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New revelations about Aaron Hernandez create new questions

Aug 29, 2013|

Lou Merloni is joined by CSNNE's Mike Giardi before the Patriots final preseason game. However, their focus is off the field as they look at new revelations about Aaron Hernandez and his time in New England. Should more blame be placed on the Patriots and Bill Belichick?

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-- look back it would be ratified it start up by saying this is the lunchtime hour. Gay and -- But says that every time -- noon if you don't people forget the -- party had a few reminders -- forget what time hours that we are lunchtime hour. Our number three month alone in my yard field for the McMahon who's got a couple days off Joe's. Needed days off that the run in the show the Jimmy for an outstanding job. We -- an opportunity yesterday to this article came on Rolling Stone. Titled the gangster in the huddle. Well Aaron Hernandez and it was written by Paul solid tore off along with a -- Ron Borges. Now before -- in the article let me just say this because -- come up a few times that. But the media poll that came out talk and love this town is too tough on players a lot of reaction about this town is not tough media is not tough on players. And all matter of fact the people of people complaints about guys write articles and it's often -- story comes to -- the national. Side of things at their freight to break news you know talk but the like the beat writer always always in there need relationship to talk to players. Cup Crawford brought it up right up there in LA it's a ball hard it was which got a saying. A lot he's talking about because they'll be editing easier -- one million I'll play any easier to call Crawford this city. Nobody got on him. -- with -- -- Ron Borges. And somebody like Dan Shaughnessy is well. And we we criticized the local media for being too soft pieces up being hard. Apparel and teens. And on 9% at Paris paratroop it was some guys aren't there beat writers that's that's their job. This town needs guys like in Shaughnessy and Ron Borges I believe for the balance the need guys out there. Or willing to be critical because that that's part of and it's okay. You know I've been critical of the patriots proceeds -- like -- I have no idea that came from huge patriots fan. Right but there's some objectivity right I mean there's just something you watch -- -- their natural reaction you don't light. You should be able to speak it and it doesn't mean you hate that team. So insurance he lets the Red Sox would direct the negative articles about the Red Sox because I think there's balance. I think it's going to be suitable Ryan a lot of people don't like him because he's negative got a big negative but the patriots now. The told at times I do think you can pick up on it sure that maybe he in bill we trust. Is probably the thing that bothers him the most right and I think his continual approach and trying to. Convince people that it shouldn't be that only option to all your trust there are mistakes that are being made any points them out often people don't like it. But I think they're needed. To have balance in the media correct. I think so and I think one of the things that I've noticed. That it happens all the time and it's it's you know -- fanatic obviously that's for derives from. People want. You could be. You know I get it all the time I respond to people on Twitter you know like I'm not I'm not here -- bombs. By like something between. If I don't like something I tweeted about a team if I'm -- like something reported on the -- hey look you know was good the other night. -- Tompkins what can they get their ass handed to home but Tompkins but it great game. And yet you bounce back from the drop should draw a lot of good things that make you feel comfortable about where he's -- On the upside is why I didn't like this are you know what that was the offensive line to an -- and they -- they get their doors you know at a luncheon its home. And then you get on Twitter -- you get the responses like we talk about this is to received over you're over -- you -- -- not and a note just pointing out what I see. Good bad ugly in different that's what it's up to -- I think some people especially in this day and age with the Internet and Twitter and how things the news cycle evolves. They just don't wanna hear. And we read all of that we -- in this town with our team and we all look we are being a patriots fans around here because they're gonna win 75 percentage gains each and every year we uplift in -- talk about. Political money went on Sunday and we come -- we talk about some of the negatives that we saw it we do get a lot of that they won for God's -- she thought they lost while they win all the time. OK so even though there waiting we're always looking ahead I and it's a while if they won. But they still can't stop anybody on third down you know and we we we say oh economic comeback by you know in the post season that's -- that -- everywhere they -- to improve. Surprised you wanna hear that. You know it just wants a -- what decisions they won it take all the negatives that maybe that came out of it or to what driven exit came out and just -- right overnight talk about it. Because god forbid you goal against you know your favorite team when your job is talk bought everything not just the positives so. Were critical America as a with a positive so when you -- we saw this article. And you saw that it was co written by Ron Borges. What was your first thought order take a typical patriots fan wants. Are out there that the bronze got an axe to grind and he's got to find a way to grind it here -- -- -- was made up. You know Ben Cohen and globe did a nice job today it is a sort of detailing you know amazingly consistent yes absolutely. Com but as far as made up. I find -- you know I find it very hard to believe that com. Information in the story was made now. Told Rolling Stone article pretty much pressure all the way down to the details of of Aaron Hernandez childhood in the passing of his father and his mother with. Bringing in the individual Jeffrey Cummings who was. An abusive Coke dealer known as meathead. You know what his father