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Brad Faxon: Mickelson was outstanding

Jul 22, 2013|

Brad joined the show from the UK as he prepares for the Senior British Open. Brad was amazed by the play of Mickelson.

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It is our number 3-D NC on Monday morning the Monday after one Libya epic golfing performances of all time to help us to continue to put that into perspective what we watched yesterday Tampa. The open Brad Faxon joins us on the AT&T like AT&T forgy LTE it's my understanding that Brad is across the pond. In a car. Headed for the portal Burke dale with a British -- -- he's at outside the hospital all without tournaments later this week until he's our correspondent on the scene yet could you stop. The hospital checked it on patent. Brad. I've got to I've got a private room. Right next door it's it's pretty credible that. I've arranged -- so yeah we're right in the hospital and Arnold will send messages back -- as. Each contraction goes forward. XX you keep a rate of the baby just like facts that we sent. I expect that they're at Charles. Hello hello not that the -- that. But hey I'll. -- before we start. Call the last time you spoke with -- us when you were in a car. A democratic. -- I don't know I believe you -- with DL three driving somewhere over there in the British Open -- That's exactly right remember I used to call in from the fairways and you elect ethnic all of them by the. Yes yes exactly exactly her. Acrid cigarette at the royal birth till after the birth of the baby what we witnessed yesterday bread in your estimation. Well you know how you don't hear a player of sort of -- caliber. Too often say that was around in my like good he's played a lot of great round like this -- won now five major championships and for a player to finish around and say. That was the best round in my career. And then described this describing this in relating it to -- since 1986. You know. Build back 931. It's amazing. I just think that stance and summed it up pretty well he said look so this kind of stuck -- there took it away from everybody else because nobody even had. Yeah -- well you know what I can understand why it would be in his mind even though he had shot 59. The best win of his -- think about it it was a major. It was the fourth and final round. It was they win I win in the wind -- on that particular golf course I mean everybody else lost their minds except for Phil Mickelson. You know it was it was such an unlikely winner is in this situation you know. He eat he went over early to play the Scottish home last week it any came away with a victory and a lot of time. -- -- The major. For some reason dampened -- you know -- hard to get back up and motivated again but still made -- history you know he's always played the Shell Houston Open right before the masters. Conditions there are very similar to Augusta National he likes to come over here -- Scotland. The conditions up in. That Apple Store for the Scottish local urban fast and windy. You know -- wanted to play out there and you know. Every every day you know the writer Tom built putters not strong enough not strong enough and then the -- -- -- things that. Eight facts have you ever seen that tiger putt worse. I think the -- and part of it is an excuse or worse I mean -- -- this guy and he. He doesn't have the ability -- the decency to congratulate so you know his first open championship. Or just say you know that's a great round -- the great playing and you know -- -- contended that it and and it. Is this is becoming repetitive and and we said this fighter and we talked before -- It's going to be harder every major champion goes by without tiger when it's more more typical. But here's the thing I said this earlier faxes. He's 37. Mickelson 43 the last three British winners involvement in their forties. Why do we think. And he knows the lead in the -- think that you know -- -- -- can't -- Jack. When he's gonna have a lot more chances doesn't tiger have. A performance or two like we just saw from bill yesterday. He's definitely -- -- in them in the you know she QQ we'll do it somewhere -- I don't think he's going to be stopped at fourteen. That. An elusive statistic that Kelly told -- golf -- post -- I think she's set it on Twitter us let that. Tiger's next open championship next here at Liverpool which is right down the street where we are right now will be. The same page in the same amount of majors played and Jack Nicklaus and also. They'll both have won fourteen majors after the 67. Major event played at the same age of 37 I think this pretty. That's pretty -- What I think he's one behind Jack won his fifteenth major in his 67. Attempt. When he gets a signal is that anti illegal -- one between now and then to be dead even with Jack. -- But what are thought he would gone five years and seventeen majors with another major facts and this was in the prime of his career. Absolutely and you know -- still when you watch tiger play. We -- just the last few majors. He got a look like the same old tiger he's not using driver any at all and end. And it telltale sign on Saturday was wildly Westwood and the seventeenth hole the par five dogleg left still had two amazing shot to get it on that green I don't think anybody else did that yesterday. Westwood was hit a driver drawn around the corner until I mean tiger took out. It was a fairway -- it could've -- -- five -- it could have been a 32 but he just this kind of net in low cut. Well hole where the old Tiger Woods is confident we're gonna draw definitely get -- ball on the green in -- and and it's just. You know it's not impossible or the -- not hitting drivers just harder. The difference forever I look at it from say -- ten years ago twelve years ago when you're playing against some all these majors as. On Saturday afternoon the very beginning of the -- he grabbed the we'd get the lead by himself in the used to wonder led by one. Back in the