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Big day for Bill Belichick

Jul 24, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the Belichick press conference later today. They gave their thoughts on what needs to be said.

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It's Dennis and Callahan. The while violence there. And we'll hold on the first place and now increased the lead back to a game and a half over the Tampa Bay -- I don't know that you can't. Where Jerry -- A little look the bloodhounds that I would love to -- you know but I would be ugly. Like he's some service. It looked like skeleton sport thank god I'm. I see how many I cock -- We don't know -- I don't know why don't you look around Poland crap you're not. -- on C three points and WD. That we got a lot of ground McGovern -- four hours is not enough preempt a lot and Maloney we're doing hey we're not working apart the studio -- stick it here you know what folks. Today has the potential and therein lies to keyword. The potential to be an interesting if not a fascinating. Day and maybe even a game changing day. There's a chance. The Major League Baseball smacks Alex Rodriguez with a lifetime suspensions so says CBS news -- happening -- probably not but. If that indeed hanging over -- head. No doubt -- rubble either attempt to negotiate like -- did or failing that fight it to the death correct TJ Quinn. That material on Ron we're told far exceeded what they've -- their thoughts are going to get. Theorized that was far beyond that now the bronze -- enough for him to look at and say OK I'm not gonna fight that so we don't know exactly what they have against Iraq. The word from his camp is that they do intend to fight it. But we have reported -- back -- February that this was a long standing relationship with Tony -- that Iran was the one player he handled personally. 98 million dollars left on his contract I'm not sure would be game changing for the American League east but it certainly would be game changing the New York yankees' number two. We have now alert above default by the way that the prosecutors are making a strong case to Suffolk County grand jury. That Aaron Hernandez beat charged. In a double martyr in the south and last July let's see it's up one. Plus two. Equals three that we know off. And finally perhaps most of the most fascinating and I've -- used the word fascinating and Bill Belichick press conference in the same sentence -- it just doesn't jive. But this cannot be it cannot be your standard run of the mill -- training camp press conference it'll be fascinating to see. How far Bill Belichick is willing to go when discussing the extraordinary events of the patriots offseason. And we will carry. At the exact same time -- her -- emphasis. Standing before a judge yes ha -- yeah up to 1:45 from 2 o'clock I. Which one should we carried live. In this hearing and help her say nothing is just a probable we'll split screen picked candidate than radio have a split screen. It's probably soccer game on them and tip yeah but it will be fascinating. There what. It's not going to be as usual Bill Belichick -- I -- member of the press conference from. The Tebow be Tebow won where everybody was so excited when nine million people there and he went on for like fifteen minutes and said nothing. Gave them nothing he can't do that I -- he won't do today. It's impossible it is utterly impossible for him stand there with no players around no practice no -- talk about. And avoid. Its US -- good question and hand on on TV last. -- says name. I'm not sure he says his name but he will talk about. I think you know -- he talked enough about them. -- those questions will include his name the answers may not but that doesn't matter he will talk about a. He passed but he says summoned the stark and any business anything I think basically you've got would Brady said this thing with Peter King yesterday it'll be like it's going to be the company know its gonna be little more than that. Because that would demean what has happened this about questioned. By a factor of ten. The worst thing that has ever happened to this organization by house and -- lump this into an injury were not pocket about it. He can't lump it into something that some opponents said it would be controversial because he's not he can't he can't treat this -- We're going to do what's in the best interest of this football team or were going to do what helps this football team win. He simply cannot cannot do that that demeans the process it demeans the people it demeans the intensity of what happened so it starts at the start to -- -- statement and says you know might to a terrible for the -- from the gaga. We're not gonna talk to a anymore that's unacceptable. They'll be something in between and it I'm pretty sure you all say something like and this is the last time. This will be addressed and and guarantee -- -- -- if you're the the legal. Reporter from New Hampshire but aides appear in -- the political guy from New Hampshire if you're up there today. And you'll -- your camera rolling microphones in his face and you're no present and ready to to get -- -- gonna get for Hernandez this will be yet this is the last time it will be addressed and for that reason I think they'll be just a little bit more than it's that then says. We're sorry for what happened right. I and I think is a reason. You know he's there alone today. We know Belichick's very very Smart and calculated calculated planning. Planning. He's not Smart enough to avoid addressing this it's impossible it's impossible you cannot. Avoid -- you cannot dismiss it demean. Diminish it as as Ron Borges sports and hurled. You cannot call a disaster call a distraction right in fact I think I agree Peter King. Brady sounded came across this kind of coal in his comments to Peter King about this recent I have moved on people like him doctor Q. Why can't