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Sundays with Torey: Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo joins Dale and Rob

Aug 4, 2013|

Lovullo sits in with Dale and Rob and explains how they go about acclimating new additions to the clubhouse. Torey also talks about the trade that sent Jose Iglesias to the Tigers and brought Jake Peavy to Boston.

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Green in two. Hours and left the editor. And the pitch on its way breaking ball swung on and this -- out of an excellent curve ball in Charlotte Gordon went and I that's five strikeouts repeat -- Outstanding debut force a number of swing and miss with three different pitches fastball cutter and and his and his slider he was efficient and as advertised strong competitor. Made a couple of big pitches when he needed to. With the exception of the 02 pitch to -- -- any effort on his part. For those people and listen I was probably one of them thought that the Red -- primary need was in the bullpen. You still got what you wanted. I mean that was that the beauty of of having a guy like Jake Peavy come on board here. Was that Brandon Workman at least for the short term will -- to the bullpen he got everything you were looking for you've got you got an addition to the starting rotation. You got a guy bumped back into the bullpen has done a great job for this team the Red Sox with one move one trade the three way deal. Got help in the rotation help in the bullpen all worked out perfectly. Quite understand and and those I think we're trying. -- are probably trying too hard to be negative about the deal because quite honestly. I don't have any negatives there. We -- -- -- follower a few moments ago rob who said that this new segment is called Sundays with or. I like the name we might have to you know renamed the whole -- here torrent of -- bench coach for the Red Sox joins us and Ira are yawkey way studios could say yeah. Hey guys good to be here Gloria I'll do very well do -- was likely that sounds flow what I put on Twitter that you're going to be here I'd -- -- And I want to say -- -- of jello. But that this opens the door to the other things that. So anyway for people who want to announcement correctly yet and it by now really -- should pronounce his name correctly considering. As you said it's. Sundays with -- let's talk. But Jake Peavy because what it looked pretty impressive last night and it. He yet outstanding and I think the best part of what we got a chance to see is what he did leading up to that -- -- John touched on at the day before. But few years -- it was watching the game. Upstairs. The day before his start taking notes which is what he normally does by staying right is retain those -- things you don't know of those things I don't know we see this this you know. Top level pitcher. Doing -- much in -- -- much to going in. For his start it was really presently we always see the product we've always seen the guy the competitor that. That's out there are battling for nine innings or for that link to the start but -- only get inside the walls with them it gets even better. And should also note that Torre's been kind enough to offer to take calls from media. The general public witches -- was part of got Red Sox callers waited on line civil authorities sometime Monday but the I'm just curious -- win the trade goes down. How much do you have interaction with a front office are they picking her brain are you picking their brain -- -- What's going on as a trade deadlines unfold. That's impressive thing about bout. About leadership is that they reach out. On any level. For any type of player just to seek information. Trying to negotiating with time in the clubhouse. And wanna make sure that the player that they're going out there again is gonna fit in. In every area. So yeah there was some input data and they didn't specifically name names -- would ask this you know some some of the needs some of the wishlists. Somebody on the wishlists that we had -- We -- thrown into them and you know get a guy like Jake Peavy and it was outstanding that that that was the name that was -- -- their -- list in the fact that he's your boss in this. -- it's pretty impressive I would assume that won the campus would have had maybe even moral voice. Because he's worked with peavy in the past I'm sure that he has more of a working knowledge of this player than the rest of the guys on the staff. Well we've traded for two guys -- able to come from Chicago so what does that Soledad I guess we know who they're listening to. You know truth be told. Or all the guys from Toronto yeah and I want one has great input in in a lot of different ways in you know. Going -- get Matt Thornton in the JP a year or two guys that one was was very in touch with that he knew he knew what made -- -- -- I'm sure that they want to want. And asked him parties whose only work with these two guys are all about. Who should also point out that and rob and I were just talking about this Jose Iglesias is a terrific young player. He's at the beginning of his baseball life certainly not at the end of his baseball life and and I loved watching him with the glove on his hand him. Which can't get a guy like Jake Peavy without giving up something of some significance. -- I was all for the deal even alive really like Jose Iglesias a lot it. We all hate is seen housing go in. A great player coming into his own offensively I mean there's there's a lot of potential there but. I think you are right on