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You're out of line Alex Trebek!

Aug 6, 2013|

We discuss Alex Trebek's supposedly shoddy treatment of a 12 year old on Junior Jeopardy week. Yes, this is trending.

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Are we a lot of your calls here in a variety of subjects patriots practicing today -- you see this one little note from that. Riley Cooper catches a touchdown pass them. Guys jumping up on this team to give me. Human and yet asylum to a halt all fun right now put the ball fine but it can be. It can be it was Jason of bonds he ran over and gave them in the aerial chest. According to Tom -- Of fun. All over. We even to talk about that. I am sure Philadelphia people in Philadelphia -- that they think that they fixed racism in America would address Philadelphia go to Philadelphia. Notice -- -- brotherly love regarded to have town hall does not -- perhaps elements. You don't make it absolutely don't need legislation for does that does go to Philadelphia and a figure did you get -- -- -- out there to give somebody the aerial chest bump and everything's fine. Patriots a practicing today with the Eagles a Samir calls on the future of their offense this year. Howard Bryant indictment of Bill Belichick which I think we both believed was unfair and -- the very least truncated because where's the proof where's the beef. And then this jeopardy did his parents his dad calling into radio station I believe it's the CBS station in New York to complain about the fact. It is -- was quote unquote embarrassed by Al extra back and I just. I don't see it that I'm sorry I don't get. We gotta we gotta screwed out of there on the tags -- actually 7972. Or your excellent so texture about this. But the kid who could spell it right to prohibit. So are where there was a statistical unit in the death so there was a a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh did you arrived just always -- him to agree Clinton -- -- -- -- Out -- Orleans east -- not what's going on. It looked up felt that its first of all that the sell extra back saying you know I don't think out her back was really -- -- -- I think that judges -- alliance. Kind of reminded me of that Steinfeld workers stand don't play Trivial Pursuit with a bubble boy -- carts that move. Like it's not like we thought he might have -- the -- We're all but they have -- on jeopardy and we've been told -- they liberals if you spell it wrong it has to be phonetic. You can't make a phonetic spelling mistakes have been if it changes the word in the way you would pronouncing it you know they're not allowed to call it correct. You mean like to seat belt -- of the dollar sign. Taylor talked about up -- why can't the media seem to get -- the press conference that. It's like the media supposed to be educated. The member of the that there Hernandez issue that should issue an issue not a football issue Belichick gave a press conference. Maybe he is not the greatest at -- -- to maybe eat decent. In the game -- ball. It doesn't talk about stuff and I'll give you an analogy at public get into a fight with a guy. And I walk up to the guy and they are gonna do them come after your heads are right and now my right leg a little skimpy. And I hurt my -- and yesterday liked it quite that you -- that. Wouldn't play and I know it's got greener thing about the good Smart plans where the better -- not divulge information and not. And the point I'm trying to make is. They'll check note that the whole country listening whatever your warmest teammates so anything -- note that every team. As a whole room full analysts littered their job to sit there and dissect what you say. And gain any slight advantage for many and you might say what do you think he'd give anything upper not so. So why why can't the media I mean it's self portrait crybaby. Because they are Roger it's one article that I think most people wait in a while ago. On on their opinion. About Belichick's press conference the first president it was last month right there was to whatever training camp started a couple days -- -- -- we started. It was it was only two weeks ago I was longer bumped -- Georgie got the guy deserves a medal for working with me everywhere you like among the metal. But yet some people wait in a couple weeks ago is this a little late I don't think there's this this Avalon avalanche of of stories about what Bill Belichick said it sounds like. That part of the reason the column exist is because the writer was upset that most people. Praised the press conference. So he was a little. One no doubt that the writer that other writers are there ride this stance that he guys take. Yeah and in fact you he you know there's no right there -- as for the media you read this earlier as for the media. They were in fact making the argument that the patriots -- -- the set the bar so low that no one expected any humanity from Belichick so there's no doubt that they set the bar that in this case there was group think. Involved. But it was group think going with our previous callers position. -- was on your side. Those. The educated media climate for -- comical. Educated media was on your side of the majority of -- was on your side. In this the press conference thing and sometimes people at the beginning sometime or another way I think I think we were more curious at the beginning. I -- myself curious as human interest with Belichick and it. I know how -- feels about just I thought his point about giving away information given only state secrets that could help or the other team in the game against you I get. I know it's gonna be in knowing difficult in the interview Belichick every