old days -- shot 6869. On Saturday. Had a three or four shot leading in the Sunday enclose a little about five or six shots now. He just seems like he really good player you don't know what ranked player in the world. But is seem any different now than Scott or Justin Rose or fail he's just another one of these guys that. It's no surprise -- at such a great point to me it's so surprising to me that he can't. Seemed to come from behind -- and you know he's won so many -- it in dramatic style and fashion. That you you wouldn't think in a couple shot back. Going into the weekend would would be. A detriment to release just not showing that he's comfortable with a lead yet and you know if it by the making gas. I don't think he's comparable. Making golf swings without having to think about it -- but the whole shot. And you know it's trickled down to the short game here and there really been very inconsistent that the potter week. We seem to have some great days chipping and putting but we've also -- days like yesterday it just doesn't seem to be Tiger Woods. -- I know this is -- answerable but try as you might -- -- took great pains to congratulate and thank. Bones and talk about you know how old what a great job he did and helping him with club selection on the whole thing. To what extent do you think the absence of Stevie from tiger's bag has had some sort of negative effect on his game has confidence out there. But you know I I think you'll come as a very good caddie and good caddie for tiger. So it's hard to say that that -- Not helping them out I definitely think that would complicate -- we'll do everything Steve Williams. -- -- You know it's so they both went to -- it and that's going to be a good question. -- -- -- -- -- They'll get -- -- -- -- 41 years and you know think about this you know that was still -- major he's taken 23 years on the -- to do that. And for tiger beat Jack's record he has -- You still taken 23 years to do winning majors. Do you buy into this notion that the fifteenth once he gets the fifteenth and 1678. Kabul leaves just can't get that. Post Obama -- up -- mail. Like in no way because every single player that's out there are now trying to win more major championships this is. -- down everybody heard they're trying to get. Better every single way they -- it's it's only gonna get harder but it get easier. And you know. I think tiger's been immune to the media coverage or he wasn't in the community and media coverage before. You know quote unquote a fire under an accident. And since then he you know he's got a lot of things. Got -- it never did before. Bret what does that say when the final three groups yesterday. Were 23 over par west would shoot 75. May hand shoots 75 tiger shoots 74 Scott seven to Cabrera 74 and more 79 plus 23 in the final that does that speak to the course the wind the pressure the final round of a major or that just filled you know put his foot on the accelerator and ran away from the -- -- all of the above what's amazing you know look I think it was an early right round out of four under par might have been the low round by -- here and you know -- get to Conan has a legitimate chance and you know. You Curtis said the there's something in the winter in the air to the englishman to win because. You know Murray one of Wimbledon. -- one toward they won the big cricket test match against Australia. That was. Something that could have made them -- the favorites and and you know I think Westwood I think she's got a strong headed in you know he -- could you green guy and the pressure the pressure of winning the major the last state the last nine holes it's it's sometimes it's hard to explain and first built to do what he did shoot. Those scores to birdie for the last six. On a major championship course you know coming down so that a look at that big name in the quality leaderboard is gonna execute yet and worldwide. And until. I still can't believe we want I don't think she can believe it and well he gave his acceptance speech he would he was in tears you know I don't think he expected that go on out I think he just felt like. I just got to go play golf you know we talk about the pressure -- major but sometimes that gets downplayed a little bit when you're not expected you know you're not the last couple groups. He's out front a little bit and he just simple really structure I don't play one shot at a time. And you know. Guys in your life facts have you seen that consistently get better when the pressure gets greater we saw our guys -- -- greatest players in the world their knees buckle. It just seems like that rare human being who could actually get better and the pressure is that. That intense. And -- the day yes. I I still didn't if you like Arnold Palmer and you know you can never really know what to expect from the guys. And when when he gets in that little. -- all the flow whatever you want equality he is immune to the pressure and he looks pretty calm out there I'm sure they'll tell you that he wasn't. But I mean he hit the shots -- he had been hit you know he kept the ball play when he had to. He made that clutch putt on fifteen to look like it might -- from our that he did it again at sixteen which is really difficult par three uphill into the wind. And then you know we said yesterday our text. What guy can hit a three wood is it is Kasich who wood off the fairway. From one to 280 yards into the wind and I agree. Yet actually and that it be 305 I believe hey Greta how is it possible that golfers of this stature. In the final round of a major and are chasing Phil Mickelson. Leave putt after putt after putt short on birdie putts that could have closed the gap I mean to our -- compelled. To run it by three feet as opposed to lead to three feet short. Absolutely you know. That's what tiger would -- and -- it couldn't get used to the green and maybe all the complaining that the players did the first day I'm scared to use our name to say look better slowly down don't