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Butch Stearns - Should the Red Sox Trade Jon Lester?

Aug 3, 2013|

Butch Stearns discusses Jon Lester's rough game last night as the Red Sox lost to the Diamondbacks. The Red Sox have a club option to resign Lester next year and Butch discusses the possibility of trading the pitcher. Lester has slipped from the number one position here in Boston and it might be time to trade him while we can get something in return.

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Are now works as. It's it's. Forged irons. -- -- -- You'll I did well a sports insider about me coming here and now here we -- up. -- turns on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Back here for our number two leading up to Red Sox baseball tonight we're talking PV Gleason use Lester. Red Sox patriots -- given some of that I'm somebody asked in the last break what state PB record against the American League. East. Carried out. In two career starts against the Baltimore Orioles Jake Peavy is -- in the area in the threes. In five career starts against Tampa Bay Rays Jake Peavy is three and one of the four point 99. In two career starts five career starts against -- -- GPUs to know. So that is seven and one against the Orioles who agrees. Injuries. In poor start to get the New York Yankees. Jake Peavy is -- for three point 96 he's never beat me. And three starts against the Boston Red Sox he's won in two. Three career starts so his overall record the American League east is eight and seven. Yen 1014719. Starts. He's 87 in nineteen starts against the American League east -- any aria I didn't do math but somewhere in the high threes may be low force not that. Specially considers these beat the Orioles. Two starts two wins need to raise. 35 starts three wins one loss. In Toronto never beaten him. I never beat the Yankees their own for so whatever that's worth -- I think we. We don't do that as much as we used to who's got it treated at a red sock we would that I would always look and say what's his record against the Yankees with him against the Yankees easy Yankee killer. Part of -- -- -- the Yankees the Yankees this year. -- couple quick text before we go back. To the -- Calls. PB is a great couple are to read. Hosea -- -- will be the tigers third baseman of the future. -- Prince Fielder signed -- to deal with first Miguel Cabrera. Got to play third he's not gonna DH while we have Victor Martinez. -- was English is going to be short stuff. Pearl is going to be gone announcing mean third baseman of the future when it comes. With the tigers lineup. They could have a 230 had a with a great club not the Red Sox they scared to call -- because of what happened Jackie Bradley junior didn't hit. That way they think this will happen again don't know about the middle Brooks is -- up because he's -- you know -- temper tantrums. Are back to the calls to go to -- in Salem. Hello we -- -- I don't. The peavy trade. -- -- of reflect I'm going to be an objective right it was great with San Diego in account has the -- Iraq right. It's Fenway Park. You know what you can -- these past thirty so he could go either way you mean make it the grip -- -- that even going. So good trade -- trade. I don't know -- we don't know yet. Nobody now what does he have to go to in your mind -- what does he have to do to justify treating the guy who could be your future shortstop was we have to do this year and next or post on what a lot of reflect them died. But well what do you do to you straight to the giants. -- -- if if he was traded to -- What what do you have to do. Israel the -- -- of happy about that right club you. Now all of a look at video right Colebrook. How guys in the end plate were sent to me -- -- head of the flavors and the saying that. Well the media which way to would loan values helped both. How to guide me so -- if they don't like that right and now. -- I don't you think of the page which would get him a visit Philadelphia would cut. -- -- -- Do I think there was this two questions what I do would have -- the patriots and would they do it. I wouldn't -- It would Belichick and the guy can he can really catch it Brady does score points that you the guy in the up and what would they could come up. Yes I believe they would and Belichick has shown that in many many years but this year I think is a little different I think if we go by what they've said offer their Hernandez is there and Tom I think they they said these things they said they're gonna. Oh okay so rabid right gotta read it slowly I'm just giving in my opinion. So if you -- ranked you know discretion is transgressions. I mean they don't need what are they need the aggravation for. And blasting it did -- look at the premium white black I don't know the other -- can -- the patriots went in -- so you do it again. People also you do it and if you're winning a piece from Brady so it's saying I'd be objective and you would do it. Not wouldn't wanna like be -- and I know I'm a pack up and I don't know when it would certainly agrees Napa. And then -- in the