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Sox finish a stunning first half

Jul 15, 2013|

The guys opened the show and welcomed Gerry back from his vacation. They discussed the biggest surprises from the first place Red Sox.

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I mean I know television people have a bad reputation as being air heads and under heads and generally we are. I I I just. Temple event happened. She announced it will definitely hold -- Yeah actual hole that's exactly that was spent you know if all. That's unbelievable I. Happy about writing is one thing -- write ups and saying enunciated. -- -- like that hole. -- green the first one as -- to we like I've got to say I look at this. Let's see if the other ones make them excellent ally rejected it and yeah. It's like -- how many people like passed on that like. Went through people's difference. Yet producer associate producer the director when the third victim it's about who I don't know that it's this or way too low. And to -- I thought I find it amazing that on the -- the Red Sox begin their summer vacation. Is that David Jerry ends this summer vacation. Would you like to discuss these psychological damage that the -- before. You have to reset your alarm for 345. Just takes on your brain the last day to additionally. Few more days to come the summer it's not like the end of -- some public labor just before Labor Day that's depressed. Yes I got I got time come -- -- 62 racial crystals by the way. It's noted that 62 but I always say this follies -- you know you feel rejuvenated. Quick went back to work can dry out. He's he's different I'm not that way I'm not rejuvenated now relaxed. I'm not require the cover of the Aussie so that's you know go blue pink -- trio who took this on screen I know you sunscreen it was a seventy. And I -- -- like voice today to cut right food it was pretty Leo yeah let's -- It's good. It could have met U shaped like yes thank you -- show last night I was casino deal last week did you see the shuttles and and I kept a homeless person. -- -- -- Once I just this guy. All respect I have these screw it stages of my body in my face everything and service gripping Portugal the broad appeal to -- the -- bad like grass. -- But bad. They're not ordered it. I throw out a little ladies say please get that off your face you'll like hell shouldn't say I know -- and it takes care -- But always. Vacation is much -- for -- but -- -- used to be you could literally and I do. Literally -- on the beach and iPad yeah you can listen shows and listened to dale and Bradford is that it all updated on the it's situated out there and you can read a strong opinions both mean you can read more or would only make him more time. -- to breed he could stay out as -- that used to be revealed as you come home stack Kenya Obama are gotta gotta go through -- step to get hole in them because -- -- Sunday reed and all these old newspapers and trying to get up -- what did you listen every day. Not every desperately of that. I listen to one of the reasons you're not rejuvenate guys did an excellent job session many -- it hopes that week that you're off and I was with Bradford Bradford with Bradford will -- -- -- combat pay for that man he was right in your face you guys adding that issues of the day. Rob was fine absolutely fun. Yeah that's fine did you you weren't on with a when the Zimmerman verdict came down will be an obvious that you might debated that. Nobody was on and it was humbling was it not. In this would you like us into the -- Issaquah as Zimbabwe an idol I Reynolds too much what he listened to what I took it one day he had chalky milk in his hand and he was -- on the -- milk song which made no sense to me what -- -- -- -- song real in my goodness only time I turned on. The radio -- and turn on my neighbor as Diana I don't watch. Listen to -- a -- in Maine. Where they remain on the right. 959 o'clock comes and cleaners could be mean Israel must post someone else. Say -- for -- and keynote coworker on but rock and listen I look for Mike and Mike well I'm just saying you know you know. 246 or in the date it was and music career but then on to listen assault on. And I. -- Jesus ticket I've two states that the country station sure that's the way wolf. -- in country music double. -- and -- you will. You don't really -- Patricia yeah I didn't know it looked -- it for him it. Yes. -- was -- -- is Albania today agency. I saw some against introduced the key in your picture yes look you can't have trouble that made candidate hearing those who Jerry and he did not. It was just Photoshop. It's actually hearing that you put -- fake earring. For the show. Now he's trying to be funny that's why -- is Q2 but around but this -- Jason of these little weird -- He -- yet wins who put your greens. Problem like solar was trying to go -- I think I saw the picture picture I said that someone like Porsche is what's bothering. -- pictures it was Don Imus with just spent an awful what. He actually say you're thinking clip hearings into the measures ears pierced. So. -- -- to debate whether it was a used -- or not. But actually a re hearing. Is that type plea deal announcements Olympic action public should be carefully guided by the jury all right sure don't -- don't have a picture we just view in a woman can break just two people right right cigarette behind what you're single. Entrance that. You know hectic and offer exactly add