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Jonny Gomes, Sox OF: Calls to talk to Millar and his near death experiences

Aug 2, 2013|

Jonny Gomes calls into Mut and Merloni while Millar is on air, he then discusses the Red Sox walk off wins and his near death experiences.

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Not -- I noticed on I think is -- more dot com and general futures jumping on the bandwagon and operatives on the Johnny called T shirts out there and -- -- who -- who gave it. -- Johnny -- this guy to talk to me about him because he's like a source or summer team jumps on. The team wins a's got the twitch and thing at the plays get the -- work and we got on Jonny Gomes. On the grounds out to Margaret. Randall has got some quite make -- called B ratings -- on my actual self proclaimed a six year old that. 100 actually -- membership already -- But I don't visit very Smart young man and a -- -- a larger and quite have the ability that brought -- -- left field right -- third base and first. He gets sent more power BP but he's like behind home run category you don't saint -- tell you more bluntly lately and I. And number nine -- -- it's my second yet yet I don't call innings. On the street jump through my radio but that I need only liquids. And. -- joining us is Jonny Gomes and that in fairness Johnny wanna give you a chance through a sliding Kevin just said right there mr. ratings booster. Well Kevin Kevin being the people's champ anything he says is very accurate. And on being a champ in this stadium at camp and life you know it let me get -- he's pretty right on. Yeah studio Baltic ten degrees statement -- on the movie star now and I got -- -- space so the market -- you learn you learn a lot as a veteran player he really learned a lot. What you're doing great you know behind the camera but I'm doing great in the bottom of the -- and I'll take my job right. Good thoughts your film that showed on it I'm not mistaken -- it would and appease and make a pot. -- that update battle ordering a hero and apart from it may -- in note thirteen entering it would compare one day. -- job right out of it -- that -- he's playing in the world. You haven't lived life until you woke up we called your home Peter is a true. God would have quote right is that going to be -- -- teachers that can be get more dot com as well -- -- -- he -- -- an -- -- and -- -- beard and coma when they wake up. Was there lies -- T shirt that says torments Campbell Lar -- Gomes name a number on the back that's what he called John. I don't know about the whole war but. You know. Mean my my front teeth are real and I don't have highlight so I don't know where we're -- -- and got up I'll just sit back -- me Jonny Gomes guys with well aware of what he wants for Frazier here which amateur -- deviancy Camelot with a different look. Elizabeth -- facial hair and big -- due to a not so clear that up. Well I don't know Kevin -- Buick -- I'm trying to -- like Lou I think we're trying to be like Hulu. -- definitely a great job you don't have that yet again Kevin not -- grant hello -- on this goatee right now maybe your few years away from them but. And I haven't got the salt and pepper look as a good street courage yet. But judgment about Johnny four alleges it was froehlich Kevin go here what. What should a man's copies in the highlights isn't there a point where you just let it go -- is any holder not a little bit too tight at this point refute. -- hole lead at the strive to our problem -- -- did -- booty who is number five pick in the world or one point six or while. All I want to describe it. On. Yeah I got it going to order at issue are not I. It's just booty on here right now. Record what it back up here now in Boston now we're talking -- just the default Ronald Matthew McConaughey is coming on next. Given roles with the big dogs right now with you're on your Boston -- -- Mike and Nancy. Our quarterbacks are those two sports champion Jack booted back to your question not gorgeous and this cluster again I have a question seriously injured neck grabbing your employer that. Well about 285 and -- into the -- several people it's. I just ask -- and what's -- go back and play golf here but -- I'm curious from from Johnny -- standpoint when a guy of Kevin's advanced stage is still high letting his hair is a hold -- little bit too tight to his you know. Well let's not argue -- look at -- are going on hate playing golf which cost booty right now and get ready to do his own show on MLB network he's got a cold or ring. Which hasn't been done but I hard ears aren't actually what you do and seemed to work I like it highlights in my appeared today. While I catalysts availability good expected -- golf game -- Joshua Matthew McConaughey. And in prison -- Mack Brown timely. Meant. It sure homered and BP -- starter -- go to right airport immediately. All -- bears our right go right. Perpich. Arts and now we get Jonny Gomes here who's just an absolute animal here for the Red Sox -- I got to ask you quick question. What is it that a call did they call mountains talked call me a -- I want to know what is about you because every eighteen year old launchers flat out most of the playoffs help me out with this one. I mean it's categorize it is now in this year. It's start to. I can't get exposed to whatever but it. You know that Mike McCarthy years you know 