or won't he said he can't like McCain camp at the political will. I don't know there's some good topic that he can't but he won't because that's why there -- -- ports. Tell press from a starter a year ago the -- Briscoe for two days or why the that's what people there that's what people there right that's why people watching that's why it will be. Broadcast television station and add live at -- time on 145 -- -- -- -- terrible. But in this case but -- they've done it yet but as you like to say how does this war is -- archetype in Vegas stays this -- thinking could stand there for fifteen minutes and it and and avoid. Answering every single -- Hernandez question yes he. If you -- well then you know what. You're right he can do -- he won't you know why won't because that he will appear even colder than Tom Brady not that that's a factor and will -- -- he does care and I think the difference between Brady Belichick is Belichick will say. Our condolences go out to shore -- family Belichick will use his name. He will -- -- Lloyd he will say but that's -- Kendall and Brady didn't do that which kind of surprised me you know Brady is damn Smart -- Did you think. The Brady would appear more sensitive in this then and and and maybe he didn't know how would come across when you appeared and the UK -- web site. But I did think it I do think he would say it's a strategy the our hearts go out our thoughts are prayers like that. I think it I think deprive her went out from above the told everybody including Tom Brady to say as little as possible dance around these egg shells don't break any. Say something about moving on and I Bill Belichick will handle this today but I -- -- organization. You don't think the problem include thoughts and prayers snow is now it certainly started with the with the owner who did just that. And and and mention the old Lloyd family you know and that he felt for them Belichick and the question to me is -- you're sincere when he says it. I mean when he talks about. Our condolences. To old Nolan and his family. I don't include the other -- go as rumored in July of 2012 now we've got out it'll grand -- -- what is it that for the next press conference. Can he appeared. Sincere. Yes I think he can't and if Bill Belichick were to -- media wise and he hasn't and he won't and he wouldn't and it wouldn't and I would agree to do I would say this. You can for a million girls. Not to -- now. Five he would get ten Giuliani would hire me that I would tell them this you have to control the situation. So you need to spend a couple of days and a sleepless night thinking about how far you wanna go and what you wanna say and you need to craft with a C. This statement and the other statement you explain -- not taking questions we're not discussing. Because that's when he would appear. Tell -- when people with -- what about this one about that and when he starts to do. It's a farm Heisman Trophy impression. That's when he begins to look like the old that's when he'll begin to look cold and calculated and heartless so what he needs to do is control the situation have -- opening statement that might be you know one or two paragraphs that is beautifully crafted. And answers enough questions and and and portrays this organization as somebody who cares who is them who is who is hurt by this takes this seriously but this is the end of it do you think he says. Aaron Hernandez's name. That's a hell I'm what I thought well you might notice oh really I shot -- I was watching minute hand it's slipped by wind so. I don't think you can pitch a pathetic bitch slapped -- the promise terrorism right argument that's. And then you'll know yeah that. You're not about the money. We'll play the whole thing progresses we will race we'll have to play will think now I'm just I just tweaking my my my little friend. And Hanover still tour we have I ask you are something we have to decide let's -- Howard by the way and asking -- skill to be working today. Really. -- -- -- is this as one Tweeter said to me said you lucky. He's not working anymore this week it really come after you guys it's that will be listening to was in an interview with -- Andrew Dice Clay from 1986. But. -- we will determine who skillet or we should on how we can determine. Like he's some sort of stunned. Look like -- pork. It's God's seed in the general we shouldn't digress it but -- don't have brought to get -- on the one that city was. Yes and I. I was asked us confused and those who -- soon know whether he'll use at work or -- doesn't work I think he was walking -- you sounded that a lot of people but mocking allies sound and he said the guy with a shaved it looks likes to work so to me that means that nobody knows I exist but he's establishing guys. We get where you don't have a shaved head shaved head and practically witnesses what was it was a lot more crop that that when Jerry was talking about this last week was last week. If that piece -- -- -- CDs -- looks like Scott torque but not a lot of jokes are handed out pictures you took so he was mocking me as having it radio voice that was not like I thought it was mocking you for that call -- -- the door and ignore him completely on four different occasions after you said something about Howard Stern. He did the voice. And Italy were treated like nobody was still would like a radio voice like a good actually trying to guess but what he was quoting was the things that you were sank. Yeah yeah yeah I like I want to block my -- I've tried to throw out at a -- my voice your contact and your scale a little elegantly balanced and I would not the world -- but I would be ugly. I can't say I was ugly -- he left that part out but anyway. It was funny it was and detaining. I think he was confused I think one of his 27 produces and has helped him out here and tell us who we are of the fact we went. Head to head with them for about. Eight