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Was Dempster right or wrong in hitting ARod

Aug 20, 2013|

Mut and Merloni debate whether it was the right move by Ryan Dempster to hit Arod.

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Live here Gillette Stadium Butler -- 937 WEEI we have agreed. In the last couple years on a lot of things but we've agreed that the Red Sox best rivalry right now. It's at the Tampa Bay Rays of the Yankees rivalries not what it once was it -- playable like that last night Lou we're at the change or take. They're all like data be Red Sox yankees Sox yanks have been missing a little slow lately right people sent -- -- little dust up. -- -- instead insisting last night -- was awesome it was great drama it was you could turn the TV auction were sure was gonna capital of the Red Sox come back some anytime he wanna. Through the TV -- but there was hatred there was tanks there was trauma it was. It was really good TV it was a throwback to. You know all four on the back that far Red Sox and yankees dislike for each other A-Rod once again in the middle of it and it was. It was on this while we're quite frankly could use and added the Red Sox would rather have come up on the winning side. Of the outcome last night as they get on a flight -- I don't know about right now. You're a separate Cisco would be better if they got the win last night but -- step back from the win loss. It was a lot of fun it was old school Red Sox yankees games you were part of you know when you saw these two teams they really did not like each other. And it's all surrender. One guy right I mean it's still. Talabani rod and it wasn't all body Iran if there was one guy probably mortar duel maybe Roger that type of thing may be -- it was really one guy used. They were just good you know in in and it's not the case this year so. You look at that game last night and and a lot of people have -- a problem with Ryan Dempster drilling A-Rod I've. I have always always stated that if you got a problem with someone you deal with that right then and there. Especially early in the game you all game to deal with it. So he goes out there any drops a run in the first at bat. Now you'll left in the first time you missed them. So then I don't believe second third pitcher intentional by the accused pitch -- -- 30 is that what the hell where hold onto this forming any drill them. And -- whether it's -- they know they lost the game people had problems with that I didn't. I didn't have a problem with a one bit I don't like affect the you know you miss a guy -- -- hit them. But isn't this an open your rise isn't -- special circumstance here with Alex Rodriguez there's some strong. Strong emotions about one individual in this game across the game and I'm not in. Ryan Dempster said I don't know the reasons why but it was obvious he wanted to hit him there's no question that it was intentional. Any -- them. Whatever early in the game get over with move on now but when the baseball game he wasn't able to do that they couldn't do that and -- game turned on what you just talked about with Sarah sounded last night -- getting hit. By Ryan Dempster there early and -- in their comfort for. Yeah. -- He wants to. It's. It's not even have been. Writing scheme -- screening -- Locking up the first eighteen. -- -- but. Four pitches -- side door down around the feet. -- We until or senator Joseph all want what was behind him Joseph and always right is noble -- that is that they there is a little bit of human element here right human emotion. Involved because if it was it the wasn't Alastair Reid is that the -- Maybe I'm a little surprised that maybe he he he did do you know he did do a better early maybe Olympic later in the game because Ryan Dempster absolutely. 100%. Should have been Florida game I absolutely agree on that part of it so why didn't get thrown out. It's a great question and probably not what the human element in the human emotion well he should have been thrown out and -- -- promo for a reason he EU should have been -- out of that game well the rule sucks load that role is so dumb and it will will get to that part of because that baseball's got to change that. Among other things they've got to change for next year the year after doesn't make any sense to penalize a team that really did nothing you don't get them to retaliate unless they wanna get the picture thrown. For you to head to look at that and say. -- a problem with enough. The first pitch I had zero problem with you wanna send a message to Alex Rodriguez. -- -- thought about that you thought about doing that she threw behind him on the first pitch. Once you miss it Robert that first pitch to me you now lost that opportunity he -- normally yes he pitches to inside. Which clearly broke haven't established location got to 30 and when updated and blatantly. Tried to hit Alex Rodriguez in that spot. And I get the first pitch part of I don't get where you say normally because it to nothing game. You level one and a half game lead on Tampa Bay -- once you -- -- opportunity. You've taken from. I'll make a statement for baseballs for all the guys have gotten screwed by -- PED user which I guess was the whole point. To I'm gonna be selfish. On the big line on Iran. And common risk at 30 Cheney momentum in this game after missing him with that first opportunity to see a much. It's much worse to me that he missed what the first pitch got to 30 and came back after him and I. So failure you're right that's what's roster selfish act. Iran -- -- I -- it at 30 -- yesterday a selfish act by Ryan Dempster the gators teammates from upset him. Probably not and absolutely not to probably because you know what okay you went up he gave up a couple of runs through two let's go win the game. -- depicting each other up all year loans I don't have a problem with that I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So