race is ultimately have to take a guy like that it's a racist don't want. Oh my goodness -- are all over the map Packers giants raiders. This is the Red Sox in the patriots it's -- Indian Everett. -- -- They are you don't go well where you -- baseball -- Medical program. Let's send a tech guy I was I get from other climate like Al Davis wouldn't pick -- -- -- -- if we commit this act look at some of all. I think Al Davis actually scouted the prisons couple I activity have a lot of people like -- in aren't -- -- At this statement but people keep coming up -- Eat eat all your bags I mean I seen I seen him to hurt and I mean I work cut out you know what electoral action. Like it is not. -- -- anything but regular. Well anyway let's be honest -- what's gonna happen tomorrow night by all accounts -- gonna get suspended all the even though. His comments are you know he's shown up Monday whatever -- block. Every everybody's under scrutiny so but it's it's really not. -- shouldn't say it. It is fair to throw that out but you'd have to thrown out trying to be so any time anybody has success he got a question PD's that's what baseball become well that's what -- become. I read it and then when I say. Off the wall and everything. What every time laughter yep a couple of extra days grab web our rate how or whether it's via the all operate. -- -- -- -- he hit it Annika is expected shortly cabinet debate to rest it at all. Articulate yet you know it's more -- a poll you've been and -- -- -- -- And I'll take a look at -- his record with the extra rest but that's one thing to think government image in this. Off the top of the show here's guys. All things being equal that are gonna pitch for the Red Sox in the last 51 games Lester Lackey do -- PV Dempster and buckles. That's six guys. Not counting Workman who just sent down so. Do all six pitch down the stretch do you look at. The numbers of what Jake Peavy does on extra rest what Brian what Lackey Lester. In Dempster do you want extra rest could be in a state duty go to a six man rotation down the stretch member of that discussion we had dice game. -- Think about it gonna remain and talk with John were you in Maine John. What kind of -- how is it to organize a beautiful and always nice. There are probably in her post -- -- -- are called up. Because he's your backup shortstop. More important when you go back and they. In the middle infield -- told reporter which he could do well but without -- they have nobody is taking I want. PD but it got to stick out in a double play and virtual who's going to say yeah well it's. So that's what you -- and that's why he'll stay -- they probably will stay but not it's not a book for bookmarks. But I don't -- it's not right. Work on -- we welcomed an option. Right and I don't think -- an -- the when he traded Iglesias it's they need another shortstop. They need some particular play shortstop that day mark coming up the next. How can do that but he Austen so to bogus and they are coming back up into certificate and -- an Iron Man. So cannot look at this look up at -- Bogart's played second the Bogut can you aren't ready to break. In barely put incurred one point five games would -- it hurt me a couple of world war games or whatever -- and he's the reason planes that are. He talks about him they compare to like Jeter you know on the bench -- base and I think. They ended up on it didn't agree sent a player but he never any in May eventually I think you will remember and -- about right now. Right okay and -- to -- open border into this in I would I would Kennedy junior or ordering them you know. You know I would have been you know out. Well a couple of points about John a couple points couple points about what you said don't forget. Will little Brooks is in this discussion meaning that by their actions. And -- become exactly like you're there infielder or sudden tube in my next year in -- that you know. If they -- and I first base. Was -- on the learned that we sign up when the basic ultimately got -- is going to be in there and don't. Well it's interesting because you can have all different guys next year but. As far as pop I think that is a factor. I think I don't I by all accounts they didn't have the choice of giving the -- middle Brooks org -- yes because -- the they didn't have that choice I mean just by. Common logic part of the -- is going to the tiger's deal was affected Jhonny Peralta might be gone in their four. You know you -- shortstop you can stick in there and -- that lineup you can deal with whatever hits. -- -- Part of the reason why the Red Sox have middle Brooks Bogart's. And others did Iglesias didn't have one of the different -- is -- you're right I mean to go Bogut has nine -- -- -- fourteen home runs. In the minors this year whatever middle Brooks becomes he is a guy who's demonstrated he can hit the ball -- -- the ballpark so. Right. -- -- If you think about but also the trade situation and that the birds -- desperately need -- pitching you know I'm always start -- -- -- about 2011. And you know how we -- start five games in