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Jeff Passan with Salk and Holley: 'Raging Narcissist' sums up Ryan Braun

Jul 23, 2013|

We talk with Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports who penned one of the most biting columns about Ryan Braun's suspension for PED's, and did not pull any punches with the language he chose to describe him.

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Wall fall down in shock now that we know that Ryan -- was put in. More than just caffeine. In his Cumberland farms coffee. -- more than caffeine in there. I your question for Michael last year in fifteen minutes. Start with this question EST start thinking of this who has the football equivalent of Brian -- -- -- I think it's Calvin Johnson. But -- we think it's not a quarterback I don't think but I think it's like Calvin Johnson major Peterson. Somewhere in that realm. We'll get into this about what he went over an hour and there's just told me and an agreement that the that. I think Mike Trout is better. Right -- One year Mike Trout has better Brian -- career. Bottom of that either although he may eventually surpass them in at least in his case. He has been found guilty of anything and he hasn't -- you -- audiences I think US -- better players and I think it's a better player. Not asking you know that it is an Astros played him last year most recent. Don't know if I'll get past -- Right abroad last year. What -- -- oxide debate aside let's bring Jeff -- of the conversation AT&T outlining joins us right now from Yahoo! sports' Jeff how are -- man. My -- better -- -- -- brown got its start because -- the -- there or just in general. And yeah I mean he's he's should play and as simple -- that adequate but the more important position better all around game. -- in quite the -- but all the other stuff more than makes for. I don't buy that for a second thirty -- so. So last year last year 41 home runs you know he was probably due to out of his buying Brian Bryant 41 -- -- 112 RBIs. 319391. On base 595 slump and it's in the thirty stolen bases two months. -- Look at Jeff great to have it terrific article today and now we have plenty of things that taught you. -- out and wanna talk some Red Sox -- -- let's start with this and and why the 65 game suspension -- sort of give two reasons for it. In your in your article on one hand you're making it seem like it's fifty games plus fifteen more for being a jerk. And in the other hand it's a hundred games minus 35. For rolling over on on Bausch what do you think it is. I think it's more of the former than anything you know I think Major League Baseball watered down for the seat and what they want it done for the season. Whether it was going to be 67 games whether it's going to be 64 I think a lot of that sort of dovetail with the announcement date they want it more than it. Because more than fifty. Meant that right amber aren't even if you didn't go out and say it. Was essentially tacitly admitting that he used for that big trucks and the rest of it was as somebody described to me and able -- Her all the bad things that he would whether it was smearing people rent -- test collector. -- Impugning the program itself which he would that day in February 2012. That. Providing so many foot in mouth quote it is. We got a hold -- tax at the clubhouse leader for line of the week is going to be tough to beat. Ask you this that -- think this happened you'd think. That Ryan brawn had to be convinced had to be cajoled to. To fess up or did he go there willingly and say all right. -- let's just get this thing going when you think he was the initiator or do you think he was dragged through this process kicking and screaming. Yet talking with people on his side that it still sort of cut to -- I think that he's a very very very Smart. And in addition to being Smart in the in the column in the self preservation. And he understands that the number of benefits for being the first guy. The year are innumerable I mean it's it's not just the fact that baseball might look differently upon and -- as it would. Otherwise it's it would just straight out suspending him. On its own volition it's the fact that. He brings credibility now to the word Tony bosh and you've got one year or so other players. We're gonna have to try and explain now out on the Abacha has no credibility when Brian broad. Plainly affirmed. Yet to miss the rest of the year when -- frankly aren't very good and there aren't going to play out in the you know it's not going to be a wasted year -- It's not a year in which it's imperative that he play. Get to big rate next year and the year that. The amount of money that he's gonna lose commensurate to what it would be in the future just did not think so. Well when you take it all of these factors it makes cents Ryan brought take that step forward. And do it but the rationale behind it was much more self serving I think and an apple. Ma I'm only anyone think Brian brought his benevolent in his statement he can even bring himself that to sound sympathetic and even his statement. He's unsympathetic all it's been so hard for me and my family. Hell he's talking about how hard can -- possibly be for him and his family what he's the one who brought it all himself. He did that. Think about