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Brad Faxon: Tiger ready to win The Open

Jul 19, 2013|

Brad Faxon joined the show to discuss the first round of The Open championship. Fax said Tiger is in great position to take his 15th major.

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Is our number two Dennis without Callahan -- take a long weekend to have via -- finger and recover from that and it's actually something he looks forward to every year I would imagine Kirk had a hand in alongside a beautiful number -- -- technicals just right now joining -- the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE as the best players in the world most of the best players in the world. Are -- not Muirfield it's wouldn't for the open. Someone -- tell Brad Faxon that the British Open has not played in Italy he joins us from -- shorter no mister Faxon. -- John W I'm doing well why. It. Well this is yeah. Perfect preparation for the senior British Open actually sit here outside of cool beer and a terrible look does not part of the island of Sardinia and I like Italians don't do it she says you know. Diocese socio work on your work on your short game sitting by the pool with a glass of wine. Exactly right and not quite -- -- and play golf. Course. We we want to break and we have this thing called yak off and the theme today -- things that are so bad. They are good this is on the heels of that movie shark Natal beat him up with things like you know smelling gasoline so bad it's good I would suggest to you. The based on the comments from a number of the top players. By the way players. It pretty well yesterday. The British Open setup is so bad for me it's good what do you think about the whining and bitching in the moaning and the setup in particular by the RNA Brad. Well you know that was a dream for the Chardonnay generally talk about the ultimate thing for the listeners that they have to do this again. Well the conditions of a golf course gets harder and let's drive the ball walls. You know in the -- -- you know. Flatly there are sloping and bouncy like they are over in Scotland especially here in your field. It's proper to control where the ball and continued you notice -- -- conceded great. Long rescue graphics and color that are amazing but the players complaining and you know I think what makes it. You know just -- you know players to play well like nickel and are talking about elk. Turkey some of the well hole locations work is it really makes it you know you feel like no other it's the most basic computer go. As. Muirfield played yesterday Rory McIlroy putted a ball from off the green through the green and then into a bunker. Schwartzel. Snapped -- club just by throwing it down on the rock hard fairway. Luke Donald shot a nine over par eighty. They didn't say very much and probably good because it would Celek excuse me making. But Mickelson who shot 69 and Poulter shot 72 said the place was a joke and reading -- -- -- -- fall Poulter -- government jackass. Said beyond angry at the moment five bogeys for a one over par three putts so frustrating when you play so well and don't finish it off. The eight -- as a joke and eighteen needs a win meal at a clown face. Into that beautiful I mean poultry could name because he looks like it wildly where's -- I mean it. And and if you read the comments from probably -- and -- said he had 37 obsolete putt spectacularly you know. There's got caught record that probably averages 2930. Cut around. At 37 that he putts long. -- other players like stewardship. Putting the ball you -- sixteen seed by hole location and number. A number. Seventeen caramel or what but there. It's amazingly -- and the British Open conditions. Cream he's never never normally that -- -- with a -- there you all should go on the screen even when they're. And understood and it looks like he's incredibly close to twelve and the wind blows. You're gonna be some embarrassed players in the -- At its fastest how fast the greens at Augusta and you think these are running at twelve at Muirfield right now. Well you know and and most of the time the British Open greens are much flatter there isn't near the emulation. That you see the courses -- US. Like he got an actual child that is the benchmark for green speed and and in what sure at all around greens conditions but. That the greens at the British Open. Typically -- and it had an -- Oh look like we said earlier when when it hard and Basilan island making these greens and local superintendent over -- ready for eighty degrees. And you can see -- on the television look -- color change to the spot to agree that really -- typical pot. They gonna want these greens command up the console and slowly Donald. Well -- book the governing body well it should be Arnie or the US GA. They they very rarely will change conditions what they start. Liquid senior US open in Omaha two weeks ago in the US can actually sent technical all the players. Notified the players that there would be some watering of decrease during around because in. -- the conditions were approaching a hundred degrees temperatures some degree 120 degree on the green. And the biggest and watered some of those that not enough the spotlight but not too. You know maybe just stop the wilting and I'd never ever seeing that happen. At a British. Tigers. 27 holes through Brad -- even for the day two under for the term and about to fall he was on for will be yesterday estimated two point. This determine where he doesn't want to be adapted his driver that seems like when that's not the case that's used to be the biggest roadblock for and that's why I think he's a really good spot here. Well you know -- -- -- -- -- Got every right here that you know will tiger ever repeated reaching eighteen major wins and then there's no question that got played well enough this year to win majors he's won more tournament. You know he's been in contention to win majors again and if you make a great point you know he won look BO conjecture but royal reporting one driver and 72 holes you know guy like tiger when he's sitting -- It's to our -- Bible up its you have little stinger punch five -- but he hits and he can -- -- -- -- 67 yard. You know after the roll. It's not many players are going to be. I have a better chance that he -- -- and I think he's he's he's ready he's in the spot that can be pretty good and I love lead let's look at -- could say that