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Red Sox Manager John Farrell with Salk and Holley

Jul 24, 2013|

We speak with John Farrell and get his take on the signing of Dustin Pedroia to a long term deal, an encouraging start for Jon Lester, and most importantly, what's going on with Clay Buchholz and his injury and are the Sox and Clay on the same page when it comes to treatment?

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Played more opportunity for your calls today 60777979837. Bill Belichick speaking I think both Michael and I believed. Very genuinely earlier today you play more of that throughout the afternoon if you missed any. Here on WEEI but the course. Every Wednesday especially the Red Sox are homer down at Fenway Park and John Ferrell takes a few minutes to join us a bit later today we appreciate the will change in schedule yet a nice moment today for your team Dustin Pedroia signs and officially now a large long term contract extension. How happy are you -- The pectoral personal Michael -- -- it's a little more than a nice moment that this is a historic day I think in Red Sox history given that. The length of the contract with Dustin is meant to this organization to the city for number of years in which he's been here. Hopefully this takes him through his entire playing career in one uniform which it is a rarity these days and I don't think it needs to be addressed -- and what he means once the way we play what we value. -- in players bring to the ballpark each and every day. But it. A great day for Dawson in the Stanley a great day for the organization. Is your captain who can. Now some people say de facto captain he's one of our leaders there's there's no question about that and he he leads the the patient which who worked. Whether to spring training whether it's each and every day here. He he's disturbed that he's the draw that at the straw that stirs the drink for so to speak and whether or not that needs to be acknowledged with a C on the Jersey that's that's. A debatable point but the one thing that we'd like to get across every guy in our clubhouse is that -- all leaders general right but dust and throws tenure throws performance. Through the heart that he shows each and every day yeah he's definitely. Our our go to guy in terms of our approach and the -- that we want to play. He has talked many times about the Red Sox believing in him there that the team that drafted him in the second round he was their first pick. That year and when they picked him I believe you are still in Cleveland at the time correct I was. What was your what was the analysis of him what was your analysis him before you got to know him as a player. Well. Not knowing me the exact scout reports going back to 2004. But. You have to give the scout who saw him day in day out the utmost credit because. Dustin personifies and and has things you can't measure. And that his heart that is determination. Yes he's got skills that you can evaluate you can measure but what's inside that guy is immeasurable in and honestly. I don't know that many guys match up. To what's inside that guy and -- and you know he made some comments here today that you know just talked about how important was it to remain with the Red Sox his entire career. And you know for those who you know know Dustin by just the way he played second base for the way or the at bats he puts up. And this is a guy that ultimately respects the game. And it is. Very aware of the history of the game. And knows what the Red Sox mean to the city in this region in it's just a great fit and glad that it's worked -- way past is there a moment either on or off the field. Really sums up who he has -- you've seen that maybe we haven't seen sometimes something you've noticed real yup that's Dustin Pedroia he's different from our. Well you could probably say that about something he does each and every day and a lot of those things probably can't beat -- talked about on air. You you're gonna see something from him every day that we come to the ballpark that might be different than what we've seen in the past and and the thing to quickly come to mind -- some of the things he does defensively. You know he makes a play last night going up the middle with two outs that you know what they got a runner at third base and and that's the tying run and he makes a play look so easy. When the average second baseman probably doesn't get to that ball and may come a little bit too spoiled and and -- we expect so much from him. He's one hell of a player. Well. Let's talk about last night did you look at it I know was a game in July. But did you look at that as he a big game for your team given the fact that if you lose a game. You follow the fall out of first place for the first time in two months. I I thought it was important imports for sure for multiple reasons that being one of them. I thought it was important for for Jon Lester come out of the break with a couple of extra days and see how he was gonna respond physically which. He responded very well he was in complete control liking you know granted wolf Myers gets a first pitch fastball and in. And Longoria gets a fastball up out over the plate for the for the two runs he allowed. Put the power in which he maintained from start to the end of his night on the mound and six in the third innings of work I thought it was a huge step in the right direction. It's Jon Lester vintage type of performance. And Morgan need that type of performance to get to where our goal is and that is. I it to be in this position hopefully by the the last davis' jumper with -- -- as he is everyone's Wednesday brought you by our -- insurance town fair tire and -- -- hockey he did not throw the cutter nearly as often last night. Is that by design heading in is that something he's just -- once he's in the game. How how did that decision again and that's more -- game that the decision I don't know being going with you know I'm gonna throw X number of each pitch. But today as as any pitcher warms up in the bullpen he's got a feel for what's working on a given night what thing we've seen over the probably the last. I'd say good six weeks John's changeup has become. A later action pitch