August and September you know they're they're scared yeah you got you don't -- not it would buckles. What stirred it up and down got serious you know this is over now -- -- the groin injury or whatever but -- -- -- you vote early in the season. You sort of episode they want you get preview we can obviously cops were too much. Employers and the money. Let what people turn into a good idea about property -- -- people were just they could match or talks and all the sudden that is yet. What to tour all the sudden realizing you'd have to write shortstop. And it just worked out it was almost advocate not going to Bogart's. -- -- to -- me. What are you expecting from TV tonight this Fenway debut. You know I. I think is mentality in this stuff he's gonna actually for coach -- well -- them. And I'm not gonna hang up on one night it may have nerves or whatever on his on -- -- in the I'm on the stage I think. It is I didn't attempt that it didn't and probably in it or not quality start and I -- And that's you know by a much you have to -- -- John thanks for the call -- appreciated by the way here's couple instinct I think steps. Jake Peavy. Has started more games against tonight's opponent the Arizona Diamondbacks in any of the team in his career. Of course he spent all those years in San Diego. The most starts he's made or 29 against the Arizona Diamondbacks. 24 against the Dodgers 25 against the San Francisco Giants. And everybody else is in the teens so he's made 29 starts against the Arizona Diamondbacks -- that's worth. He's thirteen and twelve in those 29 starts in the -- four point 66. He has made one career stark. At Fenway Park. To look back click on that -- one that was. Comedy made one career start at Fenway Park he pitched seven innings gave up six hits three runs give up a home run and they remember when -- -- a look at up. But if you're a member texting and calling. On the more charming about it's good deed in Connecticut Heidi if. Right what you meant you're -- shall thank you. I -- this -- is a worthwhile gamble but it Red Sox. They certainly are -- problems. And I think they had a strength and that is there a lot -- -- -- and looking forward. You know talk about Ronaldo and arms. Upcoming time and work and obviously. I'm actually aired their he'll likely that a trade where are quick retreat. Anyone out there five or six guys that are starting this year. Including PP you're -- and Buchholz or Lester I mean he get a lot of commodity well. It's interesting did you bring up the fugitive -- I was looking at this last week part of the numbers in front of me again but. Most the only guide it's committed for like two or three years is little is armed. Is mum Lackey I believe that they have for two more years. Com. About Buchholz so they've got Lester can make a decision on him next year peavy and Dempster around one year deals next year. So to your point they've positioned themselves -- this isn't the five year extension for Josh Beckett this isn't signing. Our John Lackey for six years or whatever was only signed -- pharmacy two years. They could transition staff as early as next year or they could give the Allen Webster's ruby dealer roses and others of the world the chances are losing even more. -- there and I wouldn't say they're loaded I sit when I'll say they're loaded when Alan Webster a ruby de La -- are one of the guys from their minor leagues a Workman. All of a sudden becomes one that liked to brought. That now they're loaded now when used come up from within and you feed the Major League team with a Jon Lester like they've done before now now you start to strengthen from within. While doubtful any -- strength I wanted to comment on. I actually happened Guerrero play at Salem. If you check the stats this guy's got like 88 games with three errors. Tremendous shortstop he's still basis. He played big time college program. And ASU. I airport aren't predicting impart -- And then you got -- got behind ball arts. -- however average. Like that -- -- -- they have the players on the left side you know. But god forbid anything happens to true between army and a year. But I assume it's an -- -- more than one guy on the -- action about what you got to let me. You too thanks for the called day it was good to listen you looking at Kevin Pereira right now Dave's point. I'm not seen him play but again remember that Devern Guerrero was a high draft pick two years ago -- Arizona State. Come in all. In 2012. He's aged 22 now. I played 64 games he had 248. At bats. And east hit to 68. At Salem. This year in 2013. He is. Where are we here Salem he's played 77 games he's hitting 305. He's got twenty doubles. One home run sixteen RBIs 101 total bases 35 walks 56 strikeouts. Eighteen stolen bases got a 334 on base percentage and he's a -- we numbers in Salem but again this was first round draft -- out of Arizona State. And pedigree as. Dustin Pedroia six or 77797937. Madonna Milbury before we take a break Janet Norwood Europe next played two and done. And it -- good. I don't wanna make a comment or busily closely. The 34 but -- look