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The Rocket, Roger Clemens Sits in for an Inning with Joe and Dave

Jul 30, 2013|

Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien talk with Roger Clemens, who was at the park for the commemoration of Morgan Magic. Roger tells stories from his playing days with the Sox and gives some insight on the current Red Sox team.

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But back to the bottom half of the second inning the Red Sox lose 221 lead here over the Seattle Mariners -- will be Jose Iglesias to -- Ellsbury. And chain victory know against the lefthander. Joseph Saunders. Very special night for all those were involved in 1988 didn't. Morgan magic can -- a great line up on the field tonight along with jokers the glioma personal on the way to Iglesias went. There's a drive -- the left and over the wall in midway up on a monster. Iglesias hitting your second collected by Ibanez who throw the -- he tries to get behind it he's up honesty scampering back to first base now they have a little run down. Smoke is -- -- in a rundown between first and second and -- tagged out finally finally shortstop Miller a little wild play. Well look to be nothing more than routine get off the wall. It was amazing to watch big -- is kind scamper around the original tag at second he went diving down. It -- to the backside at second base he tried to get it with the hand and missed it. But when they attempted to tag him out when Franklin lunged for the tag and missed him. He get up and raced back to first base crack at that a Smart thing you straddle the backs they couldn't touch it. Stood Lacey is out trying to extend that. Into a double and maybe you've heard at the crack of the bat. The voice of Roger Clemens trying to get that ball up a little bit rocket you're trying to get an out here and effort I love that right there and -- fun. Great fun to watch I don't think I've ever seen that before that was an unusual run down to put it mildly is to Kobe gets him to -- and they can on his -- -- back first. They get outside for ball on Roger great to see in a great -- be back in town thank you -- appreciate that it's been fun. Wonderful to see such a great group put guys down on the field part of a magical time and Red Sox history the pitcher on the outside corner strike and Jacoby. I don't know how fond you are of your former manager. Joseph was great he still he still funny and have a good time and he kept it loose -- -- -- form and he's still that way. 11 on the way Ellsbury takes a ball on -- he struck out the first inning. And he always said the best thing about the streak was having you start the first game has pretty good assurance he's gonna get a win in his debut but that was on and doing -- -- home run for me in and for us that it was very. 21 on the way -- and a high fly ball really deep right field voices back on the track to the bullpen. And now very small one -- the Seattle bowl -- and Red Sox. Walls of the lead at 321. Roger one of the previous wanna get out. We'll take this -- -- -- -- both right there. Got this -- the guys you know before the game and it was great this season these younger players. Ellsbury whose fifth home run. And Red Sox non front three to one. He got a breaking ball was able to turn on that and pull the -- it. No room to -- inside dead -- then and right field. But you could probably this club this year the -- on the guys in looking for you guys that team coming to Houston next week. Victorino takes on outside for ball if the -- Mexican food and the fact that he lets out -- we -- the -- next -- the real Mexican that's right they get them to Houston's and I. It's it is great for the fans in Houston with the some of the teams now. Little pitches inside how long do you think it'll take Roger before that that franchises but it it'll take some time there you know mr. -- get it pretty good plan and I. What's that that happened in. And I think with the vehicles to get a couple Frontline arms -- And you couple that go along with it to take your lumps right now pitching their for a called strike to a woman chain who doubled and scored in the first inning -- you're doing some work for them. I'm doing a little bit I talked that's not a lot of there are guys there and I talked a lot of pitchers. In you know around the league there and then you know doubly even in the majors to one is over -- -- three and one of the chain it's fun talking to him to hear what. You know beginning of the season middle season towards the end and you always with the best best -- health a lot of guys are asking proper way to hold a split finger. 31 on the way in LB is strike on the inside corner. I mean I was fortunate early in my career I've pitched here you have a golf -- at home in Houston. With Mike's guy and obviously you learned from Roger Craig we have a golf term together I learned it from him early but I didn't really put him to play in the part of my game -- You know maybe 8890. 32 pitch Victorino swings of pops of filed back -- -- -- -- the split -- split finger right in 19881990. Of course it was a great weapon formulate my crew my velocity came down. And but like I was talking though Campbell it today. You know I was a power pitcher and I was -- -- power -- big difference so. You know. As you get older you still had to make good pitches at this level. 