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Butch Stearns - How Will the Jake Peavy Trade Work Out for the Red Sox

Aug 3, 2013|

Butch Stearns discuss the Jake Peavy trade as he will make his first start tonight for the Red Sox against the Arizona Diamondbacks. How will Peavy do as the Red Sox battle for the playoffs with 51 games left? Lester had a rough outting last night and the team needs Peavy to step up. Butch is expecting a lot and so are most of Red Sox nation.

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Aren't aware it's -- it's good stare and swore off a lot of -- toward this guy butch stairs. Itself. Who experienced in the year I think. You'll I did well a sports insider. -- -- there and now here for -- -- -- on the WEEI Sports Radio network. And happy Saturday do you law. All the first weekend in August. I'm what -- serious talks of sports leading up to Red Sox baseball. 112. Game of the year for the Boston Red Sox tonight and the debut of Jake Peavy a Red Sox uniform. I do and everybody out there and join this weekend 6177797937. As the number. Once again 6177797937. Text on the AT&T text line at 379. B three set. A lot talk about as usual. Mostly around your Boston Red Sox they are now commanding our full attention. Wasn't that long ago where they just kept winning and winning and winning and -- in first place at the end of every month and we just never seem to talk about them they were never top of mind. Starting with the beginning of this year it was the patriots in the playoffs it was all kinds of stuff. Asides. The Boston Red Sox the Iron -- this situation the Bruins Stanley Cup run the Celtics. Transition. But now Red Sox are front senator top of mind and now since we passed the trading deadline this week. Boston Red Sox are still -- for first place but what will happen the rest of the way they have made a move a couple of moves but the significant move. Takes the mound at Fenway tonight. I think you on how I feel if you listen last week I wanted this to happen. And I don't think any of us thought -- clay season is going to be in the deal body wise. So I would like to discuss that in particular with you would see you guys feel about that -- forward. Before Jake Peavy makes his start. Here's what I meanwhile -- again tomorrow at 4 o'clock and we can talk about Jake Peavy after he makes his start and people definitely have more reactions. Then why I'm curious how you feel about having peavy on the stress and I'm curious about a couple of questions from the throw one. Do you like the trade. You know I've read and heard a lot partly to get a pulse today before he's about to make his first start. And see if you like to trade in if you do lie and if you don't -- I think if you do. You feel like -- TVs. -- got 51 games left to play. And Jake Peavy all things being people's -- ten starts down the stretch. Was gonna make the rest of their starts let's think about this time last year. Even though Lester continues to ride that roller -- Last we -- here talking about Jon Lester the case tonight we're talking about Jon Lester struggled through five innings. It is -- good Arizona Diamondbacks team but in all not a good start. And a Red Sox lost the game basically because a lot talk about him last -- game too by the way rock COLT Jonny Gomes on him for him and -- like that. I understand they want to put the bunt down but they didn't understand why Brock colts here because he can play shortstop that departed treated Iglesias. But again back to the PB question to -- is gonna make it does. He have to do. In those ten starts and beyond if you're one of those people are either on the fence about the -- don't like it what does Jake -- have to do in your mind. To change -- Port to push you off that thanks to say that was a good -- That's the type of move you make to get you over the hump get you to the ALCS maybe Richard two World Series maybe when Jude championship. What does he have to deal. To me. He's got a put up quality starts he's got to get some wins it's all about wins. Got to contribute to wins I'm not sure he gets the W or not I don't care. I don't think he cares a lot of things I like about this guy but I'm looking forward to seeing him pitch and Red Sox uniform. I like what everybody says about him that he's a Bulldog it. He's hard on himself that he takes every start seriously I like the fact like I said last week for the trade was made that they've added a veteran. A guy who's been through some stuff. I don't that we pitched in two playoff games and lost both. That's partly a factor they played for the San Diego Padres for most. Of his career though this is a Cy Young candidate. Top of the rotation guy is -- that guy anymore I don't know. He's got that stuff but he's got that added green it's been added. For whatever it's -- And how long however rear its head go to bat he's got that stuff to bring to a Red Sox -- run and I think that's pretty cool. I think his teammates feel the same way -- takes the mound today. Now we're gonna get to see him in a Red Sox uniform. Wanna start by start basis and we'll have different opinions about it so I'd like -- know why you feel about the trade portrayed I'm sure. As you thinking about Iglesias. Well let's go through the carousel of Red Sox shortstop since -- bing Bada boom bottom thing about a boom renteria. On and on. Stephen Drew wasn't it Lacey is going to be to shortstop of the future what happened along the way. What happened along the way besides effectively -- over 400 for two and a half month -- -- affected the -- at 330 yeah he hit