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Kevin Millar joins Mut and Merloni to explain how he feels about the Ryan Dempster situation

Aug 23, 2013|

Millar explains how he feels about Ryan Dempster’s vigilante justice against Alex Rodriguez. Tom and Lou also get Millar’s take on David Ortiz’s recent comments on Dempster’s decision to hit Rodriguez.

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I welcome back here they show continuing aren't guaranteed seat filling in Mike Nowitzki Demeco bought. We are an alum -- country club along with little Loney. Get ready for the US start that no 1 o'clock here of the eighteen holes for cause tournament does spot but WVU. Down here is now -- global golf. We'll have on how we got to guy's pretty good golfer joining us certainly not a well Mikey Adams who we just saw Mike Ellis -- around here very focused and getting ready for is -- his competitions and it's -- you're heard more Lars -- impersonation. Now's a bigger one note here record. I want you whether he buckles of seven straight starts where he couldn't get anybody out there like a tax write them -- me a lot of help my. I stop like it. Now I -- like fifteen and all our season with a one area that yeah. Debacle but hey what do pitchers do the best center right while Kevin. He's the man guy everybody loves them Kevin ball -- joining us now on the AT&T hotline up leads don't blog is like my and it's due today. -- you were brought the -- It -- normal one and it was he. Also -- or. Where it began on. These things change on a daily basis to have -- you know that. There. Yeah them estimated year you're pretty tight with mister Ryan Dempster. And soul with Adams I'm just curious on your thoughts of what happens on the baseball with him. -- -- -- -- -- -- What it. That's -- -- at the bottom line he -- bottom line radio he'd eat Bologna okay go ahead of my Agassi can't hear Troy Troy. And the first page. I -- driver and our depth shortstop from Beaumont Texas and down with respect America -- a mile Atlanta adapt to pitch first pitch and the apostle. I'm glad that like it's. OK so shocked everybody a -- up and they're like oh my goodness gracious current. Being an extra pick or brought -- those -- sinkers and a real link broke them. After all they're done probably Ryan probably thinks maybe not a bad thing. I mean just beat him. -- and Ryan now you got to have Brian what. I think them all of this horse story everybody has an opinion about it. What he liked it -- they keep it for all the players that are not jeers and and not not cheating and all that. You're here and have voices of all the clean players. That was that pitched -- from Ryan Dempster. And then you have the other side bit. It's RD period that you can -- -- game -- that brought the game you ever thought West Coast road trip homelessness Schilling -- Really guys it's the heat of the moment you think of it like that and yes he should have been thrown out if they'll part think you don't have a player. And yes. The union have to protect Q rod he -- active at suspend a player so we have opinions everywhere the ball up historians. He did and it was gone and we're talking about one player and I got hit by an 88 mile an hour fastball off double that raise their field we muscle. And players hit all the time army and little all the time every day and we just -- -- -- two weeks ago we hold -- -- run on purpose so didn't. Happens in baseball what do you like and. CR I'm I'm with you I didn't mind it maybe it's because I've struggled in your feelings towards me himself with so be it. You know abuse all that team up their playing good baseball come and in maybe it brings them a little closer together me. It's a different team with a different lineup but if Ryan Dempster pull Pedro Martinez and drove them and said I still shut you down -- comes though they lost that game because -- Gave it up in the sixth inning and ran out of gas not because there really brought that team together. That really woke them up I mean -- -- lot of -- player council for six when they're put in to sleep. Well that's not strange that the bogeys that were talked to Ryan what pressure can -- the most that he could shut down in any -- in the -- to credit. -- district court to throw up a battered and some people like -- some people like it's part of baseball bat or opera or whatever pitch. Secure the first pitch was behind the calf muscle felt pretty funny. He definitely got the -- -- got -- way the way it was certainly wasn't trying to hit anybody or heard anybody you know 8588. These days have a hundred. And it you know concerned again but yeah that's the bad part was if you do let -- -- check out the light Dempster couldn't do it and that's what part but -- Now David Ortiz comes out and you know -- was going nuts now the last point -- David Ortiz kind of says. -- -- because of the contract and Ryan Dempster. Shouldn't have thrown at them at dinner with -- eight rod over the weekend in Boston people get up and arms whenever we have ever bigger Bears go out for. -- hot here with Enrique Wilson 2000 they were exposed at Derek -- as you know Kevin if you're sick you can't -- go out and -- that he can't play baseball we don't like that your boss. Were there the whole Ramon Ortiz come out with once again another man's opinion run. That's Ortiz it's and we saw Macke sure that they and it's not right or people -- everybody else has look at -- a lot of wrong we're allowed to have an opinion. And Ortiz felt that that was right but Brian got a great guy there's not going to be any. Turmoil in the Red Sox club I should be -- true great guys working you don't but sorties opinion and when you don't friends. It's been hard for me to talk about on potential but that's how we got the lead for last week you know. It's always believe what I am -- now they're rookies Kendall Berry. So on this -- the whole situation the problem of this all situation Tommie Liddell is that we know too much about Alex Rodriguez suspension. It's the first time has been that public Melky Cabrera ramble on all these guys have played under. Appeal process but we know about the appeal process from them -- Rodriguez has been to public and it and the adulation that you public makes it uncomfortable from -- to mean they're like. It trainers in the fake injury like. Who cares we know too much as a problem that's the biggest bit. Let me ask you this Kevin because it's their bases you know -- Girardi comes on -- does that appeal process you know Demps as -- union police it everything. I look at it is this I almost feel like the player might look at Alex Rodriguez and feel like maybe he's abusing the appeal process. It's there to protect the players and we I'll get it but he's not appealing because he thinks he's innocent right and me and that. But that's just my feeling that maybe it was discussed is an accidental it's a lot more than him just being positive for steroids as a lot more emotion when it comes to him. We yeah. But I would -- that's a good note this whole thing guess what guys we around -- back it was nice to see some fire. Yeah it was a big and our like ivory I want the first game here in Yankee Stadium. But then you were spilled out. You want to Lyle -- -- well vs Bob eubanks we can't duplicate. And I can't explain it and it has been -- if you know an actor that would -- Sox Yankee rivalry I want. I like you are about Yorker article -- your hat. Check out Rodriguez was -- outside quite a -- stand at all. The children to good man and probably mapped out what. It's part of now we know we got a lot of -- like -- what are you. Lowered. Why I think -- they -- is just the appeal. Isn't that baseball's got -- expedite the team and get it done so that this can -- all we need to get this over with so. Everybody Major League Baseball era Dempster everybody can move on because. There's gonna be done serving his suspension before Girardi even begins as and that's the weird thing about well I think. Deposition of appealed just of that -- the guy who hit the guy who's appealing could be appealing just keeps playing baseball Oprah. Dempster gets suspended -- in a suspended player and we appeal part of the appeal -- However it's also -- to the big picture of what it's cracked. -- -- experience and a bit less support half second now we're talking about and they play. Get here is that you said right -- different yours you used to sit there talking about it is that your job you're intentional talk. If you -- a player you know and at NASA's -- a couple of David Ortiz on the unexpected not to be -- Alex Rodriguez goes on Tuesday do we want and NB sympathetic ear. But the real what -- public with that I would have rather -- listened Demps is different mine a routes different in my I'm not intentional talked you don't know common analytical -- Would you have gone there and yet the only at the right opposite voiced opinion but what it's more. Sure sure and it was more of -- and you never know. I'm sure when they're now a whole thing in the bottom of every kicker but in every state and watches it Corky comes out this old not like Ryan Dempster. It is it you feel that. There's no doubt in my mind it neighbor she feels bad mark -- -- -- say this because -- caught in the trap. Yeah he could probably -- -- nice little dinner would Iraq which is okay our baseball. Great who cares. But answer this this time. And now yeah you know like. What are they try to help out -- saying things that don't say anything extra poke or you don't look at my beard and big necklace but. If there's no one in the land or whatever. -- not when we're in right now -- got started go battered -- argue that's about what you know. But from what I know from both of these guys peoples that before now is -- going to be an issue I don't think it is because two individuals. That that are involved you know right Dempster very well any issue at all with what David said you think you'd have a problem with -- Not now now now because like experiences and opinion and David they require quiet right up the guy hit a rod was -- was great. -- entered a great guide you in -- better right around and you know what a great yeah I think that's why it shocked everybody. It wasn't how artwork that was drawn out for lottery not think out -- -- -- like you know they're some great couple holes right. You know part of it from -- -- it was an ankle. But it means that perspective that the ankle pitched. Ballot and actually -- -- and everybody target and opt out I was 130 pitch hit him you know and purpose you know. The next pitch well I think there's any real it. But the first pitch was that in my opinion it was an actual let's just hit them and get the -- and look like -- ankle Allen and hurt anybody. I -- meantime we got the Dodgers also the Red Sox here for the next three days and got Carl Crawford's quote in the LA times thing I want when all three games back in I was saying earlier. That you know they've got out there it's worked real well since they called -- up they've been brought the best team in baseball worked -- great for the Red Sox obviously either in first place so it's a win win trade. And I think after this weekend bats the way able talked about it. But this weekend one more time at fox going to be that market is BMW deficit baseball. And it's going to be all about the trade and if you're Gonzales if you're Crawford. Not to -- Punto he was the throw it and not much -- 'cause he's not pitching right now but -- those two guys. A little fired up for this though they can that's going to be on rid of the bad guys got rid of toxic environment -- the club off that's all gonna get rehashed this week -- -- It's not an accident need to call Robert Utley mystery -- -- -- -- or four million