32 victory in the swings and things a line drive bases between third and short almost of the warning track Ibanez collects that. And chain victory -- off to a nice start. -- what do you think give the -- cut fastball today. Cut fastballs another great weapon I talked to the media earlier about it and late in my career I threw a true slider bill Fisher you know kind of took my fur ball. Not away from it but made it my fourth best pitch and he added a that's a slider a true slider. Late my career start on the front door slider which looked like a cutter. And then when I was with the Yankees run in the outfield after it struck you guys out with -- -- I used on the -- even talking to -- -- at -- and a half half Pedroia to reasonable. And I would just say yes and then going about my business but it was it was a front door tight slider in the inning and again it was a great weapon for me to be able to. You sit back sort of left your front door to righty somebody like beating your stance on top of -- I remember facing him a few times early in his career and I did throw in a couple front door. Cutters or -- Guarantee you remembers as soon as and I -- filed on the left field line well in the stands. Only rise up there but you have a a favorite memory from 1988 the thing that stands out the of the boldest -- you. I just remember that when you changed managers in the middle and you know you're like what happened that it that if our editors and any time as a player you lose -- -- you feel responsible. Because you know you're not playing well. And we got gone in as the media here it brought attention to the winds in the home wins we set up and take notice to it. 11 -- filed backed by PD. Joseph had a saying six to an even as you could tell by some of the guys -- -- You know they've the guys that could be here. With little messages on the scoreboard. Lot of sixteen and I think it's from the dog tracker or track I don't know but that's something that's Dick Tracy doesn't even know really that that he manages like that we hit Brandon. We were we had people emotion all the time so it was it was a great deal fund because we -- winning. Yelling with degree Roger Clemens Sosa the first base in back in safely. -- victory when a team gets on a run like that it's it takes on a life of its own them. It does you know again every time you hand the ball the next guy they want to do just as well. Joseph kept the guys loose great who -- Jody Reed on there was worry about it he's gonna play every night live in the lineup card you called it means that your you're gonna play. No -- 112 was applied to a 21 Pedroia didn't play no matter what I mean it made me think back when I was in Houston tonight totally -- incentive here. If you hit hundred. I need you now do those balls down -- in line at the moment make sure the skipper knows that. And just relax and have on. That that really helps the guys at this level and trying to staying power. If that confidence back the sent the 22 Pedroia is swings and loops of file for the State Street mentally just you're right I guess one of the the biggest moments would have been and I said it I know Jimmy -- here tonight but. It's funny now on the and we can laugh about it now wasn't real funny back then but my my college teammates by Colin pinched hit for Jim Rice jokes and -- the pinch hit. For Jim that was on Jim Rice this has got to be at me and I think spike kind of hung out in the dugout as long as it. They away from Jim it is guide three balls two strikes. And yeah it wasn't it was a real pleasant I think spike was in the batter's box when he heard a commotion going on. In the -- a a -- at the umpire even called time out on his -- and that's what's going on. Just that is the state was it to make it to the batter's box to ship them before he wanted to block. Yeah. It's it's funny now it was not funny but he then runner at first the three to put good swings you really attacked a -- back. -- trying to battle his way out of three for forty skewed right now. -- we've got them Max effort swing then. They're upset that need sometimes do get the low ball. Neifi in and you know what he says he doesn't swing hard he tries to -- -- -- -- them iced it just looks that went television been on the other end of these links are excellent and it. Maybe not like Dave Winfield used to but he gets it gets it that through the zone -- Three into one out one on and Saunders pitching swing and not a tired ground file off the left. That was raked by Pedroia is really battling here. It's fun to see another teammate of mine from the University of Texas he was on our world championship -- our our college. World Series championship team might -- I think I think Romney's first base. Coach for the man it's great to see him tonight through these estimates by and all the guys. It's all these guys saw Seattle went down busy with their guys when they came to Houston. In salt which G Eric Wedge in wish him all the best to. We were talking about him earlier in the 45 years old to -- have to go through something