now that he can equate what. There's a -- we talk about all the time are the greatest player. To have not won a major and then he'll have the crowd behind that big. But this isn't exactly bay hill or not bay hill this is not exactly the Arnold Palmer where where he feels very comfortable talking about tiger in his last seven. Majors and Brad are you aware that tiger has failed to break seventy. On either Saturday or Sunday that's fourteen rounds over seven years in the last seven majors hasn't broken seventy on the weekend. Knowing you could add to that that the British Open has been the hardest major -- to win and the last one note of what many want first and you know. I think you know tiger if you remember a miracle what can we get that horrible storm I don't remember what kind of struggled -- if you get caught up. It's about children he ordered he writes that he could be there at extra incentive and that was on the Saturday played -- and I know his. We can play going to be more and for two years in the in the majors this is this the future you know. Would we talk about it offline you're on -- since every time a major goes by that he doesn't win. It gets harder -- yes it. Hey if if nick felt -- says anything negative about. Rory McIlroy does that now qualifiers piling on this for some -- -- -- Yeah you know right we did -- get no idea where his game and typically. You know it's hard it's respect that you look at where and how well he had to overcome years ago. With everything part of the game work is driving the ball further than anybody's -- unbelievably well when a major chip should double. That it. And and you know -- equipment -- something the blame maybe you know -- extra pressure from a contract like that. The big deal the friendship with tiger is tiger settle upload only got to do this you know on tiger -- -- -- cycled all execute and I'm I think a lot of pressure young guys and especially in at least Aryan Nation. Over there. I don't -- Patrick. Is this to say Rory McIlroy that we said man he might be the got to catch Jack Nicklaus and not Tiger Woods -- seems like a completely different person he's talking about. Seeing a sports psychologist. He's talking about being will hurt not being -- builder quote sometimes I feel like -- walking out there and I am on conscience unconscious. There's no sport -- confidence more than what what you guys play. Like I can get in your cup and it's incumbent goes so quickly every one of -- played the game you know only when you're playing well. -- got things going to be delivered at a not a bad shot you're likely never play poorly and then when you don't play well here I will ever -- well again and you know. The beauty of golf as you can have one shot -- one putt that lips in and doubled and out changeable competent your outlook -- you gotta get that momentum and gain. You know if it happens all the little -- escorted into the news. Second or third which lets -- accelerate today and it might make the cut but. You know war -- -- bad place right now and you know he's worked with Bob Rotella after the noted sports psychologist from Virginia. And that you could have to go back to that because I think you know you start to panic you know you figure -- -- swing short game that both the at all. What do I need to do you know you -- it as a coach could kind of a simple coach you can -- doubting income and they do I need something more technical -- technical forget at all you know -- the world it's really can't. I really is pathetic really good Sunday around the you're the Clark won two years ago -- Mickelson is open records should really shockingly bad for all time great player but it's bad for an all time great player a single major. Is anybody if you look at it but you know he's a good round yesterday. One last week. There's a good weather help them a lot predicates a good weather we -- high winds affect him because he gets the ball higher or I mean is is is just. Why is Mickelson struggled so much dvd wins here this week. You know I love to watch political player and I think that's why you know other than tiger most popular player and a player on the -- And nearly one last week's Scottish open up the castle Stuart which isn't far away from. Where they are now maybe a little friendly golf courses Muirfield village but I think the beauty if so he didn't know you can do today and I think he's a pretty sure he's playing pretty late in the conditions should be more difficult to the -- -- wind picks up. -- the course -- they'll war memorial. You can you can you can play like. More conservative style electronic with less -- soft piece you know making sure that he can. Get it in the fairway it could you can have a chance that it on the green -- You know -- Still got a great short game utility. To get up and down from a lot of places but you can't win this turned and ran the ball all over the course and that can be built biggest challenge this week. -- too technical questions and and I'm gonna ask you for prediction first technical question. They're saying the fairways are the same speed as the green are they are are is is that hyperbole or is that humanly possible. No I think it's humanly possibly just because there's there's so. It is no -- there's no friction you know -- it. It's not quite like putting on dot but it it's close you know you wouldn't think about return it because there's no perks that come up at all. Know you've mentioned earlier that all -- so by the -- portable -- like we've been playing -- games. -- -- club down and that they snap that was great old. These -- that that we can't do it looked around like a brick and you can walk down those stairways. Global ball that dropped the ball down on the ground. -- waste about -- -- of course you know yeah you never Uga. I just think it's so different than anything these guys play all year long even the European -- very little -- And my second technical question as well most renowned putters of all time. Tell me speaking Brad why that kind of twelve speed on a green. Makes it so difficult to to roll the ball where you want it and at the speed you wanna commit -- certain point when you realize it's a twelve not attend. Why is you can't adjusted or some other technical reason why it's difficult to putt. Well you know it it's interesting because you may have played a practice round Monday to England they would those -- and an -- And and not expected to see