eight. -- wall we talked about that last week I was wary of the wall that he hit what that would mean for the stretch run. But. You gotta give up some and get something in you got some. So he had to give up some there was not gonna be Zander -- it was not gonna be Jackie Bradley junior by all accounts it was not going to be. Com. Alan Webster. Maybe even Brandon Workman or other pitching so it was. A potential phenom at shortstop is the real question. Pass to be what do you think cozy glee season is going to become as a Major League. In other words we know his defense is spectacular. We've seen it probably not enough that we heard enough people talk about. He's just a natural he's one of those guys like Alex Gonzales. He -- just the natural. And that's gone. And that saves wins that saves runs that wins ball games so whatever it averages. To meet with a guy like that you know. Years and years and years ago for those of you old enough to remember there was Paul Blair and there was other guys that were so good defensively. That you know. Their average under the Mendoza line didn't matter what is Jose -- is going to be for the Detroit Tigers and whoever else he plays his career for and what the Red Sox. End up regretting this clearly they got. A relic for a young -- I. I mean and Detroit these the moves were obvious in this. You know Jhonny Peralta is probably going down on this blog this thing and they're gonna need shortstop. And they're gonna plug into a pennant race our guy would spectacular defense a guy that it out wall. But now he's rejuvenated and in uniform and out to prove something and hasn't tasted the Major League but what's gonna become next year. She beat tiger starting shortstop going forward. For the future and beyond -- -- right now it looks like it. And that's what you just gave up starting every -- player. For a veteran pitcher for a year and a half in your uniform. Maybe beyond if he pitches well. So how you feel about a -- years probably part of the trade you know. Couple things before we go to the calls one is. I am like everybody else I would love to see Zander Bogart's appear to see -- little books appear to I do understand. That rock Holtz. Is up here because he can play shortstop Stephen Drew goes down brought hope is gonna come in a short in that game. That's part of the reason he's up but guess what. Last much Alexander Bogut can play shortstop to. Lean to being not wanna bring up Zander Bogut right now for the stretch -- -- for what reason they don't buy their actions for what reason. I -- -- service time issue thanks. Is inexperience issue and it works both -- -- -- is in May see Manny Machado did last year. Is that a factor. Oddly bench Harrington baseball ops over there has a really good handle on their prospects. I would love to be behind the scenes and see how. They said what the deciding factor noise hey guys we really given up ugly scenes -- when did -- change they made a lot of moves. Based on Jose Iglesias be in their shortstop for the future when did that change. Or did. In other words did they sit there and say. Bogart's is now going to be our shortstop of the future willing to give up goalie sees. Ward did Detroit come out say that and they say well now we got to make a decision they made that decision on the spot. So why isn't Bogart's up here now in your opinion. Left to talk about that a little bit -- -- Brooks -- -- What's middle Brooks -- down there. To -- people he's still the same guy was get a big -- swing but he's also got that out to get hit some home runs in shouldn't he be part of the stretch -- So what talk about what the Red Sox six on 77797937. Text on the AT&T text line at 37937. We've got John Henry -- in the globe I've got some thoughts about that charm and a little bit later -- that. And patriots a lefty or for any of you. Who -- down the patriots camp I've not had a chance traveled on business Sanford Cisco this week. And I have not had a chance to get down -- patriots -- I want your impressions of owning up -- everybody. Globe to Harold WB -- dot com Christopher prices get a -- homes are gone crazy. -- but I would love to hear your impressions about the new guys about the receivers about what you see in Foxborough let's kick things off with cannon Hartford okay. -- -- And then a couple of things which he won in architecture and -- -- the last. Shipment Lester probably about it. That was you ask -- it's the wealth that chip on this side and I do remember you saying that. You -- Europe for people who don't member he said he's got to lose fifteen pounds -- Okay. I'm just look. I'm not -- ride this roller coaster of a Lester guy. I've always liked him -- form. I like what what a win John Farrell was the pitching coach asked them one day of spring training what do you like so much about Lester why get so much potential he said. Two things one legs. -- he pitches with his lags that the guys that succeed over the years it started with Tom Seaver and other state that's what they do they drive. The other thing he said was Lester repeats his delivery his release point all the stuff he's like he's like. Tactically mechanically sound now somewhere along the way. That's changed the rule it's like a golf game to me with -- the room for error. Like Lester is one of those guys who can hit the ball 300 yards off the -- right but when he misses it's from its in the woods. My game you know if I miss it you know it's like Ryan Dempster Ryan Dempster misses it it's still in the fairway -- still in the rough. It now so I don't -- I don't know how to qualify. Wanna fire last