it changed momentum now it would have been different if there with the Yankees want to win that game nine to do. Okay and they scored two there and it put up another one the next inning and it just blew -- out of the water. But they were down six to three Ryan Dempster didn't have good enough stuff. To win that game he didn't execute pitches late to win that game day and play well enough to win that game. But gained momentum finally -- just -- -- the right back then is our game it's 63 now. But gave that game you gotta win that game in the the problem wasn't drilling Alex Rodriguez and let them back into the game into the house thinks that they weren't maybe gonna get back into the game. Really Demps has been -- lights out for the team. Europe six to three you took it all back. He coughed up late to six that was the problem he coughed. A blatant but how many extra pitchers to throw in the second inning because he had to go get his without -- -- -- that that's the point here is that there's an. I understand the feeling around Iraq I have no respect for Iran and EU's had -- moments last night for a little bit of up humility after that team. But this big guy that is spitting in the face Major League Baseball he's spitting in the face of a lot of the players who played this game right their play PD users twelve of thirteen took their suspension. He's fighting it because you want to save some money I guess he wants appointed to eleven was too many and I get the -- -- pissed off about that. But once you miss the first time you lost your chance I'm sure dumpster was pissed he's a funny guy we like the becomes on the show. What's -- is great. But once you miss you missed you can't go back to that. And by doing it you got eight rod and the Yankees. Mean that are so I'm -- that they sidelined six or. So they're so fired up OK but. We heard back cut there. With Dave O'Brien doesn't say is that he -- Brian Arnold. It was like -- Saturday night Joseph Girardi took a swing and I don't -- the small what was the greatest video ESPN is -- years. And Brett Gardner sit -- salt -- fired up and it did they picked it leaned back in that game no. But they took momentum back and -- game and it felt like from -- on. The Yankees sort of had a little. A little much -- -- -- Great story -- if it was true I mean it's a great story that the Yankees from that point on. Had this much he's not always you're talking about and just put it on the Red Sox. It but it didn't happen they did for the next couple of that's. They -- double does that -- -- -- to instead to let that Michael and that is 66 we have a cheese Mo 63 -- how about -- about how they CC sabathia wish him a cheese mostly see you down 630 men. Where is it then and then Ryan Dempster stuff ran out which we've seen before now for the past month and a half. That's the bottom line. It didn't wake up the New York Yankees. The Yankees -- 62 out of three from Detroit took three out of fall from Anaheim. He'll beat you up on Friday night Kuroda did have a stuff on Saturday night. It woke them up the Red Sox at -- need to be woken up this the team that was three and six the Yankees a six and three. The Yankees are playing good baseball this is not wake them up and put him in a pennant race they're already playing good baseball they got a much better lineup right now. Give that team is playing very good the Red Sox needed there wake up call. This was like -- four in the Sox were spotted around in nine and a half games out of first place in needs on the charge them up they already started the play good baseball and playing great baseball last week ten days. There weaken them up. They fell behind six to three -- and got the right Dempster and reds edged him out with. -- Britain you know remain closed out because of the triple a -- well it's started the comeback trail right when -- -- on the back up and Iran got its revenge against Ryan Dempster. Here's the pitch and he swings it to drive to center field this is the fact because. Held area -- gone -- the center field thing. Movie touches the ball and freshman. Want to -- 56. Form Red Sox. -- a bomb by the way absolutely crush is still with the I don't listen a Little League World Series that you watch -- -- -- the kids get so fired up that was her -- era looked like he played for Westport Connecticut neighbors and -- -- a hole that looked up in the air to pump up at 64. And next thing you know they load the bases and you said here comes straight Britain here comes Brett Gardner. When a drive to right center -- this is he went back by the ball bad Victor -- can't -- And it's things that appeal the quiet hey where the base is here come the relay for all and it's now. By fairly -- as the first cut off and the Yankees make their way to a long three run triple by Gartner. And it started you say that no momentum I get started there in that second inning tied the game to YouTube. Iran's little bit more -- Pincus he's pissed off gets the home run makes it 64. Dempster to throw more pitches in that second inning so he's worn down a time you get to that point -- Britain gives up the eventual -- job -- and that's the Great Britain gave it up. But load the bases Dempster was out of gas there and adding that lasted batting was a four pitch walk. To load the bases here comes straight Britain and look I can't sport point specifically to. What number -- she lost it. But he threw more pitches in the second inning because he wanted to get his against Alex Rodriguez there were better spots to get a -- you wanna get them. Let somebody else get a what you -- in that first time write -- -- go at two nothing there are backing him. Weren't you surprised by how early. Dempster decide to go laugh from there in -- -- nothing -- looking for the Robert -- Arizona -- -- -- you're special category because that's Alex Rodriguez. Illustration here it is a different