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Sox with their 10th walk-off win

Aug 1, 2013|

The guys opened the show reacting to the Sox major league leading 10th walk off win of the season. Kirk still does not believe in magic.

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And isn't Callahan. And drive just inside the chalk line down the right field line those Red Sox win it again. And innings and they are back in the first place in the American League east -- John Dennis. -- put on team when. Tied up late in his home plate there hadn't failed. You take a conversation piece -- armor plate. Returning. There someway we're we're looking for something different from make one last -- little do. Baseball has happened. Instead they believe supports the accusation that Alex Rodriguez actually tried to -- this case has tried to interfere with the -- What if it would you marry plus cheating is not a motion picture graphic. No he seriously don't you can't just say I'm not a three point seven WB. Well officially it took five hours and three minutes it seemed like a month. I guess it's sort of wise because it began in July and ended in August 12 fourteen to be exact. I wasn't around if you're listening to us at this moment you probably were asleep. But a lot went on. I didn't do the math couldn't map but he -- the Boston did last night the Red Sox win this ball game in fifteen innings featuring 89 outs. What big hits and walks twice six strikeouts 448. Pitches thrown by a dozen different. Pitchers. Seventh adding that it was all over the place Heidi. Package Red Sox win at 43 when Pedroia hit a two run home run the -- yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. That right not at their Red Sox snap open at three way. But throwing up on the long road -- this sports authorities that kind of I'll have spent way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not a problem well wrong John he shipped around the right here on the left in banner in the -- Throwing a high fly ball driven even right center. Allen headed toward the bullpen backing up Victor Reno and Ellsbury and it is gone all the top of the Red Sox -- man and his game his time. Kyle seeger is over for the seventeenth time this season and he is tied the game at four. So what is the red softer giving. -- to -- while the evil liar at that point they thought -- getting out of there at a decent hour 24 it only takes one I wouldn't want that -- like John like no that's true and but he was probably in the clubhouse appointment. I think so and a year. -- This -- anymore. The starting pitchers allowed to have muscle that -- doesn't drink yeah sure. When I know I've seen him drink. This year. It was passion. -- those clusters what that with two Beers -- however. Well that's -- that's okay -- beer he's pitched well in he's done his job I think typical ultra though what is he does girlish figure yeah yes it helps it helps. Okay are so fast forward now and I missed a bunch of stuff here we're just get in the highlights and you probably weren't up as I said until 1214 Brandon Snyder Brandon Snyder the immortal third baseman for the Boston Red Sox. Is on third base victory -- -- to the plate and perhaps one of the most remarkable throws I have ever seen. -- the Red Sox from having a walk off win in the fourteenth. Each week that the rival center field might be not as is their way to the bank -- yet niners haven't this -- not good. Applying any god any. It happened at a Michael Saunders on the fly. One hopper ordered to whopper on the fly could not have been in a more perfect spot. So Snyder prevents the walk off and they play on fifteen betting. Two on one out for Seattle. Gomes who was finally in the game I think he got in there and what the eleventh or twelfth or thirteenth and it is after -- regulation Gomes saved today for the Red Sox. Lefty lefty who want to throwing a line shot in the left closing on a diving in -- bill be amended fast. Men and outstanding play on it. Well again. Films dining in it and low and you know look good won't let the umpires see that. I have a fifth at double quite at least acrobatic. You trucked in from left field tech's second Michigan's OB not -- probably ditto. You know it is and the strange. These seven on to see that every day he says and you -- in the eligible to how many there are like a -- is there and they're terrorists. Optional rock and just like that but not many men and indigo love currency Gomes metric that yes yeah. So that's say the Dale's going to be shoestring got a rolling back candid -- runs in touch is the bag in doubles off somebody to a two Indian and now go to the fifteenth -- with the bases loaded. Two outs Stephen Drew at the plate and have been his role in the right all Stephen with a plate bases loaded two outs. He's -- 176. In July he's batted 163. This year against left handers and he's bad at 111 with the bases loaded. Never fair. Mr. -- here. The 21 home. Swing alignment in right field. Okay. Hudson walked up fashion. And drive just inside that killer lines down the right field line the Red Sox win it again. -- innings and -- back in first place in the American League east. Yes they are Tampa lost seven nothing in -- played Arizona Red Sox -- walk out walk off win of the year that lead to believe all the Major League Baseball. 74 in extra innings four and one at Fenway Park. You didn't stay up but you missed a lot and that was that. -- -- it -- I waited through nine. I did nine it is yes yes and that I take the next two hours so put that didn't happen in the sense that have been the the final play at the end in the night tune in this in this morning that deceit and promised that the Stanley Cup oh yeah well what happened technicals -- Happens happens but though we got now Ali did you -- in their study is this is one of those wins this is a game they would not won last year as the game they would not of one most -- right. It was appropriate that two nights ago and Morgan and Joseph Morgan Morgan magic is the the ephemeral magic now. And they all think -- you know the key week for our own magic or keep any magic is all have to believe and believe and you believe now and anything correct. Thank you -- and the delay can be here when I said to be Olympic what you believe in anything. And I think