forward. You know what you know I -- I don't know the -- in the pitching coaches that the Red Sox. Then -- these genes in the week yeah okay. When when we're anxious that began the year as well and was faster he was -- was quick release and to play quicker you know. He every time to -- while he's in slow or did you think you should educate why didn't they straighten them. So totally. Okay it makes it even swap solidity. They do a lot of respect yeah. A real good residents in the dark you know. Somebody that can work with the younger kids sleep and it worked at that age and that the younger the Tibetan -- and. I so let me let me take a shot -- answering your question first the ball Cliff Lee is 34 years old who turned 35. At the end of this month second a ball Jon Lester is 29 years old he'll turn thirty in January series five years younger. That's number one that I would answer your question from the red hold on. I'm from the Red Sox what that would be a factor -- be the reason why wouldn't trade can be a factor now for I think you're onto something. Make a decision on Jon Lester pretty quickly. I believe besides all the visible to break a plea he signed just through next year and I don't think you have any options on him. So they gonna make a decision on Jon Lester Jon Lester is one of these guys. Like Dustin Pedroia like Kevin Youkilis like others that CEO during his ten year. Got to those guys before they got to free -- years like -- just did with Pedroia again and signed him to team friendly deals and bought out some free agent years. Tom Fisher cut it with Jon Lester so -- thought. About trading Jon Lester for Cliff Lee is not that far off except for the fact. He's five years old you I think you -- ask stuff how long clip Wii's gonna pitch. What looked -- city that is. Because you look at what work related -- -- right up emerged when you can add another guy I don't doubt that children again and -- -- So -- -- ignorance after doing the right candidate they really got some guys that play on the ball OK a couple of people that market expectations -- That's what you do which you had to go Indonesia. A little bit betrayed us and given candidate this year. Don your -- is called the the Phillies didn't trade Cliff Lee they weren't gonna trade him. By all cut and and whoever said that they -- Jon Lester in that that the deal was even on the table. Nobody could offer an adult obscenity. But it's sort of trying to make is that okay. Well -- women let me read in my feelings clear I'm not treated Jon Lester for. For Cliff -- straight up. I don't know now what she traded on the west that -- closely. OK straight up. Now not sure if I wanted to add them to eat if you include aspects. And that would have been fine with me because who who journalists at all but if you ask -- box -- dissolved -- They need to remember to -- on the tour and young which adorn. They're a young guys and work in the wings OK remember that you that they can do and expected in the -- activity anyway. Well thanks for the call -- gonna take a break. All I mean it's a little extreme I think there's some logic into exploring a trade like debt partly because of all we just talked about. What is Lester what are you gonna pay what are you willing to -- -- that decision. If it's gonna be made in the negative when I -- Jon Lester is an ice and -- opinion sixteen million a year for 56 years someone else well. Someone's gonna pay some would Lester pedigree that money if it's not going to be you know what are you gonna do you -- walk. Jon Lester contract he is signed -- for next year. At fort -- thirteen million it's a club option. I'm not sure the 2000 with a club option is -- no award bonuses was even. I'm not sure when they are now looked -- to break even -- amateur when they can exercise an option but he signed just through next year. Quick break we're back with more on WB yeah. Our enemies street union CO aroma or a boost we throw here a -- C. Yeah after Angel my fastball command such as -- -- tell you are not just really it's a clear though -- what my body that day and we do calling duties did it. I think when you're out here. -- you throw a fastball where we're all so so. They are completely and everything she got that your passport clear -- that should be scenarios says all -- -- be a bit earlier. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Orientation should give you hopefully she gets to work to win. Jake Peavy telling you what to look for tonight is Fenway debut. If you heard the game -- watch it on TV in that amiga they've shown shown you his fastball gold or salty has his Mitt. According to Jake Peavy that's going to be a good sign. That was on salt and -- this week here on WEEI Jake Peavy talking about is Red Sox debut it is not his Fenway debut. Pitched against the Red Sox at Fenway according to a Baxter. Here. News. Let me see at Boston and Austin scene. When he pitched last year here at Fenway. I don't see -- text is on the eighteenth -- text line now a lot of people coming up on. Get rid Buchholz to dawn c'mon if Lester is all -- why would Philadelphia against prospect of -- That makes zero sense. The Sox will deal Jon Lester in the off season a 100%. I looked up the numbers and break it here they are as far as age and contract situation for the Red Sox. Jon Lester is 29 who turned thirty this month he's under contract through next year and what that Lester under contract at the end of next year. Clay Buchholz 282029. This month. And he's under contract with two option years for the Red Sox to 2017. So four more seasons at an average. Of eleven million a year the way it works out -- buckled to seven point seven this year. Twelve next year than two options. 