or I do know that he's the ultimate tease we can pitch a game like last week in Baltimore. To put them in first place and act like an ace and then come out last night in labored through five innings what is. He -- what is it. I think he he's Ed case he is China's -- -- reincarnated. In -- leverage -- -- to put. I remember John -- John Tudor was a whole lot and now. Seattle when you -- a head case what do you base that are just as mannerisms is but you know -- Ignorant to watch him and he had a and one other -- -- you know logical that people touches. You cannot count -- -- dumpster. The launch in that rotation but it got a guy out there like Workman who's given -- free quality starts -- who earned runs or less. And did -- the only reason likely come back. Okay. The great comeback was -- -- I opened -- and Stewart I think he's dumpster he would -- community he used to treat these six. So you're. Below normal little confused that what you're saying he's -- -- big Dempster out of rotational work and handled. A -- and I will explore that thanks for the call can. And the one -- one -- -- and I'm an image. With Penn State these -- game should intriguing below 500 at a team that is 22 games over five country. -- don't. About -- c'mon -- uncle -- just winds don't go by just wins and losses. It -- at 100 what -- started there. Is under 500. Okay so in a break here's a nominal look up for up to look up the Red Sox record. In the games he started which is more important to me than his record of wins and losses okay that's more important to me. And when you look at when you do that focus on -- ERA. So. And -- and I mean he's up for its rich doctor and he's a fourth or fifth starter. He's got a sector rankings and make it okay let's not forget that what you all right. -- -- -- call. You know look. Go to the break we'll come back we'll talk more specifically about Kenny went in Red Sox pitching I think you have to factor all of that and hear the up and down last year. What you're gonna get from Buchholz if anything. Down the stretch. What Ryan Dempster is and what he'll be going forward same as John Lackey seem as he would -- brought same of Brandon Workman C game is Jake Peavy. You've got some. You've got some ammunition you've got -- sort of bolsters. Don't start with a -- gonna pitch Jake Peavy to make it ten starts down the stretch in the first once tonight. Let's talk about your WB yeah. Yeah it was inconsistent location within the strike -- and he didn't create any additional issues by fishermen who walks. It was more you know and try to go away from some right -- that he pulled the ball back a little later in her third. -- Ross to -- -- Not as sharp as on site as soon as he's been the last couple times out. For. Point one innings eleven hits six runs all earned the home run six strikeouts no walks. Six strikeouts no walks 102 pitches thrown in for an third. You just after after the five nothing seven inning jam. We gave up four hits. No runs eight strikeouts to walks through 99 pitches over seven innings. Against the Orioles for Jon Lester. In the breaks somebody brought up Ryan Dempster -- from Hartford say he's the one. That maybe should sit down that question is gonna come up sooner than later. And here's the reason why hearing your starters for the Red Sox for the last 51 games Lester Lackey do -- PV. Dempster. Would have you gonna get a buckle. And may be Workman who was just sent down. So there's 51 starts who's gonna get to meet four guys are gonna get ten. My guess those four guys are going to be Lester Lackey do brought in PV. That's my guess. Op -- put Dempster is in that mix. It's somewhere there and sold sparkles I'm assuming -- is only gonna get five starts the rest of the way based on the rehab time he gets up and maybe it's more. It may be its last for these guys. But we all know the answer to this. It's like where we're gonna play Willie McGee where all these guys gonna pitch and one of the gonna start. We know the answer the pad answer and it always comes true is somehow these things take care of themselves. Meaning that. Someone's gonna come up with a hamstring -- someone's gonna come up with a store -- Something's gonna -- with a gonna miss a couple of starts and it all gets split up the decision gets made for you but it doesn't. What do Buchholz is up here in three weeks. And he's got seven national starts to make one of these guys has to sit and go to the bullpen performance will dictate that. Who's it going to be good right now two meter all baggage from our back. Lester. So -- the numbers I looked up -- break for whatever it's worth. Lester has made 23 starts he's ten and six. During that time the Red Sox are fourteen and nine in those 23 starts that's the team record. He's born -- in its last seven good but it did team beat your team records okay. So the team and Lester 23 starts as fourteen and nine the team in the last seven starts -- 13 not good enough. John Lackey made nineteen starts his record seven and eight the team is nine and ten in his nineteen starts teams four and three and the last seven again. Inconsistent. Felix don't -- is seven and five. He's made nineteen starts the team's ten and nine in his starts in their three and four in the last seven. Ryan Dempster has made 22 starts this is why. The pitchers individual record does not matter as much as some other numbers here's the numbers -- -- In the 22 games Ryan Dempster started the Red Sox are twelve intent better than -- better than -- do Bryant. He's pitched a 127. Innings. In 22 starts he's pitched into the sixth and seventh