passed how it turned aaron's life around and and great details -- thought it was it was fascinating you know with some of the details that we heard about. The one thing that kind of stood out and I think in bowl was talking of Leo's. The Columbine trip right in February recent news went out to Indianapolis to -- and talk to Bill Belichick does like was in danger and maybe the timeline of it was -- in California this year we heard that before -- they set the month California not just to work with Tom Brady but -- get away from at all. And that they did to me the Belichick stuff was huge and stuff talking a vote. Oh he suggested that he find a safe house. Which can mean. I think also Smart of the net that's what they know sit there and say well. If viewers in America with kids or you have your life to live with -- girlfriend in your little girl. If you figured you're in trouble. Would you tell some of the best -- -- -- -- living your. Owned. I know if I had if you had your own place right now well would be either party's -- all Demetric it all night long right. -- away everything else. It -- I was two -- actually moved in with them live with and that that to me that's driving him to extra note that it's actually no six yeah six Al snow. Be around other people be around your family be around friends I mean -- new friends not your old friends you tournament put a man like this. It comes to -- -- my -- might be engaged -- -- living year old and good god you're setting up even worse right. Yeah and I that's I guess though you know looked -- there's there's only a few people that would have. On. Intimate knowledge of that conversation and how it went down and I don't doubt for a second that. -- Hernandez. Did fly to Indianapolis and did talked about a second did say he was in danger as for what. The response was from bill. All those Aaron knows I'm I'm I'm decimals there are two people in the room at the time so. I don't think you're gonna get cancer from. Bill and I don't know if you'd. At this -- you can believe whatever Aaron has to say. Based on his track record on. Just. It's still like you know I come back to this whole thing about how it just spiraled out of control for this for this guy. On. -- and how. All the fame and all the money and could not he could not release himself from these people that got -- in the solid all -- he was going to be -- And they -- hooks into him deep and you know really helped to lead to this point to areas amendments. It's pretty sad that he's behind bars and not playing football is pretty sad that when you hear the stories of him -- father. -- death of his father -- -- death of his father you know how much. He changed as a man from that point on not having an element of this of his dad who was. You know -- someone who drew drove him hard on both believed in him and supported him on. And then yeah I mean is like just completely spiraled out of control so it's pretty it's pretty sad. Yeah and you know the idea to -- but for the call where it was Saddam. A Bill Belichick was was obviously unhappy with a lot of things whether he had missed practice -- mists whenever in this and basically sit him one more misstep. I'm -- release you after a 2013 season. Mean that's just sounds like some best motivate an individual right I mean it is listening get your act together here. They -- release issue or trade you at the end of the season it's not. Or misstep you're gone tomorrow. And the way that it you know -- the way that the piece was written. That does cast some doubt because it makes you think like in those months. That he was missing these things that those are mandatory events and -- as an -- or not. They -- team has no control over you. All these guys scattering go everywhere. Because that's their off time you know that the NFL season is long and as -- -- the season it's the offseason and the way basing their hooks and view in terms those calm. You know the voluntary mini camps they're not voluntary you pretty much have to be there I mean we get a big deal out of Brandon Spikes being the only guy who didn't show up for the for for the for some of the work outs because. In theory didn't have to be there everybody else showed up so it's a big deal that spice chose not to show put -- in this period of time the way the article was written me to believe like. These -- team events and he was supposed to be there while. Maybe they were set up and he was scheduled to be there but their team can enforce that there's no. You didn't violated his contract earning in that regard by missing these events and -- -- -- therapist are out there liberalism it. Maybe you would result in California maybe prays that this would meet every day with a group of people -- play catch -- maybe he didn't show up for that right but like you said I don't (%expletive) off Tom. Got an idea and you don't it's probably not a good thing but it was not ready mandatory prices just two guys out California February. Still didn't work goes once the season and right so. I mean this Monica's sister is also the you know the Robert -- part. You know where they're talking about Robertson the whole organization was duped. Andy they -- get into that's just not true. I'm not so sure it's a tour comes to Robert -- -- Ron this morning. You know -- when he does say the whole organization was -- and them wondering how much Robert really knew because I do believe. That there are people in the rose bella jackal Everett might have been known as the troubled that -- on the they kept that from Robert. But I do believe that Robert didn't know anything. Yeah I mean I just to go back to his emotional reaction at the time. Column. And again this is the guy yes the patriots are his franchise he owns it. Errant nonsense was to quote he has other businesses he does not spend a 100% of his time. On the patriots. So yeah I found much error. I believe that he was -- to a degree I mean look Aaron Hernandez would come off the field and kiss them on the cheek I mean. Tell me you didn't believe in the guy he believed -- -- -- I think a lot of people believed in -- guys now whether he knew although. All the issues that weren't hander whether those issues exploded after the fact and I -- Aaron himself I think has admitted