43 point five and 3.5. -- that puts haven't next year and two options up through sixteen and seventeen to thirteen and half million a year. So buckled just 29. Gonna be 29 AM under control for years Lester is 29. Gonna be thirty in my control for one year. Felix -- brought this point five years old he's not eligible to be free agent until 2018. They -- under control. For. 141516. And seven to four more years. Doesn't become free -- arbitration eligible for two more seasons. So Felix to Bryant is a guy that is going to be highly sought after. By other teams that are big market teams because that's the type of guys got control. And he's highly valuable a lefty who can win in the American League east. He's only 2.5 years all seems to be forgotten me and we get -- lease contract discussions John Lackey. It's 34 years old the Red Sox have them under control for two more years through 201590. Angie being with -- don't forget. He's gonna make fifteen point 25 million next year the Red Sox have an option. To keep him for 2015. At the Major League Baseball minimum salary. Because he had Tommy John surgery. Because they had a clause in his contract on the sign and they were worried about his elbow. And I believe that's related to its I believe that clause kicks in the the Red Sox can keep him in 2015. For the Major League minimum. I believe that's true. Not a 1000% sure know the clauses in his contract with thousands that your dad but I believe that the Tommy John surgery. Triggered that clause in the conch so they can keep Lester for two more years at 34. They can they have to brought under control a 25 -- perform more years. Jake Peavy they have for one more years 32 years old fourteen and a half million. Ryan Dempster they have for one more year 36 years old thirteen point 25000002 guys who could be gone at the end of next year all things being equal. The contracts in the same Jon Lester. Jake Peavy. Ryan -- And John Lackey they don't have to exercise that option if they -- back to the calls outscored buddy in a car hello buddy. I wanted to. On. That -- I don't know -- It. Injuries are part of the game girl called wade -- struggle. At all we -- to -- and I think in the same way. However once on this -- train a Crockett I'll play two weeks and help it grow on seventeen. And Joan -- sixty -- -- called -- talked -- -- Now. Well well OK so. Much second buddy let's look at Lester and Buchholz they're 28. In 29 okay they're gonna be actually this month they turn 29 and thirty. But the 29 and thirty. -- started signed the Red Sox have already made up their mind would Buchholz is he's a guy they want for the next four years under their control and an average of eleven million a year. At the party made that decision ever made -- decision on Lester yet. To meet for different reasons. You're asking the same questions about Lester and Buchholz is good they are at 2829 years all how -- they gonna beat. What are they gonna become consistently. We know would -- we have a better body of work would Jon Lester he's been able to stay healthy besides the cancer years he's been out there. And we know that he's at teases an ace but not a consistent enough ace. We also know teams don't necessarily need. -- to win a World Series called hasn't been able to stay healthy to meet buddy you can sugar coated anyway you want to know rather have a healthy. At the end of the year called for eleven million he needs to make 2532. Starts -- year. Ultimate not a product but he's still -- -- control and you know it's that he got during -- -- cannot not look at sabotage you know. Among the -- are probably you know start of the auto rotation for the next. Four weeks. Just sabotage itself you know not only October but those next three. Well part of that hard for those in the organization may be feel like -- you do. Meaning that for all the Red Sox fans clamor and buckle up there's celebrate it rip off -- shirt out their kitchen. Now they actually one of the things they gained with peavy is they don't have to rush sparkle back. Exactly making gain a little time. Now -- -- when you look at last there and it struggled I mean. For me personally you can create people can read whatever they want -- -- -- column what is it Bill Lester struggled let you know. Obviously it's consistent Q what are back compact. Compact mechanic and it seemed. You know probably -- Carolina colleague Gary said you know earlier this season he -- -- -- you look at all -- of the