form has become a put away type of pitch he's got a number strikeouts with it. And I think right now he feels pretty comfortable that in this fast walker a fastball changeup combination. I thought he threw more curve balls for strikes last night so any time that third -- is in the mix for a greater than 50% strike ratio. You've got a chance to it to keep a line up under control for three times through it and and that was a fastball curveball change up last night. Five days from last night -- it might be that cutter when we get down to Baltimore will will see how things unfold we -- to talk to us before that that the cutter has been one of the issues that he's had to deal with some of the problems he's had. Over the last couple weeks you said were linked back to back cutters when I see it disappear. And then see some of his success that he had last night. Is this the beginnings of a change in who Jon Lester is is a pitcher does he need that cutter to come back a lot I don't think. Well again I think it's important to note that he threw carters last fight he might out of from a two strikes but he threw them in the sequence to given hitters. In -- not uncommon for any pitcher to adjust either from start to start the year to year or are they give -- to certain stages of their career year you're always. Looking to. To not only stay sharper. How do you continue to evolve as a pitcher you're never static. And that might be what just go through -- for you. Got to be that team that you want to do that that you want the team to be the last team standing. He Jon Lester step up and and do what he did last night in a Clay Buchholz let's talk about buckles. Whose idea was it for him to go to see James Andrews and and and what was your what was your take away from Andrews is fine. Well it's not uncommon for any player to it in injury situation to get it -- to seek a second opinion. You know many many pitchers have gone to see Andrews after. -- the diagnosis is made with their. Current team the diagnosis concurs with what we've discovered here through the MRI through the that the throwing program that started -- stop that it's progressed to a certain point and then we've had a slow things down a little bit but I think more than anything. Clay comes back with a little bit more self assurance that there there's a common feeling of what he's dealing with and so. I think the most important thing is that going through this as we get him back to -- getting to the mound and then the progression has got to take place we've got to. Go at a pace that clay tolerates week we can't force -- this we can't cut corners we can't short circuit and -- think. Bottom line is plays extremely frustrated by the start and stop that we've gone through we do need him to get back but we've got to get him back to -- full. Or close to a 100% health to have to be the pitcher that is capable before he went to go see doctor Andrews used the phrase peace of mind hopefully it would help him achieve peace of mind. What does that mean. Well I think I think when you when you're dealing with someone -- renowned and our world sports world and in baseball particular or as doctor Andrews. There's a lot of history and I think players have. A lot of faith. In his experience in the number of pitchers he seemed so when when he. Makes a recommendation and when it concurs with what our doctors have said. I think that bodes well for clay in his mindset to have to continue on with the program that's been already outlined the one thing it was clear is that. When he was examined by doctor Andrews said. What you're doing is the absolute right thing the patient which are going to throwing that's been outlined you have to continue on with that and and that's in fact what is -- So is it wouldn't wouldn't be too simplistic to say. After seeing doctor Andrews. If I buckles continues to throw and feels some discomfort. That he cannot injure himself. -- that that has nothing to do with anything. That he's doing wrong. I think it's who we have to go back to what he's. Capable tolerated and I and we know that any pitcher take clay out of this if a pitcher hasn't pitched in two months. And they start to build back. You're reconditioned in the arm you get it back into shape so and animosity muscle that it's worked. There might be some stiffness from my -- and soreness that is completely normal with getting back in shape and and we feel like that will be the case with -- -- he understands. He does but at the same time it's his body and that's what's telling him. And that's -- that will be his and our guide. And how fast we can progressives so would you say the organization and the pitcher are on the same page a -- I firmly believe so and see a lot of this. And we were on the West Coast in Seattle and felt like in clay himself felt like he was turning the corner with the intensity in the volume of throws who -- making and got to the mound. Unfortunately there was a little bit of a pause that was needed because he was feeling a little bit more discomfort but. I I think we're where we are today and what's laid out going forward yes everyone's. In agreement with how we're gonna get there that you think we'll see him in in August -- he be pitching. He's going to be alimony is ready in and I know that's a non answer to your question but to -- a date to it because we've got I think three phases of this return that we have to go through. And lasted -- accomplished the throwing on flat ground and that can be out 220 feet but it's got to be -- near full intensity on flat ground because once he climbs on the mound. Any incorporates the angle that adds a different stress point and it adds a different amount of stress to the throwing motion. That will be the next phase in included in that are multiple Balkans. A simulated game or is incorporating the ups and downs much like game would be then we have to get him out on rehab. 