another guy Larry Smart like that and yet he has earrings on -- the bottom -- By and actually someone handed me -- that put these -- we finally have some controversy about this for a death yes finally arrived Larry Lucchino. Wearing earrings. The action is Jason -- to. Hear what the yes I mean one. I'm -- enough to accept warning -- completely true that's a lot -- This is a Stacy request. That's a vibe right. You know yeah that's that's the -- you via. He's got earrings other places. It's just click and she says what are -- you what party after the show. I think the -- deterrent -- cars back Copeland refused. To hit it tells me that Janet. I think this is significant -- nothing of it just occurred to somebody on Twitter two days a wrote a very subtly funny thing -- two women shy of the threesome. -- that as a real women -- -- threesome. On -- of that. At the time we talk about Larry -- not what Larry and commit nightly you know which have a threesome. We units -- do we know Butler actually wearing earrings it definitely wasn't a picture there's no question opposite shopped. The clip on -- -- -- -- around the bend. You know school regrets that you think if you -- locker room with a gun there was in game one -- all -- don't. Now -- the end of the show the timing of -- -- -- brought up but. We should throw against the wall Steve. Larry Jason Larry Jason with hearings. To capture its. Get that fund for brokers we distributed out on the NC show OX. What. If they're not. Porsche instantly and he put these on them okay to -- it was mrs. thing I think. As part you do you feel your love for Jason LD. I would never do feel too weird for picture like public -- it tell that to your. You'll be on Larry's. It and it was one. Ridiculously small cowboy yet seen it yet -- what woman's company with it and it got it. That was where girls cowboy hat and earrings maybe peace. A little too PDT talked to get to hearings. Two hearings. He. It's. Probably at -- as he prepares to distinguish you know what when you're 58 and 39. In in first place and nobody thought you would be you can afford to get get a little -- we should all star break so gimme credit and so the -- as a team. Larry is to listen to the country. -- -- -- -- -- About. That is. That he -- BT communities. Big -- It is it is amazing moderates in March and vacations and -- taken -- -- its books to and -- -- station it's your vacation you can do to what I'm just suggesting that if you stay involved and listening yeah. And meet. Dale just call it like a mailman -- a walk on his day off why did you do that it would probably take walks thinks all the cities that couch. Would usually are all for swimmer. On vacation. Well me physically in the paper going long line. You pick. I can't imagine not read in the paper on vacation though. Can't imagine not stand up on the news mean. He's supposed to ignore. You would Zimmerman burden not all but why would you tune -- to this podcast as I'd like you -- do my job it's full arsenal. I never I don't ever heard you guys before. That's good that's good yeah if you were talking about me peek at that way before it. Once and a non American and it was actually fingernails. Did you know all that straight -- -- exposed to about the relation to those who -- him again. The -- -- about the Celtics yes -- as you pay you gave -- adult she spends. Public and our league in your toes and box. -- the bill this fifty -- so what percent of safety is and I don't care that's not enough. Which she did she part of the 52. Clip and beginning to part of that. In the -- It works I have to pay her. -- -- -- And now some weaknesses that make -- got them. It's 1% this is it's not enough -- dig out two clips that says she saw. Cheap college. -- like toenail polish. Those are nice negative here. Which I got a soft spot for the what she does do this like this Cheney's greater. And and does the calluses on your models like mode and actually had exactly exactly she is greater on your heels and necklaces as the next step keynote at weirdest -- -- Girls cowboy it's gonna get his nailed his vision of pictures. -- again with no nails polished he's on Thursday -- and what you need to know nails polished. Does that make you feel you when you rupture. Well flops. -- It's not just color. You went well what you. I draw the line I draw the line right there yeah I do not clear. Have you ever considered beyond the one day maybe when -- anymore and you feel pretty. A percentage. I'll -- with the special got through the -- now now. Again short term -- ago church loses a the -- We go to shock troops we do that -- is done and I did and I've never done that haven't done. 32. Losses. -- I had it done and it is as a mixed picture especially -- should a special -- the -- You get helpful bullish -- -- -- -- dues and -- you know. People at the embassy at. -- Funny music Johnson and daughter went to -- people getting uniform outs and you said. It's hundred degrees in August the flannel shirts with sleeves. He would roll up yet rolled up you know the Springsteen to -- -- and if you do little and do that like. Actually I was tied to now -- it's where. I don't either. I do we have lost that one day. Luxury box it's produced there one -- well. Clients that they college friends yeah and -- like they had and it. One of those days make the other day fraudulent and yes you know. Obviously both shows you show in the same them a fine. Right to wonder you were an approach this. And