08 World Series -- 2010. Red playoffs we ran into you know bus Billy pitching. -- -- at Oakland and all those you know having payroll as underwrite 55 million. And we won the division so we have a low payroll and you're kind of not a big market like things trying to get forgotten you know really that -- and a what you win the World Series it just kind of called Cinderella story -- I mean winning the division not a bad thing by any means but. Yeah I mean Simpson give or start to notice now I mean some similarities I guess you know would be -- knows but I. I don't know man I I just wanna win. One at every level I've got a minor league championship I gotta wonder about championship leaders all the championship. Now I just need the the big one here. I'd say that that's the question you've been on he's winning teams you've been on a couple of tees have been winners at the Major League level but not one that World Series CU job you know. The characteristics of winning teams what is it about this team that is similar to those other teams that have made runs the you've been out. Well it's funny I mean obviously you know what does you know. -- -- walk -- right now. Well 81 and walk option last year there reds didn't and in the rate is no way but obviously it's a lot more than walk -- obviously can't walk off you know if your pitchers don't keep in the game and it goes to that. You know then it goes choose you know passing the torch you know in the ninth inning or the fifteen -- where -- -- Just battle to get on then hustling around ability score of the game. And I mean. You know you see some of these games you know taken in Italy gaining in the ninth you know -- kind of -- Euro and hit the homer you know we have that you know what you mean -- walk us. Source you know really been you know team issues I mean. It is yeah I don't know how hard I mean it's extremely hard to score seven runs in any any little in the bottom of the ninth -- all they have used to Korea to. Her for us to do that as -- -- -- but it can win. There you go up their last night against deriding you've seen a few -- bats and her what at while going to get a hit hit Obama's couple sliders down always swung through but he hung on so it's. It seems like he just updated discipline you know your strength it with limited time at bats yeah he's double there and stick with the plan. I mean it is trying to yards it is bureau and handling you know if you look at that you know -- -- -- half of the season you know I've been. I was pinch hit for in that situation. In -- kinship or you know six or seven times in the first month and a half. You know it just you know this past you know month month and -- just you know and can't just be in that situation is I think roles -- reversed. You know what John allowed me to be in -- in the way anything like. But you know I've seen many righty you know Freddy got the bullpen depth -- not consistent. So I just said you know simplify things you know I -- racist slider. You know and luckily he didn't throw me any and then you know that situation worse case scenario beautiful place so. Turned over the ball a little bit you know even if I strike out there's one now we get another crack at it you know the truth behind me but it's just standard doubles player. He'll go to Europe -- pitcher team because we a lot of callers talking about the the twitching -- goes on is that always venue when you get in that box. It's kind of funny that. Actually have a picture. Like that you know paying one day. But I have a picture of me Lincoln literally tugging on my hat and have a picture of me liking Connie Mack we tugging on my act. And then high school you know economic and then all the way through. It is so much done. And it's it's kind of my little you know. Can't excited -- you know be all right in the box. You know once I get both feet in the box -- kind of calmed down. But I'm not want to get my head in the clouds and I mean I don't take. At bat for -- you know in the big leagues. We're all on any of these bats and -- or an idiot that. You know with the game on the line I mean I I did you know super comp super comp super excited for the opportunity super. Excited helping out in that situation so. It -- showed you know before I get my inbox. It took eight a really close pitch that impact -- talking about two to Medina paints the outside. Well I thought was strike three they called a ball that would you be surprised you -- in and after the three to not welcome back to dugout John. I mean is it that it is so funny that with the pop writer talked about it MLB network last night. I mean we scored seven runs in the -- that night and people wanna talk about the -- to pitched in the initiative that strike. Right finally we got a break you know. All that is neck that was called mr. right. You know and then that is ankle that was called a strike -- Tampa series that you touched home before the ball touched and he was Dave. And like it -- and we didn't get your break and went back on making -- pitch tracker goes all. So umpire got it right I got irate so I mean earlier note saying a -- about that won't pitch that. Worked out or -- out the first -- was more up in and to me today called district circuit back. But acquired a great job went back Jamal and he nailed everything -- Does a lot of things -- Jonny Gomes and -- rob Bradford sometimes always. Chimes