inning most of that aren't as he carries four point five -- -- six and one. In the last seven games that Ryan Dempster starts you see that got -- right now. Teams won more games with him in the lineup what's Jake -- gonna do how does he fit into -- -- buckles going to be back. Again these things will somehow take care of themselves but if they don't. How why and who are you making these decisions we'll go to rich in Providence high rich. What happened to butch you. Pretty good Larry -- don't want it. Well that's interesting about Dempster. I I think that. He is getting older. He's what 3536. Who -- -- -- -- he. Let me take a look let me go to the roster -- get a -- I think he's 34. But I'll look at the roster. Okay because. I pray that like he's not like 100% so my estimation is that if you didn't have the two week spring up Workman. Let him hit the bills like one or two stars that will give him rat who did it to get 100% of very close. Talking about Dempster. Yeah looking first of all he's 36 he turns 36 and man made me he signed for next year at fourteen million or whatever his thirteen point five million. So -- and Jake Peavy both are signed for thirteen and fourteen million for next year for -- weren't there required. In two completely different ways one was signed as a free age in the off season one yet to give opposing Iglesias so your point is take Dempster. Sit him down for a couple weeks and the reason is why. Because of the page and I've heard that he's he's got like some kind of according polar of them or he's not 100%. -- with his agent everything. And work that is picked him so well give Dempster a few weeks off let him rest up let them get as healthy as it at the hands of those -- -- And then leave and not work when it's those well. -- -- -- I don't mind this suggestion again they're gonna have to be some moves made in PV start will start people think it. In what direction tonight one way or the other will overreact like we always do. Which is fine but. Here's here's the thing. Did Red Sox do based summit they're thinking on innings pitched. In other words they don't you don't -- that Workman has had a light workload most of the year I'll have to look up is exactly innings. So you're right he's got a young arms they're fresh on. But again here's the reasons why you don't sit Dempster gone. The one number just gave his team six and one in his last seven. When he's -- there when in baseball games. Yeah but what if you'd like you know. What if Blake I'm just saying he's on the slide right now because he's not fully you know he's -- he's -- On the slide he's well he's had qualities aren't quite anyway. I thought -- point here's my other point days. You know Dempster here's Dempster is innings pitched. The last few years okay 2012. Where they're gonna add this up Texas in Chicago 155. Occasionally missed made 28 starts the three years before. 202 innings 34 starts to 153423120633. For a four year period. He made every single start and pitched over 200 innings. This is a guy who's used to do it now I'll look up his numbers in the next break for April excuse me for August and September. Just to make your point further rich to see how he pitches down the stretch based on most 170. Innings and beyond. You know going -- again. I like your thinking and I just -- in -- I think Dempster might be the first person that comes to mind I mean nobody wants to sit Lester but nobody wants to sit Lackey. Do brought sort of sort of just methodically goes out there and just gets it on doesn't make you put sodas -- why why is -- stood there the main man now because -- -- agers and. Well yeah I mean you'd like you know it says you know 36 years old he's not like he was like 45 years ago in terms of I think his his durability is longevity. Is being able to. You know be -- be as effective as he was but I -- you know I could be wrong on this and I C -- -- have seen how effective -- All I'm saying that if you give. Dempster. A few weeks to rest. -- continue to work well. -- he you know you have dumpster like you know it is flaky you've given -- breath at a time -- in the face that he is 36 years old. All right thanks for the call -- to one other thing problem I -- would daddy's you know you Shelvin guys for two weeks -- not just gonna come right back in court right into the rotation. You know. Mean rest would to me would be that you'd skip a couple of starts putting the ball any commitment wrong relief he's still gonna pitch inside days -- just. You know. Saga quarterback he's thrown in and especially in endured a stretch for a stamp calls let's go to Paul in -- -- hello all -- on WB. Good afternoon -- -- do when you. Okay I'm not that crazy about the glacier it's trade because. -- me it doesn't make a lot of sense in the way of trading a hitter who's hitting 300. Well over 300 notice about a -- -- going -- you know very slick fielder Aaron. And I know you know if TV helps -- win the World Series. No matter even if -- Iglesias turned out the beer. Outstanding -- shortstop -- will probably work there are. I'm this concern you know that TV's wondered downside of his career what is age it is in the he India is not notes in the forwards you know and Iglesias. It's -- It's not over it's he's good and -- possibly. If the end that didn't quite close to 300 being -- Getting it's getting out the smoke any such as slick -- within a field that every time that we play Detroit you know. Well you know it's still -- belt line why don't we get players like that. So you rightly Iglesias is always going to be what could have been in a Red Sox