22 pitch games and minor -- so. No exact timeframe on account your about a week away -- exactly week away from the trade deadline not waiver trade deadline in July 31 you had a chance over the last couple of games to see more of your young bullpen arms guys have been called up. How important is this week to assess those guys and where you might be league use them down stretch well. No recognizing full well that that we deadline is is out there. This far is dated a managing of of our bullpen and trying to win tonight that that's that deal is almost nonexistent my mind. It's important to see guys step up as there are you know Drake Britton has been throwing fire in two pretty high leverage situations that I think. In the short run he's handled them well BA and oh is another guy that you know when you think when I think back to spring training in the way through them is it's almost like different guys got much greater -- strength. He's trusted in terms of the strike throwing they're going to be called upon to it to fill opportunities and you know I think right now or -- get a good look at not only those two guys but with what Brandon Workman is doing. Is given us a huge lift in -- two in the two starts that he's made. It's time now for a Mohegan sun's dinner with John Ferrell contest today's question for the manager comes from Stephen -- I Stephens from the -- Massachusetts he wants to know how difficult is it to manage. The mental hurdles of a player's injury how do you manage the players to be confident in the doctor's outcomes. That last step for anybody returning from an injury is the mental side because one they're gonna. Test things back at full games beat. They're going to be somewhat hesitant. Has that might come and play here. Because they don't know how the body's gonna respond once they get back to full speed whether it's in rehab situation whether it's here -- us. On how the regular. Physically bounce back from that given performance and given first time that they get back to making speed so that. You know going back to what we talked about clay you can't skip any steps along the way because it's almost a building process not building block process not just from the physical side of it. But with each -- test of intensity. Mentally they're gaining confidence along the way that they're gonna hold up and they're gonna be able to run compete. At a high rate of intensity and and speed overall so. It doesn't happen overnight in and that's why with all that has been talked about with -- situation sure we'd love him to be able to walk out to the mound tonight but. Realistically that's almost impossible -- your lineup tonight. Ellsbury is leading off Victorino. Pedroia Ortiz Gomes. -- Napoli Gomes. Drew Saltalamacchia and -- places. Mike Napoli when you watch usually you see that that night he has the other night we get just every extreme. That it player and having hit the home run he strikes out three times he has the the double play late in the game that I know you probably still little said about you could have gone home a lot earlier reward for that -- still might -- it means a -- anything that hit the home run a couple of innings later. See it's a tough guy to read in terms of what to expect from him in any given point not a not a tough read at all we know he's got some -- this and it is into his game so you could say that game the other night is a snapshot of his career somewhat. But of late in in the even just talking with -- -- felt like coming into that coming out of the all star break. It's almost like he felt like he was getting his front foot down a little bit earlier a little bit more on time. And you know what we're seeing over the -- you know coming out of the break is the guy we had an April and and that is a huge boost with that kind of power threat in the middle Carolina it's always good to have John -- with -- every Wednesday brought your -- bell and. -- in town fair tire. And by Kallis hockey thanks so much we appreciate it okay guys parties aren't there any others John fairly joins us every single Wednesday. And calling it a historic moment for -- it's not just a nice moment but he historic moment for Dustin Pedroia signing his deal today with the Red Sox out to be here. Through 2021. In terms of Lester Buchholz then that's where. Some of the questions -- confusion for questions to. With Lester you know -- just is a great night. Obviously right I mean he he he comes out he's completely different pitcher than we've seen for the last few weeks he doesn't really rely on the cutter he uses as John mentions. But he didn't use it a lot it was not a featured pitch for him the way it's been in the past. And yet we see the most effective Jon Lester we've seen in for. That we have we did in posting about this last night might in some influences. Jon Lester last night he got out of me we got a big out -- must've been in the fifth or sixth inning. And he let out a screen. He's emotions he's an emotional guy he was emotional last night and -- but I missed that but but it's not a factor because they won the game. And they hold on the first place if he doesn't pitch well last night. They lose that game they fall out of first place I think this that the phone calls here today a lot of people will be talking about the emotion. A Jon Lester you -- the guy being emotional I don't. Well I don't I don't mind my pitchers being emotionally -- first on the last person in the world to start criticizing you gotta be a legend in terms of a profession because a lot of times. When when people talk about the criticism that criticizing John Lester. A lot of times they they focus on the fact that. He let the little things get too emotional people do that well then yes absolutely they gave little things let things bother them they overreact but I can't -- -- happy. They are they exultant in jail and they they celebrate look we probably beyond. That it an appropriate at it -- -- quotes an appropriate level of. Any time it doesn't go the way you want to you blame -- Who they are not -- because he doesn't care look at me and take the bat off the shoulder. Are fine and maybe that's the exact same thing that allowed the guy. To that to happen throughout the locker where to draw a walk where or how about a flat holes and a big spot in that come up with a huge hit. All we got totally emotional there and took him out of the game alright fine but -- also pumps up this team when he gets out -- huge screen and and uses that emotion for the better and and carries them along -- -- I