Monday this year. I get it I understand why he doesn't wanna tell me what he doesn't wanna tell me. This was different right this is human interest but I didn't know how we was gonna handle it. So yeah had a curiosity the fact that he set the Barcelona. Made it very easy for him to climb over but that doesn't mean he was never -- good leader. If anyone was surprised Howard Bryant writes that he -- could actually get his attention maybe Belichick was never leader in the first place well is Joseph Torre about leader because he robbed. Used steroids while he was there. I did it is Joseph Torre to comment on this and if he if he shows -- human emotion I don't know the Torre's comment on this was never good manager. After all I don't know what he's gonna say about Alex Rodriguez using steroids. I just I don't I don't I don't follow the dogs in there missing something that's in Maine I'm -- They want to go -- -- that. Not bad I don't agree -- You know anyway I mean what what more do you expect -- Turkey and in terms of accountability not accountable for for any of that. And what would that Howard whatever his name is I lines like you beat every old pro until the telecheck I don't blame them. I mean I'm a patriot and so I'd say we have been on the team. The only -- theory. We don't want him to say anything can you imagine if that was I happened to the jets and Rex Ryan has open now which you would -- a hundred times. And ninetieth out of a hundred would have been heartfelt sincere but. The media were to jump although it's 100 -- where he'd actually. -- had too much said the wrong thing that would have been the real story this is just trying to make it partly out of nothing again and you know I don't feel bad for the media trying to insult Belichick has been there now but it could turn -- -- into the problem. That's. You know I mean it's ridiculous. There that area and there are a lot of people who. Who have their opinions about Bill Belichick. And in this case. Like I think it's of I think you made some fair points. A couple of them. First problem is he's late. It's -- it's a little late weighing in right but it is and it is a monthly magazine. Okay well. I mean so I mean topical -- -- part of the problem okay do you want it if you want to readership to be up. Be topical. Thought coming until August 19 this can be in August 19 version. Of ESPN magazine. -- What if in a magazine it's going to be really really even I took a web right now is still a little late and too I think the good point don't necessarily. Come together and make the need convincing. Column -- the sale by Marcel. Like to talk about the electric back bitten on the kids. On. Well. It came out of medical afraid it'll differently you look -- weight you've been wrong. It just kind of goes to like in general society thing I think word of this developing a side the other kids that can't. -- -- -- handle criticism. And parent who are overly protecting every possible. Problem in my comment. Maybe it's her okay that may be true okay and and and maybe so you have a problem with the dead right so that that maybe the dads shouldn't say anything -- -- -- -- there. How -- extra back. He's got to learn how to talk to people that I talk to a twelve year old if you -- if you wanna -- you talked a twelve year old like them. Yeah. That's the Obama on the algebra doesn't talk to a twelve year old in the same situation that you or I would he's talking to a twelve year old on -- -- on -- on TV making and making a product that is entertaining and that's his job so I don't -- is not the baby -- -- You know orchard you know you're probably on the teacher if -- -- extra back now somebody attacks have mentioned this earlier and he's probably right. Maybe we shouldn't have -- jeopardy in the first place but the fact that we do have kids jeopardy it we'll deal with. Apart -- part of your if part of yours -- To be entertaining. Is to be demeaning to twelve year old. We really are really did you really do you. They are -- -- -- would say hash tag you did you think he was being really demeanor body -- -- -- -- I mean forget on the relief yeah that way about I don't hear it is being all you misspelled or badly all about saying you're an idiot I would need -- called it and do you know what the dramatic -- -- part. -- dramatic pause. Don't know what the you know what the answers. -- what you say emancipation. You don't have this ought -- you know what you're trying to say here to go to other -- -- That's a patient proclamation Alex we all know what it is funny here where he's mean to be -- -- other earth. The journal that would he say they misspelled or badly which and a great show yeah great show but he that your explain to me how he's being mean to an acute. A fit and necessary war measure let's go to Thomas early now he had 9600. And he wrote down what is the emancipation. -- Because he misspelled or badly demands that -- station. If put a. -- -- -- -- against them not imminent -- you know the cumulative one I think he did but he paused because he thought that it was no good TV. Tennis TV he wants to make a point upon him I think he's got so -- in his -- saying hey hold on we can actually -- that man is trying to do everything awhile because he's he's in -- on TV HD tax line salt deserves a quote meddle in ET AL for telling it like it is it was a wrong dad should shut up. That's right I do deserve to know that it was wrong belt around tiger beat it was wrong right. The dad should shut up right and -- back is went two for viewers and sailed high -- Yeah air -- I don't know. Thanks your reserves than your -- sorry about that -- -- malveaux -- taught in Maine hi Todd. Beirut earlier I