it as well in my computer and around Y day after -- damn sure you -- it some thought. All the time. -- app on the safe anymore I -- all the him but I've done it and I don't I don't look oh it's been so hard for me to deal with all this harper did a nice little talking about -- her whole family. Well -- you know -- some. I I believe I believe the words in the column I used to reaching our success -- -- an hour. Yeah they do along with cockroach like that word as well the other guys will they now will they now won't say -- I'm guilty. Global -- especially the players who could be in the playoffs this year crews Cologne. -- double those guys there upon suspending for fifty games I'll come back with fifty left to go on the ready to ready for the plants. You know I think crystal on -- -- -- and extremely. Interesting dynamic because all remember freeagent the Nazis it. And so what I have to wait years there are two very. I mean look hey they put themselves in the -- cycle feel sorry for them but they have the typical short and if they make the suspension this year and they run the risk of Melky Cabrera and themselves. Where their teammates ago look at them and just spite them for doing something it's selfish is taking now that you're free agent value. It's not expected back -- on the other hand if they don't take the suspension now and they -- go ahead and fight it. I take -- to agree then and I get to play the rest of the season. Baseball looks you know sort shaky and Brian Cushing sent her letting these guys play as long as they did not top of that. Or create your values going to be -- -- count -- probably missing fifty games next year so. They pick their teams that pick themselves it's not easy choice those guys that make him. It -- -- choice frankly that they Boozer grabbing them the first place. Jeff there are many interesting parts you're column today one part that really jumped out of me was your description of bronze teammates and how they stood up for him. They believed in them that because that's what teammates do and they didn't think he was lying to them and obviously he was. What did you get the sense that his teammates knew. That he was a fraud. I get the sense that is smarter he made two who look at situations. Logically and and who respect and value back. Now the second. Copy of the -- coming up the public company teammates on the company about brewers a fit into that category I'm just like facts -- The -- doesn't like Faxon and in think logically. It's it's not a whole lot of unfortunately and yeah I let I think even Smart people. And fall victim to Charlotte. I mean that I've I've said that before that. Put yourself in a position where your friend and I'm not saying Ryan Braun committed a crime because he did that this is the closest thing I can -- In public position where you have friends who was arrested for something. And the evidence looks like he'd get. But that friend swears we've been friends for years now and we've been together I would never lied you I promise you and I just need your support at this point. And please just help me get through this because I'm not guilty. I promise I'm not that's what Brian Brian did -- you know what if you are brand if you are teammate. You're going to be inclined to believe him if he's Davos that person vehement about it benefits would try -- on unquestionably -- How many times when you're going through baseball clubhouse -- are talking a baseball people. Outside of the brewers. That his name come up with the and that guy or the high -- you know and I'm talking about this people before this before this happened before the suspension. I'd done in time this year I mean like apropos of not seeing people saying what can happen abroad. You know I I hope that and that gets nailed. I mean did people and baseball I think that Bryant LeBron. Did sport a massive disservice. From the minute he got -- because his behavior all time did I I think the Smart people around understand what he did. They understand that since epic I eat. The real test doctor. Does not show up in -- -- and let's keep. The white people that you do that for Bryant Ron from the start. I just don't get -- logical leap I understand right abroad absolutely deserved. Get off on an arbitration case and not to be spent. Because you know what Major League Baseball screwed up at protocol what a hole in place in -- cut the is. So important when it comes to drug testing and yet to test itself. -- take into the lab in Montreal nevertheless. And they -- extra testing to make sure that the sample had not degraded and it was a good sample. And so the synthetic testosterone did not show up and I'm -- -- by some sort of testosterone ferry flying into it when it was -- because Bordick. You have to think about all the great fun we got to have in the meantime we got to find out just how biggest scumbag Ryan Braun is. Did all of the things he said at that point. Are are now just so hysterical to go back and listen to. We get to file a lot of guys are using a lot of guys are cheaters but not everybody is quite the same person and quality afterwards. As Ryan -- -- so to me that's one of the little advantages we got. Of the embarrassment of the last couple years here just to move this on to the Red Sox -- passing Yahoo! Sports