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Dale & Rob discuss the Standing Ovation for Mariano Rivera

Jul 21, 2013|

Dale Arnold and Rob Bradford discuss the classy move by Red Sox fans last night at Fenway where Mariano Rivera received a standing ovation. There aren't to many Yankees who have or will ever receive that type of treatment at Fenway Park. Listen here as Dale and Rob discuss the atmosphere at the Red Sox vs Yankee game last night.

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How long relief -- bubble up again. -- there -- -- going to the movement that you're defending it. Let precision. I -- from the but it's great though this grave. Denied knowledge doing. You know. He's been there were some. There is a great piece in today's Boston Herald written by Michael Silverman I recommended -- haven't had a chance to read it yet. And it's about the incomparable Mariano Rivera. Who was the greatest closer in the history of the game not even an argument not even a discussion there's no other names you can bring up there's no one you can even. I mean don't even try it's impossible he's the greatest reliever in the history of the game. And people know him I've only talked to him like twice in my life I don't know and -- and even better person and he is a player and that seems hard to believe it's been such. A nice week for him the all star game you know going out -- told warmup in the eight inning. And the other players on the team staying off the field so that he was the only guy out there in the ovation he gotten. And even if the MVP award of the all star game was a lifetime achievement award I applaud the members of the media for giving it to one had no problems with -- at all. He's got a bit of a farewell tour this year. Although why he's retiring is beyond me -- I'm I just don't get it can is seed looks like he's he's still play a lot. But he's not a farewell tour. And his idea of a farewell -- not to collect mementos and not collect gifts from opposing teams as he goes around. It's to gather people it's to gather souls its -- -- our hearts. He had a get together at Fenway yesterday and one of the luxury suites before the game long before the game obviously. Any met with cancer patients and Boston Marathon bombing victims. And long time Red Sox employees. And it was just take casual sit down conversation. With the greatest relief pitcher in the history of the game. And and him inspiring them but I get the sense reading Michael -- -- drawing more inspiration from them. It it it he is the most amazing guy and it -- and I had this discussion went on the air in the history of Boston sports. Any sport. Any any game anything you wanna you wanna refer to. There has never been an opponent. As beloved as Mariano Rivera is for the New York Yankees. And my response was there's guys who legends and sports -- so don't know and my point is -- legends sports. Who the Boston fans of certainly sent often appreciated. But because the dynamic. That is this is the guy that you bring competing against and the biggest rivalry that -- Sports certainly did that team has. Arguably an elite police team in town that would anybody. You've gone head to head with him he's been so good and so classy along with everything he's done in the game that's why I don't think there's anything that. -- the only guy who's close and detector brings him up and I and I was gonna bring him up myself the only guy who's even close is Magic Johnson. And you go back to the bird retirement night match of being here and having the Celtics T shirt on. Under his warmup jacket all that he's the only guy can think of -- even close. As far as respect and even love from Boston fans for. Real rival opponent. But even he's not the same as Rivera the ovation that Red Sox fans gave him as he came in from the bullpen last night last night was terrific I loved it. He'll probably get one again tonight if he comes in from the bullpen even though you know when he's coming in from the bullpen. Chances are you're gonna lose the game. And what might have been the separated dale. It's 2005 absolutely and it is bizarre to say eight years ago this is what the missiles are what define this guy in regards to Boston fans. Buy it this was you -- me of what he stands for a class in and there the spirit of competition and everything about it. There is no off shocks you know thanks guys it was flat out I tip my hat to you thank you for plotting me. And we we you know this was a low point in my career. I'm gonna bounce back and -- is mylan and laugh you and you got me this time I'll get you another time and you might get me again. This is now -- have for people who don't remember -- talking about after the Red Sox won the World Series. There their opening game the following year was against the Yankees the receiving their rings. And Red Sox fans kind of gave Mariano Rivera the the raspberry each year because of his issues. Closing games in the ALCS the year before and David Ortiz getting to Mariano Rivera. And yeah they were cheering him when he came out like hey thank you for the World Series ring. Any smiled and laughed and tipped his hat and and from that moment on your right. I think he kind of endeared himself anyway just because he's that humble gracious personality. But from that point on Red Sox fans love the -- And I went does the -- it saved there's no questions they've lost a game this year. We talked about the -- Well the home run derby -- the start there and I don't want to divert too far from the path of Mariano. The home run derby three hours one of them. Stupidest thing in sports and I understand why they do it because the TV but it should be now and