played out -- seem like he's got back into the rhythm -- it was right or and I began life I've now watched a lot of help -- on. I'm Lester struggled. He pulled his shoulder out early any -- I get away with a fastball and I know everybody can see that brilliant back -- many rely upon you know I've beaten out group. But I think the bigger spectrum and it's totally it's totally -- -- maybe it is an apartment -- not. It sure it short buddy it short thanks for the call it sure feels like it's -- mental. When you watch him Lester I think the biggest frustration for Lester would mean is what he's good so good. It seemed effortless. He's a horse. He's got the most far Brad legs and he just. Comes off that mound effortlessly and it feels like it visually that there is it. There isn't half the amount of pressure being put on his left arm as it is with some other pitchers because he's not violent it's just so flew -- so good so good. What it seems like. It's like a golfer. Cool scrambles on the first hole. And and it's it in the woods and the second can never recover. It just downhill after the there good golfers can scramble. It -- wanna won't throw out they come back the next shot. And they get -- Lester see it seems to mount. To me that's the frustrating things about watching Jon Lester when he struggles because so much is expected Afghans in Norwood again. But -- on tell us now on the like -- -- almost under look what what he kind of had -- Yankee who wouldn't you don't have this and that. But he is not an eight. In -- of that case and that they didn't. We have to create a lot of that you talked before about the need credit we then sent in your third baseman notebook and -- put out whether or not. While I am very -- at the end of the -- for a candidate or put -- politics. Which I'm making use -- solid number two Solomon creek and clear enough and it. He has but that left of that weapon power Mac -- would you nominate and never will be. Well I don't know about that. I mean he's twenty he's 29 years old and at times he pitches like an -- he's not an -- or give you that he hasn't demonstrated that wouldn't it. To the one that I'd recommend that you -- -- that the great selling point to get to another club. -- didn't think -- strikeout pitcher. Well Bob Bob. Well the reason not to reason you're not trade them for first baseman or third baseman is. 29 year old lefties -- -- his potential -- very hard to come by. Evidence that and we don't own the he'd he'd been there when it was valued. You do need him because at the end of next year. You gonna have a rotation these are the only guy you're gonna have. Under your control potentially Buchholz. And -- little and and buckles and new -- the end of next year. But colts -- -- brought potentially could be the only guy you have -- do you control your options that it can be different with black -- Let's talk there won't dispense them million fine bought into all eaten by a trigger -- it really under the senate. So but again your point about trading Lester I think. I understand your point thanks for the call -- Let's just got a lot of potential and if you don't -- if you're frustrated as the Red Sox much as fans get. Then why not explore trading -- to bring why. -- to me what I wanna bring back. Is a package you'd have to get a package for a guy cyclist. And the package would either have to include a pitcher who's been demonstrated. Better than him to some degree Cliff Lee more consistent an ace. At times. But more consistent top of the rotation guy or are. A superstar bad guy you could put in there and some prospects to feed your organization I mean you develop these drafted developed. Who brought John restaurant and that's while that shouldn't matter much anymore. It doesn't matter because you were able to reap all the benefits of Jon Lester within your system without having to go. Quote I just bought the Boston Globe American who spent twenty million pitcher. -- but they have that decision to make with Jon -- next year. Could break him back -- more Red Sox baseball is coming up at 630. Here on WEEI. Do you enjoy out taking your calls Christian -- and with the sports flashes. Christopher price coming up with -- an update from fox borrow patriots training camp and more after this. I thought he was Chris when he came out to start the game he was down the strikes on. You know that they lead off with a with a triple then when characteristic of secret drops on a bunt base hit for the RBI. And then the five and -- obviously he managed a lineup because it around. -- with a load the bases and understandably with a right hander coming but in that situation come back for them. -- -- John Farrell. Talking about talk about Lester last letter Dempster the night before. Talking about Dempster Jake Peavy making his debut for the Red Sox and I were talking about it leading up to Red Sox baseball here in WEEI around which -- I did find sorry to -- folks. They want to start that this is not PDs Fenway debut which is Red Sox Fenway debut. He pitched great game. On Memorial Day 2011. Was interesting news. Arm he went to know on that day. He pitched seven innings. Against Jon Lester Jon Lester had won at seven in a row. I had a seven game winning streak in Jake Peavy went seven innings six hits three runs. No walks to strikeouts 212 pitches over seven innings and beat the Red Sox. Can be Jon Lester. Lester went five and two thirds give up eight hits seven runs struck out four walked for 227. Pitches. -- five and two thirds I mean think about it. To affluent Lester had a start like he did last night. On this day on Memorial Day. Two years ago at Fenway against Jake Peavy now JP he's following up Lester here in August 1 Fenway Red Sox. Debut -- go to work. John in North Carolina hi John. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The reason I wanted to call all is Johnny Gomes. It seems to me that when he's in the line -- really good thing. Happened that at a major you know I don't hear more people talking about him. In my right that he only has a single year contract. -- yes. Odd what do you do you think he's got a future here seems to put his heart out more than miles. That's a good question. About his future Sharia meet junior here. You know Mike Napoli is signed for one year. Com Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Is up after this year. There's a lot of guys they have a lot of flexibility on this roster and trying to find gold loses. Contract I believe it was one year ten million dollars with the incentives. Then. I'll find it on to your point about why nobody's talking about it I think a lot of people are talking about Jonny Gomes. Me Jonny -- is your classic guy that goes beyond the numbers the effect he has on a team is significant. He did it would Oakland last year he did it would temple when he was with them he's done with the Red Sox. -- he's signed for two years five million this year five million next year. So he's here for next year. OK okay. I'm that big -- I'll say that let's as far as western concern. I think people were giving up way too quick on him. He's done well for a in the post feeds and you cannot deny he's not he's been good it's a forward -- -- needy people are. Russell did judgment that you'll. Threat anyway it's at parliament without popular. Our job thanks for the call I mean. I regret appointed 29 years old well my cozy Iglesias of the top of the show somebody called up cities tested. To know we've got sample of him. We don't in the past we have a sample. Small sample code sample a good first taste. -- -- Iglesias as a major leaguer but we got one of those will middle Brooks last year where ski we don't know what. Wouldn't it Wilma -- or Jose Iglesias is there's a problem. We sometimes feel like we don't know what Jon Lester is to what he's going to six Major League season noted -- being. That's the problem is and that's part of the problem court Thomas Salem -- Tom. Don't miss what. A couple of things that number on. I compliment you because. And that's not a problem and it's not because my -- went against you vote. Something about it. Hockey Bruins need to look at the Google -- I -- -- it's just I think he's been brilliant I eat very passionate. -- Although I heard -- -- another radio you know and I know it yet but I'm sorry excuse not you know good -- talking about. Yeah well but what you -- director I mean -- -- one hole. Let any act -- accident falling across. The unions that agree I totally agree we view and it. The time right now well on this and. It will come back. In action who produces something. I didn't and wouldn't fly -- I. That's the ultimate question Tom about what Iglesias is gonna become -- mean again. I don't think the average will be averages a factor the on base percentage is a factor. For two reasons with a guy like Iglesias one. You know if he's not gonna hit stock hit for power are paid extra bases. And if he's not gonna steal a lot of bases -- what is he offering offensively. Two if -- defense going to be that good you can live a little bit less of an average if I mean Alex Gonzales for all these years it fifteen point 15 home runs at times. So he was offered a little bit of pop he gave you spectacular defense anybody hit to twenty to thirty. But he hit eighteen home rocks. And that's these are -- though he stood back and -- it. I've heard -- is leading the league in fielding percentages -- shot. He's solid. I think he's solid Tom thanks for the call I think. I think Stephen Drew solid I'm glad they have -- right now meaning that it -- season's gone I'm fine with him as their everyday shortstop down the stretch. He's another guy who's been somewhat -- That's not completely fairies it's bad injuries that have kept the mile. But. He's your guy right now down the stretch. I wonder as Gordon -- brought up in his article when Bogart is going to be here or when middle Brooks is going to be here. 