with us and has broken some big Red -- stories. Over the last couple years what -- think of of Dustin Pedroia is extension. Great for the club you know want to consider -- make a hundred million dollars can't they at bat for him. Empty -- was gonna end up with -- no matter at you know. He is one of these cases it's not the case. Bob bought and red -- and that was something that makes sense is a great player he's the guy who. It's potentially on his way to -- pain and to play his whole career in the city with this team team that. So many times it's -- -- He divorces from iconic players I think was very important to read doctor ownership into Red -- management to the directive and yet you get a guy her. What only two million dollars a year average Morgan Chase Utley got seven years ago is an absolute coup it up and -- Can't keep up is that the not -- the level he's playing at now which is. Among the two or three best second baseman in baseball but it it can be you know one of -- 567. That's second baseman. The way that money is in baseball these days it's going to be a bargain contract. Jeff do you think the Red Sox will do anything interesting any big moves at the deadline. I think accurately pitcher I mean you know as it is where -- has been in -- down and Joseph and I ran down and -- I mean those bird two vital pieces those might have been here eighth and ninth inning guys coming into -- equipment. The guys they traded foreclosed the last two years ago. No matter how much. Players have stepped up even -- straight Britain grows well -- Either keeping get a work -- something else I still think there's room beyond that soared to go out and get another league pitchers somebody's not gonna cost you a whole lot not much more than organizational depth and look there at the bats they can't complain about as I -- -- at such -- like one and Q and every offensive category -- baseball this season and I think ultimately that Justine is gonna come down to it quite -- Jon Lester if -- can come back. And pitched even out as well as he was earlier this season -- how much you can figure out. Who the hell he is and what he can be -- in -- in the World Series. Well that that's obviously two huge questions buckled you're not gonna get to see him. Before the trade deadline Lester is gonna pitch tonight he'll pitch one more time after that and then you'll have the trade deadline. Let's say you don't see a good jump lesser time let's say he goes. Three in the third and gives up six runs and he -- some of the same Jon Lester you've seen for the last couple months here you need to make a move for starter to. A patent pending news you know -- the starter. That's that's what the problem is this beyond Mac guard you have Jake Peavy I get that the possibility that another injury risk and somebody who's gonna come. At a fairly significant price because these locked into the crowd friendly deal and then. Did you know can somehow prior consent and from the -- that's going to be difficult too because. They're gonna get a draft they can draft mine after that they hold onto them or they can I get him for about fourteen million dollars a -- -- like your candor and the iPad and not a whole lot of starting pitching out there once the Phillies started winning quickly. What was taken off the market not that -- -- on the one quickly taken out of there. Apple changed that means that if direct act like get somebody I don't think they wanna be just hold slugger I don't think they wanna give up. This organizational depth they've done a nice job of building up over the last year Q. In the farm system to go but just get a rental guy who may or may not be different. Yeah I guess I was they can the whole bloggers they're just until -- returns and if you think you need and the name I brought up last week Michael laughed at me hysterically was Joseph Blanton. Somebody who could just plug -- hole and give you essentially what Lester has done over the last few weeks until you get buckled back. My new -- I. He misses a lot about these great to be father Joseph Blanton well now it up by angels eleven awful. All right thanks Jeff good to doctor about it. There -- just -- hasn't played many other people is loving in my Joseph Blanton suggestion I'd from Yahoo! sports' great article this morning beginning get a chance to read it. Yahoo!'s incredibly difficult to find anything on which is weird because started off as -- search engine but C deacon and -- Athens article really really good in and I think the best take I read anywhere. On the whole steroid thing I know one other question for you about the story that you have to relates back to the NFL and come up your comparison yet. For who for who write -- -- Johnson has never been MVP of the league now so I think you had Adrian Peterson the arts. But Adrian Peterson he's the ending the best of his position. That's like Calvin Johnson I think that's fair may -- as -- in the DM VPs a little different football you almost have to be running quarterback on the something totally strange happens. -- Calvin Johnson. If -- how are consistently. Great player if Calvin Johnson. -- get busted the way Ryan Braun has been busted well the reaction been today who dig into an axle canal at W --

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