what they also should do. No question about it. You get two guys on each side who likes who spent his this year which are. Even on the all star team -- home run hitters you put him on the team. You get one guy from the minor leagues put among a team that you get one guy who's retired you put him on the team there's your home run derby. That was awful. Mariano saved the all start -- game and one of the small things that I know is being there. I've always railed against these guys leaving early in the fifth and sixth inning for game accounts. Well guess what you guys laughter. Two guys left before Mariano and that's why they stay. Yet I don't they stayed because of him I don't think is any question about it. And Robinson -- Athens -- -- you can argue that he he was -- and he -- -- common and that anyway. Miguel Cabrera -- I've no idea what he left. But that was it. That was it and then you talk to guys after the game. The only conversation after that game was about what he saw and like you said dale the instant where. Nobody came on the field he was just on the field by himself a great great moment which happened organically violated it was nothing planned. And then the speech that he gave before the game which -- hundred set up that's all anybody talked about about that. The guys sit around him in the circle there that day like it was story timer -- some -- Clay Buchholz said that told me after the game he had a great line he just said. And there's forty guys this all star game is the All Star Games nice to meet the -- team. But they're going to be forty or so guys we're going to be able to say they were in this clubhouse -- Mariano Rivera gave that speech. There have been great athletes who have retired before they had to. Barry Sanders from football. Com Ken Dryden from hockey there have been great players. Who have left the sport when they still have a lot again but they weren't 43 either I and that's 43 year old. Is still may be the best closer in the game that I might be and I watch him and I just think the maybe just doesn't have the firing more maybe he just doesn't wanna go through it anymore. Probably what what it is not a couple myself through what I have to do to be ready to play at the highest level. Every single game every year. But I look at him and I go why would he -- We have to also go back to -- when he made that decision. Here's coming off that surgery come -- off the -- problem and it tremendous amount of effort to do you do whatever you can to make that one line that last year count. And he had probably -- no idea how is gonna translate translating tremendously for him. But I gotta think that when he made that decision is used probably exhausted from the three -- that OK you know what we'll do one more time. What are Phil talk him out of it and in that and not the they'll try -- what if he'll talk himself out of you go we've seen it time and time again guys do it whether it's magic or whether it stored in or whoever. But because of all the things that we talked about about his character in the way he's always handled himself I got a thing now. I guessing this is the exception to the rule where this guy basically he's he's very definitive and everything he does this is there. So I that's that's my -- It says what he means and means what he -- exactly. But the little -- get together he had yesterday at Fenway with the people that he talked to. And he told the story as he's going out of Fenway Park. Friday night. In the east too high school baseball players are waiting for and they ask him to sign a Jersey for a team high school baseball teammate who's battling cancer. And who may not have long to live and of course Mario signed -- -- and was gracious about it it's always. But he had progressed yesterday he was sorry yesterday. -- was kicking himself because he didn't turn around and take the Jersey back into the clubhouse and have everybody else -- And that's what he was beat himself up about that he didn't take it back -- And get everybody else on the team to sign -- so that the kids could present it to their teammate in that regard. That's the way things go. And we go back the all star game I remember years -- I think it was was doing top ten all star moments and there were some great ones. The number one I believe was the Ted Williams moment. And Fenway Park in 1999. I in it it always was for me because I I was there and those follow -- there at night you know everything about it right. Well you wondered you wonder where that ranks now I certainly in the top trio. I think Marat animal. Certainly it's in the top two doesn't go to number one because of that moment on the field by his -- it was just so perfect what made it unbelievable to me. Was that it was such a perfect. Perfectly XQ -- moment. That wasn't planned yet it just happen you know -- you don't why that was erect it was same with the -- -- right when the players just. Exact and urged. In you know what made it happen was the god awful appearance by Neil Diamond. Because if Neil Diamond doesn't come out and have that pause in the -- players on the field you don't necessarily get that. That was -- is the first time in history Neil Diamond is open for Metallica. This and right after -- thanks to enter sandman heads and a good -- -- you take credit for that I do a whole does a pretty good I like that and it's sound it's so weird to hear it. I mean the minute deal stopped to say it ended it Metallica hits in here comes Mariano a lot of the pan involvement in this it was bad I mean that part was India lost. Square where. They -- it's a new -- -- where in the bottle and then they're being talked out of bullied by the PA announcer who then