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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 08/06/13

Aug 6, 2013|

We tackle four topics we haven't yet touched on... the Mannings whore themselves out again, plus Alex Tribec of Jeopardy fame is on the hot seat!

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Or for. Him. And now our silicon -- swollen painful rate -- board or the four. Fun cleaning. Mean. Well we socket -- and sports radio and WB. Yeah. Astros rookie Brett Oberholser pitched seven innings last night and he sure is ugly dude. What he probably c'mon. Don't stop. Now it's up to monitor who is the ugly it's professional athlete of all time. We'll hook you think you luckily what do you think is handsome give the other thing you know that's a tougher question. So if you're you're a man and you feel very confident I'm proud of you for being confident saying pretty and that's. That's an attractive person that's an unattractive person. As a male dummy who handsome -- is professional sports. You -- -- -- -- engines. Broke marks it's just the kind of fat face chipmunk face I don't know I'm just going by track record. Well -- -- Luckily David Beckham. David Beckham expert he's pretty -- -- -- he's serving pretty nobody can argue David Cook it. You're off the -- but the question is who is the ugliness professional. You know Brandon young very young and he. I don't believe that word and they can. So that no I don't. Leave and go. They don't know what you won't answer the question -- -- -- out of the -- ugly or he can't. Think he's coming out well but it. Or they can't do is -- for the Rangers Brothers got basket and we had about this but -- if -- into the Smartphone that it. So I gotta go or take it he's always from council craters you know we've come. I want creators Randy Johnson is a pretty good. -- There any -- that he's definitely unique corporate Horton who -- ultimately it is. Don't talk back you don't he does and a strong. You don't raise our government order don't -- to talk him back. -- -- -- What what what would you think he would do now that he's that would basically not everyone -- money in the high school or College Baseball coach a consultant worries about a beat them either of the above what he's -- he's a rock photographer. -- like it he loves I don't I can't really into photography. Our current assembly super photography he appeared in the Simpsons and joke rule his post playing career victories in line of sneakers cults of -- really. He actually it was it left the -- he did the voice I interviewed him a few times on the now he's a great interview him like a really interesting guy but. He's our rock photographer so what kind of I don't know I think but he takes -- -- -- thing different -- -- is Robert he's -- now I think those around like different wars. -- Great life and you know the rocks are like any job you work -- rock -- almost passed him by what athletes do and vice -- she rocks. I guess take the photographs of rocks it takes photographs of -- start the -- the -- -- office denied tonight that you and by the way the answer the first question is pop -- Who's that guy and he looked up never seen that -- before but dear god. Who has a guy. Off something snaps you know yeah. It's -- All right so the Manning Brothers and made in new DirecTV commercial. And it's and styling of an -- -- Okay. You cannot. Yeah. Mulligan and that's why not then mr. -- You want. Timberlake Samberg. Got scared him to change your opinion on army. Manning Brothers still. Tax. -- -- they don't put -- commercials and dramatic would be a commercial terrible terrible actors and they put him in the well written commercials. There -- -- And cut me. Well spot well spike can't campaign Manning either but those are pretty girls are great -- out -- -- -- the past and no person. Don't. But the sports and commercial workers kicking his -- -- -- room. Some of the future -- and into the Swedish. When you're not you're at -- we did an RV we got to work and me yes ministers I don't like it now she's -- like you you'll like. You like from -- right like a lot of art. A lot of hip hop would not exist with our I understand it I mean I like a lot of metal but I really don't like a lot of medal wouldn't exist without a but I think he's -- I don't. There's like anthrax which takes a lot of punk elements but how much elements. Elements but everything. You elected the big east on the right to -- yes I think. Straight Jack of an all right -- -- Like things you don't like fingers. I do like -- I just like the leasing arm in a perfect one. What it would be to. The you know and make a dozen Al Green the more I can yank it. Something -- about it anybody listen to this. -- Al managed Al Green. And -- -- government Robert -- as an -- hill. And making them into its wholesome family -- and pretty steep begging women at Tennessee. Also holds on what role helping out there every play. -- Douglas like the -- and I like. Andy you're right. I got a question for it for we -- three. You like Jeter each year. I really like you respect. He's a fraud. -- It's normal guy he's not this wholesome image recovery program. For ex girlfriend. Could. Given up on my question go to overthrew it. Started with directory. Hard -- tonight you guys. Cincinnati bank deals not Ochocinco licences and will you be watching hard times this season yes yes. It's access that we use you don't care. There's an -- great job with that -- always find a story that we're not aware of it's just a peek behind the curtain who love that you're offering that your pocket watch it I will absolutely watch it last year couldn't care less about the Miami Dolphins I thought -- -- still incredibly boring right and it was just as good as it always have a -- -- and I don't rational team ended up being amazing even just out of all the stuff I -- about him he'll not knowing that teams -- -- division. It was amazing right as an wife was the star last year Angeles she's opportunism. It's. -- On of that -- back there aren't they where it needs to happen for them very seriously your lumps hard knocks. How how long has it been for you bad. Donor after donor after don't answer that. If I don't what the station to be attacked -- yes of course they'll be watching -- -- I like 24/7 alike are not any time you're gonna give me you just Michael behind the scenes access to the stuff we could never know of course you're gonna watch football. I think people need football out to be EU. As complicated and complex as anything under the sun right where you need to have. A degree. Just to understand what those coaches are doing so any time they're gonna give us. Some of that narrative that goes on behind the scenes I want it the emotion that HBO draws out immediately of Schreiber is going to. Anything he is. -- in the voice over four. That's a great actor -- and how about that -- of the Bengals were on hard -- was that 2006. 567 somewhere in there. Does the funny scene the exchange where Marvin Lewis is telling Mike Brown he was relaying a message to Mike Brown from Ochocinco. What was the owner of the being Jose Jeffs is jobless. -- just that the look on Mike Brown's face was priceless. -- Sooners to think. That comes out. Like from my finger on on now I can't stand they have to like them on SNL again cited were great writers great writers surrounding him it's got to be up there with like what what athlete is funny without great writers like yet what he's doing -- what -- sometimes -- -- committee is not funny without great write an athlete keeps giving. Endorsements every year that he doesn't -- it would immediately. When they give them the good script he hits it out of the park -- -- -- I don't I will root against Peyton Manning. But I won't not utilized looking Orioles really fast always. -- -- and with the question. Alex your back is getting a lot of flak for this. -- stone silent so mad at that Manning's very good argument that cuts. Abraham Lincoln called this document which took effect in 19163. A fifth and necessary war measure let's go to Thomas early now he had 9600. And he wrote down what is the emancipation. Well relieved because he misspelled or badly -- -- pay station huge what if he in there proclamation. That's unfortunate the judges -- ruling against you. -- C'mon man -- The story gets better luck stories better than the father of the eighth grader has gone on radio and said this. Basically humiliated I. Television. Had seen that show out your back. You know really sort of talent and smoked had a condescending towards my son. So whose side you're on Alex your back or the father. Let's go to Thomas -- now -- at 9600. And he wrote down what is the emancipation. -- -- Because they misspelled or badly in the hands. Typical -- apparently if what he in there -- problem I can hope that's unfortunate -- -- -- -- ruling against you think you're -- got a -- put -- TN there which is the mistake about the while. There is so you have that would refute the I don't know what he's talking about I gotta got right he got a wrong. He can spell correctly. What do you put it in and an answer deeply you know I before. -- get it wrong then they have to allow everything I love jeopardy. Despite the fact that Al extra back it really is -- listening I look but. I -- you like him gonna just. Alex you've got the answers we understand you've got a staff that's what's great about it -- -- to New York. It always dog -- since -- since it shot sayings. Movies let's start with the -- -- -- -- did you today. That category is about French phrase this so let's just get that. I like that about I love that about two back is the reason why he's been the best game show for the longer no answers no I know you researched the answers. Only humans who who who. You got it wrong oh. You -- the war of 1812. To. You're about a century off -- so are so Alex is trying to do she's right yet but I would like about them to go on the radio cowards and say now I -- it was in Paris because Alex tobacco what I like about -- back here -- like about it. I like that there's a show called jeopardy right and it and it's important enough to have to host that show right. It could be. Need to be -- she you know like data along the way he promotes it's everything the public denunciation on every single word a minute left and around you don't like what he's the mid Atlantic and around the but he says the -- is or is about all that stuff about her -- Judges all the little kid how -- was acutely -- was well