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Sox win the series in San Francisco

Aug 22, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the Sox big win in San Fran. They also discussed the news regarding their new boss.

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I -- a piece of Yankee play by play approves the John Sterling doesn't scripted write down everything on average by five cards if if I were calling that momentous. The story. Legitimate moment where Ichiro collected his 4000 hit I think I've come up with something better than he has hit. 4000 hit gap that there are better way to say that you don't -- Aiken is. And I think sterling and Susan moment just people who do this. Adam -- from the minor leagues in Japan from high school junior high literally sure. Maybe in a backyard would dad no question -- 101801. Guy to reach ten I'm will be certainly be passed Ty Cobb and Pete Rose -- -- yeah -- -- Pete Rose to seek a but I was more when I was in with the ball I admit I mean Pete Rose is never ever gonna knowledge. Anything Ichiro does this anybody pretty cool but. But that's how does anybody besides Susan and John and -- thing pistols legitimate or just about their dugout -- ran out there. -- and I have never seen anything actors and performers are. Amid they add up like her -- right now talking. -- -- -- And you know what his accomplishment. In instances -- to get the US is pretty may not great hall of -- 374. More hits than number two on the list. And he's a hall of Famer clearly and if he were here -- career became the -- one. For does stop with -- miles 2722. Was -- -- -- and you'll probably hang around long enough for -- in the -- two more years but to slap singles that's incredible to think about 27 and at 3000 it's like animals like dogs gaffes like pretty impressive it will be impressive and will be a first ballot hall of Famer and all that put this thing is so could drive. I am hoping that Dice-K catches on with another club -- -- -- let him go Daisuke is at combined Japan. And Major League Baseball. 105. -- -- World Baseball Classic to -- outlets -- -- -- to you what he's at a 150 combined wins Japan and and Major League Baseball. He has more wins than Don -- Mike Hampton Bruce Hurst. Will Helm and the same number as Dizzy Dean I do wish you get a date regarding Daisuke party. Says he someone's gonna pick him up right. He's out there will -- -- job. I gotta do I mean you've got to take him on in his translator and masseuse in school driver nutritionist whose driver. And his high maintenance like -- rockets. Rockets and if that's all I can't seem like it in the team wouldn't be all over all of that take us to figure out why her nickname with rockets. Not long no thirty seconds first look first what figured -- rock rock she still within. So when he oneself. And and went to Columbus let me just say it best western Colombo I don't know -- he hangs on for fifteen more wins. It ties into eco fat -- well as he's about Sammy Colfax was a first ballot hall of Famer wasn't in its true that puts some -- -- -- -- I don't see why. Why can't do that them you know we can all have a day and he is -- at least this sort you know it's a slow day. And -- and now totals yet reconnaissance and zepa has. An accomplishment he was Obama I don't. I was about the -- wanna be the most interesting and enjoyable aspects of my job. Is to be the guy the sort of decides where we'd jump in what into the pool we jump him I love that every morning you don't tell me you don't -- -- -- -- -- -- start you know and generally on the got to -- -- but first about it talk about. Ichiro or belt and it's a start that up today. Going to be that god today I can't decide whether -- rose. Legitimate for pulse and hits. Where we wanna go -- -- the patriots first and only speaking of legitimate legitimate pre season test that actually means something. Maybe. Mittal Brooks is the greatest. Late season acquisition in Major League Baseball not names Soriano. Or the fact. Inside radio. Jerry and and and Kirk notice she -- sheet here on the side has all the information that -- to have at your fingertips if your running the show. Poll numbers web sites in and Tex lines almost and to think this sets there have been sitting here for months. Today. Somebody scribbled all over you know that is state they they do little boxes that says -- to Jerry. The number two Jerry. Yesterday with a jails not you know it's -- brain G back. And then there's a bunch number 181818. And 1960. Five and high. This fire escape that we know that this and then a bunch of boxes as it all the same -- Kasinga yes -- easier to solve the Hernandez case this is obviously like Mikey it's not okay so he messes up the room a year ago and now he's -- on the sheet that is not to be touched by anybody. All -- I don't know I've memorized like that -- there -- the phone number in the next opponent I'd do my job so I. 61777979. Recent attacks. 