years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the use of that says that it. So glad it did when the for eight years I guess the rate is -- and three times. That's not a lot but that's true you can look it up. Are getting give you the dates if you like because it was a pretty big deal around here via and he's a man who they well that you're. I guess if you're spending only time and Hamptons. And not you know no summary and submarine. He'll be wintering in Palm Beach and sobering in the Hamptons he -- But Hampton how how we Hamptons and -- we -- -- this seemed to realize that I was him. All wash all mosh what's that I was paying homage because I -- as much time this weekend. Are off that he zero point question and -- is. And I go back and forth because you guys brought it up in the tying way to. Minute hand love finished yesterday will bill bill Belichick's say Aaron Hernandez name -- -- -- I need I say this what do you say I don't know don't change its case I say. Yes I agreeable. With perhaps I wanna I wanna say yes. But he will say he will not why he will say Oden Lloyd's name. He will not say obviously old boy's name far more or fall forward before he was to -- and -- -- -- -- most name and he will offer the condolences to the family. He might even sailed -- mother's name. But he will not -- -- and I would just -- this -- -- but if he doesn't say anything when it's really matter and he got its gonna be good for us what you know most -- -- that it didn't matter -- organization that mattered to the -- it matters to Robert -- it matters -- the -- pole of the season ticket out of this -- it -- because this is that guy under his watch who brought -- Aaron Hernandez and the -- by the -- about a future that it's taking care of today. And and and having Kraft wants and I think the fans what I really do organization needs it. And and he would embarrass the organization if you ignores it complete -- -- I sense out of one's sense of all of the fans of the season ticket holders want bell of course they don't know I I didn't I -- call him a month I agree Stan the fans they love when he digs in his heels. And they love when he. But on this but we don't offer resuscitate an alternate caller or fame signal right nasty place a political event will will will find out that you try to will -- -- -- -- later -- -- like that you are important to examine their diehards. On the big true believers they don't. The question anything Belichick does Butler wrote this is the first party it's it was absolutely right it matters to craft yet if matters to the brand. And Kraft and Belichick talked and -- will be involved in the crafting -- so that statement. Which -- which is why this statement will include -- them like they may be on one's mother and it will include some. Sense of -- Contrary Trish and I don't care what that -- and I'm not country analysis of such a constituency compassion yes put that for the deceased. And and some sense of regret for the situation. I am but I don't think that the average season tickled that they they adored the man they don't care what he says or does that that -- Be true but we're talking about him explaining why Albert Haynesworth is in here or why you're taking a chance on Randy Moss this is so -- be on that this this this is. Rocking the foundation of this organization and the man who has helped construct that foundation. I think many many people wanna hear. At least briefly out of all the out of his brain you know what his thoughts are on this end and does he feel the same way. We feel about this do we feel -- you know we never saw this coming. We and you know all the duke thing -- -- I have a team of Bob crap did I always say man had -- upset -- He's not saying this to -- this. It's murderer who would ever see that come there's no way anybody -- say the word murder but it will say you know we never saw this coming what the world could ever saw it won't. -- -- That's never gonna I don't but you -- that's the great out it'll. Always -- out for the organization eve wasn't busted Purcell and we -- it -- -- in -- it is behind us is who -- seen the could have seen murder come in the other Carolina campuses. Could you know break a ruthless. Bad guys that they couldn't see -- murder come and help. I'm pretty sure Hertz didn't think OJ it was gonna commit murder room he just can't -- murder comets and -- could ever say they should've seen this moment. Did they know he was a bad guy of course they knew it was a bad -- but lots of bad guys play and play well succeeded and and get with the program. In the NFL -- I I don't think what what happens here. Is he does step out of character. Briefly at the beginning right -- ago. While that's not the usual Belichick because. As you point out it's not his -- was not Johnson and he has to be careful not to make it sound like it seemed like it a distraction. Or a mistake right or a personnel move or whatever it's bigger and it's worse than. He has to some way somehow acknowledge the magnanimity of the situation. This cannot fall into line with those two examples the Jerry and I just. I'd dealt with it can't fall into line. -- how were you going to deal offensively with missing four or five of your productive receiver from what he can't fall under the Georgia football guys and I'll say this. He will let's say -- and Hernandez -- for a couple of reasons but the least of which he would humanize him. It would serve would do exactly. What the picture in The Herald on Ron Borges is column would serve to do -- link belt object and Hernandez together and I'm sure when bill. Except The Herald this morning and looks at whatever page that is it's the Ron -- called Big Three or four I like that provide whatever it if there is a picture describe -- your outlook and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This appears slick is real affection and it's almost full page it is in the front page of