was going -- Area couple things first although Howard Bryant. You know I don't really take it -- them very seriously seeing how you're and so our expert about it violence. How my military record drop but you know I don't I would take its recruitment Belcher purely here. Okay but listen let you know what and that is I thought that would come up today. And just in all fairness is to be fair I think. As far as the column is concerned. I think it was a swing and a miss on the column but to be fair. If the charges were dropped. Do we know why the charges were dropped he's not guilty. Right. Brett thanks so I don't know man I don't know the story I know what was reported initially. It looked like. If things -- got in very badly for for Howard Bryant would like is ES being career was going to be over charges were dropped he's working with -- ESPN and so. I don't know I I can't. That's gotta go with I have to go with the facts here. Paris here on I doubt. -- they don't understand. As much as -- -- that distant not as much as I would love to take a shot at that -- deeply blissfully -- be -- -- -- to me over the years. I will take the high road in -- fare in this case even though. I really don't want to but I have to threaten to. I understand that. Matter thing was I agree arm well about salt on the trip back is true. I think that American children in general and our site they are -- wait too much. Acting great -- are now being in the wrong. He didn't call the -- full. He didn't say hey unfortunately you spell like a moron and so we're gonna deduct points from you know you -- you spoke apparently he did it what do you. -- -- today your -- would expect that you know are OK you can eat and try and. Think what he's done that for me I'd be able to do math way to put that he put that he or that he would you put the T after the and the answer patient's. I'll put it to you after the -- is not a one -- -- Resonate with a -- -- justice or by the you know things. It wasn't -- now is the emancipation. And by mountain because you -- so badly and man that Asian he put -- in there. And emphasis and the judges -- ruling against you emphasis from dramatic races he -- -- are we can't accept that. Along I think dramatic entertaining six or 7779. Saddam is that it -- and -- entertain me. Is a -- -- low as part of the show but he is not a you don't think your back is entertaining or like the -- oh I don't want to when it was so you are supposed to -- -- what is -- just -- -- much I -- would -- Yes hell yeah I turned back on that they go to get -- -- back in jeopardy because well -- is snooty as it's part of what makes the game so much fun. -- -- or your calls on this on how Bryant and the ballot check and I want to introduce a new topic here is well on Alex Rodriguez say. 88 comment made by yeah by Michael McCain who's the who's the yes side legal analyst is on this morning. -- Dennis and Callahan there's one line in today's story. That really jumped out to read that he -- on your calls coming -- assault all the W the. Lincoln called this document which took effect in 18163. A fit and necessary war measure let's go to Thomas Hurley now he had 9600. And he wrote down what is the emancipation. Well doing because he misspelled or badly demands that they station if what if -- in there proclamation. That's unfortunate the judges -- ruling against you. So the kid try to make it right he tries to sail along with -- and to try to eliminate the TV people out and he doesn't -- Charles stayed patient. Now he has no idea that Alex -- back -- about oh he knows he could tell because he misspelled or badly badly demands that. -- now sorry millionaire it's probably responsible way to look at how fortunate that the -- -- -- ruling. -- -- -- and we're not missed an unfortunate you misspelled or badly it's unfortunate. Good judges are ruling against you you've been barest. Your friend Ollie. That there there's no ice cream for you now you'll never you'll you'll never be looked at the same isn't say any euros outings that it's. Mark you know what he's never gonna be looked at the same because that is data went on wind and his behalf on radio station in New York. That's why the kids never going to be looked at the same because he needs daddy to call open New York. I feel bad for the you know because I'm sure the kid didn't want the -- to do that and the dad is typical millennial father who calls up and start -- old. You're insulting humiliated on television. Edit view it in the show out your back -- -- -- really sort of talent. Mode addict and an important might not. In my town we would have awarded him 6000 dollars just trying to exactly right I'm on 617779. Says it is it's -- -- a lot of great. It isn't there's an opportunity for you to -- which are doing tonight Texas says. You guys to be on TV every -- to show how dumb you know hey I -- do you feel there's every -- -- that I often show how dumb I am. Are you on TV tonight I'm on TV tonight arguing with Mike Manila -- so if you think I'm -- and there's no reason not to think that and approve a pretty much every day specifically if there's map on the exam. By all means. Text in vote for months it's. He will definitely be arguing to meet tonight. On net that I embarrass myself to texas' Alex he was fine not even slightly mean -- is a moron. Yes. -- -- You're you're you're siding with Alastair Beckham go with you are going to bunt you don't think of themselves not to let the taxpayer and Alex noble -- I've also siding with her back are you good to me already governor so hey Alex great I don't. You'll find jobless jeopardy it is amazing shows siding with the --

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