379 -- aren't in your charges that I want to do -- -- help -- my -- But that's just Mike you know he's in the -- -- mean army never meet any harm us not to touch to -- -- -- -- have some of them borrow and and the next thing you look over and they -- should -- shouldn't go it's my whole life. -- -- And the she and -- in well that should ask you prepare and you should do something to it first and then -- -- to -- him like you wouldn't care company. That all the shenanigans and Tom -- -- -- -- you know because on page of The Herald today -- We get our guys the guys reports in wolf yeah I saw that Grammy. I saw him at the fantasy draft last night have you ever 99 to -- a bigger deal made out of an executive radio executive branch manager a brand management. Program director that. Most people don't know like. You don't program director is its name of the State's NC elects the ZLX. Easy no no. Are -- are now. I don't know any of those -- command you Oedipus is somewhere. How is adding that as an out of it somewhere -- -- I don't accept accept -- -- BC and that's a good point the only 100 -- program direct anybody -- And yet every day the stores Jason Wolfe is on -- who's gonna replace that Michael Graham why is there such as Michael Kevin Gregg is there such a fascination. Out because as this always this. Perceived drama with -- yeah yeah there's this idea that you it's only when the -- that we're still -- yankees right right. Yeah. Absolutely it. Yankees' -- -- some things that we get a story in the new guy Kevin Graham. Eminent from Salt Lake City. Kick ass and take names you it's nice for him. Much much for him but he here if anybody under produces -- hurt me you or Kirk or much. Or -- all never -- The program the new program I'm sorry the brand manager -- cannot only be the program director can step in and do the shift yeah that's right -- on -- if you wanted to -- Loney. Could be -- and Kevin's right -- -- -- player man it exactly and gave Bill Russell. Edmonton drove. A competitive takeover like he went from coming years he's in charge of the quote entire East Coast to CP -- this explain to me this is the new buzzword around yeah. The new ecosystem. Ecosystem appeal which we definition of ecosystem can start and let machine and you see diagram and ecosystem as a query. Well ecosystems quote the issue bugs and everything everything has a reason it's like -- -- environment we're messing with ecosystem was -- and kill those mosquitoes owe this to you know if -- Does -- get me started on the -- trucks and some against Tripoli. We do that every year every town that waiting at every state I mean we're we're in charge via the top of the food chain these little. Tests rule and our Summers and we'd welcome him because of the they serve a purpose they showed server percent serves on those that are on earth the other Serb purposely keep insider tell me your guys. The big. Mosquitoes on earth for no reason right rights -- I -- that might -- why you have an appendix. No reason right you get rid of but what I had a little tiny galloping in the back your and it went to -- sixth but her uncle's what does that do. Bands that populace that's a buffer let's hear what. Charges -- of course those are here for a reason. But we. If for no reason and we just make them. Because where. Chart gentlemen very miscue summer. Somewhere to have both sides -- I run outside at night. This does is viewed -- -- -- -- you when you run now you can out run in -- pictures look like you have some stuff coming out your -- the -- politics and politics or not. Why not just -- someone costs five -- -- -- -- machines. Toxic fumes and that's what they don't -- that. Your elitist towns and do that went in and out Winchester when your kid and -- -- Truck go down the street to do when I was a kid which opened our windows hope that the gas would come announced that all the bugs in the house. Yeah and can vote and we just you know we didn't have a truck -- on the street with the mountain's slope -- when mosquitoes -- Manchester. Flawed no DelHomme who you're talking don't you know -- watch I know I've watched it was an hour's top. You know I can't wait for when the new guy shows up there and acted after the show subpoena him to CU in the go in the studio over here. He says it's not the media it's that the. He. I must say when -- -- -- Obama. Don't you know you try to just get ready to -- A year ago -- -- -- as an ecosystem notes. SW EE. WET. On -- is that the EE. WE GE. And the guy is -- on the work on -- source. I think helps him just like Cuba electricity goes like Imus is necessary this ecosystem that is coming into focus for me it's -- I have the definition. An ecosystem is a community of living organisms plants animals and microbes in conjunction. With a -- living components of their environment things like air water and mineral soils back up. And ecosystems that community of living organism Lance -- because to Leo animals that B DeOssie Fred. And microbes that -- Mikey right at the arts in in conjunction with not living components things like air. Water. And mineral soil. Who would be the air water and mineral soil. -- producers would be minerals oil -- they provide. Foundation -- -- -- issues here yes -- yes once he was a bit -- you know we have all the engineers who would be the -- in the air water and mineral soil water and water yeah. The soil. Oil I don't know -- that might -- my -- building. -- he's like he's just so that's the dirt. Like he's the dirt I don't buzzwords to get on board a lot of we are not a radio station we -- -- despite early concerns about this guy that we get a fair chance Gavin Grant as you know. Yes he sent a text it was yesterday yeah he's that. -- exclamation points on that I don't like men with exclamation established that between -- and -- OL on there -- no smiley goes back to Al. -- at