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Athletes continue to get themselves in hot water via social media

Jul 15, 2013|

We discuss Victor Cruz, Roddy White, the Pouncey Brothers and more, all the latest in a string of poor usage of social media by pro athletes. We discuss.

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The other thing that came out over the weekend of course you're talking trials was was the verdict finally came in in the trade Juan Martin case we're not going to do. You get to that too much gridlock and get into whether or not the jury was right or wrong but it was interesting the way athletes reacted on Twitter and right off the bat. You get two guys who've taken immense heat because they both apologized. For their tweets the first was Victor Cruz. What they generally a pretty Smart guy and the -- well liked and well respected in the NFL he writes Zimmerman doesn't last year before the hood catches up to. He then delete that we writes I immediately realize my tweet was a mistake and I apologize that's why I deleted. The other guys Roddy White who doesn't have nearly the same positive reputation the Victor Cruz does he's got himself in trouble on Twitter before he writes. All the jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves for letting a grown man get away with killing a kid. He twofold -- -- apology writing I understand my tweet last night was extreme I never meant for the people to do that I was shocked and upset about the. Verdict I am sorry. Yeah. But surely you look at -- look at Twitter. A lot of times. A lot of times you know these situations where and how many how many situations that we come up with. Where guys on Twitter he says something either delete that. Apologizes for. Apologize for it and delete it or says he was -- even though you have a suspicion wanted to it is actually constantly that he actually -- put it out here I mean to Tyler's. I was Sagan is a great example but even just this weekend it is isn't Twitter but the county Brothers Marcus and Mike county there's a picture taken of them posted the -- to Graham. On both of them wearing a free Hernandez -- Which is by the way in terrible taste. Not awful edit and I know your friends it is and and maybe you're hoping that the guy ends up maybe he didn't do this but. Where free Hernandez hat Kenya and later I mean. If you're trying to make it two years later I could see it's one of these offbeat off college opened. Where free Hernandez had a out of a club in public and a lot of like yourself to be photographed in a -- dumber you. Seriously -- dumber you. But you look at it in the -- These are dumb kids. Dumb guy under the disagree with you about but they're not the way they did something stupid they're not dumb guys. What they don't have a reputation for being dumb guys let's put it that way. But. As soon as we heard that Hernandez used to hang out with the constantly. And that was seen as a positive thing doctor Elizabeth Merrill. And Elizabeth Merrill said. I think upon the twins. And they don't have and and they are seen as good -- my first thought was okay so what's going out about the -- fanfare but that's that's that's -- -- -- Beckett. Are they must have something. And when you see them come out what this three Hernandez had to wonder. What's going on here what is your. Yeah it but but but Twitter will there are lots of negative net negative examples of how Twitter and get -- -- trouble but I also think. There are some guys who have been able to use that platform. Kind of build their brand so to speak and to increase their popularity. One album but he had other issues away from Twitter. But if you look at Ochocinco. Ochocinco made his reputation got everything go he built up its popularity. Almost exclusively through Twitter was a good player once upon a time and I felt we -- here is good player here. He was outrageous on Twitter. And so on Dancing With The Stars was engaged with -- -- Twitter. Like Twitter quirks and in Twitter gimmicks you know got himself -- during a 34 million followers and then have problems. On the field first and that in his personal life. Some guys you think -- Green. And get your read what you think he would have been in a lot of that would happen for him even without the Twitter though I mean he he really made that name for himself with with a touchdown dances and -- -- -- CNN I mean it was definitely helpful for him or it wasn't a mosque on the he didn't need Twitter in order to talk directly to the people he was finding ways to do that on zone it was better that it it increased what was already a strong base. Perhaps I just think what you'll find it if if you go through this and try to figure out who -- really working for from an athlete perspective. The number of guys like that if and government put Ochocinco in that category of guys who have really been held in heated by the social media. Don't you think it's a much smaller number than the guys who instantly regret something -- -- we didn't have to deleted the next day find themselves in big trouble for. It seems like a much lower number and I'm sure there's another group of guys for whom it's just sort of you know the same as it is for any other normal person. They go on Twitter they go against Graham FaceBook whatever it is and it's just another outlet not that many people follow them they're not that interest thing on the immediately use it more for intake. Then they do for for for bonding with their fans or anything. But I think many of the the guys who were in in in professional sports who use it the way a lot of people do which is. Really to give out your your thought on anything here's my opinion on this here's my opinion on this get to know me by knowing my opinions how many of them lived to regret it Natalia. Sometimes for good reason sometimes not. Roddy White I think is totally. What's more I mean his tweets over over time one is dumber than the next and he's got himself in trouble this is