like that to have the -- put the they really miss -- the playing very very well he has a lot to do with that have been one of the winningest teams in the month of July 8. And they hope to get him back soon he did not make this trip. They hope to get him back very soon 32 on the way to Pedroia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is and and. Militants lingering bad swing hard at all. And Red Sox capitalize the NL lead at 5212 run shot. I would get him out of that little rough you're talking about. The seventh home run of the season. You know somebody's got to pay off for 63 for 47 if it -- gonna go -- -- for fifty. Sixty RBIs now we're -- is he launches money into the monster seats exactly where I was sitting last time I was here and -- I gonna have that. And that was one of the great camera shots. Those little -- of that season. The us ready for Joseph Morgan because he actually it was Detroit calls almost every day with Pedroia that's something it and he always has something special that did you see that play Pedroia making it. He loves -- Relatives to expletive checks his swing and rules of filed back for strike -- one he has an RBI single tonight. It was great seeing you down there to go -- -- -- Roger you know you saw a lot of mind of not all of them. I thought everyone I don't -- I wanna do it here seeing that he. I heard a story tonight he told the that I never -- the ones doing. Guy -- follow make the stands down the left field line perhaps Segal would give a look and that's about him Rosen director almost didn't make the first twenty strikeout game. Almost didn't make the team. You know stuck on store -- drive and I I told them we were moving I thought I had plenty of time and then we didn't move -- about four -- links within forty minutes. And I start to panic and sweat and got in the truck to take my boots off for our running shoes on I was gonna dark jackets this outside the field two minutes I'll try to check it was -- and and and he went according to third base umpire. As Jerry meals and strike three. I'm big -- the end number two. So I was in the car got out of the car and Boston Police officer. On a motorcycle it does siren and I turn around and goes a -- -- -- -- I go I'm. He thought I was broke down but the powers -- -- -- -- and I -- -- because -- -- and I go yeah. It goes -- mesa tennis with the -- force I got here I thought bill Fisher was gone and our pitching coach this is in the name another starter. Is Mike Napoli to pitch inside for ball one might think it's easier to -- yeah he -- face and do you know him and thank goodness he did we went out to the bullpen and I don't think I threw one strike in thirty warmup pitches and thank goodness anthem played like it. Get your round maybe 10 pitches alone catch my breath -- time my -- -- a terrible headache and then I get in the batter's -- come out here I played golf the day before with. One of my Texas teammates and he wanted me to buzz -- going spike was leading off for the Mariners that he wanted me to Russian inside for fun there are going to be watching on TV. You'll probably -- and -- -- follow playing the right. So I proceeded to throw two seamer halfway in the spike and he gets out the way of any taps played real cocky looks back at me like come on bring it on the and now I got that out of the ways than I can play baseball and not lined up and I turned one loose as far as I can -- and it's right in his ear flap. And the next day in the paper I mean I I call all kinds. Spiked in the what I was doing out there so much for friendship -- to once swung on and missed tune -- yeah that's friendship for you and then. But anyway -- punch out morning and don't walk a guy. And I think fish was the bill Fisher pitching coach who's the most proud of that that and walk again I knew that -- -- get here when you want. And -- Hit a. Q all five minutes before him be good habits like that. 22 strike three called over the inside corner. And that'll do it for the Red Sox put up crooked number three runs and now lead at five the one thing right there around big turnaround. After winning Roger Clemens visiting there was some great stories and memories after two Red Sox leading Seattle 51. Nearly Shaw's WEEI Red Sox radio network. Moving out of the third inning on a lovely night here at Fenway Red Sox in front five to one delighted to have Roger Clemens Willis. In the Booth one of the heroes of the 1988 Red Sox just. Those some hilarious stories. About the twenty strikeout game in and so many others Red Sox with a 51 lead in here with the play by play story is Jokester glioma. Thanks David just got a text saying don't let Roger Clemens -- bring in the club -- and it can happen. The three run second inning first pitch is inside of a leadoff hitter Brad Millar grounded out -- three -- -- Texas product that just like here Roger workmen to be seen him I have I've we have losses guys limit foreign big boy to board you know he's going to be in the handled the stress up here my -- As a fly ball hit to left center field he steps to his right Ellsbury. Has it for the out. Exciting to watch you know from my that we would obviously watch some of the younger notes early in his career but. Just