ten rules of writing now is brilliant. And what does no actually I've never used for a I mean I've used of course you've used one sarcastically -- you -- I mean yeah imitating Larry King but the more exclamation points that are the worst rioting. That's why you see them and people like Larry Inger. Have a program. To try to enhance just -- -- some work you know that's supposed to mean if someone screaming. And you quote them. That you can use and extinguished and a lot of hair product that looks like to me in this picture looks kind of spiked up looks -- -- he does I don't think it got out here. -- no longer -- generally. Right he's an actor you'll you'll see him get a picture of mis in some of those goofy movies was in that movie. -- role models. In the movie role models in the guy from American I. The guy. That Luke Wilson a little bit like we now -- a little about it a week mixed with -- you know the guy from what goes on personal. Now give it I love this FaceBook page mobster and his a maturity. Maybe after we take a brick look at the picture isn't it breaks the you know I don't have a boss. That they can -- -- says seventy no matter what. Not 22 when it matter what you know I. He's in charge of the stuff I've been charged -- the -- everything you know as the he. Area. -- -- They. -- lobby. -- That doesn't have the ability to zoom in. I'm sure they do. What do on the resume on -- promise. This is our boss of us. As you watch us and we don't we yes they have abilities to do there are should -- at least in some of those goofy movies Jerry's -- -- -- -- -- somebody. I'm sorry -- -- you guys are here to -- -- -- We need to know who this guy this is our new boss I think it was somebody else where he was -- Ingraham. -- really. Got -- first female. -- Is zooming in its history or zooming in now if you -- there where you before right now where it is. Or shall -- it. Right here are now detect attacks like mr. numbers. The tax line is 3793. -- right into the phone number at 61777979. Trees arts agriculture Texas with the ideas conceived before it was Kevin Ingram. And where is the rate of starts this fall at city life results. Alex -- hospital is nice guy am. I -- particularly if you're an ice pick in Duncan Oklahoma. A national hero today. A modified it in -- it's been dozens of baseball movie albeit but not from the moment the definite point yeah Annika. Yeah which occurs in the Napoleon I. Not M one of them big Shaughnessy and find your we've got a couple John Lackey. Lack act that's not fair account now. Of them currently lack the issue now. -- -- Are delusional lot not -- guy next to -- like Don Shula. Who has done -- almost exactly like what happened. He's hanging -- on sure areas on yeah. The -- -- the policy it's as. Kevin Graham. Check this out NFL hall of Famer Super Bowl winning coach Don -- Poll you know what this doesn't have Ingraham is don't program. -- has -- confidence partner. The confident grand -- Gunther and Graham also that there yes OK and has kept over here. It's like when you're on public and people say hey look it's Callahan yes eat them IC collier got a union partner or radio partner or comport. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What does it on the give Ryan credit for this it is Ryan about a minute. -- right. Ryan on here. And wake up Bryant called -- role does he look like. It. About this is news to stone say. -- -- Little bit that people don't suit a little bit I -- that that's it was a little bit that means they'll say yeah. There and it didn't they notice how many people -- -- needed died diver drop would be record as we really go on this morning. Notice school report how many times people use open it drives me nuts it's one -- the little bit I started -- about a month. Oh you know it's the bench warmer that's the public at the end -- it right now and seeing Rob Schneider David Spade. -- love it's Kilborn. The break in Connecticut relax I got this rank. What's up. That's pretty -- No he doesn't prince William La Guardia. Sticks -- -- mixed warts that he's an actor and it's on the goofy comedies. Mix towards the -- you're thinking of the -- all you got ice all nick. -- -- -- W a RD SO win. Thank god we figure -- so -- that you get better pictures in that disease usually goofy laugh and then we'll see you know what's -- been it's been a much of salmon movies is Sam again. Is and that comic. He's been like he's been all the -- movies grownups Jack in jail. Just go with the is does so much better. Shenanigans a whole bunch of them he's kind of he was pleased as goof ball yet it kind of a psychic and a bench -- -- -- minister cycle except this moment would come outside and was like afraid of you know the ghosts and all that members and he's also that's one of the all time classic. Baseball moves -- almost almost famous there's a great -- usable if that's him. And I concede Texas and it looks like Kevin -- no it doesn't 77 more as a -- words and he had a burst open. I had it for GeMS in -- and I have a guys' names so it doesn't matter they dad when he got. Down in the public -- public -- and can. -- public settling to -- by now holds some of them Dave Berkowitz David Berkowitz yeah. That he's so it is Berkowitz sixty years old sixty. Votes come in a -- still alive. Now he sees Burke which is still alive that don't know -- I don't know that I don't think so I don't think -- It is the oldest