animal OK this is interest I got to promise I'm gonna continue to drill now and when he missed the first time. And you could argue the Norm Roberts you're given a warning at that point. Probably when he drove them -- real pitch he ran the risk of getting wrong in that game and have an eight innings of a bullpen now you know. That's he's still got it go work men whose just out of starting -- given you probably four -- internal problem but it was a huge risk. But Ryan Dempster. Took in his own hands when -- get lucky you lucky eating Iran. Any elected this team jump on all overseas he made six to three. But he ran out of gas you see Wendy rather aghast you know like -- greatest in the ground out many. Is that a single to Nunez and a single or bay in the walks toward you know at some point there that's pretty much what he did. But if. This is not a boat A-Rod cheating you know illegal getting cotton steroids and this is. A lot more than that you know this is everything that he kind of stance within our opinions. Of what Alex Rodriguez before bio Genesis came out this -- cemented a fuel for the you know so Ryan Dempster personal feelings about Alex Rodriguez but because he took just took PD's. It's everything else that's come out. Right everything else you know rat on other players -- on a teammate rat on Ryan brawn you know buying evidence being in the middle of all of this. You know and you look at is now playing against Matt is general manager can't stand -- -- -- president can't stand them. Guys in the clubhouse and Girardi they deal of the diseases that he's one of their teammates but. Nobody likes this guy right or reason and yes so do what. Lester and Lackey in Jonny Gomes did. Get a front of the microphone and talk about it move on don't affect an actual game. You know go look at the quotes we got black eagle on -- that we cannot I was wrong I said Lackey was gonna plunked Alex Rodriguez either wrong picture it was Dempster good. Point Lackey barrier and during that article freedom Demps did speak -- and he was pretty much politically correct there -- poll John Lackey article. Rita that's reality right usery to appeal what I wanna see is more punishment because second time ticket that -- house he suspended for life is and unfortunately can't stop it. Joke around the people still gonna speed and of people that break laws player's gonna break rules so he was more diplomatic about it the -- John Lackey spoke out that it Jonny Gomes spoke out. But that's just the guy that's kind of hiding it right became a -- John Lackey. There was waiting for John Lackey didn't nobody thought Ryan Dempster promised to -- the these quotes you know and apparently he did but I would rather him from a Red Sox standpoint. Right and -- that the risk is a really good point you risk getting -- I came in the second inning. By -- the Bryan on oral want to bouquet it's my decision you throughout the guy intentionally and he clearly didn't he could about that game. I'd rather him risk his reputation around the league by -- and a guy openly in the media. The letting it affect the game of the -- like I I feel like. He read the guy talked the media and reduce them but in the field in this case -- credibility back LaMont. -- because all it when he would you go back to the steroid era in the early days a McGwire and bonds. The guy said nothing right these guys and talk about it at all now Lester Lackey Gomes. All the players spoke up against brawn and others. Are we scored a record to say we need stronger testing that the players that are willing to speak up so much that -- only thinks the gonna reopen the CBA yeah that goes a lot farther. They're letting it affect the game on the field by actually speaking up against other PED using guys that are. That is Lester said spitting in the face of Major League Baseball I mean I do that instead of having an effect I don't team on I don't know hope I don't agree on me at all. So talking to the media is tougher than going out there and do -- somebody to feel better it's it's better because it doesn't affect the actual outcome of that game. You can say what you want there -- 63. But -- immediate change get a -- out and it it -- got in the sixth got it to Q2 when he couldn't. And how much of that is because the extort a lot of energy and got very emotional there in the second for him because he went after Alex Rodriguez. So don't take the PR route and take the valid appeal process blah blah blah. You're mad at the guy clearly you are save something and don't let it affect the product on the field I'd much rather have that. In Major League Baseball right now. And instead he goes the route element take it out on the field. I'm gonna try him on -- summing it up 30 and welcome right there in the elbow. And they lose a game it was a white -- talked an immediate rather public mile Lucic is stuck up there but -- the players think he can't take liberties and our players and has got no respect form which -- -- -- on the -- beat the hell out of them. We what's more what's what's what's sends America -- moral calling -- a -- -- spice to what happened last night want to see you -- on the field you don't of them feel you don't like the guy didn't tellem. If he comes and gets he comes again chip if you get thrown out of the game you get -- the game if you get suspending its spent itself you deal with the consequences that's a selfish way of looking at probably had the backing of 24 other individuals and every game coach and that's death. -- talk about you guys 6177797937. The phone number -- TT -- -- 37. 937. Full -- will get till we come back. -- there was a lot of good post game sound. On the Joseph Girardi very interesting take on where Ryan Dempster really messed up he says maybe it was part of the off season. We'll talk about that in your calls next -- Lou 93 except.

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