the second or third time it's happened. I'm not entirely sure what Victor -- that is even anything not wrong. What Victor Cruz really say. He said Zimmerman doubled last year before the wood catches up to. If not more of a prediction than a comment on what he wants to happen. I don't know if that's how are right now they've got -- read it differently than someone else does but to me that's no different from Michael yeah. When you write that don't. Get me right there. This is what I think will happen. But it says that. Mrs. Twitter account he says. That the -- is gonna catch up to this guy is it. But he -- why do you think you apologize for the pressure or he was saying exactly what you think he's. My guess is -- authors wrote it and then immediately said you know -- probably should have written this I just I wanna get involved in this I don't even I don't -- I don't even need to be in this arena didn't know how it will -- I don't think that really I think you want I think he wanted to be involved. And I think he said what he was -- And then he says okay I'm gonna get -- -- get a lot of criticism from a key -- exactly what he felt I'm -- he did but I don't think that -- what he felt is bit the guy should die. Did Zimmerman should be killed -- didn't -- should the line. Easing Zimmerman doesn't last year to me that's a prediction on what he thinks -- and it could be if you if you're if you're defending Victor -- you could say it's similar to what people were saying about Jerry sandusky okay Jerry sandusky. All the things he's done well -- -- matter what the verdict is -- and doesn't matter how much time he's gonna wind observers writers got taken out prison. It can be it can be a similar can't I mean that's how I take it other people are taxing piercing no salt I read that as a threat. I guess I don't see it that way at all I I I I read it differently than you do and knowing -- knowing who Victor Cruz has passed himself off as. As a pretty intelligent well spoken. Thoughtful kind of a guy. And that to me doesn't seem like somebody who's making late night threats on Twitter over verdict in in a -- but most people emotional no my personal home. And I get so emotionally very upset about something happens to with the best of them get get angry. -- year hurt. Industry things. That you would normally -- 60777979837. You guys are all over some of this between the social media stuff. The snitching as well get your phone calls -- alcoholic WE. Wolf one that is -- -- to -- you know what happened -- that is -- position -- to where -- -- response workers -- of my -- so we're writing opportunities and it was my initial reaction to it they want to put. And are radicals. You know boom -- the wrong thing to do US CQ is this problem you know kids. You know we'll roll out some of these kids they follow you look up to me enough so -- it was just that was the right thing suppose I'm not that type of guys. To incite violence -- any war not -- -- and passengers with his arms around me day in and day out some of the left -- wanna do as the site that. On anyone else and anywhere at any wishes performs. Those -- WFAN this morning that is Victor Cruz explaining that -- he'd written. After the verdict came out to it was a Saturday night. I am you written. Zimmerman doesn't last year before -- it catches up to him. -- quickly delete that we. Apologizes and and you hear more the explanation there. Again I still greeted it as more of a prediction -- reaction. Than on something he hopes to see happen I don't see as the -- Or anything like that mean Roddy White he says the -- should go home tonight and kill themselves right that's that's over the that's over anybody's line I don't think there's anybody who's looking at Roddy White tweet saying. You know what Roddy is absolutely right people should kill themselves the body count to be ratcheted up Roddy White kind of an idiot. But but -- I don't think it was over everybody's -- people who are very emotional about this in most moves -- -- over -- most people's life here I think he's over what I think the general public who I consider it acceptable response actually to anything but I think at but I disagree with Victor Cruz and did a great job -- there. He said he was emotional. And they thought he was saying he was gonna do it you know but watch out it and I want to get this guy -- Was right after right after the verdict and a lot of people were saying a lot of passionate things on both sides so. I think he was he was at that moment I think he was hopeful pulls out apples and Westfield high. I'll take it up and got all don't. That I am I'm really glad that you're at -- playing now is that you mentioned that the role model at a time like this the most -- -- Can't change I went -- -- the people think that art when you respectable Molly you know. Right I don't really anybody disagrees -- that I think Victor understand that's I think he's a pretty likeable guy in general meeting he's. He's -- great success story right not not a high draft pick and ends up becoming the kind of player that he is. I just I just never really read his his tweet is that offensive to begin with. Right in the got -- unitarian minister had been helping you would call turn around -- -- would gain kit for twenty years I probably talk about a much. The regular habit and -- -- I wanna failure in a little quick story that brings up quick point about mission and I wouldn't president I want -- report tours of duty when I was incarcerated for. Think in the that it basically -- politics -- was -- stuff but we'll get that. -- popular -- about it you're out of the murderer. You can't turn demand that you lately children your family and the kids are old and didn't know how to answer me. That's something you've got to Scotland I felt about that. Well I tell -- Paul I don't wanna get into every year moral dilemma and now we have to go through these extreme examples on. Everybody's got to make their own decisions for themselves I guess I'd