placed twelfth. He's not -- your whole well the kids twelve years old he's on jeopardy another -- that it lost that in the 3000 dollars my understanding is that if you don't -- jeopardy you don't get any of the money. But maybe this because it was the kids your party maybe the non winners get them running older and badly and I think they changed those rules actually that's crap that's what I mean. But everybody gets a medal which is the whole point of the stupid thing. Now everybody gets to keep what they are not jeopardy even if they didn't win a -- just to be the winter jeopardy. People including humiliated. On television. Had seen that show out your back. You know really sort of talent and smoke. He's smug that doing this if your kids could send you misspelled or badly. Stay at the misspelling and and we can't give it to maybe if you -- Candice though he -- been so I'll tell about his job is not to be nice to some kid out to -- I don't how did you training don't have kids just got it to be entertaining get ratings for jeopardy which he's done for an incredibly long time. People like the way to be -- if the emancipation. -- -- -- Because they misspelled -- badly. And man that. And you put a -- in there. Coming and decently. There the judge's ruling against you know -- don't -- that dale dale would be nice why didn't say that -- would say the same things aren't the only top dollar does little bit. Now I hear little they'll know I don't know that we were judges have ruled against Hughes and it's it's only goes right. But he did say that and by the way he did make the decision the jeopardy judges made the decision. Directs just the guy delivering the bad news humiliated -- -- -- got a wrong you misspelled or badly the episode. Did -- have to do to him that. Did -- you misspelled it just. I disaster and everybody who goes up jeopardy and complaint mr. -- -- -- the policy you know in this regard we can't give it to you misspelled and the winners. Little -- over here. Joseph Joseph knows about Lincoln freeing the slaves on -- -- They listen to call it lower paid off you don't care about what are the major event and are cut -- is that I don't have that -- -- that far. Most favorite and I thought that maybe -- on your -- been nicer I just the fact that the kid's father would take to the radio to try to complain about this. You know. -- Had seen that show out your back with really sort of talent. Smoke -- and bending toward my non. Typical millennial -- you know I don't oh how nice it was -- -- -- -- -- jeopardy expert here young -- the rule is if the spelling changes the pronunciation of words and it's wrong. There ego I before he wouldn't change the pronunciation so that in that case that -- exactly. That person who went. Is this the only actually it's easier to tell his what are we don't emancipation to abuse if you spell at the emancipation and you PR OK yeah. And that have been -- LO UH. And that would have been okay. This is changing it to emancipation. Proclamation which is not what the things call. Whether you feel out -- -- -- -- on TV hasn't the father done far more competitors this I think turning it into a national story called. This is like calling your son's -- some work to complain because he was given to which work -- is awesome broke stop. Is that -- never should've -- his -- to complain about this publicly if you wanna complete jeopardy kids learn a -- 3000 dollars fine well. -- -- 121006 right now but to knock it allowed your data complain about it. You're twelve years listen dad. Drug -- are winner take this like a man yeah yeah well dropping it to recommend a dead you're not you have to call anybody -- absolutely but I don't understand why the parents to be him that I don't get -- -- in the car about. -- Bob what's going on. Sales don't. -- just I just shut up first of all Michael always. You deserve a medal for this guy. I agree I agree hey Bob I drought there what kind of metal. Let's get let's go to our sister opens door to orchestra presented the trophy. I -- surprised that you have to like or reached all right slop this straight -- you guys are well. It's it's got to get it right on jeopardy. So you know in order despite -- like. It also urged the go -- I listen I listen every day. -- al-Qaeda Tobago and you know I get your shot in unfortunately there are guys like you -- -- And. In. And -- and in. Brave. Well you. Name -- -- what an interesting lol. Very. Got a medal do you think you deserve by the way Workman like at a participation. In -- out or do we really spell it correctly can be worse instead of a silver medal should you get a silver medal. Oh yeah it's the same thing we dispelled that little bit differently -- -- wrong. You get it wrong you get it wrong and -- to have your dad on the dual radio show deterrent -- -- about it. Even more bad -- mr. protectors trampled on stand on a variety of subjects patriots and what they're doing this year Howard Bryant ripping Bill Belichick act specifically and Tom Brady as part of his article get to some calls on that. And -- -- and Alastair back in the -- from Connecticut blow. And his dad calling up to complain about it will take those as well 61777979%. In salt now WB.

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