the Boston you know. Hold up the cameras but the real softness -- -- folks in Liverpool could see. But it's a pretty damn good front page with all guys Belichick. And -- and Hernandez faced it. As -- think this is all 99%. Media stuff in me cares about the -- and the fans -- and -- to -- needs to Belichick Israel is our new reached in his answer but. This idea of the casting -- humility and yet. Whole media creation media creation do you think he thinks so you'll be used to it at Davis bicycle to his craft probably -- things -- do. I think about a statement -- -- -- -- statement a statement include an eight opponents and that's statement while he's right it'll say you'll be written by -- -- he has written it. If anything was first he's gonna do all he sat down that road yet. Honestly I don't think he did but I it's agrees involved in. The approves of about thirty seconds -- and he's the Stonewall for seventeen that's what's gonna. -- but the stuff. He will not take questions the last thing you'll say in his opening is the last -- speak of it. You can ask hundred questions a thousand questions we are done with this training camp opens tomorrow we have put this horrific offseason that is affected this organization. Our fans our team behind us it is now time to look for except that are fine line because. Hernandez hurts them on the field too so the first question me about first and second there will be about it and situation yes the -- viewed in the lurch you don't have an honor and -- And that's what he goes into his Belichick speak. We will we there -- changes every single in there every single year weathered by injury or trade free agency you deal with different personnel every single year and this is what teams do they the goal. Is like you said like Borges wrote that to make it appear like it's not just the distraction not just another distraction. That's not easy for Belichick yes you know privacy so -- for that try to -- to -- so used to say and whatever deal with the Levin and I deal with the players we got -- talked about that. He has to talk about that and he has -- appear more human that he ever bullies -- actually that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No you Croatia known -- ovals life science in the one no one wants to make that case this thing like that to -- -- said no. At a decent area and lucid that was -- well we'll see yeah he said. Carl Ravitch would you say it would just say that that bias is accurate and won't play at you think that's that was as close to half a physical confrontation as you've seen -- one of these shows since. Probably -- Now sit Everett and that was states that was fixed since Indian bill. And yeah. Thought -- -- -- -- and that's as close as you've seen since probably last time you wanted to come over the table at me yeah that this and via. Who won the fight. As many as proud of the fact he's never -- a fight. He's never fun meter but he never won a fight true but he's in better shape of it goes to rounds minute hand wins those things generally and quickly. We're always invite you might hit first -- state went to fight. I think can I get up for a second. You jump out angle cross the thing and just throw shoulder into a space too much money and the answer is too much -- that they would have you back I say. The answer is whoever jumps up and hits strikes the first blow because these are over a heartbeat. -- Two weeks. Let's -- -- moves to sort of I sat back and lots of messes herald a short or ten was wearing glasses think you could handle time and yet you dues yet yet you think I can handle Howard Stern. He runs you know younger is that this is months away. Yeah. Howard's -- orders for. That's why he got game he knows it. Agent team -- -- yes yeah I would say yes Stearns not a flight that he's admitted that. Right and I'm pretty sure either of us to you know. We could pick that whole crew you you know Robin and -- title Robert Bob Bob who are mentally dominated I'm your king. Our fault lines opened 61777979837. It is going to be a fascinating day on so many levels and in so many venues. And underpaid second baseman Jerry Remy will be administering the 8 o'clock hour Greg Bedard. He one of the principal writers for Peter king's new M. Am QB website. Mike -- -- -- in New Hampshire Chris simply -- the question is simple that we go forward. Do what you want bill -- check to address. The remarkable extraordinary events of this horrific patriot offseason and in what -- do you think that should show up. It'll also show you the ten round heavyweight fight that light heavyweight fight between men hand and -- way. Also given how ports -- how how we can decide to scale -- I need to know from scale at all the -- fish. These guys is evil beast that I've listened to it and number time because I've putted up I'm almost all be talking about Jerry yeah. It was Jerry -- -- said shaved head and usage depends picture. We don't yet the picture he obviously saw the big deal. Justin because he's he's talked looks like we've got a -- so it was a picture of Dennis and but he also -- them like look recycle them like some science. About points Della -- yet that's me. I'm -- them easy good -- bagged spinach he is he man's arch nemesis. Again this is a good guy. -- -- felt like a good -- or better yet I have no good guys skillet or -- -- guys -- a fine was kind of guy ceased you know scaled to the classic eighty election when it's a good note to give her the name now. I'm proud -- -- well I do not so bad yet the bad guys to kill people. -- -- -- -- -- -- It was a it was a grown up. And swim can now now although it has been adapted by Internet culture maybe make a lot of skillet or -- videos now -- board would equally. Are you could you could water as oratorio -- -- lower. Don't for -- as scale at -- going to be a fun show folks strap it will be right.

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