they could get out of control little bit. Especially with a win in the fortunate obviously. Over here it's been hot it's been dry. If it's the wind you know they try it out make the greens speeds faster it's. -- -- -- a lot to control the golf course and the greens and that's where they'd probably just said you know no more double cut almost Roland right well they did definitely watered they said that on television. On the players just more used to it in a lot of times. You know the practice putting greens. You know that there are smaller areas concentrated by a lot of footprints and those practice areas can be a lot faster. But the actual green to the golf course. You know what does it say about this this next generation of the players cotton rose and number one number two ranked players in the world right now already wounded Tiger Woods he'd say mentally any 43 year old. Phil Mickelson their wrecked again number one and two in the world brown what's this next generation doing it guys like you know -- like -- hand and Snedeker Dustin Johnson Jason Johnson. What this does -- a step up. Well you know the that's over pricing and it was -- first masters you know. At this at the same agent. You know Hunter Mahan is knocking on the door. Adam Scott who just won his first major earlier this year lucky she. Like last year at the open champion bogeyed civil war the last. What six or seven calls as well and you know when he was tied for the lead so the pressure doesn't go away just because you've won a major. An Internet -- we're talking about a -- after tiger wouldn't do it can eternity when this -- -- easier no way. It's still make it harder. It seems like still enjoys golf it's seems like tiger looks at it as a chore does that make any difference does that have any impact. On the results. You know I I I I think it's a great comparison to look at Phil and tiger -- like Arnold and Jack you know check to me. Golf with the job project -- he didn't play full time he took a lot of weeks saw. He didn't practice. In an incredible amount he had other things look like street but he did. But he was very concentrated and focused when it came time like. And the same goes true for tiger. And and I see still a lot like. Arnold where. Hey I'm always experiment with different clubs and trying to you know find the next advantage I'd love to play -- my body you know a lot about gamble that Al. -- -- you more -- and -- right into all different kind of shots. And to me you know that he could also sit at the same speed vs Ben Hogan apparent source -- had. You know much longer career and it looked like he had more fun playing golf. Then you know Hogan did and and that's how I look at -- there's a tiger -- -- -- -- -- do this you know well into its fifty. There was an exchange between a golfer and caddie and I I don't remember who was and he said. It's 192 of the pin but I -- -- hit 160s -- understand how it works over there you got to do the math and you -- allow for the runoff yet still afterwards said. Every shot could be one of three different clubs or does that come into play if you need -- 160. And let it roll out thirty yards to get to 190 how can three different clubs and a plan a shot like that Brad. Well when we have it reception very hard to understand better -- leave -- where you're either. You know the ball into because sometimes downwind you can hit a ball. It gets knocked out so quickly that certain calm down -- go the same distance see it 67 email might go 190 yards. Depending on your lies when you're in and out of rocks are out of fairways and huge difference over here. You know it is it a shot at 190 yard shot with an eight iron. When you can believe that -- you won't watch ball rolled them into literally roll forty yards with a iron shot in. It's it's so different and you know I think shields comes over the week before the play of the Scottish. Really helped him to learn and concentrate. More over here and learn the links set up in style which -- kind of I think. He yelled consumed with -- -- game high spin player I launched player right. That the British Open might not be to win the major that he would -- You know over the years Jerry and Kirk. Brad has taught me a whole bunch of things about golf and one of the things he taught me she never escape role what he shot today. You'll ask him how he plate so as you head for a royal birthday on the British senior open are you play and Brad. By the -- five billion annually if the golf course there. I'll let you know after today's practice track and that's and it's. Practice royal -- they'll. -- which. As a great corporate put a couple of opened here. I think collapsed when they played it was would Padraig Harrington beat Greg Norman in the last trauma. I didn't play an -- but I played well in Mark O'Meara won in 98. It's a great course in. I really get excited I love links golf in right now at least in the par 280 degrees here to win so. Could decrease similar. Conditions up there everybody should of course in great shape very -- Does it wind and and now and whether aside the royal birth to remind you love Muirfield is at that type of thing. I think you're killed more complete course. And Burke and I I I like -- don't think it's very night that. No Muirfield would be one of the best courses in the world. You know look at the quality of the players that won the open temperature up there. New album when they're Gary Player won there. It nickel -- it's it's a fantastic golf course. All right after you win on Sunday and then you sober up on money you -- calls back with your victory speech -- -- I would love our rural America -- good luck. Good luck Brett thinks that's -- always appreciate it started I appreciate Brad Faxon on the way to the British senior open at royal brookdale joining us on the AT&T got -- AT&T forgy LT -- back to your phone calls Jordan Paul Jim Travis we appreciate your patience will talk with you next.

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