uniform I guess the real question is. You know for the rest of this year in part of the reason they made this trade is to bolster. Their pitching. For what's turned out to be a surprising year. For the rest of the stretch run in a division. Where by the way you could win 95 games and maybe not make the playoffs because Tampa's pitching is so. I yelled out. So Jake Peavy by the way is 32 he turned 32 and may now. So what's interesting about that is not Ryan Dempster 36. They've got to sign for this year and next at 32 and 33. Many pitchers pitched well in their early thirties many pitchers pitch well into their late thirties look occurred -- And look at others that have done. So -- appointed you -- for a year and a half he traded whatever Jose goalie sees gonna become for a year and a half. Which I don't think anybody's gonna argue that Jake Peavy is in his prime. But again I don't. Bore you -- all of them but I had a whole -- list last week why I wanted Jake Peavy. One was his experience for the stretch run to was his pedigree. And what dad brings to a locker room and how comfortable -- Red Sox and I'm gonna feel with him on the mound three is his makeup. Think the big guy from all we've heard on the comport to see you met tonight and see in that beyond. And four is whatever is left an unarmed for next year and beyond possibly. Because if Jake -- start doing really well you talk about an extension. In the middle of next year or you could trade -- And it could go the other way get somebody Beckham returns so I'd like to trade for a lot of reasons. To meet you -- keep an all your prospects if Jose Iglesias it's 300 for his career and please type of defense that he's capable of it was a mistake but then again you rationalize -- if they won the World Series -- understand. I just. I mean I wonder what the thinking was that they gave up on a goalie sees and I don't think it was that so much I think it was you know. When you -- it trading got to get sucked it up Iglesias had that much value you know -- -- -- be Bogart's. They have to believe the Bogart is going to be the shortstop and -- why don't you feel that way. Yeah I mean I mean a lot of good points to both TV and I -- you know I think that the reason that they. They've betrayed it wasn't given up on equates here's it was it was taken that chance to make it seem better. So -- -- you could make a run you know I -- the World Series. Well I don't disagree be a little bit Paul part of this trade was given up on a glazed eyes. Just don't there's no way around that he was gonna be the shortstop for the future and now he's not in by the way. He's got to the major leagues before Bogart's he's had more success in the major leagues before a lot of their prospects. And he's -- it to different position three different positions he's played third base in his debut for that. So it's started to make people think what this guy's gonna be disturbed play in the Majorly to the third or short. Limbaugh completes third or short so I don't think we need to shy away from the affected parties harsh as this sounds. Part of the reason they made this trade or a factor in the trade with them saying. All the places we traded -- obviously not our shortstop anymore of the future so who it's got to be Bogart's. In my -- But art is completely untested. -- right to believe he has there has been tested you know he can do you know. Know that he can be really well -- and it can be really. I got to move on thanks for the call really appreciated. I'll disagree with -- -- a -- got a little said Paul that he's been tested he's been sampled. OK we got a sample of Jose Iglesias. You know if you've ever spent time in Columbus, Ohio they call it America's test market they threw Iglesias up for a couple months in Columbus and they went all the houses and and had people sample Jose Iglesias and so far they liked what they saw. But he's not been tested -- battle tested. He's been -- Quick break we're back with more on WB. We came back -- -- -- and just unacceptable especially after last night. Got to pick up down. We'll pick a purple and I've seen him do that suspension my fault and they do their -- when people -- -- in a way that's that's what it comes down to finally beat them again. Jon Lester knows what his job is he knows this better than anybody else and he did not do his job last night it got Dempster picked up the team. Win the first game of the series. Keep the team in first place to raise -- parts of the -- are are still. In first place with 51 games left to go. They are one game ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays they afford half games ahead of the Baltimore Orioles. Eight and a half ahead of the Yankees a look at the wild card standings don't forget to teams make the wild card to Red Sox. Are one game up on Tampa Baltimore. Texas a half game up on Cleveland for. On the Yankees now are not want him -- on campus because that's for the division one of those teams of the wildcard Nadia via text on the eighteenth he text. Peavy has to show me that he can beat the AL east. Good point and make a note that I momentarily look up his record whatever it's worth against the AL east. I'll -- he's a great pick up we will pay a long term Iglesias was legit. -- -- is a third baseman and not a shortstop there is a huge void. To think about Boca in a third baseman not shortstop. I do -- -- needs has an excellent article -- I just treated out he wrote two days ago when he ESPN boston.com. That's Zander Bogart's waits in the wings is quote in your John Farrell. He has quotes him from then charity