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Butch Stearns Sports Sunday - How Will the Red Sox Finish the Season

Aug 18, 2013|

Butch discuss the remaining 37 games of the Red Sox season. Butch feels the team has the chance to finish strong and win the division. He discusses the starting rotation and how this will impact the finish.

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5 o'clock on Sunday night. 5 PM here at Fenway Park flat out Satterfield he pushed on the line up coming in tonight for Red Sox and yankees. 126. Game of this season. For -- Boston red sex -- two game lead in the division. Over the Tampa Bay Rays trying to win this three game series with -- Ryan Dempster on the mound. Against CC sabathia we're talking a lot about the final 37 games for your Red Sox since the all star break they're fifteen and thirteen. Two games over 500. OK but not good enough for team that's played 21 games over 500 up to this point there -- made their last sixteen. They're about to head out. On a six game road trip to San Francisco and LA to take on the giants and the Dodgers before they come home for. The first of their last two home stands at Fenway here's what the rest of the schedule looks like -- Red Sox this week six weeks left in the season by the -- This week they go to San Francisco and LA. A week from tomorrow. A week from tomorrow the back home restarted ninth game homestand against the Orioles White Sox and tigers. Then they go to New York against the Yankees then they go to Tampa Bay if their final series against the race then they come home -- their final homestand of the year at Fenway. Three years the Yankees three against your rules three against Toronto and the eagle Colorado. Colorado for two games and then they go to Baltimore finished the season for three games. They're remaining 37 game breakdown this way. K12 different series three against the Orioles to against the Yankees won against Tampa Bay won against Toronto. And then singles series against the tigers the White Sox the Dodgers two giants and the Rockies 37 games. Left to play phone calls -- 617. 7797937. Text on the eighteenth -- Tex I would get to a few of those -- 37937. Again my name's Butch Stearns will be here to seven point. For Red Sox pregame against the New York Yankees. Our reps are catching situation car. When notes for you first the ball. At my brain fart right for the brakes -- in the breaker did a little bit of homework declared. The question is about Jarrod Saltalamacchia -- all the questions the Red Sox have for next year who's gonna be that third baseman who's gonna be their first baseman of the future. Was -- a shortstop. When is in -- -- it's gonna be here to stay in where's he gonna be. Again Jarrod Saltalamacchia is free agent at the end of the year in your system. The three catchers that are closest to the major leagues are Dan Ross who. Is coming back. A David Ross and -- we can -- the league can't -- from Everett. -- David Ross is coming back from a concussion. Right in the barn -- on the bench right now -- caught 39 games -- Pataki. Al we're sorry you know -- card games of the talk at thirty amended and Butler. But talk also within the system with these catchers are all in lower baseball. Christian Vasquez is in Portland Blake sweetheart. One of their top prospects based on a single way. Sale and then John Danny so they do have catchers in their system my question to you. Was about. What you would do would Jarrod Saltalamacchia. And what he's become to this team he's a pretty good Major League -- as far as Joe Mauer. Joseph -- is signed through 2018. At 23 million dollars a year. Through the Minnesota Twins so the way -- get enjoy my opera. From the Minnesota Twins. Is a package of stars that begins with Zander Bogart's or Jacqui -- OK so you forget about Joe Mauer -- unless you wanna rip up the farm system more trade one of your chips. So again Jarrod Saltalamacchia is a free agent at the end of the year by the way speaking Jackie Bradley junior his tenth home -- the year. Today for Pawtucket as they beat the buffalo bison -- -- heard. Whatever they had a -- heard the -- since three to one Bradley -- his tenth home run. Right back to the calls we go and we start with our James in a car hi James. You don't do well what's on your mind a couple things that -- did mention -- Austrian of those in the talks for global before I do that. Let me just kicked into the Red Sox took them almost 40 wonderful -- regardless of how things finish. Well I secrecy you're that guy James the people are worried about like this 37 games left in the season. It's been great up to this point you wanna thank Campbell meaning one that no matter what I -- because we're not expecting anything okay. Okay that's I think I think that's a good point and I think most -- nap but again. Boston sports fans pain you gonna be happy if they go eighteen and nineteen and eighteen the last 37 games and and win -- -- 92 games and missed the playoffs by a game. We're not gonna have a parade. Dot com. -- -- trust me on the block them long enough to to be thankful political things are a number I'm thankful for them to that. We figured that -- apologize to John Lackey. Last I call -- -- understand and I think. So all the things that sit well what was good luck with the mattress one look at the Boston. Red Sox. Have a better chance of coming back and and in the world -- but Lackey out of combat completely infected. So you know what I -- back then. Well well look you speak for a lot of people in -- willing to eat some humble pie in -- not Lackey again he's eight and ten but that's the latest example of why. A -- winning record starting pitchers winning record