hope he keeps learning and when the league makes it a little adjustment on him he makes a little adjustment goes from there seems to be very poised kid. That your big time college program helps with -- I mean it's again like -- that I had a few opportunities. Where all of the Reed who has and come down visit with the boys at the university is a lot of fun. They cracked it takes a strike he looked -- double in the first -- that scoring. Type of a great story about your round. First twenty strikeout game and you're twenty your second twenty strikeout game ten years later 1996. Remember was September and I need. Detroit both clubs are pretty much out of the race. All wanted to breaking ball it for a strike -- devastating splitter that. What do you remember most about that nice split finger was more. In great form that night -- memorabilia house and then. Some there was you know I've had some great pitchers that have really paid attention. -- -- I wanted to really paid attention to detail the call me over my career lot of guys with great hands and you know I called. 8090%. In my game from the mound with just the few books here there. And the guys that stay with me -- of one of those guys filling announcement I remember there were some shutout record going on Kevin -- my manager of the times that that. Like the Dodgers would do I think in the story about when the Dodgers would do for cold facts first shot that would it's certain situations that bring the infield in the cut -- rundown at home and once and for me 22. -- to -- -- shut up for sandy and Kevin mentioned that to me so I was there was a shot out record I don't know you -- have to look it up on them all these numbers but there's some kind of shut out record and and then after the game announcements that you just did -- do your own record for the emotion. Here's the pitch and it's 19 -- kind of my off speed pitch. The breaking ball. Tell us about the off. The baseball the Tigers autograph for you after that twenty strikeout yes so after the 86 game here and and Austin here at Fenway the guys we finally get the guys the autograph the -- famous photo that was going around that what was really cool about the Tigers play and I just saw Travis Fryman. And Travis -- struck out four times and then the next day in my locker. The Tigers Detroit tiger players that signed a baseball and they signed it ever how many times that struck out so Travis Snider four times let me. That was pretty cool for -- has to do that and those guys that roommates on the they punched out they sign that your mind or usage is some last week I did I saw him and have a little talk is. I think I think you you know we -- Pensacola Florida and he was I think they live pretty close they're not invincible. Two -- out and have one vote count -- to say you're the third baseman he takes it law the boys doing. All of -- doing great -- thank you Kobe's still doing his thing that -- -- -- Lance heaters. Great deal fund authority him last year in that little father son deal -- professional setting. And his power numbers are off the chart these these -- hit for -- clutch hitting is average is down a little bit but he really handle pitchers well. It cycle -- -- strikes he's catcher all the way yes and in their view of the older fans remember him he still remembers run around here and the father son games along with my second quarry. Scored 25 he graduated McCourt on blue but he's just he's a chef he just opened up a restaurant with another -- is. It was to check it out actually to want line drive right field bases at. Yup and then. Casey. As graduate from high school he's gonna attend the University of Texas he's gonna play in the first base and hit. And in my -- our youngest Cody is. -- seventeen now there are making -- penalties. He seventeen and -- a junior in high school and he just had an early commit. To the University of Texas they might have an opportunity with his brother move on wonderful yeah source definitely definitely never it's it -- they got all the -- from her she'll tell you get her here. Here is morality singled to center his first time up Red Sox at top 51 call strike. To Morales. So we have a University of Texas hall of -- of the field's main forum. You go that guy who pitched there is Roger Clemens stadium. And it -- -- on the mound swearing in of filed the backstop. Oh it is you can have two sons playing in May be. Simultaneously at the for the longhorns and. And we have -- -- great coach great teachers in universities will be great to have boys. Understand what goes on there and hopefully the business school at the University of Texas known for their business school and got to go businessmen there. Here's the 020 swing and I fly ball to right field back goes Victor -- toward the edge of the track he runs it down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- get that a lot of friends to visit where we want to thank you so much for joining we'll see -- next week in Houston Tennessee as an Atlanta to have me on and I appreciated you know you're always you always right at five don't want Red Sox after two and a half of the shots WEEI Red Sox radio network.

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