the head to go on to get some somebody object peace quality got to give up a little. A little bit of your nest and -- We we we need the pitching obviously we identified that I think the front office was very aware that play a guy like Jake Peavy and you. He you know you've got to find out what you -- mortgage and you know the name Jose Iglesias came up and we are like -- that we -- -- -- -- it was going to be great opportunity for him to play every day. And in another winning environment. In the series already know he's been he's been picking a primary left off. One of the key guys in this whole trade deadline in mind -- Brandon Workman and let that happen ever even before he he's made that ruling could start the end. From your perspective coaching staff's perspective. Do you view at the same way that you could live with Brandon -- in the rotation and you could also. Certainly live with him as a high -- relievers well. Will it before for saying we're all very very big fans of works in he goes out there and he pitches like a veteran and we all feel very comfortable knowing the whatever role he is in in whatever. We're asking -- do he's gonna if he's gonna go out there and gives a 100% so. You know I've been have a conversation with you and I feel the same way he was really important piece in this entire puzzle that. We knew that we had some fallback plan if it didn't work out the work could start and bridges to box. Health and if not maybe -- worked the bullpen and know who knows what his role be in the future. Which though these very virtual. He pounds the strike zone with three different pitches and we really like that. Let's get some calls -- 6177797937. -- of -- is in studio with us and and ready to take your calls as well let's kick it off with that Terrence I can hit the right. You're gonna have to punch it up back there guys because this doesn't seem to be working in my hand -- on the cell -- Europe now first on sports Sunday. -- technical. Coach thanks taken a call I appreciate it. The problem. I didn't let up the list thank you guys I was reading a little bit more against trade but after listening to everybody and coach YouTube on -- beyond that the mom vote. Split I. You know I really hopeful and I think more important for everybody bush you know what they don't mention it -- -- did smashed a home run last night. An addiction to it depends who played I think you're a little bit harsh on him for Adobe has done on July you know. Want you to know I got my question do you think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But. He died this year may be little premature I think they looking guys that have been here all year long. That we certainly felt very strongly about east offense and defense in and we know the future's very very bright forms so. If you Republican won a gold glove. It would surprise any of us a VU he were planning championship team that was surprise any of us it was just a matter of what we can get. In return and you know but like like me and saying to get together a quality player like JP you're gonna have to give something up and you know forces Jose Iglesias was -- Eric we appreciate call and I think that as I said before. What we might -- -- -- places as an energized guys this is. A guy who has performed his best when he's been energized by something and in that line up. I wouldn't be surprised at all at the -- does pretty well -- well in the other. Part of this to Torrey is it's. You were you were trading from a position of organizational strength. And and some guys are here yet but you see them in the pipeline. You've got Stephen -- here who can play shortstop on a regular basis Brandon Snyder can play. Third base -- you've got will middle Brooks who can play third base it was a position of organizational strength via. I wasn't in the room when the trade is going down when I'm sure that they identified several names. Is is guys that were. Potential trade. Type of players but. You're right you -- right on the head there again. You don't you don't want a mortgage something that you very thin out and with a bunch of names like you just brought up and those -- Bogart's is is a guy that were all leaning on towards futures beans is -- and now impact shortstop impact surveys and where have where he ends up we're not sherbet. You know. -- we like we have we saw a lot of these guys and you know I wanna say -- he was on the short end of the stick and he was the last guy that felt that that that might this be misleading. But you know he was years in the big least he was producing and I think that was why his name was. Called one of the things though Bogut missed -- he serves in the news today he was talking about yet we will catch up. Because you lost that time in spring training in the World Baseball Classic. When things he talked about with -- -- And the let's talk a little bit about how much you did get a chance to work of art before you left him when he did come back. If if if that do you think that is the case that there was some lost time -- -- differences -- Well unfortunately when participate in -- BC represented his country and we don't ever wanna stop somebody from doing now but he did -- substantial amount of of playing time and we begin chancellor concepts on we get a chance to have him understand what we were all about what our expectations were and watch him. Grind through some of the mistakes in spring training you're allowed to make and then. Be a productive base -- be a productive player with our concepts now. As