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Cooperator in Aaron Hernandez murder case now faced with 'snitch' label

Jul 15, 2013|

We discuss a story involving the murder of Odin Lloyd, and how one suspect is already being labeled in his community as a snitch for cooperating with investigators.

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So reading this story this morning in the USA today. On now on Carlos Ortiz who we've known previously as Carlos Ortiz the guy who was in the car. With Aaron Hernandez we find out today he's not actually known as Carlos Ortiz words from. In Bristol he goes by different name Michael. He goes by Charlie. Charlie boy. And always Charlie Ortiz or Charlie or Charlie boy Ortiz. And that's the best of everybody who. Everybody who knows -- they know him well in a moment aren't they dome is Charlie or Charlie -- Carlos no not Carlson we can almost dispenser that he's now Charlie. Some of the lines and that's a very bizarre picture painted. By this story today by Kevin and I Kevin man hand. In USA today he quotes -- teases cousin Jose -- Taurus. Who says he was one of us. He was. Ortiz has had his membership revoked in the DuBois is the nickname for the Davis drive family because -- says -- Torres says. He's a snitch. Quote he can come back here according to Taurus but if you come back to the streets were everybody thinks your hard but you've been snitching. His voice trails off he doesn't wanna say the words. According to another person Amber's show writer who used to let Ortiz crash on her couch that's Aaron Hernandez. You tell the police you don't know anything. You just tell them because it's Eric Hernandez. You just tell the police I don't think. Everybody knows that Charlie told that Torres he's been labeled a rat he's done he's done. You're gonna have another breaking news story on team. The breaking news or is going to be what I'm assuming he's he's insinuating that Ortiz is -- is gonna be the next. I found somewhere when he comes back to the to -- to the streets that are in Bristol. Our industries insinuating. Or or either. He's got -- that's gonna happen Ortiz or Ortiz gonna keep talking and give them more -- maybe that and then there's another story -- I took it the other way courtesy of -- Pretty ridiculous. Yeah. Okay this would this this is what I what I make of it that the first thing it has. When you start when you start scratching vary. -- -- superficially. And he deserves and I did get into like any good digging this little scratched. You find out the story some people that. Aaron Hernandez was friendly -- -- you know it. Well I can see why it if somebody knew what he was up to and they know the details but somebody new. Or so awesome of his friends I guess you are told me. You need to move. You need to start focusing on and on being a professional. Need to start focusing on being the husband. And dad because this is it's gonna lead to trouble. Here's a human region as we earlier about Ortiz when there at that this thing about Ortiz is is -- hear about Charlie boy yeah that's aren't talking and then and then. What are we about -- Wallace one. The mother of his children said he's on the run -- we -- probably -- him -- his mom's -- -- -- of the dominicans are looking for the. No they were looking for -- went when they have been looking for they're not still they're not actively I don't -- maybe -- maybe he was able to to a race whatever -- he had with the the -- Dominican Republic. And now he's totally fine Ortiz dozens and a whole lot better. His the relationship he had with -- woman patent that at the time they were still together -- walked out of her house on Davis drive wearing pajamas. Go get some bleep -- close on Ortiz yelled according to the report. They then got into an argument RTZ yanked off her shirt leaving her in just a draw then pulled her into the house and across the floor. He was later arrested for breach of peace of the same character of him the uncle porous says. That's my cousin and I love them but it got cut up the wrong people on the used him. He be dangerous friend he's gonna go all out for you he's got a good heart but he's not very Smart the somewhat a good heart and it. I mean I just -- -- the logical inconsistencies. Is that he's got a -- beat the crap out of his girlfriend yeah. Out he dragged her across the floor after taking -- for close in the middle of the street but he's got a good heart. Anything someone else right now to Erica that's what got his friends and police say that. You know he's they are questions about his and go to his his baby mama's. Place she has a T shirt on. With a picture of their kid on there he or she wants people to know that there's a connection. Between. Two in her life and and we're Carlos OTR Carlos Ortiz or Charlie weighted down with Aaron Hernandez case but the things that I mean warned that. Was. The suggestion by the writers that. Carlos Ortiz was hoping. And he can get on board can -- Erin guy for Aaron Hernandez he can do something. Because. Aaron Hernandez according to this story Aaron Hernandez bought that Franklin apartment for Wallace. I have you heard it before. And it was to me and I haven't seen that any report ever heard and any report. That -- Franklin apartment