the green speed change that being there and know that. Remember looking at all the players comic about politicians -- and on the side of the crowd you know where you need to give the pot a little extra -- -- I think it will look like even ten feet by the hole and you can beat. Caught up according to look look through these silly and you don't expect that -- that the that aren't able will like -- US open will be COLT -- I don't agree it will most of the slope it is it is not only hard -- future. Your second shot approach shots close. You're looking at what -- -- with you know eight feet of break. You're not used to seeing it there. And it's it's it's the hardest thing to do is to try and play conservative in the majors you know you might have -- nine iron into the green at eight point five eat right or left the flag. Players don't do that too. Somebody said yesterday given the conditions and the speed of these greens. A putt from -- a two putt from fifteen feet is is a Dicey and a frightening. Proposition which which is just amazing. Well that the tour average for. Two -- comes from thirty feet maybe even 32 feet that could do. On the statue of punch shot -- that the average tour player to putt from 32. Thirty keeping an elite players to talk -- hoping to cut sixteen seed you can imagine how difficult that what they which you know. Not looking at that leaderboard ballots were talking and we -- -- just went 600 but today at twelve also it. You know what you're doing the right step you can still shoot score out there and you go to when you go to the bottom about mr. players shouldn't -- -- to give the players. Eight over par Michael Thompson little chip over the US open chipped -- -- -- -- so you know that some players that are going crazy uncle directions. The Johnson's Dustin Johnson Zach Johnson I -- supports -- Dustin Johnson this idea Rick -- about it at some point during his term he's gonna blow up to his brains and again the -- -- is that a -- -- shots -- is -- he's gotten over -- here at this point. I don't think he's gotten over that and -- you make a critical occurred cultural you know that it it the masters championship under his belt won a lot of -- starts Johnson that you most physically talented player. I'm definitely in the US could this guy he had a chance to limit. Be open a couple of years as a way to Austria and out of balance at. Think -- to the right you know he's gonna have to prove himself into the rest the world it increased -- Shouldn't you know he's he's a strong guy he can you know -- -- he can keep the ball in play you know his is short it was really what's in it. You know his -- believe. Telephone companies and agency you can order apple and keep it controlled I think this guy he can win one tournament he can land in one nature he can with a lot more. OK with the advantage of knowing what you know looking at the leaderboard. When we talk again on Monday morning where we you know when to be talking about as the British Open winner as the winner. How to my record it -- to -- I'm. I'm pretty -- we haven't talked about a billion minutes I think the most popular players. You know from other player's perspective -- and the guys it's 49 years old three under -- he -- beginning to win there. But I'll say what I pictured extent before I like that this guy. He's steady you -- work there Wednesday but he long. I think it's time that a -- when the British Open -- -- -- Hey I I decide this morning I'm picking my favorite golfer and my least favorite golf -- -- -- to win -- to lose I just mean just in terms like hang around with the news mentioned I think my favorite golfer on the planet. Is not feel is not tiger on the big name is Miguel on health yemenis and Ian Poulter based on that Sports Illustrated feature they did on him seems like a jackass. A -- spot with the navy's -- of these. -- -- did not enter Ian Poulter he has left -- everyday and he spends all the time range is close corps assist in just elected jackass but I think I really like Miguel on health and it is. Well you know it's funny to directly go -- -- it guys and another buddy of mine economy Hudson couldn't. They love -- minute this guy like you -- then the -- it like holy till they loved actress smoked cigars and wild stretches -- keep it. You know we human that it can everybody's -- -- and I think we got terrific in super nice guy. And he's played well all over the world in all kind of determine true. As you know you have a huge following and you know I've been around Poulter a lot when one on one of the guys fault okay. I don't I like -- the old Tom Watson laugh -- look look look at the club do its talking in you know drive like you need to tell you get settled for hours. All right you're gonna play the senior British Open next week correct. Royal port -- nice and you're getting ready for a -- sit in umbrella drinks excitable in Sardinia Italy. Now you know what your workplace my daughter had a little tree view that they don't like some kind of sold or would you Simmons 24 year old. And there weren't particularly we're going to a little market bottom up but it's beautiful quite -- -- Enjoy time away. Screen red -- -- -- -- the -- the British Open next week. -- doctor Monday morning Brad Faxon. Oh you know yeah -- fast those greens are the problem is I think he -- kind of mentioned it. They're so fast. You can't get the ball hard enough people on line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A what do you think he's gonna be -- of the Red Sox going forward we will hear from the owner who talked about it yesterday. And were also still looking for your -- off. Moments so bad it's good so what tax but the actual -- out yet so far so bad they're just that does so rather back on him the -- pretty good. A good yeah based on a shark NATO and will be that is so bad it was good which are watched last night. That's today's jacked off make us some things that are so bad they -- -- somebody said Bob Dylan. He's just great. He's so bad that if you wanna say he's goodies but public -- -- Spanish. Is so bad it's that's true I don't let the consensus on the Texas actually smelling -- -- yet we hear a lot yet just. True because it is there's lot of truth and speaking of baseball we gonna get into that coming up. About this Bobby Valentine so bad. He was good at least for us let's open the fallen to -- review next.

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