and about Bogart's. -- Gordon points out some very very interesting thought provoking things here. One of them that. Over the last ten games Bogut is hitting 371 the whole premise of this article is he's coming. Sandra Bogart is coming yep things have to be done the Red Sox have to purchases contract -- to put him on the forty man roster yet he's nineteen years old. But as it as Gordon points out. Manny Machado was nineteen on the Orioles called them up to the big leagues last summer he would play 109 games of the double -- level not in Tripoli. Any help. The Orioles make the playoffs down the stretch your house -- we'd point to -- 63 games in the minors. Only forty as high as double a when he was brought up to the Dodgers. In this is a very interest in one they're eighteen position players -- is -- 22 years older or younger in the big leagues currently according to Gordon. Eighteen position players 22 years. Or younger guys the BC nightly and highlight clips like Mike -- price -- will Myers. A Yasser -- week meaning which shot. How times have changes court points out in 1964. The year when nineteen year old we can -- arrow -- defend we need a home run in his first at bat there were 67. Position players point to a younger compared to eighteen today. And that's in 1964 when there which is twenty Major League teams just two thirds of the thirty teams in existence today. Interest so. The question about Bogart's. It's not a question according to Gordon he's come. And he's coming -- And he's gonna play third base probably has a lot of questions around. You know how to get it done -- advise contract cool what changes on the forty man ya ya -- all that stuff but what Bogart's going to be here -- here to stay. The shot was harper was trial was we -- -- will will Bogart to be here to stay. As Gordon says and again I really recommend this article the end of it the sharks sharks showed faith in the young Jackie Bradley junior. They did this David Iglesias now is the time to do the same for Bogart's he's coming unfinished question -- sure. He played only a handful of games at third base overmatched it's so it won't be for long and it's certainly aware of bringing him here to find out let's go to George in Cambridge next -- George. Are you doing doing well. During -- discussion. At first I think it's a great deal it's not like an oil especially in. -- you Beckett pitching so important so I mean I'd. But give -- the one reason why. Jake Peavy is good deal for the -- Got a couple of reasons first person when this. Look at back at previous five an old. And yes he area eight point 59 and his plan -- Last six starts -- Chicago. As last six starts and Chicago. Pitched seven innings six innings -- eggs on the fourth of July Iraq in Seattle. Four innings he had two bad starts. In his last six get a complete game 21 win against Miami on May 25. Yet he just came back really it Memorial Day June I'm not sure where you get most -- George well I'm. That's opening picked up on the Internet. That in his last at least I've been on the last six starts with the support that night but your second point and I really like do we define that. That. I was at that it's not a matter of testing vs samples and that's where I think it can be made very clear. You know. I purchased. Would they be. You might say that they gave technical issues was tested. That for four years and he hit 200 in the low to winners in the minors. Whereas. Yeah but I think we can have it both ways in other words John Valentin was one of those guys who hit did not do well in the minors and when he came to the major leagues. He became a better hitter and he was for his whole career. It was also a guy you could count on most of the time to hit the clutch. Maybe Iglesias becomes that kinda guy but to your point Georgia when I agree on it he's not tested we don't have enough from a sample disable what he's going to be is a Major League. That that's the good point and and in regard to samples. That is that's what applies to 400 hitting spree that. The -- it was on and in the last again in the last three weeks we find him hitting -- 167. So that raises the question. About the race before white immigrants actually come out. I think it could be very you know can be very possible that -- hitting streak might have been created by PED. Well I don't know about dynamo from willing to go there. And again. -- I mean let's put both sides of the fence here to the red -- shipped out Jose Iglesias yes did they give up on him as their shortstop by the future yes. Was at the primary reason they made this trade is that what. What led to this -- know the trade was made to acquire your Jake Peavy. Those other things were by products -- what it did their factors unique to admit them. As a Red Sox fan and if you're behind the scenes and pulled the trigger on this bench Harrington needs to admit. That they get by their actions they gave up on -- Iglesias by their actions. They were probably concerned about the dip. And the young player and what he did and and probably being in Maine made a judgment call on what he com. If they really thought he was gonna be at 330 hitter and play the type of defense that he was gonna play with the have made this deal. Probably. One -- down we get to a half hours to go leading up to Red Sox baseball phone lines are lit -- -- Andy Keith and Don you guys -- -- up next. I'm what Stearns did enjoy -- screening your calls it will be painful process Christian -- measures sports flashes. We at WEEI team solid go one match tonight here down the stretch one ready for cigarette.

