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Mike Napoli and Red Sox walk off with a win

Jul 22, 2013|

Lou and Tom Caron break down another exciting Red Sox win to start off the show. They also pinpoint the Sox bullpen as an area of concern.

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-- delivers Napoli swing -- right. Went a bit of the date back if there have been moved and we think the bad but it happened they would want the ball proud. Online shot right over the -- your -- the second and all of that late Jerry. And I walked up -- but the Red Sox and seven bonds good. That happened like just before 1 AM nice click right from the Sox ankle four or 46 minute extravaganza last not defends war. At every moment if you were Red Sox fan now welcome. To the mid day extravaganza TC in for Mike minutes do you continues his Thursday through Tuesday. Mini vacation if you look back on how many are fully possible for its gonna you know -- Now the hall here this morning after -- you get -- like 6 AM show prep definitely. What you call somebody stopped its bug you stay up till the end of that has not just look at your face was priceless now that's de ice the listening. That's not a -- or Australia that art yeah I have -- doing the game with joke -- state landslides up. I've you know obviously I've been there almost every night where these games go on forever in your eating as exciting as the games are you know you are pinned in that -- until it's all said -- entertaining game like this can go all night I love every minute of it. But you there -- somewhere as much Angela in the baseball is the ride home draft made the right back him this morning. I'd almost to come down once you're in bed half hour forty minutes fall asleep now nearly -- morning crying in the morning from the case you know you it's a whole lot of things. He -- if I'm gonna stay up this late dammit about a win the game wanna see you know the loss at home run. And Mike Napoli delivered it was that he. A Mike Napoli night up to that point right one for five. Three run homer. Then you get three strikeouts. And inning double play with bases loaded one out and say well okay. You live with a because there's a three run bomb and comes up in delivers another home run. Heals a lot of strikeouts in April yet to go along with all of those numbers you don't mind the strikeouts at all I think debate. That's one thing I think it is overrated and not all situations. But if you bring the thumb if you bring the -- assurance -- -- -- here attract the damage with those days you take it all day long. No question napoleonic blasts off from Mike Napoli twice last night and what nine walk off wins now. Not more than 25% more than a quarter of socks. And it led to an outing since 1996. We've still got 62 games left if you if you. -- and run through for vinyl which is incredible in how the New York Yankees -- to get to the Yankees a little bit I know a lot of people who listen to this love or hate the Yankees in this area. Thirteen hits last night the Yankees -- thirteen -- you know seven runs. That's fun that night the teens singles. The single extra base -- For the New York Yankees last three games. In a you know sweltering. July series at Fenway Park and they don't hit single homer. Well is almost every look at that -- -- UC Robinson canal unfortunately the first couple times he gets up he got first and third attempts to kind of pitch out of some jams. Where it did seem -- come up with guys on base you wanna minimized the damage -- a hell of a night mutual can still get on base. -- Bjorn did their job getting on base for the Yankees but this. Can knows the threat. Yeah I and that's one of the reasons why you look at this team it's able. I know they're pitching is stronger bullpen saw some good arms and yankees but as the starting pitching good enough. You'll during win who won three to four to 34 you know it's. I'm not so sure it is -- -- -- looked outstanding for -- -- just just absolutely lost the third inning on now. Yeah his birthday last night he looked like it was his sixtieth birthday the way who's laboring out there. As the game went on -- -- a brutal at the beginning couple of errors obviously didn't help him by he settled in you know when when you look at it after that first inning. And I know what the pitch count was -- -- for one was obviously very high he was up in the forties in the second inning. You see him come back up for the sixth inning -- say all things considered he was able to stabilize. -- what it's all said and done. When you come away from that game citing as it was and and the magic that surrounds this team at Fenway Park continues. I think the overriding thing this morning it feels a Red Sox fans is they still need some bullpen help. You see the way they're trying to. Get a little more out of Breslow in the middle innings get a little more out of design and water and add that that laws. By Gartner fifteen -- -- -- he filed a data row and exit twelve pitch of the at -- I started thinking about you. The fourteenth pitch of the at bat I was -- text and then I realized I was just cruel and get another -- two in the next and when you get to that. When you're taking your relievers in trying to get an inning and a blurred out of three guys instead of an inning each out of four guys that's what it's clear you need one more. Arm out there yet the what if that was sort of an eye opening game as it went on for bench Harrington as far as what you need urgency and it's not that he hasn't been. Looking at Fairmont scouting Chicago White Sox and it is couple arms -- anybody -- important. One gave his familiar with the entire staff right be in the bullpen coach knows -- those pitchers. Chickened out Milwaukee's a few guys there and Gonzales in Frankie Rodriguez and an expert. Lot of guys that might be available. After last night's game he makes listen it's not that you don't believe Craig -- at this hour regardless with the -- guy -- or not