think -- this. When the and when your emotions are causing a problem. Right when you're not when you're having trouble and you're not able to harness those emotions and use them for good -- Right the Paul Pierce and hit a shot for everybody didn't draft me. -- -- Richard Sherman story in -- more correct I still upset that he's a fifth round I don't know Richard short arms are your point -- your picture or pick Sherman our guys are your guys on the front cover of Sports Illustrated this week. Who says -- the fifth round pick -- -- motivation I can't believe I was picked that late a mad. I'm used I'm using them harnessing that article last harnesses his emotion. It's a huge plus for him when he lets -- get the best of them well then you got probably more and. Well I think he was ready to go last night the rest a lot of times you'll see the resting guys or are rusty and they can't command and and they struggled to get through -- five or six innings I was on he was a power pitcher last night it was a big moment for them. It would have been. It would have been the worst thing in the world have been lost that game would have -- a half game behind Tampa but. In the first place for 58 days you wanna hold onto it as you need a big performance from from Jon Lester against the hot team. A team that went eighteen of its last twenty. And he stepped up and got it done and I think emotion was part of his bike. And I'll tell you what last night the game in the -- wanna win Fausto Carmona Roberta Hernandez -- -- the -- his name is these days I can't even think of him as anything other than Fausto. Like I still get confused when I see the named Hernandez the public but that's also cutting out a retired -- -- and I think roster done. Went to a game a couple years I thought Boston or 2007 I haven't I don't know what happened -- Fausto I saw that Hernandez characterize that I -- to a game a few years ago and and he was pitching it sounds like him back looks really familiar -- Alberto Hernandez was -- closer every bit closer right but who was. And then finally dawned on me like I I looked them up on my -- in the middle of camp like well it's Fausto Carmona of course. And the Red Sox have almost always had success against enemy they've always seemed to have his number. The so I think that's the game you wanna win Aaron -- more. Coming off a late night -- -- games series the night before maybe that's when you're gonna struggle to bounce back the next day try to winning Lester vs south and I match up yet and I'll get a chance he got published a guy at least split the series. Well you know in you have no idea what to expect from David Price and I've -- Did David Price is an inconsistent pitcher he's not. But the Red Sox vs David Price have been all over the place you seem to be the Red Sox have some decent games against price and then you've seen. This guy come out and shut them down a tough match up well for Felix LeBron tonight. Yeah and yet he's coming off or you what one of his better starts and he looked right to good against the Yankees last Friday night so like to see him keep that going in it is it is. -- -- -- as Bill Belichick speaking today if you miss some of that we will play for you or at least keep a whole bunch of clips of that. Coming up at 430 today who played quite a bit from Bill Belichick back. Who was again I think very very genuine. In the way he spoke to the media today probably gave more than -- accustomed to hearing more than I think many of us expected to play some of that coming up at 430. This afternoon but. -- Sox team every time they they come up against a moment that I think it's who look too big for them but it's something they've got a hurdle -- they've got to get over. They seem to find a way past that last night was one of those right you've you've lost the game to the -- to the rays have been playing great baseball you've got Jon Lester on the mound you don't know what you're gonna get from him he's gotten eleven days off. And and they come out and do their thing they find a way to score fewer runs Dustin Pedroia goes barreling into second base and that's stupid to -- by Jose and only what they think it. Jose or Dustin. Molina in a while or what happened there now what if you're at it it's. You know chain victory know looks around. It is OK I guess I'll just trot home on this -- there's no one YT two in a bowl the second base it really was bizarre but. I just love Pedroia right after signing his big contract goes barreling into second base take out slide pops up with the arm in the shoulder to make sure that there's no throw coming home in victory and I was able to score. I just. It seems like when. I don't see when the going gets tough because it's such a cliche but when we knew they find themselves in these scrappy situations. They take a cue from their best players and they come back to what what it is that makes them the Red Sox this year John Farrell said that Pedroia has that mentality in the the other guys feed off of it. We can see and I thought he -- last night with a slight -- Some of the other guys feed off of a lot of feed off of but the one guy you wonder about. And of the kids is it is fair to ask the questions. About Clay Buchholz is. What's gonna happen with him. I mean that's I think that's a question today what do you expect from Clay Buchholz the rest of the season is -- season over. I probably it is it going to be nine NL 1712. In line on the season. Or will we see this guy next month. When they are any dog fight for the for the division title because Tampa is not going anywhere. And neither is Baltimore and I hesitated to the Yankees are gonna fade to. I don't think they're going to let us Aqua especially if they get Soriano 61777979837. What can you reasonably expect from Clay Buchholz now the rest of the year after hearing there from John Farrell about him and I'll say this about play. We talked earlier about if we were bill Belichick's PR agent what we would say to -- he did a great job eight Los after the press conference today. If I were Clay Buchholz is PR agent I think they're given half. For one of his comments last night that's next rockaholic WEEI.

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