dog in history that I don't think he can does that -- -- 75. Now -- to what the Yankee player was 79 was when the Yankees were Tebucky did hear the whole thing in the Bronx is burning 7777. Tim's in Connecticut Tim. Yeah guys. I truly -- live -- Cuba I'm gonna guess that Phil Mickelson. Curious yeah it's Nick's work -- again -- and sports did Nixon said -- T -- son he's 36 she's a list from Minneapolis Saint Paul, Minnesota. And in all kinds. Movies what's the biggest movies minute most famous movie was grownups and one of those movies he's been apologists -- movies -- and pops -- Stoops are all artists are much -- seek the -- Delegates. Is grown ups who it was not a -- that's my boy of course one of the old great comedies you call and a now but you know -- Jack -- -- -- -- he must -- that is the worst he must the just the body. You guys -- we're going to which you don't mess with his old hand. Cave men. I now pronounce you chuck and Larry that can be the worst movie of all -- the pretend to be day. Blades of glory. And the classic. Click. Transformers. In that every seller. Must be and says. So now his movie career has been -- he's coming here to run our because I run the run that eco system are right number boy. -- six while -- gonna take calls off an -- It's Republicans have 23 minutes we estimate our views during a phone number Tommy white Jews have a -- -- selected takes to take some calls for reform Thursday now out at 6177797937. That the contact us via the AT&T text on. Welcome to do that 3737. My screen has broken Pete is goes to join us -- 905. -- five panel and Adam Carolla. 7 o'clock or 7 o'clock hour and I must say Davis. That I don't care if Stephen Drew a three run homer I don't care if you look good at the plane had some good swings there's no way he should have been in the starting absolutely. Not each first of I don't think I don't think John for. Once this Bogut distraction right now he -- true -- -- loves drew who doesn't love to be like -- -- not paying attention. You are that would five days without it is this they they won two of three John -- did not have a very good C I agrees that Francisco. But tell me this you've got a twenty year old. Right handed hitter. Just up from the minors -- the old for this first game. Obviously he's nuts or east of any injuries problems. Could you ask for a better matchup than Barry Zito vs Andrew Bogut could you ask for a better opportunity to get sure he would. Go and yes I mean everybody comfortable with the plate everybody wanted to be in the line up of course G-8 Stephen -- wanted to be in the line zero sticks in the could be the worst starting pitcher in the major leagues and Lehman stardom but. He gets the spot start everybody's written grab yet. I wanted to go hit act wanna go so why would you. Let that left handed veteran who year. Like combustion really trying to get I'm going to get good numbers against Zito historically he brings thirty threes eleven for 33 right. Well guess what is Zander Bogut was a thousand -- in a thousand against you know he never made enough government night so he put Bogart's in there. You can have a chance to get a couple of a couple of dinners will compliment you know nothing -- dogs Knox Knox. -- couple -- hit the ball and then I said this on Twitter and immediately drew -- -- home that's why Euro was a seatbelt. But but. -- Saint Andrews. Chopped up front say and this was a perfect up a missed opportunity not only would Avaya would I have had. -- in there had Napoli and yeah I mean he's a -- slumping right forward tees. Right handed hitter wouldn't wanna be in. What I mean their expertise is your best hitter they had to based MBC's Alina he -- have to eat them but he's sore and he's lefty. Like I say sorry David you get ready for LA we need Mike Napoli hit all the time they gonna need Mike Napoli. If that's true then it's your chance to get Mike -- back. -- get him back against this meatball artist. Jersey and an incompatible you were -- on Twitter yesterday I was saying the same thing I was amazed at the number of JD troops fanned out of you who -- whose offense out there it's -- -- -- -- aunts and the media loves -- -- loves them I mean I'm sure it's just the professional reality is he's been very good since the all star -- for good -- over -- hundred he's a good because as you why -- -- here why you see here. If this heat it's not impossible to -- this year just to. Utility guy act up utility -- possible while she was going on right now what do you think -- -- if all goes well that he's his upside is much much higher at Andrews yet president so give him a chance and what better but -- that's not gonna happen. Obviously if he played against Zito went four for five maybe it will today's military -- when we said this is he even though -- protested that this is not the case that is not going to be straight to you straight to he won't play enough right that might -- what is it like -- good guys the straight at least I thought -- play against lefties -- -- thought that was the least you -- expects I don't think. -- is all that thrilled about the Bogart's. Distraction he can't read a plane -- 61777. -- 7937. Text line 37937. Out of -- 7 o'clock hour. In. -- Briscoe 905. Patriots eight pre season game tonight. I'm worried about Brady I'm worried about Brady tonight take awhile we get back.

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