wells bulls he wasn't in double play. You know these guys are out there every single day trying to make sure that he's he's pushing forward so we get -- never goes back so it's not this is not this. Great incredible thing that we're doing here we just ask a lot of our players and -- were very demanding. And does Sanders more than willing to accept that -- to matter him get the reps and that's on the one -- here geese are saying he's the -- and there's a certain amount -- before your your game ready to come to big -- to produce. We've got a quick break -- -- got a couple more minutes for you gotta have -- on our clubhouse great. For Apollo is right here in studio with us we're live at Fenway Park on a sports on it right back to your calls -- just couple minutes Sports Radio W media. Sundays with -- Torre look mellow line rhymes with jello Red Sox bench coaches that with -- here are Satterfield studio taking your phone calls at 617. 7797937. Let's get right back to it before -- -- And out of the clubhouse and begin -- -- not this phony baloney stuff with us Ricky is in Somerville Ricky are next on sports Sunday. Good morning guys -- taking my call. As far as the trade is concerned I loved the trade. I loved getting peavy but I don't you think that Detroit gave up the most. Out of the hole trader at the White Sox made out might get through. What has named Ramon that C I mean that guy is -- of the big upside I've watched him play seems like a good ballplayer. And also. Going forward who's going to be the red sock shots stopped next is that going to be a problem. I'll let you well let's let's start the second once at shortstop next season I don't think it will be a problem we were just saying Torre I think it's a it's a position of strength in this organization you know. It if you are a hundred different directions were were not exactly certain at this point. You know Stephen Drew has been very very. Cable shortstop he's battled through some injuries and have a solid year I think were were yet to see the best of Stephen Drew I think he's on his upswing -- Here's a guy spring training and he's just getting is his his timing is rhythm and gets hit by pitch on the -- you miss some time and -- -- play catch up he's been he's been behind the ball a little bit as far as. Staying ahead of his injuries and I know these excited this last month and -- two months of the season he's he's talking about. Really getting after. Kidnappers. -- Indy and kind of go through the system and figure out who we have and end we're not exactly sure I know that'll be a topic of discussion. With the front office and I know they make great decisions and we have a lot of faith in them to to talk about him and figure out. Who's going to be that guy moving forward. The Deborah -- was in Major League camp. This year which was the youngest guy for numerous years threats like that there's just draft the year before. What impressed you about him. Is game clock. His ability to slow things down -- control. Make the routine play make the above average play look routine. Anchoring. That position by being a leader -- the infield and again it was fearless defensively offense living get a great look at him because he had limited at -- Which helps young players in the chemistry training there they're making impression. Which he certainly did the whole staff. Went when he left it was sent out the whole staff was making comments about him being a guy that had a very bright future. 6177797937. -- -- New Bedford -- next on sports Sunday with -- LaBella. Good evening good morning gentlemen about I -- have -- 39 this week. That getting peavy. Would solve social problems. I just said in a minute ago at its Stoddard and workmen would go to the bullpen. Wise what's been -- While there was a there was a a roster situation not going to be there very long and and they even said when they sent him down. In order to get I think he was the PB move on the roster in order to get -- ought to be active roster so we could make you start. They had to open up a spot but John Ferrell has already said he's gonna be back soon. Okay indicative of our content beyond -- someone else down so why weren't. We'll -- you explain. Yeah it's a very complicated situation you know. Timing has a lot to do with when you're young player has a lot to do with your call ups and downs and you know with Fiat -- situation he had thrown. I think we need a little bit length so you know week. We call approving the oil rose Stephen Wright in. You know it's based on the nose at the aftermath the right call up was in the aftermath of fifteen innings inevitable troll bullpen right right so. It's all based on our -- as far as what will need in the bullpen in you know -- Workman just -- he started had a great game. And I think he could throw for five days and is -- I I know that there's a lot this factors into that decision we had a lot of needs now bullpen based on the link to that that fifteen game. Based on the needs of given some guys some some rest out there and the guys have been called up -- a great job and -- comment that the group and Pataki and I know that. They can be a thankless job -- -- been AAA but those those guys been great leaders and and everybody has come -- -- -- his contributed mightily. I think there's any doubt -- will be back here and and as you pointed out -- You just had a starts it wasn't going to be able to throw for five days anyway correct so you know why have a guy on the roster here who can't throw forty anyway even out of the