that was searched that supposedly Ortiz to stop the authority to go to -- check it out that apartment was bought for earnest well. Reading again from the story USA today Torres the uncle believes Ortiz -- relationship with Hernandez as a way out of Bristol is Hernandez's driver errand -- After all Hernandez had rented the Franklin apartment for Waltz. Maybe you would do the same thing for him more tees it boasted to friends that he hung out Hernandez is huge home in North Attleboro. He apparently had hoped that some of that forty million would trickle down. -- -- parents -- that money just gonna trickle down to me I'd like to make that happen of possible. Let's get the economy rolling here it has -- -- -- at forty million dollars but trickling down to me. A techsters says. That's a good question I a willingness to have this good question there Hernandez haven't. Yeah a nickname. At the guy that we go as Aaron Hernandez. We don't know when he's -- known in certain circles that. He had a little nickname too. He ever reputation. -- some noticed some things here now are pretty predictable. You go there and say -- go back to Bristol and I didn't use coming in ninth. He was respectful great football player on and on -- not talking to the right people. Maybe -- some of these folks. Then that they're not surprised at all that Aaron Hernandez. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's possible nickname for my gas I don't know I don't know how those nicknames work. He or go to -- talent -- for that they have they have ever every aficionado calls into the death -- and show to give all the expertise on one -- elected to grow opening gang -- I just I was bothered by the whole thing that this article not that all the rest haven't bothered me in the more more you learn about Hernandez. Snitching thing is is a really. It's really difficult to read about who we are not in when you're not. Involved in -- and I'm not mean I'm not. Not prone to witnessing crimes are being part of them -- It really is hard to imagine. When when somebody you know is can is is accused of murder. I mean not some petty crime not stealing something not stealing not being born or and stealing some bread in order to survive. Literally murder. What appears to be cold blooded murder the the right thing to do even if you don't know when he thing is because it's Aaron Hernandez and not think. And that's that it really disturbing thing to. Disturbing Inoa in this is is that on my part and I -- -- and I agree with you it's out of our part that. I'm not surprised by that you've heard. Hurt so many examples of this and outside of Aaron Hernandez example personally examples of people. Saying you gotta stay true and and don't cooperate with the leafs -- And don't give up people who have done some pretty ghastly things in in as you said and here the show this morning the DNC a lot of taxes thing. There's Gandhi and see who says Aaron Hernandez his nickname was. She again now that I read that I -- memory not as well -- yeah chino busy they thought he looked somewhat Asian. -- is that I think so yeah -- I think that's violence. Thought he did have -- -- That make you think differently don't mean the end when he came into power I our -- Kraft can't have anymore guys in the winds honesty that was not gonna work once it happened -- three words once this first came out. And there was they stick out in his house and we saw him. Escorted briskly. Emphatically from his house nine but my feelings about it changed. I don't pick a nickname can can take Ingraham -- what do you make of the snitching thing. I think if you know somebody has done something. He knows what he's done something. If they've if they've committed murder. I think you should they simply upon them is just says this is wanted to big and too beard. Argument. -- my brother went to them. Nasty arguments we Oregon and tell me tell ya I wanna give you time to tell the story to tell the story -- some curious your thoughts on missile do that coming up salt and -- on W media. -- so come -- be myself and just continue to improve as well. Did keep Erica we'll what both of us you can't really. Don't worry about the let's play hard and hopefully the -- the fans appreciate. There's so who can be. It's interesting. Reading here from. Carlos Ortiz is Charlie boy or teases uncle predicting what he thinks will happen to Charlie boy now that he has been labeled the -- In his hometown in his neighborhood. It's not that unlike a tweet that many of us read over the weekend we'll dig into that here in a few minutes Michael. You gonna tell us yeah I mean it was -- how you feel about how do you feel about the idea of snitching being April. Well if it was a big debate I stand please all the time stood out more time with my my brother my older brother and so. We had one of these hypothetical discussions went -- we got really mad at me so. He asked if he did so. Hand but everybody should get a baby was trying to tell me -- -- of the -- that it if I if I did something. We and you knew about it. Which two would you -- That's my answer with that depends on what you did he hate that answer right but I'd like. For example if you have of if you are you putting in the public at large in danger and if you have like America