it's it was now. But that's that's -- it in hand it's like to Libya but. Don't think they're gonna win you know it goes 1213 fourteen all think they're gonna -- always win but they think they're going to win somewhere -- Probably on the sixth would be year. And he says and we're gonna win this it's amok and get the W we pull it off about that and we're gonna be back in first place and if it happens tonight they'll think you're gonna win again tonight to that's part of the deal when your. And act and a year and they think that then go to the post season. Don't think dale the certificate in the World Series right now they -- -- goal -- -- -- not one game playoff feel that they think they're gonna go to the post season. Have a chance to win at all. -- meanwhile would -- them at this point in my not that -- -- twenty games over 500 point 11 game because they won 69 games last year because they have 65 now. They don't have the greatest talent that don't have the tournament over 500 the greatest rotation I'm talking about I graduated in graduated -- apartment even think about last year that's completely gonna talk about thickened about last year the -- but the what they have on the field now what -- in the rotation it is not the best team in the American League talent wise. What their own self images I agree with you I don't think they think this group of guys looks back at last year or the year before that at all it is totally counterproductive and it's a bunch of new faces an indication hadn't heard a bunch of good guys in the club house. But I wonder what their own personal individual self image is of this baseball team they look at it and say you know -- its next man up. If this guy fails then -- to a succeed do they look at it as they've been extremely fortunate to win all these walk off games do they look at it as. This is smoke and Mears is this teetering on the brink or to look at themselves and say. Am -- good. We're -- enough and we can -- a lot of based. All games I don't think you think they pick about stuff like that yet. -- -- -- -- Ellsbury Pedroia yeah a lot of time in their data about the yes you don't think there's a lot of self evaluation both individually labeled a baseball player and I -- as a team and guys show up they do their job and they talk about it afterwards maybe in the date they do they did have a lot of we -- -- a lot of time on. Planes a lot of time and hotels and and weight rooms and they and they think. Can we win at all and I don't know the answer that they don't know the -- that but they certainly feel like. They've exceeded all expectations. I think they view it this way we can have a really good year. We don't have to win the World Series we still have a really good year they're doing and I got to go to the post season. They gonna go to the policies they're gonna win may be a post season series maybe go to the ALCS. At at and never looked back at sales and am good. You know it is so surprising and it was so unexpected and I'm talking about the Red Sox being 65 and 44 and in first place this point. That I that I I think they probably. Need to guard against and -- taken place not taking taking charge of this. Is that they don't get into the mentality that some people I've heard a spouse does theory they're playing with house money right now not much was expected so even if they failed at this point. It's pretty much not expected thinks like that that Pedroia is not thinking. You know appoints. A really good year for a playoff series and lose six games bar's been raised -- what do you now think is very -- -- again. Is why I think they have confidence another reason is they do him in the get ten walk off wins they have had some -- they have had some magic and but they haven't cut all the breaks that don't have to like to have a bunch of guys haven't career you had injuries -- they've had injuries are you know to get screwed mine -- hopefully they don't -- that had bad calls about injuries -- you know -- on the -- Brandon Snyder at third base in a hole. Jonny Gomes and left them they don't have. All stars and every now they have two all stars essentially yeah they're the same two guys who make people start -- all star team every year it totally mean look at that look at that lineup look at the team does it look like O'Donnell senior is heading -- -- nobody's having an outrageous here a moment of victory you know. Below expectations below average Napoli and not great -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that is mean I'd give there. I mean who would you say drew well below expectations. Ortiz is higher than expected short Tuesday saw -- at the two guys I understand the coming off the Achilles -- practice out of David no no I no absolutely not the problems here they didn't have it in anyway from Ellsbury last year that it. If you think about chemistry and a motion and camaraderie and magic to steal jury's term. Doesn't play a role I'm not a thing I don't know what -- -- magic plays or you don't believe in magic I don't live from. They got what they have done and I'm suggesting that it is the overwhelming factor that has this team of first place I'm just telling you but I think disbelief. In each other this belief that the the the south is already on the well. Find a way it might not -- -- that someone will finally win this game to have in the -- -- -- might not because they don't have the site that kind of character that the kinds of ice and at last year -- -- is that sixteen when they went to thirteen fourteen innings with -- -- -- who's gonna get that -- -- how we can win this -- of -- and -- about -- we're going. -- -- which -- -- it -- last -- That's right. As expected out of got to look all -- is not a lot it's a feeling is that Ferrell match did you send that down to -- mores elbow that was as critical part of that we sprinkle -- that that's a bigger deal merits when you don't trade a loss for passenger could not true. -- with what you think positive thoughts Kirk. You'll have very many of those it's true positive things happen to you when you think negative -- then you know it's like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But a growing up or really healthy that day that. It's not a factor that this intangible when the extra innings this year they think we're