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Evan Drellich, Red Sox Beat Writer, Joins Rob Bradford Live from LA

Aug 24, 2013|

Evan Drellich calls Rob to discuss the series with the Dodgers and John Farrell's pregame comments today.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- this sort of we'll wait for wait for -- I'd cards are going to go to YouTube. Might be your best Europe will what is it about. Opera round. And -- that in the YouTube by -- SPZ they go to a minute thirty yen. When you have the fight month it. -- -- 300 pound guy gets kicked in the stomach him with the four like nobody's business is the funniest thing field day anchored news. I'm rob Bradford WEEI dot com this is the brow approach whether you like it or not. 6177797. In 937. HTT tech -- 37937. We get the calls lined up and David Joseph Jerry. We're gonna get you the second great conversation about the Red Sox but first. Ago the great great -- Every -- they do mean right. We talked about -- Everett delicate by the ways for mass live dot com is a great job. That website travels with a team everywhere. I don't know how he does that he does it. And the flight was outstanding and I said the more that I made was getting last row. -- If you that you beat your head against the quarter. I don't -- accurate or. Aren't. -- you know it was it was I had a lethal combination today the -- when those -- things. A man and then maybe trees and Byron. I've played for the I've played for the -- Everett you do a great job from a five dot com as far as. And I was at a at a headline here -- -- your headlines right. You write headlines yeah most of them OK art art itself look at your headlines from mass like dot com. Worcester woman fight for the right to bear brass. All right. That there are not a red marker one I didn't write that one I'm not edit because if -- did I would suggested that you have the alternative want to same story which is bark bark bark. Yes. -- been fighting for the right to be topless in public doesn't need any support. All right who counted on my editor I'd I'd guys as to how many guys do a great job -- live dot com haven't relic -- this -- what happened in the clubhouse today -- was John Farrell gives rundown. What -- you think they would probably from Mike Napoli use of that. The latest what are their at a local wave would be just sort of thing you know package and in the early in the bottom. You don't replace -- got a cortisone shot at least one. But that might -- a -- he kind of put you behind the hard to stay out there. -- said that. -- is going to stand a partner into Israel absurd usual line to make the first one small ball doesn't know check of one going to be that's going to be Friday. And Friday that they did Ryan Dempster come back. -- after the Internet superstar so you know you can speculate earlier while. Would buckle -- their response -- kind of logical thing to -- -- prior. The leading -- The partner that you particularly well. Well let me let me start be there so. -- pitches Sunday. And not in parts unknown in New York I've Hudson Valley right it's valley yeah quote. And then he'll pitch Friday we don't know where now oh. Now correct me if I'm wrong now after that it might be dependent on -- putt tuck it makes the playoffs. If if he if he makes a third -- start because the minor -- season is running out. Well what -- -- -- regular -- retarded as to number second I don't know what this that would put a -- Friday. I think urged I would want to build up in the air right that's what yet -- saying it would leak it would it would go beyond. Five days after that start on Friday would beat you on the regulars -- -- injunction and it's possible he can be brought back here. That he can beat you back up like that -- They're not under -- -- and on the -- are. I I wanna go back to Napoli. -- we've heard. Later fashioned -- stories in the past we heard with Kevin Youkilis a few years ago this is this can be a tricky thing what. After -- and him talking to Ferrell today what's your take on how this is gonna play out the next couple. Well until -- if that thing doesn't break it -- little little Obama -- one -- John what are not Earl. Was shut the cynic who -- you diminish him until a month. And there's -- called that you thought that the technically it into a particular views aren't. I don't -- -- -- -- look at the wait and see him -- he you know the court in Houston -- -- not currently have but they've got to have a national department of law -- that -- Shall we usually better but they probably won't be perfect and all the spring break. The -- everything else from the clubhouse today in terms of -- into the other media you know restaurant Pedroia. And barrel that you don't usually normal -- to -- the -- which. Terms of response you expect all the other question was directly very long bomb and he's -- now. So at least you can. Rule that out graceful chunks of literature and I don't know what Johnson did nothing wrong with bombs so look at what all the back -- and that shouldn't be it. What was the this sounds cliche but -- this team I think it's actually attainable thing. What was the mood today in in that clubhouse around the team because typically after games you have last night. There is at our realization was -- a team that you say OK you know what we weren't