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Wyc Grousbeck, Celtics Owner: Reflects on the Boston Marathon tragedy 4-15-4

Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck joins Mut and Merloni to discuss and reflect on the Boston Marathon Bombings a year later.

Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, on the Celtics, 4-10-14

Jackie MacMullan talks some Celtics with Mut and Merloni as the season is winding down and the team is positioned to have a high draft pick.

Shabazz Napier joins Joe …

Shabazz Napier joins Joe and Dave as the UConn Huskies are honored at Fenway Park

UConn Point Guard, Shabazz Napier joined the guys for a half inning and talked about his experiences in college, his reasoning behind completing his education, and growing up in Boston.

Jonny Gomes with Joe Castiglione & Rob Bradford after the crazy win at Fenway

Joe & Rob talked to Jonny Gomes after the dramatic run-off win at Fenway over the Orioles.

Joe and Dave postgame with David Ross 04-17-14

Dave O'Brien and Joe Castiglione talk with Red Sox catcher, David Ross, who had the go-ahead RBI tonight as the Red Sox beat the White Sox behind a brilliant pitching performance from Jon Lester.

Pierre McGuire, NBC Sport…

Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, Bruins- Red Wings 4-22-14

Pierre McGuire of NBC Sports joins the program to talk about Game 3 between the Bruins and the Red Wings. He also discusses the issue of targeting player and weighs in on Matt Cooke's vicious knee hit to Tyson Barrie.

Dale and Holley with Patrice Bergeron live from Detroit

Dale and Michael speak with Patrice Bergeron on the phone from Detroit on Marathon Monday fresh off a Bruins optional skate. Patrice talks about the B's slow start in game one, putting it all together for the team in game two, how the rest of this series might play out, and what this anniversary of the Boston Marathon means to him.

Bruins' Enforcer Shawn Thornton Talk with D&C After Game 2 4-21-14

Thornton joins Dino and Gerry to recap Games 1 and 2, discuss Brendan Smith challenging Chara, and preview Game 3 in Detroit.

Boston Marathon director …

Boston Marathon director Dave McGillivray 4-22-14

Dave called in to discuss the epic Boston Marathon.

Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: David Gregory is tanking 4-22-14

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed David Gregory's tanking Meet The Press ratings.

A great Marathon Monday 4-22-14

The guys opened the show by discussing yesterday's Boston Marathon and Kirk's run.

Pierre McGuire, NBC Sport…

Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, Bruins- Red Wings 4-22-14

Pierre McGuire of NBC Sports joins the program to talk about Game 3 between the Bruins and the Red Wings. He also discusses the issue of targeting player and weighs in on Matt Cooke's vicious knee hit to Tyson Barrie.

Daily Diamond: Pittsburgh and Milwaukee clear benches in big brawl, April 22, 2014

Mut and Merloni discuss the latest brawl between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Pittsburgh Pirates

Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, Previews Bruins-Red Wings 4-18-14

Pierre McGuire of NBC Sports joins the program to talk about the creativity of Red Wings coach Mike Babcock as well as the potential for physical play in the series.