asked to turn it into a support for Boston. Which you know in in theory is spying but the people in New York don't want not now when it was happening in April was different well I'm this canosa -- and Michael. -- -- Terrible terrible terrible thing the -- something there's a lot of stuff that happened this year. As the wild fires says the stuff in west Texas. You know there's a lot of stuff that happened and on okay honor would Neil Diamond on the Boston bombings on the other things to. And that Neil Diamond thing just this -- was excuse I was terrible but the saving grace of it wise. That it was a perfect prelude to watch Mariano did which is coming on the field by himself no players around players. Decided they weren't gonna come on the field just let him have his do we know who was in the dugout and on and nobody wait here wait here nobody. They all just they would they'd do they basically looked down at each other. And saw nobody was going now. And they state. And that's that was a tremendous and you ask the players after the game. To a man they all say the same thing. It -- harder with the guy who was on perceived as the leader of that team he gave the speech before the game and set up the speech from are not Mariano. If he was a wanna said I I am telling you that this was not plan that we did not say anything we just looked at each other new wasn't -- to go -- 6177797937. Is the telephone number you can text us whenever you like on the AT&T text line at 37937. You're always welcome to reach out to either of us by way of our Twitter feeds act Brad fall. Or at dale. We're gonna dive right into it with you coming up next it's sports Sunday here -- one Sports Radio WEEI. We'll definitely have a lot of those -- -- look for and against Iran -- -- fishermen for. He found there and it's still an army. Reagan's and again the -- for him come here is that this. Bottle thing and beautiful hands -- man. Russell Preston you have everything wrong the NBA being -- on his right side myself. Reagan's. -- Like everybody else when when Jim Leyland brought Mariano Rivera into the eighth inning the other night I was a little surprised and then I thought it -- -- -- the TV I was sort of half yelling at TV and tell. My brain clicked him. And realized what Leland was trying to make sure was that you got to. I mean if you god forbid you know the American League X I wonder is the lead in the -- inning guy it's a three run homer. You have a chance you've got to me he has to pitch -- he has to get into the game several techsters claimed that it was Leland who orchestrated. The players staying in the -- and you say that's not well. Jim Leland did a good job of setting it up in regards to getting amendment the right time. And all I know is that I sat there in front of these players and players and -- that stood in front of they all said the same thing. Which is there was an organic annulment and including I keep matching Torii Hunter -- honor. Is the guy it was the guy would orchestrating a lot of things and -- -- I I must've listened to him for 2030 minutes. Repeat the same stories over and over again and that's one of them you just said list that nobody did. Our let's get to the call 617779793. Sevenths telephone number. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Killing the course. He is at minus five for the day already has climbed to even two shots off the pace. And is just clobbering the course right and he's doing in fancy pants he's always doing right now let's get too old -- if I could ever get. Like ever gets down in the break. You and we talked a lot of break Pryor gets out he's won the clip you thing looked. He sprayed in the Heather it's straight in the had to say spree as my new Twitter handle -- -- if Steve's at Rosalind they'll speed Europe first this morning on sports on. I don't I see you are right I'd like to talk about given the respect everybody has Mariano Rivera. Yes I'm I'm telling you right now and I guarantee it where Derek Jeter retires. Austin will give him a ticket to a patient you've ever -- life. They -- they'll absolutely give him an ovation. But I don't think that he's more respected -- revered -- Rivera. I I absolutely do because I work what a bunch of guys and you know construction group and it's got a built levee goes. And I apply here right now we don't have that heat that we used to have for the Yankees back in the seventies because. You know free agency. Really hates anybody on the other team anymore except -- may be -- you know. But on because it's free agency we read we respect the Yankees but we don't really don't believe we used to because. Like I agree with all of that they are not a hate -- -- as a group and and I Anderson I agree with everything you're saying -- Steve the only disagreement you and I have. And I agree with you that Derek Jeter is widely respected. By Red Sox fans Rivera is loved. Yeah he's up there and I believe I'm Derek Jeter is too and I'm you know it's going to be a wait and see -- -- but I'll -- he gets a -- rotation and Mario and are rare. All Steve Imus say something it's always under on these airwaves I respectfully disagree. And and the reason is is because -- hoping we talked about earlier. Which is that 2005 moment I think that would that was a separate letter. I mean it did Jeter and in Rivera same boat and a lot of respects but that moment. That was the difference maker for me and I think for the Boston fans. Well -- and after you obviously he -- is the playoffs in 2004. Epic collapse. And then 2005. Opening day -- opener Fenway. He tips his hat to the crowd. You know they cheer them. -- it was a great moment -- it was it was a unique moment in a well