they're going to be huge. Huge pieces to -- open -- successes. Is that gonna need -- out of the -- but -- said Breslow. You want him to be getting into there's kind of guy an inning and a third. Allowing put him in a situation where he's at his best utilities. Hasn't just been a situation a lefty but if he is -- that makes your bullpen stronger but if you're asking him to go -- in two thirds inning in the third now. May be -- working him. Maybe to put him in the best position to succeed this hour another guy gonna rely on he comes in the seventh. Well all the way -- set up the eighth inning -- ranked -- me and ideally. What you wanna go to him in the seventh inning. -- see the velocity back up maybe they also -- helping you don't want fatigue this -- well. Neglect confidence in and only rattle off to date -- Here you need another. Veteran guy and I thought I thought was was outstanding -- I know is important. You know he takes her loss at Oakland struggles Friday night comes in last night cleaning couples like they give up yet but I mean. You know scoreless inning to strike outside the looked really good and that's an important step towards getting the confidence he needs the only leading -- -- to have to wonder if they need some more depth there and I think it always. Was good last night and it was nice to see Britain. Here you come in that situation with Gardner who looks like it's impossible to get out at that point gain and Ichiro and canola and overbay. -- -- -- slated to -- as great hitter but that you get the double play conference is being built with him -- with every appearance hopefully self. That's the interesting thing we got to look at the bullpen last night it if you just wrap -- up and we do in the post -- all time is palpable open numbers together up there at five and two thirds innings. One earned run six pitchers contribute like. That's fantastic. But to look a little closer you realize that it's it's -- -- -- right now -- tape and wire and bubble -- keeping this thing together. -- a friend and long time ago used to work in military intelligence. In Washington and he used to restart you'd go win. This room every morning to begin the day. And that was kind of the big from the war room literally. And there was a board up all the room that would sort -- have the top ten hot spot. Always be strange to come in and yeah I'm Bristol Connecticut. It's just. So -- even even Indonesia. Hasn't been on their two years also it's number three right assault happened overnight. It's like every important topic it's okay what do you -- -- little closed on so you -- that Red Sox situation room you were coming in there this morning. For the beginning of the new week I think bullpen help is clearly number one but it's probably been number one on that list now it's almost like he's -- it's -- bought Coles is the thing that has kind of moved up it's been lingering issue to me buckles is number two. Go to -- We've got alarms we -- -- -- panic meter up there in the red. He's gonna go to meet and again is I think John -- of this morning much like when you played we had to say Framingham Islam alone. Yes Peabody is Paul sorrento and cantons Bobby witness certain guys you have to say certain things too. And noted. And every column orthopedic surgeon or the -- with pianist and noted sports orthopedist James injures not Birmingham Alabama's as the occasional -- they go to Florida I actually -- last night somebody actually say that. There's is there an age when it. Something in Alabama to execute to lol c'mon I'm Nightline team will be practiced with the pack it all I -- -- -- that hopefully somebody's. You can back me up on this from but I did hear that he actually had to move out of Alabama. It is and each thing I find it hard to believe and again I'm not questioning you know noted sports orthopedist. -- but the guys to all the practice in Alabama. It is time to. You know that is under part myself that about him though that -- is the peace of mind guy. You know aspirin then that way baseball player whisper right in a look you in the eyes and say. Either he's either got to look in the eyes and and this is when that's gonna jump up the number one on the list fields in the -- of a problem you can't -- and that happens. Tomorrow morning we find out that news this entire congress gets that through the. Guys have been around here while I don't agree with you there but wrote that the guys have been around for some time. You know and -- -- this a couple of years ago with a back trying to pitch through it this amounts to try to pitch through it not a some of their. Find out later on at this -- stress fractures in his back. So -- Jacoby Ellsbury I guarantee of some happened do you think how quickly that you get the second opinion given the history. Here now I know there's new medical staff and everything else but it does come to a point where you start questioning -- decision making. Of -- there are you just don't trust a right to -- -- get a second opinion and we'll see some thing. Every time he throws multiple bullpen sessions he's feeling something and I'm not listen that China -- hee-seop I'm not going and we talked about this the other day. You feel pain you're worried about something you want to know what's going on the pain is not going away I get it. Clay buckles is more I don't think he's soft I think he's work why hasn't this been going away. Then you factor in what you -- is at two years ago -- medical staffs and I was fine. -- -- Stress fracture where it's not even you're your own self be the regular ground soda which are going to -- tag team. And then if you look around NEC -- How many other guys cement a one year world was Victor Martinez Jason Varitek Dustin Pedroia. Now they all went down for the year I think and that one West Coast trip it seemed like all we know breaking balls left and right and how many of those guys work. Now it doesn't look at DL stint Sony gonna be three or four days and enters not