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Former Red Sox and current Dodgers reflect on their time in Boston

Aug 23, 2013|

The Red Sox are in Los Angeles to face the Dodgers for the first of three games tonight. Heading into the matchup some former Red Sox have started talking including Josh Beckett, Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford. Salk and Holley analyze each player's comments heading into the series.

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So we're one year removed the one year anniversary of the great trade with the only Dodgers Magic Johnson threw the old life raft and tonight. To jump on regular startled I am gonna bail you out if you would like to press the reset button on the old any yes I've got it for you to. Press that button you can start the whole thing no one year ago today the four players traded. All were asked to comment today on how they're dealing. Now do you read all these comments four I had asked you that I was hoping you because I would've loved it. To just read them out loud and tried to match up the comments okay the player like it's really not that hard as they heard on some earlier shows but let's do it anyway just for the security of the conversational start this. For the most part we underperformed last year in Boston we didn't win the year before we want we just didn't make it to the postseason at the end. I had a good time the only things. I -- there were really a big deal the great -- at all for these quotes -- -- perfect for each of the four players involved. That one is Nick Punto no. Couple that with not -- one. And I think during Gonzales I won't tell you won't win and you can learn. You know -- this is the perfect and Adrian Gonzales quote. He really won here before you before we won. We -- make it to the postseason at the end not only means you didn't when Adrienne they want we want to win that what a lot of what you went off early to tell when one market into the old things and work with you for a long time the only things I. I don't work really big deal what does that even mean. And as -- happen -- -- what does that -- mean there are good so that's them. Up until then. That is so yeah perfectly Adrian Gonzales had a chance to make the playoffs last year for the most part we underperformed last year Boston we didn't the year before. We want. No you didn't win out while nobody guys that would I don't he's trying to play and I think it's a prototypical pocket and out jumped one I think we we. Yesterday they -- 69 games they were or rent they were they bad team they were terrible team. I think they were at a terrible team its first -- Boston. If it fizzled at the end but they were not a bad well partially because an attitude like that anyway move on -- the next one this one. Again pretty easy -- -- to figure out it just got way too personal for me. It wasn't just like hey you suck on the baseball field it was now hey you're bad person -- could -- -- personal. It will even about baseball anymore it was definitely time to make it change I think everybody from the office for the players recognize that. We've moved on and now I'm here it was not personal rapper like to a. I don't think about. Well. They had a great time out in boating that. That's Josh Beckett gone up hardly ever nobody knows you mercenary us. Are you doing -- grab them like a bad you suck on the baseball field it was a Europe that person. You think that's of -- was they have had -- but they worsen and I've read it right. I know I accuracy that -- flat but. That was me. A a lot and that -- knowing him and I covered him for a few years I don't have the kind of relationship that robbed at with a but spent some time document Josh and I team on Seattle is always action effort from an average team out there. That is definitely him he picked those things incredibly burst yet not a bad person. Because I don't. Some guys. Some guys have that look. Is it you don't know thanks guys have a look and if they look like they're friendly. But Hernandez didn't have a friendly face. Think differently or not but some people just looked like a nice guy right here but probably. You -- -- executives -- -- on the but speculate opposite. Beckett looks like a guy who like people approximately stopper right not about it to apply only to have that. I'm pretty -- to -- -- -- I think he likes that isn't there. Absolutely -- -- -- he cultivated the outlook. To try to keep writers and everybody away from what's -- -- interest -- Baseball right he wasn't the guy that he's not the guy that you appear to be now if it's so easy -- -- -- -- -- -- snapshot of the jobs that I think what Josh Beckett -- -- to analyze what happened with Beckett. I think he's the guy who for a long time in baseball. Great job of eating off other people's negativity. To analyzing it spitting it back I would agree that we've got to do 2007 is probably the best example they bring out his ex girlfriend in the National Anthem in Cleveland he says -- human rained down the row Albany he was he was and is as good bit. And included in in 1980. And he went back the other way and I think eventually lost the ability that I think all that all of the negativity that was coming in. I think he just. And stopped being able to that game five right one game five -- right -- distract them. And -- aid in Cleveland that night. Economic outlook yet -- no I didn't want it. -- Think if the bad thing but the guys that you could you please show your conference in one of these tables here in which -- new report I don't know. Which one won the one used to drive up to buffalo goes. It the current. A driver -- him awful and isn't used to sit here I don't get it you got the Red Sox and yankees made it right next to each other equipment. There aren't we feel it is. -- -- -- You look at -- you have every day but that's what bill. It don't buy that don't don't go up he's been. You do you do it no problem if it would drive the buffalo. We'll get around Tony you know -- -- -- -- with