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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 07/24/13

Jul 24, 2013|

We tackle four topics that we haven't touched upon today. Best and worst Sox contracts, baseball rants and MORE!

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Unprofor for -- yeah. Now word -- -- -- swollen painful rate Fuller report or ball for. -- -- -- -- Well we solved it Kelly and sports radio and W -- -- -- its official Dustin Pedroia is the newest 100 million dollar man. What is the best contract in Red Sox. History. -- it to me it's got to be the first contract given to David Ortiz. Right -- brought him over for Minnesota wasn't making much money is first two years. He made one point 25 million and then four point five million. To make that much money for his first two seasons which course. For 2003 and 2004 he was fantastic. Even the next couple years 5000006 and a half million and it's not until 07 that he gets thirteen and a half million. Which still steal David Ortiz best -- in Red Sox America. I can still remember the back page of The Herald it says. PAY. -- in drove Pedro. And that is when Dan Duquette acquired him from Montreal. Signed him. And we saw. All the greatest picture I've seen in my lifetime and that includes. Roger Clemens that includes. Randy Johnson Greg medics. Pedro Martinez worked every single penny within an an an honorable mention I have to say. I was gonna finish the worst contract -- honorable mention to your boy. Many repairs because of most of the time when you signed guys she was eight and 160 news for many of the deferred money. Most of the time when you signed guys to those contracts. You don't get your money's worth they got their money's worth all the way up to June 2008. When he did the unforgivable thing and he went after. A. Traveling secretary of both the three vessel -- group both of the both of yours are excellent maybe I would even change my answer to Pedro but those are the three best right. I mean it's got to be mainly for the amount of risk they were willing to take him and it worked out as well as they did Pedro because as you said they brought in the best pitcher in the game we have got to watch him. At the height of his of his unbelievable. Crime and then Ortiz because they just nailed it they have the as the best value ever. They paid very little form the guy ends up helping you really being a huge factor in winning not just one but two World Series three great contracts -- -- -- -- Okay now that we know what the best one is what is the worst contract in Red Sox history Carl Crawford done it unions always done. The -- out of both of those. But Carl Crawford at the CI can understand the logic behind Adrian Gonzales. Now they lusted after him for a few years. And it made all the sense in the world he was a great hitter in San Diego and they didn't have great teams so come to Fenway Park with a better team. And at a park where that will that will accentuate your swing this and this makes almost have to work of course you pay that guy but Carl Crawford. Was never great player very good player dynamic. But not great first and he does that sort of take -- Have a bunch of guys like that that they brought in and gave too much money for you mentioned couples who were talking earlier Matt young. Is a pretty good money to our guys you bringing that didn't work at all what could you possibly think was gonna happen. The guys we're here. That they gave contracts to Josh Beckett is the obvious example but again. Like like both Gonzales in Crawford they found their way out of back on track. So ends up not being as bad as it as -- -- but it wasn't all that probably Josh Beckett unfortunately Michael's probably and the analysts think it might -- more money for a longer period of time. That I think they ever really wanted to or needed to -- -- they overpaid for what he did it was a -- 2007 or -- try try try exact opposite of what we were just talking about with Bill Belichick wouldn't have romanticism -- nobody gets that you get what you deserve going forward not lead in the past. And the lol contract is the one. That I think. Varies from that and kind of a different -- you guys in about an obvious one. This day I'm -- no one really good season on them nothing else -- terrible World Series of and that's why -- J. D. Drew either helped you win a World Series that was an enormous part. Of you winning the world there guys came with the man. One dollar K you're at that Brit school years you've really -- -- one and a half. Bad -- ever going to watch 2008. Good -- 2008. Decent rookie year in 2007. But you don't have -- he probably does have to get it as the worst because of the posting -- to -- decide if he does look at the contract and can't look at the contract was five years fifty million for the -- 52 or stuff like that. But -- 51 million dollars just for the right to negotiate with them -- probably the worst one. -- Wrigley Field is getting renovated to the tune of 500 million dollars. If you were to put 500 million dollars in the Fenway Park how would you want them to spend that money -- -- blowing it up how tough guy and he. I don't know of government. There's only two answers to this question. As far as I can tell maybe you can come up with someone else there's two potential answers one retractable roof but -- retractable roof over Bentley which would be awesome. It really where it would be awesome everybody retractable roof here to not have to deal with rain now really now arts and athletes are one my other answer because. -- then that you know what that would mean -- don't think you'd have to play baseball inside which I am totally gets really are 100%. Against baseball indoor why. Not the way the game's supposed to be played. And I'm public that look I think in football fan of Obama are on concern -- review the moment to get under about fifty degrees they can put the heat on without a problem. Pump up the heat in October when it's freezing cold here and way partly to