dollars I think you can't proper game and be given high fives for the organization that and do what he let go Oregon donation went you know it you'll be like but now. It's part of that you -- wrecking your -- the upper prime. It's exciting hitters a little extra you want to do well Carl Crawford no doubt -- Wants to win all three games that's just that's what normal normal reaction. You know we are just joke around all. In the -- -- Carl Crawford and injuring at all they treat him pretty get contract wise. And it wasn't old guy anyways -- what the problem call you know couldn't stay healthy he going to also won -- -- ever meet so what now we've heard about Beckett Lester lack stupid. You know chicken and beer stuff so bet bet bet that when it got some players that play scheme last year I mean not so much that they're. On asking -- -- Beckett talking WEEI dot com rob Bradford. Saying it got way too personal for me to quotas that wasn't just like hey you suck on the baseball field it was now hey you're bad person. -- talking about Nomar when it was just time to go. Doesn't happen often but every now and then the fans do sort of -- got to a point where it's personally it really got that way for back in. I -- in income what happens is players lose perspective on how to deal with the media. Because -- media in these kind of makes -- he's got someone make yet to an extent that means. If you got a couple of guys on your side you're gonna get a couple you know breaks if you got a couple guys that can't stand him because you're terrible out by. And you and your bitter Bob every time in my pocket to argue against what you have any breaks. Nomar at that personality apparently wasn't very good in my -- now is a great job from Mike all -- -- he does not immune to watch like that Nomar Garciaparra. But that's just the way back it -- to -- -- Cowboys slang gunslinger mentality like. You don't have to play the game -- -- put a smile on its baseball we lose perspective on this is a game. We play against reliving that it's kind of money and -- so that would dreamed about since we are two years old is it that bad guys. It -- that bad would be Oprah or that bad although one for 25 order for losses are flat spot start that that no. He just get out there to buster that he try to get better. But they accountability factor is what people wanna see -- the vibrancy you know it was some honesty watched. I don't wanna see a handwritten paper here tourney. I don't. Right on our man in -- put up the speed TV brought in all the baloney because the spring and we've seen that. He Boston Philly New York are not stupid. -- talk when your field whopper point four out there so that was the thing with Beckett spell that things were you know and remember him Nomar Garciaparra. That's kind at this they become bitter -- for no reason. Well we know Kevin not everybody gets you used an estimated two over all right don't say it I now I always using -- always have people are sitting at renteria down for me in the camera to sing beer from my minute whiskey for my horses that was but all. Renteria got. And that he didn't get it for the rest of your Boston. It not for me to iron about the first -- -- in that the puck went quietly goes about where are meant to rewrite. Talk market -- don't know how to handle the downside when you don't go -- Much else -- right. Better to receive it immediately and that in Iowa but. Part of that but you have to know the deal would mean you have an obligation and there's times when you know what they're gonna kill you. You're gonna get back -- shots you know they're both pretty. Talented guys are still -- I'm not. Not sure. You'll always. Kevin we keep got all their we could elect to go to stop the dollars. It's. Manageable -- on five. Nobody's a 100% right and it was that we all have to have a block and that's the gamblers face. Celebrate the 100 anniversary of Fenway Park there were. 200 players in the history of the Red Sox at more business on the dugout with Pedro Martinez had been at them but while it was -- because the personality. He is the Boston were bigger than the play. Kevin -- and it was actually kill it in the speech about like -- in -- love and just smiling right I mean having some -- Because it's so true when you look at the teams. That walk through it of the basically from 112011. There -- winning TC you know that just like. Very business like they look more like the Yankees back in the days and he did. -- the idiots you know. And 2000 what was disgrace as well so just. Parents just in the -- with this team they just wanna see it happens and you know they just an interview it's like being accountable maybe snacks and a smile -- just changed the whole perspective. They -- that wave with with Lester takes a -- in the post game you know it's like it's always so serious and that the bitterness that's come out you know you wanna see these guys -- just. And that's why got to give -- a lot of people always gravitated to people always enjoyed it because he looked like he appreciate what he had he was having fun. Play in this game didn't take himself all the game too serious and he had. Rare ability to remind others in the dugout and clubhouse to bring that. Out of that's why you play that's -- last few years in the league and they bring in a Baltimore you know parked and got you bring in the Toronto parts and a why well because he brings so much. If it was a bitter Bob and a -- nobody wanted to around a bad teammate he would have by play the last year. You know again next year -- because of what he can bring to a team that attitude no better. -- beard he's got the day off -- -- Phil again. At skate hit and overloading reviewer -- -- country club get ready for the start. Well the eighteen holes for cause tournament WEEI Sports Radio back right after the.

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