taken pages we were having good at bats we weren't doing what we usually do. Was there that vibe wasn't just businesses. You know while the music will pull out American -- -- -- Napoli are so well you are being acknowledged it was big news -- they -- -- actually yeah about you know but it's you do you know what I'm saying did you get that aren't sure sure -- it'll walk in there and and and get the sense that they're down themselves. That they're worried about and I think it's been pretty incurable. What was your what was -- sorry go ahead. John you're jealous that really surprised by the number shut out in the U every year and you get the great explanation of why did you ultimately. But agency -- prior -- this one up that has been tension. What was your biggest takeaways from last night. That the lot and I think has shut out of it in particular that they have to be up and can't get shut down the anytime. Into little troublesome Mary Marshall oh you're on -- last year's merger Monday on the offense but he got have a little worried at this point. About the consistent Q what are they go out there and you don't want Julian -- like that where you just got nothing going on. -- It's a good point and I pose this question to. -- a caller called in earlier he says I don't know if they're gonna have the pitching to match up with -- with the other team's playoff teams I said to him -- which are you more concerned about that the starting pitching for the Red Sox -- -- good enough. Or a bit light -- isn't good enough against good starting pitching so which is it for you. I would. Wanted to get you you've got great picture too. Much collegiate that you can be quickly able nobody gonna. Come back to that. That -- are down and they'll -- the warning area there between John clay. -- sure and -- in Antarctica rotation now you can argue that they don't have -- the line number one. You've got purple or you go out there and to ultimately -- a year's tournament. Cool cool you're game one motion picture and. -- -- I edited if if you have to in the week we've had this question on the radio it's a stupid question because you yet the -- guys up but if you had to say. A playoff game. No worry about lighting guy up. Who is gonna put there ice -- on why this is before last night. Broader than that that would be articulate and John share of the or the year but I -- to give one game toward right now are lucky guy which is incredible concern where are. Where restarted due in about a lot of talk -- a barrel they have now. Let your ability to maintain -- he -- -- -- you know couple -- or money or you're dead arm period. But it you know last -- look for the blaster tactic and -- metro council did Crawford Gonzales changed your mind and hold court with the media today. I didn't go -- today impunity thing Adrian talk to a last night Carl the only interview actually do lose tomorrow do you actions also has electric in his post game comments yeah you have it really. -- -- down that a lot. Don't you all look like you talk about the state of the of the PP. Add it all just like kill the October got traded which would imply that it's different than another game for him but then -- of that so now obviously that's what you expect greater you know at least you talked him a little credit -- -- I know that you hate when I give you advice right you -- your caller is David here's my advice to you. Tomorrow tomorrow weather tomorrow it's not mornings it is tonight game tomorrow make another run at Crawford. -- parallel -- to -- upon chairman you should yes we'll save big guys yet. Make another run that he did help -- so they'll bottler shall dwell on a regular -- and a Nick Punto. Yeah well he's the it's a maternal well they go he's the best but he can't prosecute and help himself make another ride tomorrow. Law of European and I like the last question you have this is an offseason question. Who is this is really out of nowhere by no that your expertise in this matter. Who was the first baseman for the Basra it's -- next year. Are my dad told don't need -- she's not on the steamer and -- not really sure if I had to choose one on the team I would but you'd be in my car or a commission like carpet and about. But I got to believe that they would. Looks a moral and open up but I don't I don't -- Mike Napoli the applicant back. Now. Now now I don't and it and it but it April though it presents a real problem for this team I think because. Whether -- that position or another position what we've learned from this team the Napoli influence that he had in April was so huge in -- such a big difference. And to to have it is so hard to find that power back. It is not an easy thing to do it -- I just don't know where they get it from. We did you -- I look at the numbers look at everybody curious to a poster. If you look at the first a number of respect that the church each you know month or 340 over achiever. Portrait beat by -- commercial like that. The numbers you compare that to do well yeah but yeah yeah power deal -- what are. The average which is considerable -- and of course strike and left on base and they just don't have consistency. You're getting some production. You don't know when you're gonna get it I do believe my carpet to appoint a -- champions starting job the numbers show that he's -- -- want Shia -- I don't know if the Red Sox -- -- you operationally arguably district which is amazing how young years doesn't seem like these -- Are you what one of the guys will come up to become that this Seattle but -- -- -- lot of tension elsewhere. You get relegated to central -- -- like what are you doing what are you doing reading my tweets at 3:30 in the morning. I knew what I had to call bill watching HBO. While that there's no better combination than rob Bradford -- I had tweets in an HBO and a cup of coffee. Mountain that are Everett thanks a lot for joining us take everyone out there LC were you back. Well this crisis. -- -- relic mass live dot com does a great great job their travels with the team he's out there give assault lowdown this -- a couple calls before we. We have another break here. David is in -- long -- David how you doing today. I'm doing what I can -- Entity -- its suspension. About. Player that you think assuming that it that it sucks -- into the playoffs. Honestly I'd -- How far -- -- get through it play out. Is determined by two -- Playbook a move. If he comes back. Without them. Right now iTunes. Three at three starters will be Lester Lester Lackey and well you might not necessarily an. David here's the thing you -- the play that game BC what do brought that last game. -- he had two bad starts leading up to that before that he was pretty good -- really -- this last start. So -- -- it still what you're saying. EEF four guys who -- our were pitching pretty well. Are so IB II know what you're saying David about Clay Buchholz an -- in you're not alone a lot of people say this. Dick clay buckles is the key I do think he's a key in this respect. You need a guy if you -- to the playoffs you need a guy who was just gonna catch fire you need a guy -- you know goes into a seven game series. Three times is gonna pitch and he's going to be lights out Clay Buchholz. Can be that guy. But doesn't doesn't the lineup concern you a little bit more right now than that. Honestly you know no because. In play baseball it's always good pitching skills that good ending -- So if it's really yeah it's protecting that that really it is most important term. -- -- Now -- David -- I agree with -- I agree that -- buckles is an important thing but you have to factor and also what you have. What is the strength of this team right now. I think they they actually have been able to hang in this thing over this stretch of nineteen games sixteen on the road because of their starting pitching in large part. They haven't had a lot of box when it came to starting pitching became the city series that wasn't good. But you look at what these guys have done lately Jon Lester Jake Peavy few weeks abroad in John Lackey. And right now as we sit here they've been pretty good. What hasn't been pretty good is consistency from the batting order particularly against lefties particularly against good pitchers. Let's go to one more call right before we get the break here had. Hartford I don't today. It I'm great. A couple. More quick. One. Cold out there are a lot. A lot at all I -- -- source -- in what they like. They. -- -- don't you know army times -- sort of the first Spitzer began. No no not I must say -- I'm not saying this negative toward you and it's -- is he's he's he's sort of the first pitch of game. Four times all year this what he does he shows the body takes the bet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Once in awhile. They don't act so it. Right he never bonds and you know here's the ironic thing can I'm gonna go back to when he was coming up. That they felt that he had to get away from trying to hit home runs trying to lift the ball in what they did when you to the heirs of faulty. Who was with -- I'll say it was his manager. And -- say that made him but to tie the game. To tie the game but the problem candidates do when you go out and hit 32 home runs like he did a couple years ago. That part of the game got to leave your repertoire. It is an act and act you're absolutely out of the at a barbecue from the empire here at the start when it acts. Art work out all right. But ninety got a role. You know. Right now right now all about it common cold and -- -- Why he -- -- games and not archery umbrage -- And good Troy yet will pop -- It is why -- -- -- -- -- It comes close. Soaring rhetoric we are or is it a lot. Watch that you -- What are they. Like -- at the plate. Strike one all out by or any vote on so. You're right it hurt you know like. Oh. Ted thanks for the call -- album did you proceeds of a breaking down the the bunting. Does -- Reuters the positioning on the his and is set up which. I don't think he's alone and had Pedroia stands pretty far away from the plate particularly for a guy who is consistently pitched outside. That he's I think he's almost inviting guys depictions -- -- -- whatever citizens not him inside that's where he handles pitches. I would say this is that he's -- some pretty good hot streaks in the exactly where he -- So that that you have to weigh in bile like it -- liked it inside the game inside the box door. We got -- -- we got Jim we got Joseph they're all coming up there all allied will get Q&A second and I'll give you the much anticipated take. -- call property Green Zone for a.

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