what he did -- admitted in one of and one of the letters he wrote back to one of his fans and ended up being sold him put on wherever TMZ whatever. That -- the money got to -- his behavior changed after that com. I do believe the -- I mean my serious craft was duped now whether other people an organization were duped if they work than those other people's you know. -- with a reassessment needs to common and Robert started talked about that reevaluating the way we do things. From that point forward com. Can't afford to have something like that happen again. But then again you know how do you know that guys just gonna go completely off the rails like that until somebody. -- that part too is that most college there's about people look at Urban Meyer they went and you know whether he tried to do when. This apart near peace in their thought about how Urban Meyer were -- a face to face meetings he'd read scriptures in his office each morning. You signed Mike and -- -- pouncing all American linemen baby sitter and and his. Detailed Tim Tebow. The truth those believers to -- be his life instructor. And it's coach John have to see who was his position coach Izzo coach at Mississippi State. -- I brought him in. To his house. Almost like his shoulders all the signed running for meals twice a week -- deep sea fishing treat them -- results of three kids. Says he played video games and my son my daughter -- Jersey to sleep. But whenever he left campus he'd come back different. And that's when problems happened. And he went on and say you know there's only so much you can do in three years to quote from him Bristol had for seventeen years before it came to us. In the end I guess that trump will we put him. So -- what do young kid who. Physically was probably able to go to college mostly not seventeen years old. And not be able to get a witness past and -- everywhere almost a year distorts but it one -- they're -- that is different guy. He was back into that life that he was before. Why it is had been Zito prior ms. again reiterated in this piece about. After his father died and his mother obviously having a relationship. Com with meathead. The fact that he basically went across the tracks on the wrong side of the tracks on -- -- those people who again based saw. There's a lot of people here it's always he was going to be and thought he was the Milton. And he wasn't guilty he signed a forty million dollar contract. Com. But instead of. I don't know guess I guess making sure that he was on the straight narrow and that they were doing it with him. They continue to behave as they've always done -- gangsters and thugs and it's what it's why we're at this point today right and that's the big reason why he's weariness. Yeah I don't ever and never -- affected you know. -- dipped into the drugs do. And it and it went far beyond marijuana now we're hearing so and I I'm not it gets is I'm surprised by that because I felt all along with the story. That. Drugs were a big big fat from all of this and I think that's still. We've got bits and pieces of that I think we're gonna get more as as time goes on and I mean obviously when he goes to trial yet -- -- details are gonna come out more details. I'm with you when this first story came on that's that's my first thought was you know drugs right drug ring and everything else -- you hear that he was hooked on hooked on Angel dust. This is from a friend of the family's doesn't matter what it's about Erin was out of his mind he's been twisted on dust now for more than a year. Which went all this crazy -- started. Angel dust from more than a year right I mean and still no functioning as a professional athlete in the NFL. Last year. And description puff it up it was. A -- the detective talking about the things he's seen. And his number Angel dust gets fighting four books running down naked down the street because the body to go to the roof it. Through Experian a resurgence of the use of Angel dust we deal with that all the time. Apparently got -- Bristol it's the drug of choice really popular down there unbelievable which. Right and in the -- -- 1970s and that's the first I have allies thought I was like Angel dust. I didn't I do remember the last time I heard anybody talk about that being a drug that was in play anymore. It's just it's it's so sad because. -- he was he was unable to turn his back on these people or. At the end maybe they got hooked in to him so that he felt like he couldn't. And goes to ballot -- -- my life is in danger now whether that was the Angel -- stalk him and the paranoia or whether that was a real feeling that he had. I'm I don't know why I do find it hard to believe that he could have. In that deeply into Angel dust during the course of the season and just how do you operate as an elite athlete. -- have to spend as much time around the facilities you do now look at we we know he's he became a -- And shut himself off from teammates but there's still -- -- the facility for a good long time. I don't know how you go and do what he was allegedly doing and then come back the next day. At the crack of dawn and start over again. All of a far do you think -- is Foxborough is from -- North Attleboro. Or Franklin. From that area would you -- it's -- -- three of four -- drive as I don't -- view you are yeah I know. Gave people don't know this but now I'm just kidding but -- Yeah this then the stories says that he was smoked three to four Luntz on the way home from a gain now he's driving back to Bristol. But from Gillette in North Attleboro. -- -- that's enemy that's part of it that's like OK I I have a hard time believe in this. That part of. Yeah it seems certain excessive simply would not have a -- And able to continue. We pull in the house -- US right now with what thirty minute drive. May -- In that area roughly the traffic traffic -- traffic -- before five. I don't listen it's it was instinct story is obviously a lot in here that we haven't got to yet but I am curious on your thoughts and on the the -- -- Hernandez story in Rolling Stones so world. Willow will get your reaction after this it's 617779. 79837. We read this story -- what stood out the most you would take those calls next.

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