year. Entertaining clients in the -- -- insured may. Yeah and then the next night you go to central a Bandana on your hand smoke and don't you get a little crazy. Right coach. Sees its -- the LD. Also look at target genes yet it's hundred ones close and sees. Light jeans and blue. -- really the most comfortable. Joe's attire and in and do you think that that's impressing impressing Jason I think Israel is that the deal. Go all the buffet parent -- dress up. But the address cut Jimmy -- -- issues he goes on stage barefoot right bully me -- -- clear -- on an as uniform for Buffett. It is the best. Shorts T shirt shorts and wine once -- yes -- pretty comfortable it's not uncomfortable. Shocked uses fluorescent green DOD's. Fingering. Purple. Green. -- agree on why chargers all your short interest one of these times you should just. This group's statement makes all of a one thing but one well supposed. -- -- for a week. And prices were. Weak we 11. Impeached him -- some attempts are generally last two. Two weeks yes and if evident again wrote yes. I would say oh my -- urged them last week if you have a choice and says if you choose again bombs again panic here -- so much. The one year to do. You do -- from time to time. Same -- now. This is smaller ten dollar hit -- -- -- what else do we knew you'd facials. -- We give them. -- this is what got us wireless yeah I can't argue that it. When possible well I guess and this is why at this time you in the lot of people vacation and you get the stuff -- -- probably all correct yeah yours. Eastern and rebels. Of two hearings cowboys have you should try it with that. I'm missed arch mr. automatic teller pedicure shot out terrible that's no -- -- these fingers if I would give the woman nightmares -- ligament things. Will Michigan due to the hole. Critical went back. Is it -- on Thursday. Yes Thursday -- -- lead in the Kabila's decision. How hard is it leather ball -- -- is does look kinda. Like he -- and so my outlet in the at least talent over -- -- that's true I mean we -- -- Hayes and on it he could hear his smile coming to the phone. Yeah and you know what. I mean. I guess weakened and some good Red Sox will help -- come back bring on its. That. But -- stranger -- -- I saw assault in -- licensing program of the -- the buzz is now all about the Boston it's yeah I don't agree give Alabama -- I don't agree but that's OK you're not the most amazing thing is and that could be good course with the most amazing thing about this team John Lackey. Hmmm that's a good job the last few years I'm thinking of more more room esoteric OIC like big picture out of yet. The most amazing thing is the way they -- you know they didn't listen idiots like -- and signed Josh Hamilton didn't make any bright big free agent acquisitions. And and they did with the guys I mean these are the guys who sucked last. Mean Pedroia there and and Ortiz and buckle the list and and Lackey is out obviously but will also would like Ellsbury brought whole -- right right right -- but they didn't like it. We didn't even know their names in spring training and -- but they did it without -- Making a big deal yet in the manager. Of the biggest trade of the off season. Was John Farrell for Mike of the golden mean think about that and the same guys who once 69 the party won 58 correct. It's July. 5 is and they have a level the odds of July whom you know left and -- wins. To match yeah performance of Bob Levy's team of a year ago. I would say Lackey not just because of his performance but did you not think that he was part of the problem. And -- performance allies didn't think he was of that salt -- -- -- you know else Marley in Marley kind of you know it in the Beckett can't get shuttle thing for sure and -- and you wouldn't mind if they -- and cut them. And -- feature race at any point last album two of the recruits in Korea that you -- Stop right there have to apologize. I'm just can't yeah it would care -- Lackey. If they -- in the sabres just dumped his -- People care about excitement there I want our body dead and how many times we people's day. And a problem what you thought and a completion of the dodger trade the last rotten day gets tossed out -- -- -- -- last brought a lot of. That peoples okay get rid of Beckett Crawford -- And I said it would happen I'll say it again bit and -- and I mean he's young he's new and all but he made the greatest trade routes in and and -- -- results still was still seen them because this doesn't happen. And it has nothing -- -- -- back Alan Webster hasn't exactly contribute. And neither has -- but back here. Heart healthy whatever would they be in this position -- Mean would he of dragged us what you want to Al affected. If they'll use that word to use the word. Pitching staff would even affected this attitude of we have always in the. The club house -- screwed up before today. I -- worst than that John -- be skinny Josh Beckett were still -- -- is it's -- an apartment right right I don't know about Lackey was that guy to the right yeah yeah yeah we -- better tipper by the way. We go to break but this Carl Crawford is played 58 games now at thirteen RBIs. A platoon player thirteen RBIs in 58. Games five home runs. In his power -- her home run five home runs. While but he's really -- He's bought him 6777. I 79837. Mike -- will join us on the 7 o'clock hour you can join us next DNC. A text like 37937. Will direct.

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