executed moment by great player. And don't misunderstand what we're saying here because and bite him ma am not speaking for album speaking for myself I got nothing bad to say about Derek Jeter nothing. I've -- respect him as an opponent very much. I admire the way he plays the game very much I think he's vastly overrated. In some respects I mean the gold club thing is a joke for most -- all of baseball the joke. But. As great as he's been and as as blunted an opponent as seaspan. Mariano Rivera has been better and -- here's another thing yeah I think it factors in two of how they're leaving the game. The way that Derek -- trending right now is not gonna not so good now he's not leaving the gain out on top. In respect how he's playing Mariano it's I think that the Boston fans also factor that in. Our policy in Westfield papal I don't. That didn't or good morning neither one. Eight haven't joked around the producer but I have my questions simple and bonded or we discussed. Summary background Hernandez. Where -- situated in the seat in terms of how many games left. Before we get to go to the playoffs. With the -- are. Before you get to go in the -- it is. That's the other -- six the three. -- like that. All of that many I didn't realize that I thought we had a lot of us. I I get I I get the joke it's it -- them a stop my sides and the key -- In other words you're saying that that Red Sox fans are getting a little ahead of themselves it's not the playoffs yet and I understand that all you can do is judge on where they are right now. And I couldn't be happier and I either they're learning to work together as a -- and it seems to be working well. Well you know Paul. We talked about how would should you be that worried over these injuries because they've had injuries throughout the entire season this start to pile up the -- pile up. The one fail safe driving for Red Sox fans is that every single time to be in face of adversity. They've they've been able to bounce back from -- it is pretty remarkable now the question is has this latest round of injuries. Put them over the edge especially with -- coming down. No you know what we think he's that we SEC three games left and that's an intermittent factor which we do bounce back from. Salute in the united somewhat mr. Hernandez -- -- it that he's and then the other chip they're going crazy about the bomber. He's what you earned innocent person that's not a statement that the bad decision. When I glorifying and that's horrible to think that. Okay I'm don't quite know where that came from but now -- -- don't -- -- Is that that was I didn't I didn't see the tie in with why didn't. -- I started a Christian and as the Pawtucket probably not yeah probably wasn't talking about him 6177797937. AT&T tax minus 37937. Ricky said Hyde Park hey Ricky I don't. Good -- it's all very well thank you. Question quietly put out I'm bracing myself for city -- anything that you made a comment like that in fourteen games and oh yeah. Now what they want that would what they want. Liked close Korea like -- and I know we leave and it went up like full ray Bork. I disagree -- compliment talks. -- how exactly would be clear waivers since I mean years that everybody on waivers in August. Do you think that that Mariano Rivera is gonna clear waivers he can pick it up because that. I there's no and he says Serbia and that they -- economic player option they have a chance to. And the Yankees are -- are gonna trade Mariano Rivera and as though there's a lot of probably at least. -- -- like I liked the originality but there's a lot of wasted a lot of issues you have to deal with it you know -- -- interesting thing is. A couple of years ago. It the Red Sox actually made a two year offer they tried -- in front side of his free agent. Now it was pretty much understood that he wasn't gonna go anywhere pretty much understood they were just trying to William Jonathan Papelbon at the time and the Yankees. -- -- Yes yes it is. But it is well I can't give me the reasons why not quite there about a hundred. You can't get him after. The end of this month. Policy clears waivers and why the heck would be clear waivers. Anybody who's even got half the chance at a playoff spot. Is gonna put in a waiver claim on a guy who's a free agent at the end of the season. And says he's gonna retire every -- let's face it all just say this to say that the Red Sox the Yankees could trade him to the Red -- for dollar with no ramifications. Easy this year the dollar. Here's Rivera. It wouldn't happen. But the Yankees would never do think he is that that's one of the great things about Rivera is that he's big one team with one team the entire time. That one of many many grace. Things and end and to. Use your ray Bork analogy it's not like he's never won before well you know it's not like -- guy at the end of his career who just wants one last three and upper 42 to grab a cup. You know Mariano Rivera is one just a little bit in his career now he's not being traded anywhere for one thing. That the fans of New York is. As Blase as they can be at times would stay warm. The offices. There at Yankee Stadium and never never gonna. -- never funnel it to think about I mean it's fun to dream about if you're Red Sox fan Mariano Rivera pitching and Red Sox a -- -- -- -- hang onto that thought for awhile he can try Ali we talked about it for now we tried we gave aren't given a best effort. 6177797937. -- telephone number. AT&T text line is 37937. Our Twitter feeds -- hop already act Brad Fo app dale. Hop on board will get in touch with you wouldn't just couple of minutes here on Sports Radio W media.

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