to be missed the rest of the year so for you since you see things happening in the locker audience think thing is that doctor James it was according to. Joseph Ferrero yesterday has seen the MRI. And is on page with the Red Sox headset now he needs to hear the canceled the flight. It's already there -- you say you know what let's just let's just finish this process. This is your goal meet face to face with this man I don't know if he's ever met him before. Colbert talk about it just him talking TO make you feel that much more confident come back here and listen to rip this thing up a little bit. Listen I'm in my late forties awful for hours with medical issues are dealt with okay but I mean you didn't it we've all been there. It's not just you looking you in the eyes seeing your fine it's huge telling him. -- feel when he's gonna say clay I think compared to this okay. But -- When I throw on my third bullpen and four days this is what I'm feel OK -- -- look at that. Right there or not mean I get it you UPU wanna meet with the -- facts. Might MRI to some guys even if I know who we is. At Salem and Obama get -- our our sit down with you look you in the eyes have a conversation talk about what I'm feeling where I'm feeling when I'm feeling it. And then you tell me. So -- I don't -- just say it's. Any -- trust. On the medical staff. It's just the fact that two years ago you felt shopping and you were right. At the end of the day you are right and then I kept saying I wasn't a Jacoby and nobody believed me right. Magical -- -- saying he was okay nobody believed me so I wanna go down and see James Andrews and tell him. This is what I feel this is why I'm -- -- We know what those -- trust honesty doctor Andrews in Pensacola Florida tomorrow. -- -- -- do some throwing here this afternoon as well but I think for Kleiza mindset. To see. You know one of the most respected guys in the industry in terms of dealing with the the throwing arm. Hopefully it comes out of their word you know he feels. Confidence in the standpoint where is -- could do would be further damage or risking anything further. Because as much progress as he is shown at times and then with a little bit of a pullback. I think there's some wondering that's going on -- mine and and understandably so. You know I I think the most important thing is once Clayton expect the mound he knows that he's healthy. And he's not. Putting himself at risk any further because competing against her body is it. On top of people competing against the opposition. Can really -- things. -- and you know it's. Everybody is different via people can judge whether that disguise pain tolerance or not everybody. Is different -- -- I've in my career you know. She that is badly sprained ankle Connecticut shot up late through a torn ligament my thumb plate through the sockets public -- can't wait to until it got so bad. My rookie year I hurt my leg and I was told that it was a bone bruise. And took the normal two -- three weeks off for the thing to heal right below the kneecap initiate and weight bearing area. Still couldn't run after three or four weeks and I'm a rookie wanna speak up and finally it's. This I know myself I I can handle some pain here to play -- that this isn't right get a second opinion found out that it was it was a fracture. Now it has decided to heal the calcium she's conceived the line. There are sick well there it is it's a while that's kind of semantics I'm gonna -- semantics. Is a big difference when you find out come out with a bone bruise as opposed to a fractured leg. Whatever it might be there's a huge difference in how it's perceived everybody including myself. So don't. This is that this is the Boston Red Sox the Celtics the pictures the Bruins went billion dollar businesses. -- but still as the athlete you'd you'd know your body better and anybody now some can deal with the pain more than others. But if -- can go there and see doctor Andrews and come back and be like you know what. Fine. I'm gonna be okay. Now I just need to focus keep -- that release point don't compensated by feel for anything in trying to pitch through this thing and get back and amounted to three weeks. In the big -- Whether he comes back with good news or bad news. I promise you one thing when we are sitting here tomorrow. -- Tomorrow falls within Tuesday to Thursday whatever vacation -- vacation how -- get -- -- Thursday significant occasion dot. The conversation Buckley buckles and we won't have its -- they may not tell us anything until tomorrow afternoon. But by tomorrow night. There will be a new. Phrase a new terminology. Attached to buckles and even if he's okay -- I mean this part of the problem like you just sent. -- and bone bruise. And a fracture even call air -- lying on display study results fracture right out of doors the athlete who's on the -- -- you sound a lot soft there. Missing a third week with a ball and your rookie -- -- they don't give you. Rookie there was look at it saying -- -- -- -- get out to do was struggling right now -- Mike Benjamin is not do anything we need -- out -- at second base you get a ball Bruce isn't a paper Maloney and again over the bone bruise. It broke a bone bruise on April fraction of people understand why erupt at 345 weeks so even if it boggles comes back tonight. And and doctor. There will be a sub collection of just like I usually want to finish -- shoulder -- -- the muscles you're gonna have something that makes it's not a whole lot worse than that that is stiff neck when it's also not gonna take a break and take your calls -- 617. -- -- -- number it is six or 77797937. That they did texts as well on the AT&T attacks line. And we can give is gone that the number we December Texan 37937. While we come back outside of the third item that is on that list right now in the Red -- situation room. And one item that I would have taken off. The list after last night that's next.

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