come down on the yes I would tell somebody before reporters my entire family but. I don't want to turn this into a moral back and forth conversation on the I just think we're talking about the snitching aspect when you're hearing people say that you're you're taking something all the way to the extreme. This is not nearly as extreme and Aaron Hernandez and Charlie boy Ortiz. This is not -- always Aaron Hernandez you shouldn't -- told anybody why. What is he plays football yeah could you get that that's really what you're saying that's and that's really what's coming out of somebody's mouth Jack you shouldn't have told anybody about this because that guy plays NFL football. Patriots fans don't feel that. Patriots fans of the day I don't think so. As much as people are upset and there's this group. That wants them to be innocent because they just wanna help the team now he's gone from the -- doesn't matter anymore but the patriots fans didn't -- I. I -- I probably make history has been that way about I think a lot of people today feel. That he's got to find a way to. He's gonna get off because there is. After this verdict that we saw on Saturday. There's a lot of skepticism and cynicism. About the process and he and maybe or maybe not cynicism about the process made it to about jurors. It is not a lot of faith in jurors and I am man her people see it last week before this -- About Eric and -- don't disagree I mean this is yet another case where they all of America thinks one thing and that and on the front ends up going the other way there's no doubt about that that's not about an end as as you said that's about the system. Let's put in the system lunch -- on the net right that's exactly the the the I don't know it just comes from a different place Mike in Springfield on -- -- -- -- They. They don't great show on the political -- Basically I just would listen to the radio and I. My god you're talking about the twenty over the links between the ball between their dumb. And how -- that basically they guilty by association. I just I guess that tend to disagree I mean if you have a free Hernandez. I mean they went to college together they're buddies they're good friends and I don't think they would be dumb just because they -- -- that says freedom and. Clients at all call us back out first I didn't say they were guilty by association I don't think that I just think it is really don't Wear that hat. I think it's -- it it it sends a really really -- message. Well Obama is how I mean that's that's that's different that's very good choice I mean that's that's what they wanted to. To really dig your message after reading everything that's out there about their I think it's I think it's insensitive to Mike when you do you think about. OK Aaron Hernandez right now OK he's innocent until proven guilty yeah OK OR. But there -- somebody who died. I I understand that I don't know like audio I would understandably Communist desperately not to and I might hold on not even saying innocent until proven guilty much. They're saying just freedom. Let Hernandez out free her -- let him go. I mean if you got a birdied I think frustrated that you would you spend good -- and a good time to them you don't wanna. I read I read through the warrants and everything that I read through the other night explaining all of the cold -- ways in which this went down I got a pretty hard time wearing a free myself episode Mike and because get this -- so because -- his friends -- so they have to stop being friends with Aaron Hernandez. But still if your friend does something. It is your responsibility. As a friend just deny it all in in in hope. For their freedom I'm not gonna let when I assume you mean what you want to know what books and you don't know exactly what went down and what do you say to let it looked like -- -- think what you think happened. And and old I don't know I'd notice guys the guys -- guilty everybody says that area retarded and he really doesn't happen -- placed. Yeah he's got he's got something he has some involvement do you agree that there is some involvement with Aaron Hernandez. We got to look at this standardized on the daily. Okay you -- don't call -- ignorant but I mean that column those things that it assumes you know I think I have -- -- -- -- -- big -- like I'm gonna live with you my friend locked in the cage -- Yeah -- yeah he hit a terrible mistake. But I don't wanna I don't want CMO of civilization in the -- -- -- Wednesday. What is it I didn't work that I -- the time I just drop -- circuit. Mike -- I'll have a conversation with you determined. You talk about -- had a forget. You know don't. -- -- we could do us not forget you don't you do nonchalant about it I'm not you're done I'm not amused at all I'm sorry because what I was trying to say to him very simply as we go back and forth in this conversation. Is that is called support. If you wanna be your friend. You don't just go to the extreme. And say everybody else it's a conspiracy. To get my boy. Do any of this. The doors and real what you're there what -- -- to do is beat airport and I saw a story couple weeks ago he hadn't had any visitors. So your friend to look at one of them. When I see where it hit that while I wanna I wanna be there for him although he may have done some things that are that are are incomprehensible. But being a friend does -- mean to denying every little also all that the trail of evidence that maybe stacking up. But if you really do feel that way if you're really do feel what you wanna do what you have to publicize it. Wearing a free Fernandez had. Is about you it's about putting out a message right it's about wearing a message on your head saying this is how I feel about a very. Not even that controversial. Belief. Aaron Hernandez is guilty of murdering somebody. Tell and a very strange decision I'm -- trying to -- -- my logic for four coming up more your phone call soccer -- W --

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