it is like America on bombing an active. Terrorism it is it -- murder. Yeah and I think I think we have -- responsibility. To protect other people although you love. The perpetrators of the crime these people have families and so there's somebody out there who loves them even though the public. -- despises them -- thing. There's you don't know you don't know what's gonna happen you don't know what they'll do an -- who would you imagine. For example. No wing. The marathon. And knowing what they did. And sitting on that information I just couldn't a man and it did I such a mass scale can do it right and so. I just like in that case like this whole. Guilt someone knows responsible for it yeah I understand the whole -- thing and I understand you can't go back there. But it's it's a larger part you have to step up do the right thing -- as large as a human being I think its largest union. Arrested at a -- is not depending on where you are not a popular. Point of view but I think is what -- well I. I would guess that I think it's -- I think it across our audience it's probably a very popular point of you doctor I think most people that we know that did it. It would read this article in the USA today today. Would say. Really. Ortiz is the bad guy here we talking about but let's get our priorities straight talk Ortiz beat the bad guys not that he's a good guy. I don't think -- exactly comes off -- -- eight. As you read through this week he's the bad guy for being honest about what he believes Aaron Hernandez did Hernandez's good the bad guy. Forget that he's the rat for the guy that apparently killed somebody that seems to be a little bit higher on the justice scale that whether or not you pull the police about it. This a couple of things to cleanup and and two bring some light to one Texas says that it was actually an in -- -- -- -- -- based on his research you'd. His nickname was Chico took that he caught himself Chico. And another another Texas says. I guess. It if you if you give up a family member. If you're black interrupt him remember your uncle Tom according to a 413 text to connect. -- I've learned that yes there you -- We are all smarter for haven't read the I want it thank you for that. I don't know I don't know I don't know where to where where where this whole thing goes and and we'll start this spin for a little bit but reading it this morning at -- gave a completely new. A new view on a completely new -- another different point of view. On on everything that the Hernandez case is sort of highlighting. Right because it's not just the NFL aspect of it that's it we're gonna deal with the most and eventually just a couple of -- only what ten days or so away from from actual football. In terms of of training camp getting going start to see how this stuff. It is gonna play its way out on the field for the patriots were gonna have that identical with we're gonna watch the entire Hernandez trial eventually. We're gonna figure -- -- -- interest in legal aspects to -- there's the just how much the NFL needs to deal with these sorts of things how much the patriots need to deal that how much background they needed to determine on him or other guys we still yet to hear any thing. About the patriots reaction to what Alfonso dinner did last week -- surprise still at bat. But another part of it is just sort of the the cultural aspect of of of what's been written about here in here -- USA today so as. It it brings you it's a perfect lead in to what happened over the weekend. Before we get there okay -- yeah that's what it debuted just just a sense of summer -- some good responses here it is on the believable. Excerpt from Maine says only crime my flip on a good friend or family member for is that sandy hook. Tragedy. Anything else I keep quiet. Another picture says you don't snitch period if you can't do that time don't do the crime. So. If you know somebody did something. Analysts -- not to be. You know somebody is he the city's serial killer you know there. You're going around -- people. Like we hadn't hit in the DC I think your. You're you're you're I think you're putting too much too much credence into the text messages -- -- what was to come I'm wondering not want to -- If if they know this in its. If there wouldn't give it up there would direct information. Another Texas at -- what you know you're gonna doubt went once again if you're you're talking about what would you think you're gonna die because. Well. There are other people dying. Out here. Because. Of somebody who has -- murderous intentions and murderous tendencies. So you got to hold on Q I would rather hold in my life. This idea because -- you know you're gonna die or not. I mean that's what that's what people want you to think. I'd rather hold on to this idea of I didn't give up the information as as I watch other people die and I know what to prevent people from dying. But I won't do it right because -- -- out. We'll agree to disagree -- one -- while I guess I'll be on your side how's that because I'm with you on a percent on this I was very surprised. Reading this and and seen that there were people that were there were upset with the Ortiz as if you as the bad guy in the situation.

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