bullpen correct that make any sense at all and the right call up had to do with. Having gone fifteen innings the night before god forbid you know -- start the next night doesn't get -- as deep into the game as if like you had to have somebody who could give yet. Multiple innings his right could've done. I've talked to John -- when most difficult things to do -- managers manageable problem. And this full time it present -- challenges because earlier in the year every single reliever was a reverse split guy. This year. I mean -- lately have you felt like has become a more -- manageable situation but more traditional situation because. Do you have a guy like Thorne and you do have more lefties out there. Guy splits or maybe evening awful habit do you get that sense. Well I. We we have we have a great bullpen I think our guys have done a great job they've accepted rules and I think that's on the John and one of establishing the very beginning is that we wanted to establish rules down there. So they knew what with their jobs were going to be and they function perfectly we Vasquez step outside of their roles. They've -- they've they've they've been great all year long but. I think they've done a great job imaginable and I know that we we feel very good about. Matt Thornton and in dresses too late inning left handers and then we have. Koji in in in task is our. Late in Iraq and Britain is basically stepped up him and you know and then you throw in Britain BR so who's you know not hearing more -- right given us three scoreless. I think Britain is a total wild card in this thing he's he's been outstanding so we didn't really know what to expect -- against -- starting in triple a comes up here. Is pound in the zone as well with a couple pitches and do and everything we've asked them. Talk about Stephen -- for quick second before we we'd get the breaking you back to work here. I think -- I and I think unfortunately for him. He's got the wrong last name and town if is if his last name was Bradford. I think of it and it definitely up there on by the fans would look at him differently and date they come with a certain preconceived notion of of who Stephen Drew is. Especially here over the last two to three weeks as you start and hit the ball more consistently. He's really good defensively that double play to end the game last night was not an easy play at all ball by -- and by Dustin Pedroia. I think he's a much better player than he gets credit for. While we know that. And I think that's who the most important thing we get a chance to watch him work every day in. You know for example last night those are those are. 22 guys playing together to close out the game and -- made that play look fairly -- they look like a couple of Brothers play in the backyard -- road here from out of my head off open over the first baseman and I think that's what they bring to us were in they spoil us they they make all the plays in their area I mean if you hit it either one of those guys you are out. And that's the need in the middle and in the middle of your defensive set up and we feel really good about what Steve -- about the bill. Now right before that we would be it would be Sunday Sunday with Torre without a behind the box score -- -- So what are you got -- and we were talking about this. Almost every single time you come on something has happened the day before which who's been blowing up things whether it was via. What was it guys being thrown around home the failed safety squeeze -- he's passionate battle over your head whatever. Not a whole lot happened last and we should say above his head not ovaries. On your head and so what what everything from last. It was a pretty boring Saturday night all things considered. You know I think that. I just wanna give it. A shout out to Johnny Gomes a guy did behind the scenes. Is probably the most impact -- player I've ever really been around again doesn't play every day. Gets in there and he you know. He's he's instant offense and it's lately been instant defense and go last night mating game saving play by. You know picking up the ball thrown at home. -- Williams sends out a runner knocks down a big -- stuff first out of that that inning and got us out of that jam and I I think of all things that I wanna say it's probably the Johnny jones' this problem when the unsung heroes of -- -- I think a lot of people are trying to figure that out. Played today from yesterday though coach you are making the play in the bullpen on on. There's always on camera makes the catch they put out see what he's warming up. All you have veteran club to make a lot of I would also say this I think I agree with you about Gomes I get the impression that the Gomes and he sort of said he's always wanted to do that unassisted double play thing. He's been waiting for it. In the same way Shane Victorino is bound and determined he's gonna -- runner on first base but yeah that the through and we we give more time about it but he charged the ball he's got great for -- is he's gonna do voters over a while when his little known fact he's never done it. He's at least he's tried all his career he's never done it. So Gomes is never had the unassisted double play -- -- words and there's reason is that there's a chance that that's gonna happen if Torre was great to visit with -- thanks for taking the time we appreciate it always -- we're gonna take quick break welcome back our number two -- just compliment at Sports Radio WB.

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