Canadian. After at a Canadian growth -- even show the Canadians here aren't there to the quotes are back and Gonzales is actually the two most interesting. Maybe Crawford and went. We go to -- -- now. He go to the cash -- show and I might. -- -- -- And they were going to be at the Tedy Bruschi meant well but at the same time cash is going to be Iraq in the house of Mohegan Sun. -- -- about not knowing what you need to know what it is what what do you know what I don't want tell me what you need an art what what's the typical of the profile of the typical. -- -- I would you know she's female how old under the I take fourteen are all gonna say. Maybe after fourteen early high school our thought is constant. Admit that the typical age of fourteen. Economic you know we don't have our kids are -- also we don't know how this -- thankfully. Well I think the first concert in about not let -- get to fourteen -- the at that age it. You let them go by themselves -- Our our parents at that at build confidence is the perfect thing to do such -- this is that the -- -- OK so you let their guard down to mohicans so you gamble though gamble she goes to educate you. It's not like art department. To be here at 9 o'clock perfect gentleman 9 o'clock there's cameras everywhere it's -- far -- possibly -- The perfect place to bring your dollar on like that so well with probably too young that would account now. Now that's about well. Am I I understand that my parents and I will be on the on the east side we will hear him on our -- -- I believe and in the -- so how were you with your first. By Mike Idaho. -- Word of that to the Beach Boys on my parents but as -- other people with. Austin there. Yeah. There were put on -- -- there. So what do -- on his own decides it all my friends went we were fifth or sixth grade now everybody went to secure mail if you. There were robbed them as -- Kokomo and OK let's go to the principal point here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tee box and take on Chicago's -- September 3 when reserved table. The land them -- for the game plus all ivory -- overnight stay at Mohegan Sun. Right here. Call 61793109237. Right now to win brought to you by Mohegan -- counter tired Ninety Nine restaurants in Europe them home. For Boston baseball Sports Radio 93 point seven. WR. Figure you. Yet to quote on the originally going -- -- knowing that the war. To yours the next at matching up -- your jacket I -- Gonzales if you can't figure out which one is Punto which one is Crawford we've got much bigger problems but he yeah. This -- -- from Nick -- I guess you can figure out just yet. Until city -- and this is from the SP in Austin articles put those that he loved playing in Boston because the fans players accountable. An action that Pedroia is mindset was one key to 2012 red sox' fortunes. Quote Pedroia is the heartbeat of that club and when he's not happy it's not a good thing he was definitely not very. Prize of course he wasn't happy. -- eight days they've moved on from Terry Francona when we know those guys are very close yet Bobby Valentine coming in. Didn't necessarily unify the team he wasn't winning opposition. And also. -- Victoria made a comment I'm sure he thought he was coming out in support of his teammate Kevin Youkilis. But at this season. And it devolved into one of those bad hopeless season. -- was not a popular guy here in what some -- that I want exaggerated I think for the most part. People to Pretoria to now if you have a lot of Dustin Pedroia -- have a problem but. What the first time in his Red Sox career right. There were negative comments about Dustin Pedroia for the first time since a -- with the first time since its first month of his rookie year when he was hit. But think about that all -- most of 2007 nothing negative 891011. And finally 2012. He points and what Dustin Pedroia his subordinate. He's an entitles oil athlete just like the rest double so yeah I can imagine he wasn't there are several reasons. Really wish I'd been here for that because I just I mean that it it shocks me that he would have gone and I don't wanna say it was you know I don't want to I noticed this segment by. How to present Dustin Pedroia such an interest in case for me because he. Maybe the ultimate guy who's incredibly professional Energizer bunny works is that -- or work all the time talking smack sharpen everything he does. Now I wonder if he just had some difficulty dealing with people around -- that didn't want to be apartment. I mean it seems like that which is drive himself crazy to be something so foreign to him that he almost just didn't know what to do with it but what do you mean. The managers going off talked about god knows what. And I got guys in my team I don't care about baseball -- like doing here right like this is not when I signed up for. I signed up to like the Boston Red Sox and Terry Francona and a team that is trying to win if I have a world championship every year and I just got home run and things. And these other church little bumpy year old -- doing here and he also had reached a final one and it -- so perfect yeah. Into the final -- could you just. How could he opened Dustin Pedroia possibly a stomach being on the same team with a guy -- quote today is this. That was definitely one of the toughest times in my life ever from one it was a little -- one year old. It definitely was one of the best things that ever happened to me in my life to be traded over here. You make twenty million but it's not like they're big -- hit a home run every time I go up there you know what I'm saying. Now now it's not like I need to go five for five every back in if I don't. I considered the worst player on the planet while Carl Crawford talking about -- I'm in Boston -- I've got roll that now there's no way he remembers the fact that when he was one did not do it and start. So I'm not a stoplight and ultimately -- want but anyway. It's funny it's funny joke went that that's at Crawford like. Don't think I don't like in -- 1 whatever they're all these elements are validated that that. But not good enough what victory. Somebody must've been -- is my only defense to proper offered the only thing that that they have been happening behind. Somebody. I don't know what was the body of the old Crawford. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They want the walk off there was at the end of the Washington. -- from the boy. Some damage Connecticut -- it's like oh good as any other there -- a crowd around the Plavix in the game second gathering on the golf and it. So you know Carl Crawford on -- If you're going to be paid the money you need to be different player that you. Only explanation for this particular recruit anybody in -- He -- -- Crawford with thirty home you know. I don't think anybody ever done before right. You don't want more than eighteen nobody expected him to be -- I'd be on these guys. Nobody expected. -- to do something different that he needed equipment -- with a hole. The excitement for Carl Crawford just as baseball player was easy -- -- a guy. Got a lot of -- and added dimension with Ellsbury. Two that's offered to its roster that we haven't seen in the very long. The you've been different you understand. As a fan. I got a lot more money -- -- But does that mean I expected to be a different player than that we're so what -- Job yourself I -- talking I know you've seen the numbers a million times when you look at that drop off from 2010 to 2011. In 2010 is very much in keeping with who we was over the course of his career. He's open yes which unites that is a pretty good indicator your inning. Goes from 85694. War. Meaningless is over 150. Interval PS topic but mostly because his on base goes from 356. To two waiting nine. Under 30% of the time it was get on base opportunity sixth. With -- that is I believe that -- career high or -- on like 36 it is her it was his career I don't the year before 3640 yeah. That's just where does some years before coming here to 6364356. And who -- nine it was his lowest oh yes since his rookie year when he played in 63 games. And he was the worst player he would ever be in his first year here is stolen base numbers you Wear them. When he had the year before 47. In 2000 and drops down eighteen. In 2000 that is the use and it culminates in passing the ball that maybe -- kept that game alive in the final game of the season with again. I just understand I understand where Josh Beckett was the divisive character here. He was hated by a lot of people so what he says I was hated -- people fidelity that person and maybe it was everybody but yet that was said. -- it was a pretty frequently if accurate his memory of that is accurate. With Carl Crawford. -- -- Went out of their way. Who do you think nice things about Crawford. And very patient. He wasn't moving. -- only with boots were 345 votes. -- did it first -- Boston up on the snap out of it he's too good of a player. He just needs to calm down maybe you've played Hedo at times because Crawford is you want to be the number two hitter. In this lineup and -- will do about the two or three times in his first had a twelve games of the Red Sox. People made a lot of excuses warm tried to make them comfortable. That there wasn't this this campaign. They -- Carl Crawford out of home or campaign of people saying you gotta be paid a buddy Carl you'd better hit thirty home runs I just don't ever he wants and -- also -- Do you ever -- wonderment. There were some movie Spiderman -- Tobey Maguire that first movie Spiderman right so Tobey Maguire version it probably vote for Obama on that one line. And it's not just by enemy and you are probably your entire life but remember always being in that movie and he should recognize it with great power comes great responsibility. -- that. Did you make it twenty million dollars a year it's going to be spot and relax. You're often out doing -- you attribute that the Spiderman the duplicate that the Bible. -- -- that I don't Spiderman what other accidents vitamin a couple of times that at all with that requirement yeah. You may twenty militant go to their hotel in order hotel room here. But that's sort of going to be done your regulars that with the -- that vote that. You make twenty million but it's not like a big meeting -- a home run every time you drop your salary and here. These quotes are ridiculous. -- -- make it twenty million dollars but thankfully nobody definitely about to -- The hell yeah. Yours is your comment today authorities are or bizarre in the room what they'll find his comments are really exactly what you would expect him that I think that the turbines are either. No pretty. -- they're still -- still what what what we're very into it very telling it was personality. And the way he internalized things that are said about him and that ultimately that became a problem from here for him here but what. Camping equipment that that it become a problem you know I think -- the -- Beckett hit his injuries you have. The -- Josh Beckett. No pitching on three days' rest the World Series game six can't do it yet but it's crazy restarting them. Okay he uses that to his advantage goes out he gets it done it yet great ability to -- great ability to -- that. I think you start what happened was -- with the same guy in terms of internalized things but it just didn't have the ability to pitch his way. Two victory maybe he can win the argument with his with his skills so I think that's -- it diminishes. He'll tell you what I take out of these you know -- just a second we got a lot still to come around Mohegan Sun I was going to bring up something today and I was driving down here before I saw. Any of these. Any of these quotes from these four guys. I had an angle I was gonna ask you about regarding the big trade a year ago and heading into LA tonight that after reading these quotes. I realize it's not even a question I can mask you'll do an axle and -- in WB.

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