gonna win. I don't think it's a factor I think they're better team pastor well do a good line manager. I'm a better -- -- -- better like we just don't know they're not that good -- -- -- those numbers -- -- best record in the American numbers -- -- when you see this team. The parts not the sum of the parts just to separate the divisional part does look like -- are you are -- league. Now though wizard of the team in America if you look at sale like god this team them yet. A lot last week Toronto Blue Jays that you look at wrought here blown away by Albert Tampa and you would want to gravitate public angels better. I think they're -- self images right now we're better or Red Sox have a lot. And angels in April that it could really much we do this year were wrong and that is so pirates have magic this year yeah -- yes that. As a Clint Hurdle -- the system. -- magic yes you think I don't know what the question -- it's -- it's no I don't let's let's take this away from the Boston Red -- specifically you know what when teams are honorable when they are on top of their game when they -- the New England Patriots and -- -- when the Boston Celtics in the mid eighties is an example do you think they bring some sort of psychological. Edge they do the arena media because they believe -- who they are and what they -- a -- is quite -- -- -- -- -- It's also this would help us a plug the eighties. -- -- bid is a backcourt of guard them for court if three guys of course guys -- You know court should view the masters and the rest culprits is so important hockey tennis even is a lot of good years for I -- public this specific example. Do you think it helped Larry Bird. In the three point shooting contest and hurt his own -- jacket when he hell no when he walked into locker forget what year was he one was the first year -- -- -- first year. When he walked in the locker room and said guys. Just wondered which one all is finishing second to me that day that lets you that helped him you'll hurt them I've always said Larry Bird as my outline for all -- I don't you know to better. Apple like golf and you play golf when you sit there look at -- shot in the Asia pot drive and use them bad thoughts -- that's his goal is snapped and in the woods is no doubt. The blocked. Overrides any any motion and any news action news you know physical action next I -- suburbs -- a good point magic doesn't want to do this year's team Magic Johnson. That's true that's true that's the magic -- sports psychologist like Bob Rotella -- Jerry's point about golf. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- example the guy who was what I try to betting sixty carriers 163 against left handers 176 in July and 111 with the bases loaded. Didn't allow that kind of history. And statistical thing the fact that he was up there having a good at bat and to your question you said -- well he's not thinking oh we have specific plot at that time it's this it's this hour. I'll tell PLO. -- another example it tonight to what's tonight. Was the match Thursday. Oh it's Gaza Felix and Dempster dumpster and no -- and gets extra -- Nicosia. You know what they think they can win this last year they wouldn't even mean -- would ago last night extra beer probably. Would have slept in today I don't I'm not even looked at the video just -- -- face and king Felix got -- on the mound we got no chance. Tonight in them and win obviously the face of the great pitcher in baseball but don't you think they show up today. Little bounce in the middle of that magic have a bounce in the step yeah. Outs and there's -- argument is numbers and your answer my question about it's -- -- just thought that's pretty much like Nate Silver before you get the numbers tell me this do they feel like they can -- tonight. I'm sure they do -- -- -- splashed it it would show up -- the angels today we show lucky with the Toronto Blue -- job says we're facing -- he feels no shot notion of you have no idea if that's true but inside do. -- it's a feeling I have. He'd say put your Greenwood like you Toronto Blue -- we show up in the fourth stock has gold in the 500 pages. Right -- like guys going against duke Fuchs mesic. -- lost just a little truck on a regular numbers virus when we come back. What are your statistical not -- the people actually happen. For the Red Sox this year -- they're better than last justice have a couple yeah and our. But boy has I don't think either Jerry or I or bench Harrington when he joins us that -- five or Gary -- our senior apostle to manager when he joins us at 925. We'll tell you the only reason the Red Sox are in first place. Is because they have good chemistry we're good karma had two or magic along and we will go to -- more tired you get David. Entire argument today we'll tell you that it is a positive element in the entire. I'm not sure I think shared -- -- agree with Kirk on this panel think he's a magic kind of guy will ask him I think peace you know because say enough just sales to double figure crowd like you don't itemize or own bills are so our own little -- and -- -- -- -- and he. During this break Turks and -- -- the -- from the boss -- -- to discount boards and just general manager -- adventure. You know. And you know he's another guy who's gonna have confidence going forward. I think he does to keep his empower and I think last year amounted -- little scared little nervous about making a big move. I think he's settling in nicely and that -- peavy was a good move yet obviously a year ago was the greatest trade its art history. On board and an opium dealer to an August -- be -- we've wired deals. He's feeling like he can go with -- guys go with his instinct and not be afraid of the. And in my estimation the thing that gave him a jump start on having that feeling he has he got rid of the manager he didn't want. In the manager he did want and it's working out beautifully right that's a pretty good endorsement of general manager he's like -- right now and they say -- on the lines. Message via text message Somalia back to at a meeting 61777979837. Text like 37937. As we've had been turned and -- -- GM 805. Gary d.s are C -- -- and all things up also Jackie Bradley junior Zander Bogart's your phone calls next with doesn't talent.

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