is not the end mobile. I mean he's -- he's probably been. Overall. I think he's been the most consistent Red Sox pitcher all year long don't you. I would agree in the -- -- -- Alicia. It's I thought would have gotten to match what we got some -- that -- -- absolutely eating away. Don't forget and don't forget would -- they still have. Two years from now. He will be playing for the Major League minimum because of a clause in his contract. The Red Sox signed him to -- the year he had Tommy John surgery and collected seventeen million whatever was. The Red Sox not get him for that last year at -- the Major League minimum two years and. Awesome awesome in my plan reporters this on the whole football. I think football is as popular as it is because for the bulls are the construed to look quote but typical network television. We don't happen to I cable I remember back in the days it's -- such extra school got all the Mets will sort all it would catch. The game. On television. Can not credible on that people people right and then all of those people. Don't have cable they don't get should events and regular basis they don't get to the Celtics wouldn't go public -- -- that duplicate you won't game. Every Sunday and every. Ended well it's a good point football among other things they've done a phenomenal job thanks for the call James football has done a phenomenal job with its media partners. Fox. CBS. ABC. -- and now you know the NFL network. I'm look at Thanksgiving Day they've added that third game on the NFL network's awhile if you. Watch football all day long and you watch -- that night you're clamoring. For the NFL network but again you're not shut out. All day long you're getting into football one of the one of the reasons in my opinion to echo james' point. That football is the number one sport in America. Is that they have done a better job of marketing their stars and they've done it through. Mainstream media even in this world we live in now of this drive through. Existence of second and third screens that we all want a deal with them on demand get it where we want it when we want it now we want it. There's still is that appeal. When it comes to. National coverage of sports on free television. And it still is -- appealing again the NFL has done a better job than all the other sports in all of that in my opinion that is a factor. In its popularity let's go to a cannon Hartford who's next -- -- Hello Ken. Can you there. -- okay what's on your mind can. Quickly. I don't rotten part out yet who's talking about. -- because as I wrap your mind doesn't get it pop -- that I. Well they talk the talk about Tebow is based on two things first of all you mentioned team on the phone lines light up it's just the way it is he's one of the top guys but the talk legitimately as well. Wolf for two preceding games now what -- why is here what do we see. Well Archie but. You know life. I don't remember the true app pack option it'll. Be -- call it a key. Let them. Bob glad Joseph in the first game that I saw at Harvard stadium and the patriots played. And it's about the pot but I thought about a look and operate. -- -- which. But he pray that god go we ought not end with respect to Iraq. Because remember we're -- rock creek it's -- or what -- -- -- please I was on the radio for most of that time I know the Red Sox. The Red Sox almost got them but they didn't sell the bat at 08 the commissioner next. There. Nobody McKinney wouldn't what's what's what's the point on August 18 2013. Of bringing up ten years ago that the Red Sox almost ended up they were. All -- At such. High Court. Here. You know where we have venom against those guys are venom on -- -- of venom against him him not coming here at nothing to do with him I would come here. Well well whatever that all of its hindsight now but the point is this he he didn't just go somewhere else he went to the Yankees. I know which but you know what commissioner Adam -- Didn't -- which. Will eventually by his actions yes. You elected him and Alaska. Court. Did any. -- -- -- Yet these are. Played. And all eight. Strike. That it is how it always so eager what are the no hitter it short because I don't know. Well it's funny how everybody's got their opinions he selling my mom. My mom calls me helping get any year I understand your good baseball think Kenny but so really you're nitpicking Pedroia because he takes a first pitch strike. I don't know I don't know how to. Look. Act and do what they are radio. Hit back. At. 10. I think first pitch strike number. They are set up outside -- weight. And -- I want it all. Trying it all right shall it -- in. And whether it up and act or work out. -- Awful awful awful. -- -- -- -- -- On I mean Dustin Pedroia is -- demonstrated. Major leaks are I mean it's no way around. Match and it matters and take a look at it is Albert where in 92 app. Well he seemed to 92 sports on the -- And it -- -- with 330. At four point which. Come and remembers him 330. K. -- -- you know it's a commercial. It hurt Jordan's Furniture now it's the liquid and when he does for for Sullivan time us outward spot but it sure it. And an -- OK and not take a look at expanding at -- -- -- -- I the only thing I'd get beyond that and Kenny is going back to my point the last break about. Who's gonna carry this team down the stretch Pedroia is one of those guys so do whatever -- -- 92 he's got a homers when he nine. RBIs here he's got 96 total bases. He's scored. You know. Subsite -- get him he shouldn't. 292. He's got a homers 69 RBIs got a 190. Total bases he's got a 144. Hits he's second on the Red Sox behind Jacoby Els. In number of hits and I gets more deaths. More plate appearances I mean