in on TV when he's there -- -- couple will be with you wouldn't in high school I think you -- teams that it did draft your brother can you been on the armed forces you want no part of it at the time and then. That a few brushes with death as well -- fight a wolf at one point. Yeah we have we have around a little war I didn't -- they want by -- wolf. The yeah I got I checked out after resonate as early as possible. So yeah I mean there is so guys that you know worked on my grandma's house in his old Vietnam vet. Can imagine though there you know in a 100% wolf in. And is coolest thing in the world who want to edit and he didn't want me to pet him so he would you know it's. Does that prepare you will you fight off death five different times for a big spot to meet you more calm it is at it in the nap because you. You fought off Waltz in the past and a big spot on. I mean yeah I get my -- they're better get -- -- you know I wolf you know try to both. But I think five times -- little light I mean if you get nine I think -- got a few I think nation apple and Byron into the law last night a little couple. Like I get a green monster. Where you -- unassisted. Double play from an outfield we went back and look there's been like three -- in the last ten years he made that catch of the night Iran it was that. Part of the plan to be -- attacks second put that on the -- -- unassisted seventh. That was 100%. Planned I'm in contact. And see in road runner at third out got it I keep it in my head out like this is it. And I mean he's he's been huge fan of the game that kind of court -- -- -- numbers -- all of that gain in. You know us I had never seen it I saw a while -- about 45 years ago. Someone who had the opportunity do it he didn't do it. And I was almost have buyers the opportunity you know I would do it in Fenway Park obviously have a short left. It gives me the opportunity. And street suite you know game saver fifteenth -- You know getting up there and you know -- and walk off that had any. What you OC vice new veins because I'm also look at this video at the end of the game when a bucket of water was drawn on -- believe and you just need twitch. Not not even one bit. And we just got done talking about -- right. And put that in. That's a good point that's a good point man -- is so this is going to be the rest of the way here at the beards have been a big part of this we site talking about it on -- in this is. You guys into the beards that is part of the 2013 Red Sox stories the facial hair you guys are grown here this year correct. Yes yes at this point but you know like I say you know it's kind of like fight club you know talk about like qualities go to like -- -- talk about the beard just grow the -- the other but I know on the other side of it you know 2008 if you remember. You know the whole team blow it out of the manager you know we had -- and that is that the visual -- that the hair. You know I mean there's team that where you know little quirky you know shirts underneath their uniform in the -- -- this stuff and you know I've I've played underneath. -- canal Joseph Maddon Dusty Baker Davey Johnson Bob Melvin. You know not Joseph parent I think all those managers you know. Want us to stay together want -- to be brought together and I mean -- little things like that you know really really bring you guys together and you know I guess it's it's the beard this year. You know appeared hasn't thrown or hit a slider all the years. So I get credit the players. You have punted a helmet you fake punt and a helmet we get -- option next time we throw a good quarterback run at third and big home run. Josh can I can't let my playbook out -- I really can't but I mean. You know people are joking around maybe like -- who would unbelievable feeling it is it lock up and now you're planning your next walk up to not acted you know so. Can it can't talk about you know about it -- -- -- be planning my next -- up I get pretty easy but you know we got some pretty side it was so foreign. You know. Well hopefully get a few more. Eleven this year at home we talked Jonny Gomes in Arizona town -- weekend Johnny appreciate the time we'll talk to down the road. Not Johnny Gomes joining a series TNT hotline AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster. The three G it's AT&T rethink possible manslaughter wolf. Only. -- don't wanna fight like us like stray cat. Level dwarf not even Liam Neeson could beautiful wolf no. I think we surprised -- Obama Shyamalan was court ready for Johnny ghost immediately react to them. What he said about John ago a nice job buddy joy to have Johnny ready to go to respond immediately. To the real 15. And by the -- in the middle of all that he didn't have a phone to Josh booty right -- I'm not entry I didn't pass out in nine. He could Josh booty was on a knuckle or show up plated LSU quarterback. -- wanted to drive tomorrow. Yeah he just wouldn't join us we have three guests -- seconds a third guessed what we're. Would there be careful to return of the densely Cali and -- second by his guests on the show quick break we'll come back later on in the show eager to hear from Cody Ross and aha I don't know -- Jake Peavy I I get that he's in town. I get that he's going to be on the radio but I was down on TV yesterday what the deal will talk about that next.

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