'cause what is the plan now that they've treated Iglesias on the stretch there are some holes they need to fill. One is a backup shortstop got to play if truth not around for whatever reason the game. The middle of the game whatever too is what it trickles down Hoosier -- your middle infielder. Your backup guy was Pedro Syria opera when the year started. And it was a Iglesias as the year moved on they treated Syria -- partly because of Iglesias. But now who is. Is that Bogart's and then Bush's third baseman. Coming up as a whole Snyder and how long is that gonna go browsing Chris and I Ralph. Which -- now was forced out that this was not this -- was torn apart about short while you. Don't expect so little click here was -- to this that was just it was forced to be able anyway you know but -- keep me -- me. -- expect companies and it helped that much. It's not a matter that the -- not the locals that go back in Vietnam War. Does this team you know go to the playoffs. All the shut -- Aren't all that talent toward it in which first bought the 78. Don't. It. Q what about -- and I thought were located at likely gracious 'cause I'd like you'll use. It'll -- its course so it it'll iron shots. Yet eagle tribe shortstop apple reach you know I love the. Why you -- go back to your political back to the TV thing for certain Ralph righty. Saying party continues he's not gonna matter. Well contraction government if you -- immediately your typical ballpark in Chicago had a four point -- that wrench which. Doing it in in -- sold well not yet because of -- yeah while he sits and -- also already I'm obviously the sugar and fine. Like Oprah I want the direction that I'm gonna make it feel about the fact that the prospects. I would -- seen. Not by any serious apology I'll -- I would give -- what. The -- it was talk about sort of bankable electoral outlook glad somebody. -- The big splash because I looked at some big -- order to actually you know what we're trying to go to the politically it's something that. I would put a package together something like. I agree I agree with you adapt points from -- -- its sports is imposing Fernandez and of that you think that's that. You put you need to get a power arm like they did when they traded Hanley Ramirez for Beckett or you may get a power bat. And a power bat is a guy who can be the middle of I mean again you gotta think of Ortiz who's gonna replace Ortiz in the middle of that world. -- -- to go to the world of Albuquerque is scheduled. We didn't -- I came back from an injury but -- -- put some particularly late according glee here what by the way Alan -- start. Hole -- -- -- -- little look at that particular what you're what. That's an offseason Ralph Ralph for. Rough that's an offseason move it's that's one usually doesn't get made at the all star break. You need the all star break is for when you're contending team. Bring in some hopefully reinforcements in. That are gonna do something for your club by the performance and by what they bring beyond that so I don't disagree -- -- -- -- days. I disagree -- you Ralph about that come out of PV guy one of them to get him so. We'll see what's gonna happen. But here's what let me put my rose colored glasses my -- glasses on for a second here's what I like that I think he brings to this team and may be wishful thinking and thinking -- But Curt Schilling a light. -- what I'm saying please Curt Schilling like he's a veteran who made most of his bones in the National League. He's a guy unlike showing it was not tasted the post season and not tasted success. In the post and you only had two games he's 32 not 36. He's a power arm. Who's been here before and now a chance to go to the World Series and he's talked about that this is what. They're a lot -- to pick -- like two. I mean you can't start right. Who. Better pitchers Ryan Dempster not that -- by years ago but certainly at the back of a lot out there where once. I I what you're like -- and I don't know much more out of that I -- a lot of. I don't Ralph fumbling the good in numbers ever watched him pitch in a Red Sox uniform watched a lot of his starts. I just like the make up there's a lot of things I think he could bring to this date we could look back on and say. While I was predictable -- -- bulldogs this guy you know. I get rose colored glasses here's the other thing. What was I would -- -- -- -- that's -- it. That would have been Cliff -- that if that's the case or it would have been GR Carlos there or would have been a bigger name and again. I think rarely did those guys get traded at the trade it. You know usually it it used to be in the past. That part of the reason you would traded Giancarlo Stanton at the trade deadline is you gonna get all four. Right more than you get in the offseason because that team was not only gonna get him for the stretch run but if you didn't -- -- your team you're gonna get draft. So you not only took less of a risk because you could assign him and -- -- for the future but if you didn't you gonna get a high draft pick unit at the draft pick anymore. So which changed. Time for not a break top of the hour coming up we got an hour and a half to go Red Sox baseball. The Arizona Diamondbacks at Fenway Jake Peavy making at the start stick around as more come on yeah.

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