blame playoff baseball and I would have no problems that we want to have our biggest and the ever when it comes -- the did you ever venture into that monstrosity called the metrodome I've never I've never been in the dome until you've never been -- -- -- never never crop is Harold but I -- baseball inside. I mean it's Safeco though you can play baseball inside with a open air yeah it's fun. But it does feel a little Disneyland issue when you're inside of it a little a little but. It's nice -- afterward that the game's gonna -- pardons or postpone retractable roof at -- that's around us or what the other. -- -- the the one I would shoes over to retractable roof is just. Rip off the -- to put in new seats and make sure they all faced they all -- on the right derail space complex at the other day. In. Just sort of behind in the yankees' dugout up a little ways and -- facing second base like sort of second -- center field in the entire game turned to look into your right. That's the one thing -- -- let lives in the real -- little bit right Linda Missouri yes so development Seahawks. Eventually the chairs and you don't mention widening and so you -- -- your knees and cry about not half -- -- -- articles about that's all part of this about that was implied in any over my putting aren't as -- Christ not upheld part of it and giving he's gonna rip off the seat we gotta have the same number of seats don't you think if you're -- now 500 million in. You gonna take fewer people in the. Got the secret to me that's never an inland to make correct me on this and and I know Janet Marie Smith the -- that that's from mentioning -- but. If you if you take out all the seats. And you replace them still got. About 200 million dollars to play we're not done. If you rip out every state in Fenway Park and replace them with modern seats and you've changed the spacing of the part that cost -- 500 and I would have a lot of like I get a clue how much -- labor costs are up a bit of rent it would be expense represented but that didn't just about a 125 million dollars might as good -- -- read about it -- to automate. Portrait -- them I think I would be more -- if I knew that you were quite -- speaking gibberish to go to -- change everything about some they already updated the scoreboard. Michael and it did read but you're good looking man you don't need to but I admit I just -- that that's. Laughing one last thing laughing about you being a good learning how to bring about it's kind of left him compliments -- joke joke that you can't go to the like I don't believe that's a play this but I don't believe. The. He's done but don't. He didn't seek a question of the day. In honor of the thirtieth anniversary of George Brett pine tar incident. What does the all time greatest baseball meltdown. First of all if you could turn that into the 100 meters. George Brett would have -- you -- -- -- it the way the way he got out of that dugout. Don't have any Billy Margaret Billy Martin managing the Yankees at the time. It was such PSU. Although pie chart put too much pie chart that so that helped them hit a home run the pine tar on the back Obama. But that was a great moment it's not just the speed though it's the it's the crazed look yeah it's there as a -- You can imagine there's still one of our favorite things that they. But another one about other wavered away Obama who ran faster. -- -- George Brett running out there in the pine tar incident. Or is it Tyler -- wants that -- sprinted down the sideline at the end of at the end of the super bull and kick goes through all -- wanted -- high stepping I stepped in now on the sideline -- run fast or my favorite -- Involves one of George Brett teammate. Hal McRae drummer Hal McRae after the game or in the dugout and I guess -- -- terrible and he was it was a lot of questioning -- and likening this one knots. If you consider it. Red faced what was known Nardelli has -- -- -- east Providence -- You know. Then you can. There's -- there's the go. -- -- -- -- That if it. I've just been through -- clone. -- would you like that if you're an actor says they have a year ago. -- back tomorrow. You have to let -- back -- -- -- -- Healy is the one that everybody -- that many great Red Sox won somebody here pointing out Carl -- meltdown on family day against a rock full blown about in the head -- them about -- -- meltdown against the entire Boston Globe there there's also a hall staff union currently her boyfriend. But really that's a great but that's what everybody -- my favorite though there's no great sound of the but the best meltdown I've never seen anything that is an event -- -- -- -- I. And I bet you don't have a blue and now. No. They didn't get it. Doesn't get played nearly enough nobody from the globe to talk to -- so felony where you have room. For. It's a simple way from Worcester telegram. And are connected to the globe get out of New York the -- -- -- But the best as they minor league umpire from what the Braves -- -- who does the classrooms crawling around throwing grenades -- the umpires you can't -- that it is so Rican crazy. It makes so little sense but that's definitely it was hilarious wallet back Madigan -- the manager skiers -- yet. But I still like I was really the worst meltdown -- delight of the grenade got the worst meltdown was. Was your -- young. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jose offerman wasn't playing in the majors anymore when he attacks somebody with a pastor that's. That's criminal behavior of talk to -- Could go faster melt value this. This sped up when you -- cuss everybody out. And maybe Lilja went very well Leo is the most famous that's for sure that is at today's -- four. -- -- -- -- open Mike here always brought you by AT&T WV I live out. On your apple or your android mobile device put in the open Mike button on the bottom right corner. Leave your message for some ten seconds or less -- use it here in the show brought to my eighteenth tee -- wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. Most orgy coverage in New England what -- -- wanna hear what you do with 500 million dollars and can more square. Oh and what would you do with what you do at the ballpark but would you do with the ball get -- under -- million dollars to spend here what would you do with 500 million dollars -- ten. And and just for perspective I know it's the East Coast and things are are much more expensive here in the but the new Yankee Stadium. -- what was the cost and that was hit. 800 million or was -- a -- and it was about a billion and that OK how about the the new facility at the meadowlands -- I think 80800 stands up to me for some reason a fifty. So Europe is still dealing with I it's a tremendous amount among chunk of money 500 million dollars. So you probably wanna keep the U wanna -- A million is about what it cost to build a new arena again -- would -- -- is dealing with the stuff in Seattle as a trying to build that arena down there. And the rough cost to build an arena not exactly but the rough cost. I think would be about 500 million dollars from not mistaken. -- I'm addicted just -- respective owners I don't along time ago. But they've built Gillette Stadium. For about a -- was like 325000350. Million now that was. About 20012002. So we're going to open 2002 it is open. But 500 million dollars with me he baseball park I think what they would try to do here -- -- that Lambeau Field affect you restoring it to you keep. He keep the the exterior right but you try to go ahead and modernize. You know one of the most important parts of Fenway that -- I always notice -- being back here being over Fenway few times I was kind of makes me think of it. You know what is just completely unique in this ballpark that I absolutely lost. The color green. The color that's on the walls at Fenway Park I. I know there's there's a lot of green throughout baseball but there's something like this -- side and about the the exact color green I think it's called and we green now writers like that. That is in this ballpark it's it's even in the air that we can seek -- -- over. In our lands on street studios today and you can sort of see into into the via concourse area. They just something about that green it's on the walls and Greivis is different from an hour also lost arguably. Toll gives that if they said are gonna keep Fenway Park really very little sick same no -- will keep for migraine connect same location. Same dimensions the system -- You don't like the US army and -- -- artists that say it's names. Spot now. -- even I'm -- not term -- -- -- and say -- money interment of my own suggestions very relaxing the seats there is something about being uncomfortable that kind of makes the experience of Fenway Park in the knowledge that people have been dealing with that seem uncomfortable seat. Since the early part of last century and that that's. That's part of what makes it's special it's part of what sets it apart makes it different is it isn't comfortable like everything else that you do not exactly the same but then again. I don't sit out there for eighty games a year I sat policy for eighty games a year I would be in on there's about 63 or four but that's on you -- and get -- -- local firefighters catcher Paul -- factory that's absolutely here at Purdue and that you shouldn't have wished her pretty -- to victory. The company by -- are signing up for when he decided to be I don't. I don't know anything about architecture so if you guys tell me -- like to them somebody I'd I would I would to somebody out there to tell me about the price -- graphic how much -- half a threat to cause. You take away every obstructed view seat like there's a seat price sold permit -- to commit to finish out. -- you're staring you're you're you're three inches away from a green from a trip would agree in -- so -- What else do you think you can all get the beautiful color confronting if you take away those type of. News they tried to. Are they shouldn't get rid of the poll how costly that they need to have obstructed view seats in order to have polls that hang out in order to get the the close environment. That Fenway Park pass right that's the problem -- all the new stadiums is there's no obstructed seats they didn't wanna put any columns out there. And that way everything is sort of pushed back away from the field that is one of the great things about Fenway it's why everybody feels like they're on top of the right on top of the action. But it would be nice if they just got rid of those on the other hand. You don't know what you're getting an -- see you no longer -- with the Internet and and with all the seat seating charts that are out there I mean I went to go look at my seat for the game last week. You look at its is very clearly whether or not you're getting an obstructed view seat and so hey it's up to you if you wanna sit in the obstructed view you can but you don't get stuck -- accidentally. As as a price or not I've gone down on those things that nobody is that just because -- -- -- -- since the streak is over -- I don't know. Pretty obstructed view -- I sure hope so or during the streak. Pretty pricey seat for the obstructed view we're just looking at that green -- you -- -- architects need those. I know what they need graph paper and accountable why -- they need those drafting boards that are on an angle why can't they use a desk like everybody else what they need to use something on 45 degree angle. Is there something about being an architect -- only draw. On something on a 45 degree angle -- -- -- -- -- there aren't -- but why would you say that about architect I know an architect. I guess I -- -- just that one is just that. That's that guy and he probably well announced their post talk not a -- -- Huckabee and the collective if you missed any of Bill Belichick act. And his press conference today a different a different sounding and very genuine Bill Belichick and -- marked respectable -- highlights next talk Molly. A W media.

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