Does anyone really miss J…

Does anyone really miss Jacoby Ellsbury in a Red Sox uniform 4-22-14

We discuss the return of Jacoby Ellsbury to Fenway Park, including why he left Boston, and what the crowd reaction will be for him.

DJ Bean live from Detroit previews Round One Games 3 and 4. 4-22-14

We check in with Mr. Bean live from the D to preview two games of Bruins-Wings action.

What's wrong with the 2014 version of Clay Buchholz? 4-22-14

We discuss the harsh start by Clay Buchholz, and how the turnaround from last season's start has been disturbing to watch if you're a Sox fan/

Rick Middleton joins Plan…

Rick Middleton joins Planet Mikey

Nifty jumps on the Planet for an hour.

Red Sox lose to the Orioles 2-1 on Opening Day

Lou Merloni did play-by-play with Joe Castiglione today and then joined The Planet Mikey Show to talk about what went wrong, and a few things that went right as the Red Sox started their campaign to defend their World Series title.

Chris Price joins John Ryder to talk the Patriots' newest acquisition

WEEI.com's Chris Price joins John Ryder and Chris Villani on Planet Mikey to discuss the signing of Revis Island

Fantasy Football Off-Seas…

Fantasy Football Off-Season Podcast 4

The 4th addition of WEEI’s Fantasy Football Offseason Podcast is loaded and ready. In this week’s conversation Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson of Rotobahn.com dig into the sinking draft stock of Teddy Bridgewater (much too their chagrin), while refocusing and emphasizing the immense scouting work done by Pete on players like Bridgewater, Zach Mettenberger, Blake Bortles, Bishop Sankey & Lache Seastrunk. Also, Jim & Pete touch on news from around the league regarding new Jet, Chris Johnson, Montee Ball in Denver and help you tune out all of the negative noise some in the media are trying to push. We’re not buying! Lots of Football love in this podcast for the Football lover. Enjoy!

Pod Man Rush: DJ Bean and Greg Wyshynski on Bruins-Red Wings

Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports joins DJ to break down the first-round matchup between the Bruins and Red Wings. Also discussed is Zdeno Chara's Norris candidacy, transparency with voting for the NHL awards and whether the Canadiens will get out of the first round.

Minor Details Ep. 79: The meaning of winning in the minors with Carlos Febles, Evan Lepler

The Red Sox' High-A minor league team in Salem recently had a 16-game winning streak that spanned two seasons. So what? From the standpoint of making prospects better and fostering player development, does that matter? Salem manager Carlos Febles (who managed Salem for the end of their winning streak, but who was also in charge of a 50-87 Single-A Greenville team in 2013) and Salem radio play-by-play man Evan Lepler discuss -- while also touching on a number of prospects in search of the next Earl Weaver and Vinegar Bend Mizell.

Chris Forsberg, ESPN Bost…

Chris Forsberg, ESPN Boston, joins Chris Villani on Easter to talk Celtics

With the season over, Chris Forsberg says the Celtics accomplished what they intended to this year. He also gets into what Rajon Rondo may be thinking heading into his last year in his contract. Danny Ainge has a plan and it'll be interesting to see how this off-season develops.

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Boston Marathon director …

Boston Marathon director Dave McGillivray 4-22-14

Dave called in to discuss the epic Boston Marathon.

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Headlines, Headlines, Hea…

Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: David Gregory is tanking 4-22-14

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed David Gregory's tanking Meet The Press ratings.

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Reflections on Marathon M…

Reflections on Marathon Monday and recapping the race with WEEI's Kirk Minihane

Dale and Michael talk about what Marathon Monday means for them, the tremendous amount of people and positivity today in the Back Bay, and then Kirk Minihane, fresh off 26.2 miles stops by to recap a great experience in today's marathon.

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Patrice Bergeron with Dal…

Patrice Bergeron with Dale & Holley: Expect it to be tight-fought, back and forth all series with the Red Wings

Dale and Michael speak with Patrice Bergeron on the phone from Detroit on Marathon Monday fresh off a Bruins optional skate. Patrice talks about the B's slow start in game one, putting it all together for the team in game two, how the rest of this series might play out, and what this anniversary of the Boston Marathon means to him.

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