that the quotes real. There's been a good reporter if we can't assume anything extra consumer news anymore but you know he -- is the new -- the ultimate needle -- And he was all right last night I think when the cuts come tomorrow night 6 o'clock Tim Tebow will be on this. I I think Gregory I don't know why investigate why you agree -- -- him. Or why is it. You know both -- of the theory -- -- which are real -- wise to -- I think it just they feel like he's just good enough I'd just enough things and it's probably something to -- and have him do. That he will end up doing this to write the -- it's worked out two quarterbacks Thursday undrafted rookies. You know that might tell you something what they think of Tebow long term but I think I also think it's hard to say is this guy's age if he gets cut here. I was thinking of that last night I mean think about who's the last real believer in. Josh McDaniels. Of this. Judgment. That judgment. You know bless you because of my faith that. Not to worry about the future generals my future and not thanks to use that as you could say. -- is something I try to live by and them. And you know really gives you a lot of peace and whatever circumstance here and. You know you see that -- knock on the front door you Bradford house you know and I was watching it last night I was figure exactly that if he has cut what's -- I competed well I think first well all kidding aside because -- the religious. Nuts but. He believes in that I think he's probably gonna do that stuff I mean no question when does now. Charity work -- -- -- -- you'll want to joke -- I don't think he could you know make a living just being back and I think. TV -- to be good to be what when a guy what do what do football put it. Up when a football player gets cut. You wonder why he's gonna do beyond football who's the first name we thank. When does he gets cut when a guy gets cut news like this might be it forum. What's it was the first play before Tebow now first person you think you -- Dennis Quaid. I do -- -- gets on you know everybody's all American well that's are not going to be selling Astroturf. And -- -- elegance that -- -- -- -- You call it I think you'll find jobs somewhere in starting quarterback of the bills could start for the bills. Oh my goodness now what was the spread of that game what you -- your -- connected it's 36. There is as a homage that tip of the hat to a lawyer Malloy. Yes that's an idea that's going to be that's going to be ugly but you know. Gets a good question is -- as Alaska believes that it's a Belichick due to some extent everybody a chance to take -- didn't take him if he gets cut from this team. Nurturing quarterback terrible pre season and our guys bounce around you know we see. -- quarterback somewhere in the bench in Tennessee -- Houston music while it's still around Tebow is gonna be that guy. Like David Carr like David Carr is quite a plea to lose it but did you look at David Carr last night compared to Tim Tebow at the world ended the Brady got hurt that the the cars -- back. It's -- you know would the season's over bought it's going to be. Some respect nobody if you look at the two over him. One looked like OK you know what he's not a starter in the NFL but he can throw passes can be somewhere near the answer I mean the other you weren't so sure. Well where your short Tebow is not ever going to be. A starting quarterback until he will never take a snap for the patriots ever relative to blow you'll never be on the field I don't think. And one of these package situations of Brady's healthy. So if he comes out of Brady gets hurt. Tebow comes in your changeup that's entirely so I still don't understand some balmy days after the sign them 7080 days. Why he's here when he gets cut to market get up tomorrow we're not gonna get that answer. But I always get it cut I think he's gonna make this football. Did you like that keep you -- good move literally matters I don't mean we get put into one. One and under. No wonder who. Really matter. What spot in the game during the season -- Problem probably. Sometimes these -- -- So. Sacrificed were -- as you said before him he goes and he -- years. Maybe these other guys who knows what's the question the best in the times we say that we assume we -- right yes wise judgment did as a Bill Belichick. -- of these suits him -- documentary. You. -- Josh for game deals -- myself for him Tivo sought in -- field yeah. It says at all. Says he -- a lot like 617779792. Reasons phone numbers and text in the 37. Ninety -- you can also read rob on Twitter at Brad. Boycott regular. Room it's it's it's public information. Your very private person should I should. We can lock it. You -- very private only when it comes to sweet. Well ideally Swedish law if you like on FaceBook that you like it is an empty bag in the office. Or through. You -- -- A great product. Your office in the public is that bag. -- -- -- You literally -- though there's a freshness -- for a reason that you animals just dug into the -- as an open and telling you. It's a shame. If what is your Eagles put. -- I know it's your go to after it was my second two notes get Cumberland. I love going to come on news. You know it's different that I'd want to replace government but Swedish reform. After after. All now. Like but -- -- In a -- And missed the patriots win last night that 20/20. Storey guest. -- two quarterbacks. Tebow mallet you're concerned about now going into the game to understand much -- that that was. Necessarily fix that the last I opened up. Dot I thought it was a lot and one half dozen -- -- good and some you can at least some debris that's all the matters. She seem out. This team probably with the FC east with rhyme or -- at the -- you think you think he's better. Equipped to do whatever you do do Matt Cassel was when -- -- the fire -- guess. Yeah at you but the difference to me is -- Mac cast could make plays on. But it's definitely different it is -- that the that schedule -- easier. At the fences may be a little better yet Welker but I mean you know if you get gronkowski back. You have Ridley the office of lines -- -- -- -- 97 in this division with malice and six I went to -- when division I think. What's your authority -- amigo what's your argument prediction or another -- my jumping the gun yet I've not get me mavericks at middle I would say 115. -- the AFC east by two or three games. The jets -- terrible. Buffalo is awful in Miami. Everyone likes playing them really sure why. The brother Mike Wallace okay because it because it is there's there's -- next yet they're grasping someone in the division has to be get people feel. There isn't so bad this -- someone has to -- -- all right well buffalo camped just Camby Miami people. Right yeah better -- I think people by the Miami -- better than showed some spark last year -- I think they think is going to be OK I mean I understand might be picked up second division. Just by default. But you know I think is you pick them to win the division doesn't make any sense. Well I thought Miami with a low point hard knocks last year. Note that this year's knocked off Joseph Phillips is here is not to leave -- Lamar we tempered its back from the Miami guys Marvin Lewis is not an interesting guy LeRoy -- can't simulate him going in the parking garage -- on -- treasury -- you. Six was 77797937. As the phone number talking Tim Tebow here early. Patriots do you wanna see ten people on this team why should indeed going to be on this team wanna see him gone wise well we have rob Pearson into the Red Sox. Lost last night the Baltimore -- all of the Boston Globe George see the clock we'll get into the yesterday's Boston Globe story of some interesting things. But the author of that story how import -- -- Woodward and current team. Given that as well our players talk about again 6177797937. Men and Bradford and for Dennis account for a. And did that. I'm not writing a -- here and.

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