he's only three behind Ellsbury. Played appearances but again throw out all out. Royals -- to a 98. Who's gonna carry this team down the stretch that's the real question about whether he's too far away from the played -- taken too many first -- is what's he gonna do in the last six weeks of the season. -- on the cape -- I got what they don't where I indicate. I am and I'd guess I nice East Dennis -- the the other side the other side north and I said yeah it sure. I expect regardless of the the best -- here. -- get I look forward to a September after a lot of recent. I would -- injury you're trying to come up with a word work. What football is so popular word you used romantic detectors this that part of it. I think he had ordered I thought it was because it's possible. And we -- -- our collective men and women if people don't particularly like -- -- drawn to it. Another reason I think it's popular is because it's one game a week and baseball I I'd watch as much as I can buy. -- put -- that committed to and I am you know put all of Sunday. Is that they are most people he got to build your week around it and it -- a big audience that read. Well a couple comments and what you said the word I was actually now them thinking about it and I was searching for was seductive. I think there's a seduction. To pull off that makes sense I'm not attracted to that. Men in the tight shorts don't get me wrong but Perry you know -- -- -- are -- but but the point Ernie is did you play the game. All right oh yes so if you played the game I mean remember my old coach Tony Quinn to -- in junior high school. -- make this game simple for you son he'd wanna take your face and put it in that guy's chest or not and if you like Tokyo. You'll love this game and -- Tony Quinn Giuliani god rest his soul soul right. And the first time I did as a quiet like this so there was a seduction to and I felt like as a little guy I could compete with the bigger guys on the field because of that old saying. It's not the size of the dog in the fight it's the size -- -- fight in the dog so you play the game you all we all know we're talking about -- -- if you didn't play the game to your point primal. Impassioned seductive is. You know I think that women sit their and their women's football -- been a big if they sit there watch when it would be like. To run full speed into that kind does not come down yeah you know and so there is -- popularity because of that I think I agree with you. I think people who are who who shouldn't pretend not like it. -- the -- -- they have what I help. There's still watching and actually -- of -- you know those what those hit. Which are so properly -- a lot tougher. You know you can't help but wanna be an -- gladiators it's world. Well let's talk about hockey and football and and that. They're kind of the opposite mr. hockey's a good TV sport but not a great TV sport yeah football's great TV sport. Mean how many -- did you ever taken somebody to a football game with somebody rips off a 25 yard run and if they're not a fan like what just happened. Now you're a hockey game and a guy goes from Mandan and and like people are ripping their hair out screaming in person but on TV that doesn't really convey itself -- That's right well I let you know and football my my favorite players -- If the players if it is such a surprise. That the camera doesn't know nor. And the acute volatility Cameron you know where the ball right now he's such a great game. Well I bring up Ernie before -- let you go watch economists and I bring up football at this time a year because. And my mind you know his new englanders Labor Day is sort of the official or unofficial end of summer. And the patriots start the football season and going into this season. With Tom Brady at quarterback but with so many questions right now have the greatest optimism has always every since he's been here. And you look around the AFC. And you look at the ravens the Broncos. Houston the Steelers and in May be Indian Cincinnati -- PH -- -- good -- -- -- any -- -- I the united hydrated or less Welker I mean you know I hate to see him go but I'm -- get over. And any other matter perspective I look at which I think this is -- you know this. We're about to say is sort of the latest example of how we take Brady for granted let's just look at the division at the quarterback situations with the jets. The bills and Miami OK so the jets have. The new kid geno Smith we're battling with Mark Sanchez who are built just -- Coming at Kevin Cobb the veteran who's you know was supposed to be the next guy that was gonna take over as a backup and to a castle when everybody else have been unable to do. And then you look at Miami and they've invested a lot Ryan can't help but he's got to make the next week. So as a matter of perspective we do take Tom Brady for -- what's the future gonna be like oak tree. I don't. Or you you you don't go to expect about it but what's great about all -- example litigate here all the the bitter rivals. With the quarterback question and shuttle. Right there -- two -- seclusion right. Unbelievable. I wouldn't say -- hills unsettled but still you there's questions about how good the dolphins will be and it all points back to him. Right pretty good call and Julia and -- did the Indian summer on the K okay I'm a report that -- -- earning. Don't take another break more -- your phone calls when we come back again the number to call 617. 7797. And 937. Will live at Fenway Park in center field. I'm Butch Stearns taking your calls you text on the eighteenth -- -- line at 37937. Will get to a few of those in just a little bit stick around.

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